Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Exodus is a 2017 American live-action science fiction and comedy film. It stars Will Friedle, Wayne Grayson, Yuri Lowenthal, Matthew Mercer, Marc Thompson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scottie Ray, and Steve Blum.


2 years after the events of the first film, the Turles are having a good time until Eric Sacks (Scottie Ray) has broken out of prison and has become the new Shredder. And what's worse, he starts working with an evil alien robot named Krang (Steve Blum) and together they made an evil mutant army. Also, Krang's ship the Technodrome is coming to Earth and Krang steals the Statue of Liberty, this now causes another war against the Foot Clan.


The film starts with the Turtles in a hiding spot watching an ice hockey game. (during the opening credits, the 2003 theme song plays)

However, they get a call from April O'Neil (Sarah Michelle Gellar) about some Foot Clan activity. They realized that there's gonna be a prison transfer for Eric Sacks. However, they suspect that the Foot plan to break him out.

At prison, Eric Sacks (Scottie Ray), in a prison jumpsuit with handcuffs on, is being put in a prison van along with Xever Montes (Tim Roth) and Chris Bradford (Fred Tatiscore), who are excited to meet Eric Sacks. While on the road, Casey Jones (Marc Thompson) is volunteered to help transfer Sacks to prison and keeps on talking about Sacks' crimes like a lot of accounts of first degree murder, even calling him "one mean cold-blooded b*****d". However, Foot Ninjas (all played by Ray Park) start attacking, this makes Sacks smirk while Xever and Bradford laugh. But the Turtles show up in their van called the "Shell-raiser". However, Eric Sacks' escape is a success by going into a portal while Xever and Bradford also escape by throwing Casey out of the prison van and starts stealing it. Casey and the Turtles wonder where Sacks went.

In some ship called the "Technodrome", Sacks ends up in that place. He gets encountered by an alien robot called General Krang (voiced by Steve Blum). However, Krang is revealed to be Oruku Saki, Sacks' master and adopted father. Sacks then listens to him and wonders why he's here. Krang explains that he broke Sacks out of prison to become the new Shredder and that they have a plan. Their plan is creating a mutant army, bringing the Technodrome to Earth, and rule the world. Sacks becomes interested and agrees to help out but warns him about his problem: Turtles. However, Krang is well aware of his past and gives him mutagen that can help create a mutant to solve all his problems with the Turtles. Krang then vows he'll see him on the "other side". Eric Sacks is now called Shredder.

At the Turtles lair, Leonardo (voiced by Will Friedle), Splinter (voiced by Darren Dunstan), and Venus de Milo (voiced by Tara Strong) sense that Eric Sacks has come back as the new Shredder. Raphael (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) and Casey start recruiting new heroes like Rockwell (voiced by Jeff Bennett), Muckman (voiced by Grant Monninger), Mona Lisa (voiced by Zelda Willaims), Pigeon Pete (voiced by A.J. Buckley), Fugitoid (voiced by Pete Zarustica), and Wingnut (voiced by Keith Silverstein). April appears and is excited to find out that Wingnut is her father, Kirby O'Neil. They also invite Slash (voiced by Scott Menville), Leatherhead (voiced by Peter Neil Lurie), and Mondo Gecko (voiced by Robbie Rist). This group of allies call themselves the "Mighty Mutanimals".

In TCRI, Baxter Stockman got turned into a fly called the Stockman-Fly (voiced by Phil LaMarr). He is in charge of mutating villains. Xever Montes and Chris Bradford arrive. Shredder chooses them as subjects for the mutagen. Xever goes first and he is dropped into a pit of mutagen. When he comes out, he is now a hulk-like humanoid monster with skeletal spikes on arms, elbows, back, and feet. He is also called "Tokka". Chris Bradford goes next and falls in to the pit. When he comes out, he is now a saber-toothed skeletal wolf and is called "Rahzar". The new mutants laugh and compliment each other. Hun (voiced by Greg Carey) arrives, revealed to have been mutated in the first film, and has brought members of the Purple Dragons. Victor Falco (Jeffrey Combs) has the ability to control rats and this gives him the name "Rat King". They also turn Tim (Roger Craig Smith) into a mutagen monster named "Mutagen Man" and give him a giant container to walk in. They also build an evil robot called "Metal Head". They also have "Armaggon" (voiced by Christian Lanz) get turned into a bounty hunter shark with robot legs but it's revealed that him and Rahzar have a rivalry. They decide that their organization is the new "Foot Clan". Stockman-Fly has finished building a portal for the Technodrome. Shredder decides to go to Krang about it and teleports.

