"Terrin" is a Blue crowded Motmot who Appears in Rio 3. he is a vicious, mean and sardistc tyrant who is the cause of Blu's missing his Mother and Father.


Terrin is a chick who is arepossum and harassing that he kicked Blu out of the nest. Later, he was very cruel and strict attacking the Spix Macaws and destroying the forest by the loggers who worked for them. Jewel is lost when she was young and Eduardo tried to find her but he lost his daughter and Terrin had a fight with him.


Terrin is seen flying with the Milltary Macaw. They are attacking everything in Rio. One of them threatens Tiny. Blu saves her by attacking Terrin. both of them lands on three boxes. Terrin announced that no one wants their attention until now. Jewel tries to approve than no one should have accepted than everyone knows. Terrin and Jewel have a argument than Blu's family is missing. Luiz drools on the throne, Terrin flies away from Luiz. Blu and Pedro have a serous good idea.

Terrin was returned and have a argument with Eduardo about Jewels Mother. This violence begins when he wounded Eduardo in the stomach with his razor sharp talons. Jewel comforts with his father. Eduardo is happily smiling at his daughter.

Later, Blu and Eduardo have a fight with Terrin beacause than no one else did either. Terrin threatens to Kill Blu and his family. Jewel drove him away, in which order case with them. Roberto tries to tell Blu that he is very mean to Blu for his missing parents.

Terrin takes Nico and Pedro to their hideout and tells them that if they don't obey his orders that he will be his empire in Brazil. Later, When The Scarlet Macaw won the game Terrin fourisly shoves the tribe and Attacks "Felipe". Terrin beats one of them. And pins Felipe down, chocking him. Blu rushes to save Felipe. Terrin attacks Blu much to Eduardo's horror. Terrin snarls at Blu that he will kill him next and prey will be for his meal. Blu is started crying. Eduardo comforts him and tells Terrin off. Jewel, "Mimi", Rafael, Roberto, and Felipe have a argument and Terrin is blamed for Harassing him. Terrin threatens all of the tribe that Blu is domesticated bird with his bad behaviour much to his tearful manners. Terrin flys away while Eduardo comforts Blu.

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