Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, also known as Ninja Turtles, is a 2015 American live-action science fiction comedy film. It is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action and violence. All mutants or aliens are computer-generated. It is based on both the 2003 and 2012 T.V. shows of the same names but also sometimes is a live-action incarnation of 1987. A sequel called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Mutants In Manhattan was released in 2017.


An 18-year-old ice hockey player volunteers to be a vigilante in order to get revenge on the street gang that destroyed his family's store and assaulted him but later confronts a group of giant teenage turtles, who are also vigilantes, and ends up deciding to help them stop a very dangerous samurai-like terrorist from destroying New York.


The film starts with Master Splinter (voiced by Darren Dunstan) warning his sons that their worst enemy the Shredder (Scottie Ray) has turned the Foot clan into a terrorist group and the Foot is in league with the Purple Dragons. But Splinter fears that the turtles are not ready. However, it's time to complete their training by defeating the Shredder. (Opening credits says, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and does the theme song).

In New York, a Russian arms dealer named Ivan Steranko (Dwayne Johnson) has hijacked a TCRI truck filled with mutagen canisters. But Leonardo (voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas) appears in a blue ninja outfit that covers his appearance. He later uses his ninja skills to take the bad guy down and uses a glue grenade to trap him on the street. He also pantses him to humiliate in public but leaves without saying a word.

At the New York ice hockey game, Casey Jones (Josh Peck) is blamed for injuring a player and is put in the penalty box. His cousin Sid (Dave Franco) insults him, causing Casey to hit him with an ice hockey stick and Sid loses five teeth. The coach suspends Casey off the team. He also tells him to get good grades or he gets kicked off.

At the high school, April O'Neil (Mae Whitman) is being a reporter for her school. She is accidentally knocked down with an ice hockey puck by Casey, who she dislikes for his clumsiness. However, she agrees to help him with his grades.

At a store, Anton Zeck (Chris Rock) robs the place with his hi-tech Tron like suit but is forced out of there by Michelangelo (voiced by Greg Cipes) who ties him up on a street light and leaves him to the cops.

At the park, Casey and April are seen studying and getting along. When they see a street gang called the Purple Dragons, Casey attempts to stop them but ends up getting beaten up. The Purple Dragons grab April and start assaulting her but Raphael (voiced by Gregory Abbey) throws one of his sais at a outside light bulb and defeats them off-screen. Casey and April are later found and saved by cops who arrest the bad guys. However, Raphael accidentally leaves sai behind and it's found by April who takes it with her.

At a warehouse, Chris Bradford (Clancy Brown) is inventing weapons but gets in a fight with Donatello (voiced by Sam Rigel). Bradford breaks Donatello's staff but Donatello uses it as batons and defeats him. He then keeps him unconscious for the cops. People start clapping for the mysterious heroes.

In the sewers, the heroes are revealed to be turtles and they are raised by Splinter. Splinter rewards them with ninja bandana masks for their heroic actions but Raphael is upset that he lost a sai. He decides to wear a disguise in order to go see a movie while the others eat their favorite food pizza.

At Casey's house, he is sick of the crime in the city and decides to become a vigilante. Raphael leaves the theaters but only to see people getting robbed by punks. When they hide in an alley, Casey appears in sports gear while wearing a hockey mask and starts fighting them but ends up hurting them. Raphael sees him and starts getting in conflict with him. Casey decides to fight him and says, The class of pain 101, your instructor is Casey Jones., despite Raphael not wanting to fight him. They fight and it ends with Raphael losing. Casey later runs away but hears bank alarm.

At the bank, he confronts the Purple Dragons and this time he outmatches three of them. He later meets their new leader Hun (Eric Bauza) and fights him but is defeated by him and hit in the kiwis with his own hockey puck. Hun puts a thumb down and snaps his fingers as an order for him and his henchmen to leave. Casey is later found by cops but is not arrested because he gets out of his gear and is only seen as a beaten up citizen.

The next morning, Casey appears at school wearing band aids and is missing his front teeth. April and her best-friend Irma (Danielle Panabaker) sees him and wonders happened but he doesn't tell them. He sees a picture of Hun and punches it, he vows to defeat that guy. He also warns April that he confronted a mutant turtle last night. After school, Casey gets his gear back and continues being a vigilante.

In the T.C.R.I., Hun meets Shredder and is hired by him. Shredder announces his plan for world domination and they need chemicals to build an evil army. He also wants to destroy the Utrom. They also hire Baxter Stockman (Jamie Foxx) to work on the project. They break Steranko and Zeck out of jail and recruit them as goons.

In downtown of New York, April is encountered by Shredder's terrorist bodyguards Foot Soldiers and they attempt to harm April but Raphael retrieves his Sai and fights them while April gets knocked out.

In the turtles' home, April wakes up and sees them but is scared at first. However, she meets Splinter and he decides to tell her the origins of the turtles.