At the Technodrome, Shredder reports to Krang, who has a new robot body, that the portal is open and once the ship reassembles, they will rule the planet but Krang only wants Shredder to rule it because the Krang serves Shredder. Shredder then orders Krang and the villains to begin, they all obey and now prepare to launch the attack.

At the Turtles' lair, the Turtles scan the ship and identify Krang. Splinter recognizes Krang as Oruku Saki. They see a news report but witness Krang stealing the statue of Liberty. Then, a message from Shredder reveals that it is a time for a mutant war. Splinter the gives the heroes permission to stop the evil villains.

At a construction site, Wingnut is sent to deal with Stockman-Fly. He first fights every Foot Ninjas until he starts going into a brawl with Stockman-Fly. Wingnut is about to be thrown into a trap but Pigeon Pete saves him and throws Stockman-Fly falls into it, vaporizing the evil fly. However, he seems to be a normal fly now.

In the alleyway, Fugitoid is sent to find a weakness for each evil mutant. However, he ends up fighting Metal Head. He then uses his taser to stun Metal Head and this causes the evil robot to shut down. Fugitoid then announces if an evil mutant is killed, they get turned into normal animals. He also claims that the technical parts are used to stop Krang.

In the sewers, Rockwell is attacked by rats but realizes it's because of the Rat King. The two rivals fight each other until Leatherhead shows up and throws Rat King into a pit of angry hungry rats that start devouring the Rat King. He is turned into a normal rat. Leatherhead gets a piece of the device. Mondo Gecko and Michelangelo also arrive and fight Armaggon. However, Mondo outnumbers him and pulls out the breath tubes, leaving the cyborg shark to suffocate. They also find another piece of the device.

In a desert, Muckman goes face to face with Mutagen Man. However, Muckman starts using garbage to fight him and manages to use ice to stop the villain. He then gets a piece of the device and transports the frozen villain to Donnie's lab.

On a pirate ship, Slash and Karai fight Tokka and Rahzar. Karai defeats Tokka by using the Shellraiser's cannon, blowing up the evil mutant. Then Slash causes Rahzar to brake a giant pole that crushes him. Mondo and Karai later laugh when they see that Tokka and Rahzar got turned into a baby turtle (Tokka) and a baby puppy (Rahzar). This makes them high five while they later find another piece of the device to stop Krang. Tokka asks Rahzar if they should go to a pet store to get adopted and Rahzar responds by agreeing with that idea before they share a fist bump with their paws.

On a train, Casey encounters his rival Hun and has a final battle. When Casey defeats him, Hun disappears into a portal but Casey manages to retrieve a piece of the device.

On the Technodrome, Hun arrives but betrays Shredder and Krang by not following their orders anymore and only is using the technology to make himself rich. However, Shredder manages to stop him by turning him into a little lizard. They put him into a cage as punishment. Then, the Technodrome has been finally reassembled. Then whole army of Krang's people starting appearing and help out with conquering Earth.

At the TCRI building, Raphael and Mona Lesa encounter General Traag and General Granitor, Krang's giant rock soldiers. However, they easily defeat the giant rock soldiers, causing Mona to kiss Raphael on the cheek and making him blush. Later, Krang arrives there but encounters Splinter. The two rivals first face each other before fighting. Venus de Milo and April O' Neil arrive to help. At first, Splinter is starting to have trouble with General Krang but April gives him an electric staff and it is used to deactivate the robot body. They find the final piece but Krang escapes on his robot's flying chest board. Before he leaves, he orders the Krang to unleash his new robot while he mocks the heroes, claiming that it's their time that's up.

At the lair, Donatello manages to build the device: a robot called "Serling". However, they find out that Krang returns as a giant monster called the "Mega Krang". Donatello uses the robot as a suit and volunteers to take care of him.

In the city, Donatello finds Mega Krang and they fight. Donatello realizes if he uses the robot's decompilier blast on the monster then Krang will be gone. First, he must get rid of the shield. So he manages to damage the shield device and now finally uses the blast which vaporizes Krang, destroying him once and for all. Everyone starts cheering for him but they are now reminded that the Technodrome is still active.

