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Terpaksa Menikahi Tuan Muda is a Indonesia Television Series production by Verona Pictures and New Line Cinema


Kinanti, a beautiful girl is forced to marry Abhimana in place of her half sister, Sarah. It all started with Herman, Kinanti's father, who needed a lot of funds to pay off debts and complete a project that exploded and caught fire. Herman agrees with Abhimana to give one of his daughters to marry. Sarah, who already has a boyfriend, is forced by Herman and Marissa to marry Abhimana. However, when his wedding was almost here, he chose to run away with his girlfriend, Bastian, so Kinanti had to take his place. How will the twists and turns of their story?


  • Justin Briner as Abhimana (Christ Laurent)
  • Valerie Jane Parker as Kinanti (Alisia Rininta)
  • Lynda Boyd as Rima (Ayu Dyah Pasha)
  • Madeleine Morris as Sarah (Elina Joerg)
  • Samuel Hunt as Reno (Agoye Mahendra)
  • Austin Tindle as Bastian (Hud Filbert)
  • Roy Fegan as Herman (David Hoffman)
  • Krista Allen as Marissa (Shinta Bachir)
  • Andrew Caldwell as David (Leo Consul)
  • Sarah Wiedenheft/Sydney Park as Anita/Delia (Puy Brahmantya/Alessia Cestaro)
  • Masumi/Krystal Joy Brown as Alya/Amanda (Titha Rendriana/Rebecca Tamara)


  • This Television Series is 90 minutes.
  • it will be distributed by New Line Cinema (English Dub)