Biographical information
Physical description
Chronological and political information

Field list

  • image
  • name
  • birth
  • homeworld
  • birth
  • death
  • species
  • gender
  • height
  • hair
  • eyes
  • era
  • affiliation
  • role
  • alternate mode
  • Cyber key power
  • Stealth Force Mode
  • BG1 (optional color modifier, defaults to #94C7D1)
  • BG2 (optional color modifier, defaults to #D6F0F5)

Display parameters

  • hideb
  • hidep
  • hidec


Paste the following code into the top of an article, filling all known fields:

|alternate mode=
|cyber key power=
|Stealth Force mode=


{{subst:slh|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|94C7D1}}}} {{subst:sli|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|94C7D1}}}} {{subst:slc|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|94C7D1}}}} {{subst:sls|Biographical information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|D6F0F5}}|hideb}} {{subst:sld|Homeworld|homeworld}} {{subst:sld|Born|birth}} {{subst:sld|Died|death}} {{subst:sls|Physical description|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|D6F0F5}}|hidep}} {{subst:sld|Species|species}} {{subst:sld|Gender|gender}} {{subst:sld|Height|height}} {{subst:sld|Hair color|hair}} {{subst:sld|Eye color|eyes}} {{subst:sld|Cybernetics|cyber}} {{subst:sls|Chronological and political information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|D6F0F5}}|hidec}} {{subst:sld|Era(s)|era}} {{subst:sld|Affiliation|affiliation}} {{subst:sld|role|role}} {{subst:sld|Alternate mode|Alternate mode}} {{subst:sld|Cyber key power|Cyber key power}}{{subst:sld|Stealth Force Mode|Stealth Force Mode}}{{subst:slf|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|94C7D1}}}}
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