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Terminator 2: John Connor Chronicles is a Alternate Timeline/Universe version of the TV series "Sarah Conner Chronicles". The series will focus more on John and less on his mother. This article will detail on the story, setting, weapons, technology, and Characters.

Story Setting

The John Connor Chronicles takes place starting at sometime within the year 2091. The reason of this is because so many frequent attempts to change the past by both Skynet and the Human Resistance that the Judgement Day has been moved to the year 2081. While this would give both (Now) General John Connor and his mother more than enough time to prepare for the future, Unfortunately, however this will not stop Skynet from sending a entire army of incresingly advanced Terminator Assassin Drones to continue to try and kill him. So future John takes charge of what remains of the former SuperCorporation CyberDyne Industries and creates his own Anti-Terminator Terminator Army. However Unbeknownst to John, the Anti-Humanity Terminators have a internal split over whether the Pro-Humanity Terminators are correct in defending mankind. This split, while hidden from the resistance, has caused a 3rd group of Terminators who wish escape from SkyNets control and live apart from the chaos (and possibly bring others with them) to form. General Connor 1st sends the 1st of a series of female Terminators to the year 1997 (then in later seasons 2008) just 1 to 2 years after the end of Terminator 2 to protect John still at the age of 13. All pro-humanity Terminators base themselves in a now updated TDE Time Displacement Equipment Center located underneath a former Federal Bank (Owned by Sterling Industries). However future John just as his past self is not alone in his fight for humanity. The next section will detail all of the series characters (both future and past).

Characters (Post-Judgement Day)

These are the characters from the Future War Era.

Human Resistance

  • General John Connor Leader of the Human Resistance
  • Katherine "Kate" Brewster-Connor John's future wife and U.S. military and Cybernetics liasion.
  • Michael Connor John's son and ace HK fighter pilot
  • Sara Connor John's daughter and 2nd in charge of Cybernetic design at CyberDyne.
  • Lanie Connor John's 10-year-old son
  • Sarah Connor Matriarch of the Resistance (Madam President of the remmant U.N.)
  • Catherine Weaver Reprogrammed T-1001 who acts as John's Interim head of CyberDyne Industries both in future and past.
  • Savanna Weaver Catherine's adopted daughter and Tech-Comm Black Rose Elite Marine
  • Black Roses Former Female Gang now Tech-Comm Elite Marine Strike Team
  • James Cameron Michaels CyberDyne's Head Cybernetics, Temporal Mechanics, and Weapons systems designer (in other words whatever the resistance needs he can build it.)
  • Lara Jones An African-American woman who is the lover of Michael Connor
  • MIR 1 Former Russian military Supercomputer later rescued and reprogrammed by the Resistance and current Command Central Computer for CyberDyne Industries.
  • Cameron 00-00 Human Resistance Anti-Terminator who is head of John's Security Detail

Anti-Humanity Machines

  • Skynet MK 1 Former U.S. military Supercomputer who tries to destroy all of humanity and especially John Connor.
  • Skynet MK 2 "Crown Prince" of Skynet's Machine empire. He is commonly shown as a young male Holographic image. While the MK 2 shares his fathers/creators distrust of humanity, he also believes that humanity can change for the better.
  • T-20 Series War Drone Skynets basic fighter drone (Used as reinforcements on all current John Connor assassination missions)
  • T-40 Series War Drone Heavy armor fighter drone
  • T-800 Series Kill Drone Basic assassin drone sent on most missions into the past.
  • T-715 Series Kill Drone "Daisy" series disguised as small 10 to 12 year old girl is really a heavy munitions/explosives payload drone
  • T-600 Series War Drone "Spider" endoskeletal drone uses multiple weapons systems.

Non Allied Machines

Characters (Pre Judgement Day)


  • John Connor 13 year old wisecracking boy who is the future leader of the Human Resistance.
  • Sarah Connor John's Mother and mentor
  • Cameron 7272 Series T-815 A young Female Anti-Terminator sent from the future to protect john and his mother.
  • Serena 8181 Series I-950 another Female Anti-Terminator who is sent to the past as John's heavy combat protection unit.
  • Laidria Louis Sara's Best friend from college.
  • Derek Reese John's Uncle from the future who is also sent to stop Skynets creation.
  • Nicholas "Nicky" Sterling 13 year old boy genius (and later John's best friend) and son of the multibillionare industrialist owner of Sterling Industries (a former investor in CyberDyne Industries).Nicky acts as a weapons and new identities supplier for Cameron, John And Sarah. Also has a secret crush on Cameron.
  • Catherine Weaver T-1001 sent back into time to reform CyberDyne to now work for the resistance and to either reprogram or destroy Skynet. Also is the adoptive mother of 5 year old Savanna Weaver.


  • John Samuel Richards 13 year old only son of Robert Richards former head of CyberDyne Industries and current head of U.S. military co-owned Cyber Research Systems. John is the stories "Anti-John Connor" due to the fact that unlike Connor, Richards wants Judgement day to happen in the belief that not all humanity would be destroyed, however, that the survivors would be turned into cyborgs, beginning a new perfect era for humanity. After the events of Terminator 2 John Finds out about the sources of his fathers Skynet Research and later the incedents involving other Terminators, then he begins to watch for any time jump activity. He also begins to work with Skynet and has his own personal army of Terminator Drones.
  • Serena 00-02 A duplicate Serena unit kiddnapped by Skynet and reprogrammed by Cyber Research Systems to be John Richards Personal bodyguard. John constantly refers to her as his "sister".

Non-Allied And Semi-Allied

  • Black Roses all female Latina LA gang which 1 of Enreque's nieces is a member of. They help John And Sarah from time to time due to the fact that the T-888 series named Cromartie had killed several of their Sisters (members) while tracking John in South Central LA. Since that day they joined John in a secret blood pact against Skynet.
  • French Mobsterz (French Militant Street Gang while aligned with the Roses is secretly working for Skynet MK-1 in order to perform a secret coup to take over all of L.A.)
  • Tech-Black Ops. a secret goverment organization dedicated to capturing John Connor and any and all machines from the future for the purpose of creating and reverse engineering new military weapons systems.
  • James Ellison a Agent/member of Tech-Black Ops.

Characters (Mirror/Anti-War Timeline)

These are the Characters from a alternate timeline in where Skynet is successfully reprogrammed however is replaced by a more ruthless Supercomputer only known as Black 01 who wants to destroy both the Resistance and all CyberDyne Machines in a attempt not to destroy but instead inslave and assimilate (Cyberize) all of Humanity.

Pro Resistance/SkyNet Forces

  • SkyNet 2.0 Code/Nicknamed "John Henry" By CyberDyne programmers the 2.0 series is now an ally of Humanity and has the abilty to transfer itself into various versions/armored series of Android bodies.
  • John Connor Young interim leader of Resistance forces in 2064 (through time jumps from the present to future)

Anti Resistance/SkyNet Forces

  • Jesse Flores Cyborg (Human/Machine Hybrid) Secret Double agent for Black 1, Human Resistance infiltrator/Sabotage agent, and 2nd Commander of all Anti-Skynet forces.
  • Riley Dawson 16 Year old girl forcefully recruted by Black 01 to befriend and infiltrate the Connor family.