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Terminator Exodus

Directed by

James Cameron

Produced by

Maxwell Burton
James Cameron

Written by

Maxwell Burton
James Cameron

Based on

Characters by James Cameron
Gale Anne Hurd


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emilia Clarke
Sam Worthington
Joel Kinnaman

Music by

Hans Zimmer


Wally Pfister

Edited by

Roger Barton

Production Company

Skydance Productions

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures

Release Dates

June 15, 2015 (UK Premiere)
June 17, 2015 (Worldwide)

Running time

150 minutes





Box Office


The Timeline Has Changed
―The Film's Tagline

Terminator Exodus is a 2015 American science fiction action film directed by James Cameron and written by Maxwell Burton and James Cameron. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800, along with Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, Sam Worthington as John Connor, and Joel Kinnaman as Kyle Reese.

The film is the first installment of the new trilogy of Terminator and a reboot to the original quadrology. The film use the alternate timeline of the universe because in the story Skynet has messed the timeline to create a new way to prevent John Connor from being born.

The film was released by Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions in June 17, 2015. In addition to standard digital format, it was released in RealD 3D and IMAX 3D.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian T-800 (Pops)/Assassin T-800 - A reprogrammed T-800 sent back in time from an unknown origin to protect Sarah Connor 15 years before the arrival of Kyle Reese and prevent the unpredicted impact from the alternate timeline.
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor - The mother of the Tech-Com Resistance leader, John Connor. Raised and trained by the T-800, she gained knowledge of Skynet and the massive damage caused by it in the future.
  • Sam Worthington as John Connor/T-X90 - The son of Sarah Connor and Tech-Com Resistance Leader. Turned into a Terminator, he must ensure the survival of Skynet until the system comes online and kill Sarah Connor to erase himself from existance to guarantee mankind extinction.
  • Joel Kinnaman as Kyle Reese - John Connor's right-hand in the Resistance, Kyle Reese is sent back through time to 1984 to protect Sarah Conner. A twist of events changes plans, and he ends up fighting alongside her and the T-800. He ultimately learns of his destined paternity to John Connor.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as T-1000 - An advanced Terminator made of liquid metal sent back in time to assassinate Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor. 



The film starts in various places in the world (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Italy, and many more). The film shows various views of the cities and the views are changing from one to another. The views shows the traffics, famous places, civilians walking around the city and many more. And along with the views, a man is narrating.

Last day of our civilization. I remember exactly when the day has arrived, May 25, 2005. My parents told me that. Unlike them, i wasn't so lucky. I never felt the joy, happiness, of the past. When the first time i open my eyes, i witnessed burning skies, destroyed building, collapsed streets, and many other destroyed things, caused by the machines, Skynet.
―Kyle Reese

After the man said the last word, the camera shifted to the skies. And in the skies, there are countless missiles heading towards the ground and the calm civilian starts panicking and run for their lives. Then the camera switches into the bird view of the city and the missiles are hitting the ground, the city is barely standing. Then the camera switches into the Liberty Statue and the statue is collapsing and the camera focused to the head of the statue while it fell into the sea. And then the camera switches into Eiffel Tower and the tower also fell into the ground and the same also happened to the Pisa Tower, and so does the Collesseum and also many famous monuments and buildings throughout the world.

Then the screen fades to black and slowly shows the post apocalyptic version of a city, what appears to be Los Angeles. And then the man starts narrating again.

The year is now 2029. It's been 24 years since that heinous attack by the machine. Fortunately there are survivors throughout the world and our leader, John Connor, is trying to unite us all, in hope saving what's left from the mankind. My name is Kyle Reese, one of the few survivors of Los Angeles and the member of the resistance fighter, Tech-Com. And today we have found a way to shut down the machine for good.
―Kyle Reese

After Kyle Reese said he glad there are survivors throughout the world, the camera switches into the inside of the helicopter where Reese and John at. And they are going to assault to a Skynet VLA network in order to obtain classified data vital to the machines.

After accessing the data, John discovered that Skynet has created new Terminator, T-800 and T-800 has better strength, reflex, and its movement is similar to humans. And Skynet has sent a T-800 with living tissue growed over it's endoskeleton back to 1984 to kill his mother, Sarah Connor, then he remembered his mother also told him the same thing. The data also revealed how Skynet sent the T-800 back in time. It sent the T-800 through a Time Displacement Equipment located in its central core in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado which also where Skynet's main mainframe called "Matrix" located.