On the Technodrome, Leonardo and Shredder are face-to-face. Shredder puts on his helmet, activates his gauntlet, shows his mutant mystical powers, and pulls out a red fire sword. They duel to the death until Leonardo damages the gauntlet, getting rid of Shredder's powers and immortality. However, Shredder reveals that the controls are disabled and a black hole appears but Shredder falls of the ledge and into the black hole, killing him. Leonardo then uses a new vehicle called the "Turtle Blimp" to get himself and the Statue of Liberty out of the ship. Once he's out, the Technodrome gets sucked into the black hole and is left destroyed. This causes the Foot Ninjas to blow up. Wingnut is turned back into a human and shares a family reunion with April.

When Leonardo returns the Statue of Liberty, the humans see the Turtles and the good mutants but instead they cheer for them. According to the news reports: the Turtles are now seen as heroes and are always mentioned as the ones who have defeated the arch villain Shredder. Casey and April share a kiss before April winks at the Turtles while Splinter does it too. The Turtles high five and say "Turtle Power", ending the film. (the 2003 theme song plays at the end credits)


  • Will Friedle as the voice of Leonardo - The leader of the team and is now the Main Protagonist. His new appearance resembles the one from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. He now has a blue energy blade.
  • Wayne Grayson as the voice of Michelangelo - The party dude of the team. His new appearance resembles the one from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. His nunchuck is now bigger and has a blade on it.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Raphael - The muscle of the team. His new appearance is the one from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. His sais are now replaced with Kunais.
  • Matthew Mercer as the voice of Donatello - The brains of the team. His new appearance is the one from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. His bo-staff is replaced with a scythe.
  • Marc Thompson as Casey Jones
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as April O'Neil
  • Darren Dunstan as the voice of Splinter - The Turtles' adoptive father.


  • Scottie Ray as Eric Sacks/Shredder II - The Main Antagonist. His first Shredder appearance is the Utrom Shredder from the 2003 T.V. series but without the helmet on. His second and final Shredder appearance is the Tengu Shredder from the 2003 T.V. series. He also has a scar on his right eye and two scars on his left cheek. At first, he appears unmasked until before the final battle, he will put his helmet on and currently never takes it off while his face now has a shadow look and his eyes glow red. His weapon is also a red energy blade.
  • Steve Blum as the voice of Oruku Saki/General Krang - The Secondary Antagonist. His first appearance is the IDW comics one. His second appearance is the Ultrominator from TMNT: Smash Up. His third appearance is the sentinel from the video game X-Men Origins Wolverine. His final appearance is the Mega Krang. He is attached to his robot's board because the metal wires are plugged into his back.
  • Fred Tatiscore as Chris Bradford/Rahzar - Foot Clan goon and Tokka's best-friend. He is turned into a saber-toothed wolf-like dog.
  • Tim Roth as Xever Montes/Tokka - Foot Clan goon and Rahzar's best-friend. He is turned into a hulk-like humanoid with skeletal spikes on arms, elbows, back, and feet.
  • Ray Park as The Foot Ninjas - Shredder's guards and henchmen. They are now robots.
  • Greg Carey as the voice of Hun - The leader of the Purple Dragons and Shredder's strong man. He is also Casey's rival. He is now a dangerous mutant Crocodile.


  • The actors of the Power Rangers film series reprise their roles to make cameos as members of the people cheering for the turtles at the end.
  • Ben 10 and his friends are also seen cheering the turtles on.


(an unmasked Sacks/Shredder encounters Krang)

  • Shredder: (smirks evily) "General Krang."
  • Krang: (crossing his tentacles) "There you are, Shredder. Guess you came."
  • Shredder: "As you asked, the portal is open. Once the Technodrome reassembles, we can rule the planet."
  • Krang: "You mean you can rule the planet. Me and the Krang will serve you. (this makes Shredder smirk) What now, master?"
  • Shredder: (smirking evily) "Begin the attack."

(Krang obeys him and begins the attack, making Shredder laugh evily. Later, Leonardo and Shredder face each other)

  • Shredder: (smirking evily) "The time for games has ended. No more charades. You see me as I am and it's the last thing you'll ever see. (he then puts his helmet on and glows red eyes before taking out a red energy blade and activating his gauntlet) Now prepare your destiny and your doom."

(later after defeating Shredder, he just glares at Leo)

  • Shredder: (glaring) "You think you're safe. The controls has been smashed. Without them, you can't stop this black hole. (he points to a black hole) You just only fallen to your (he trips over a railing and falls in the black hole) DOOM!"
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