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To link to a "main article" on a topic, use {{Main|Title of other article}}.

Advanced Usage (Multiple main articles)

For multiple main articles, use {{Main|Main Article 1|Main Article 2}}. Up to ten main articles may be listed.

Advanced Usage (Changing a Link's Name)

You may want the main article's name to show up differently; named parameters are good for the job.

|1=Main Article 1
|l1=Link Title 1
|2=Main Article 2
|l2=Link Title 2

Note that the named parameters are a lowercase "L" and a number, not the number 1 and then another number.

Advanced Usage (Interwiki Link)

This template is also capable of redirecting to any wiki. Note: To link articles in Halo Nation, make sure the "wiki" path is removed and make sure the links you added are accurate. Wiki refers to the domain of the wiki. For instance, Halo Nation's domain is halo, Red vs Blue domain is rvb, World of Warcraft's domain is wow.



This template also has an additional feature. Below is an example

  • 1= refers to the actual link.
  • l1= refers to an optional yet customisable title for the link.
|1=Michael J. Caboose
|l1=Caboose Blue Team