Back at the Tech-Come base, John told them that they can win the battle by destroying Skynet's main mainframe, Matrix at its central core in Cheyenne Mountain and he also told them that Skynet has created a new terminator, T-800 and he also told them the capabilities it has and he also told them that Skynet has sent a T-800 with living tissue growed over it's endoskeleton back to 1984 to kill his mother and the victory wouldn't be possible if the T-800 succeed to assassinate his mother as he will cease from the existance and the whole timeline will be changed and the war will still happen but without him leading the rest of the human race. He ask for a volunteer to be sent back to 1984 to protect his mother and he said the risk of cannot coming back to the present day is inevitable and also he told them that they never encounter T-800 so the volenteer must be prepared with what it can do. Many soldiers including Kyle Reese has volenteered but John chose Kyle Reese because his mother told him to sent Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect her and also she said that Kyle Reese is his father, so to reassure his existance Kyle Reese should be the one that need to be sent back to 1984. 

At the night, they begin their assault on Skynet's central core. John and a small group of Tech-Com soldiers are trying to get to mainframes room and they succeeded. And then they are greeted by Skynet itself. Skynet used a form of Miles Dyson, Skynet's creator. Skynet already knew their mission to destroy Matrix to shut it down and it reassured them it will work and they will won but their effort will be in vain because the fate is already written and it said the fate said Skynet won the battle. John taunted it and he told it that they will still shut it down. Then Skynet summoned a group of T-600 to keep them away from the Matrix. Half of the group were killed in the intense battle. After a while, John reached the Matrix but before he can plant the charges, a T-600 tackled him and almost killed him because Reese impale it with a steel and the steel penetrated its chest, deactivating it. After the Matrix destroyed, Skynet's become offline and the machines are shutted down.

But the mission's not over yet because they still have to sent Kyle back to 1984. When they reached the Time Displacement Equipment, John gives a photograph of his mother. Before he get on the machine, he ask John how he can know much about the future and John said he "cheated". And when Reese is about to be sent, John is attacked by a Skynet Infiltrator under the disguised of a Tech-Com soldier and Reese received a new memory of his past. In his vision he saw Sarah Connor telling his younger self that Exodus is Skynet and will comes online in 2019.

The film shifted into 1984, at the time the T-800 arrived at 1984. But a second after it get on his feet, it was shot with a shotgun by a man revealed to be a reprogrammed T-800 sent back in time from an unknown origin to protect Sarah Connor when she was 12 years old. The reprogrammed T-800 shot it for a few times until it ran out of bullets and a fist fight occured. The reprogrammed T-800 able to deactivated it by penetrating its chest with its bare hand. A moment later Sarah Connor arrived and saying "It's time" to her Guardian.

Then the film shifted into Kyle Reese and he has arrived in 1984 and materialized in an alley at night and he gained another new memory of him battling an advanced shape shifting Terminator, T-1000 with John Connor in the war. Seconds later, a police officer approach him and the police officer litterally turned his arm into a dual barrel shotgun and turns out it was the T-1000. Seeing that Reese immediately ran away into a closed departement store, and his action turning on the alarm, attracting the T-1000 and two police officers nearby. After Kyle has put some clothes, the two police officers ran into him and able to catched and cuffed him. Shortly after, T-1000 emerged from under the floor and attacked them and killed one of the police officers. Reese and the police officer, O'Brien are able took cover. In order to stop the T-1000, O'Brien shot the T-1000 mutiple times with no effect except slowing it down a bit. He was shocked and had no explanation until Reese explained what they just encountered. He reluctantly uncuffed Reese after he demanded for it several times and a moment later, a RV drove into the departement store window, hitting the T-1000 hardly, stunning him for a while and turns out the driver is Sarah Connor. She told Reese to get in the RV and the T-1000 get back into its feet and Sarah shot it with a shotgun a couple times, stunning it for a few seconds, giving Reese enough time to get in and for them to drove away. Then the T-1000 recovered from its wounds and chased them, giving a chance for O'Brien to get to the safety.