Biographical information
Full name: {{{fullname}}}
Birthplace: {{{birthplace}}}
Birthdate: {{{birthdate}}}
Status: {{{status}}}
Cause of Death: {{{death}}}
Died: {{{deathdate}}}
Age: {{{age}}}
Residence: {{{residence}}}
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Other information
Nickname: {{{nickname}}}
Alias: {{{AKA}}}
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hair color: {{{hair color}}}
Eye color: {{{eye color}}}
Height: {{{height}}}
Marital status: {{{marital status}}}
Significant Other/s: {{{romances}}}
Family: {{{family}}}
Series information
Portrayed By: {{{portrayed by}}}
Mentioned in: {{{mentioned}}}
Only Appearance: {{{only}}}
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Latest Appearance: {{{last}}}
Episode Count: {{{epcount}}}


Leave blank or exclude a slot if not applicable.

Use Template:Infobox character 2 for characters with less info that cannot fill the information below each infobox heading.

{{Infobox character
|image = 
|name = 
|fullname = 
|birthplace = 
|birthdate = 
|status = 
|death = 
|deathdate = 
|age = 
|residence = 
|occupation = 
|nickname = 
|AKA = 
|gender = 
|hair color = 
|eye color = 
|height = 
|marital status = 
|romances = 
|family = 
|portrayed by = 
|mentioned = 
|only = 
|first = 
|last = 
|epcount = 
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