In a flashback, Splinter was once a human named Splinter Yoshi (Ewan McGregor) and had a father named Hamato Yoshi (Liam Neeson) but they had rivals called Oroku Saki (James Hong) and Eric Sacks (Robert Patrick). When Splinter defeated Eric in tournament, Eric tried to harm him but was stopped by Yoshi and they banished Eric. However, Eric was trained by his uncle Oroku Saki and they created the Foot Clan, a group of Japanese terrorists. One night, the Foot attacked the village and their leader Oroku Saki, now the Shredder, defeated and killed Hamato Yoshi right in front of a injured Splinter, who looked on in horror. Splinter tries to save his wife and daughter but his wife was killed by Sako. However, some fire injures Saki's face but he escapes and calls the child Karai while Splinter is left injured. Splinter survives but is devastated by the loss of his father and wife until he goes to New York. He lives in the sewers now but finds four human orphans, which are the turtles, and he adopts them. When a four baby turtles and a rat fall into the sewers after a boy falls to saved them, a canister of mutagen spills on the family. The next day, Splinter is turned into a rat and the orphans are turned into turtles but they can still talk. Splinter realizes that he can be a master and teaches his adopted sons the way of the ninja. The blue ninja and leader is Leonardo, the orange ninja and goofy one is Michelangelo, the red ninja and strong is Raphael, and the purple ninja and smart one is Donatello. Together they are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At the lair, April now agrees to be their friend but is disgusted that their is in the sewers. Donatello has a crush on April but agrees to be just friends. They take her home and April promises not to tell.

At night, the turtles see Stockman but Leonardo thinks they shouldn't harm him at first. When Stockman tries to break in a warehouse, Leonardo agrees that Stockmen needs a beat down. When they him, Casey Jones stops them and accuses them of harming the guy. Raphael says, Well, well, if isn't Jason Voorhees. Casey Jones gets irritated and tries to fight them but the others explain everything to him. However, Stockman tries to get away until Casey stops him and helps the turtles throw Stockman in a dumpster. Unknown to them, Stockman finds a piece of equipment and manages to build evil robots.

At T.C.R.I., he informs Shredder about the robots. Shredder is pleased by this and decide to recruit the robots. Stockman calls them Mousers. They use them to attack the city.

The next day, April finds out what Casey knows of the turtles but he promises not to tell and he ignores his fear of rats because he also is friends with Splinter. April lets him help out with the problems.

At the lair, Casey is hanging out with Raphael and they start training. However, they watch the news and find out that Steranko and Zeck are robbing a factory. When they get ready, Stockman attacks them and destroys the lair. However, they all survive and decide to move into April's apartment.

They go to the factory, Steranko and Zeck use a water tower to store the mutagen but are confronted by the turtles. They are surrounded until Steranko decides to break the water tower but the mutagen instead hits Steranko and Zeck. The turtles later confront Shredder and try to fight him but he defeats them. However, he is injured by Splinter until he threatens to harm them. But he turns around to see Steranko get turned into rhino and Zeck is turned into a warthog. When the turtles and Splinter escape, Shredder gets angry but ignores Steranko and Zeck's roars of pain and agony.

At April's apartment, they are choosing to go into hiding for now and wait to fully fight Shredder.

At T.C.R.I., Stockman announces there is no cure but Shredder decides to make Steranko and Zeck his goons. A spy tells them that the turtles are at April's apartment. They all decide to attack but they are ordered no prisoners. Shredder's student Eric Sacks is in charge of the operation.

At April's apartment, Leonardo goes out for training while everyone stays. However, he fights Foot ninjas and is beaten up by them. They throw him through April's window as a message to them that they have been found but the good news is Leo's alive, however he's unconscious. The Foot Clan attacks and a fight goes on. Casey Jones arrives and helps the heroes out. They retreat downstairs but Shredder starts a fire and leaves the heroes to die. However, they escaped through a trap door and use Casey's van to escape but April just sadly watches her home getting destroyed.

At T.C.R.I., Shredder feels suspicious about the turtles and sends Stockman to investigate. Unknown to Shredder, Stockman encounters an alien robot named Krang (voiced by Steve Blum) and is warned that Shredder will just bring betrayal.

At the burnt apartment, Stockman finds out the turtles survived but makes fake evidence of their deaths.

At the farmhouse, they are taking care of Leo, who finally wakes up. They start helping him try to walk and they also fix his swords. Along the way, they find a mutant turtle (voiced by Corey Feldman), he has spikes, he is also stronger and bigger but younger. He is adopted as the turtles' younger brother and they name him Slash. He also gets a black bandana, his weapon is a mace, and his belt has the letter "S" on it. They also meet Venus de Milo (voiced by Tara Strong), the female turtle. She has a white bandana but has no weapons because she has magic powers. They also meet an mutant alligator named Leatherhead (voiced by Peter Hill Lurie), mutant frogs, and a lizard skater named Mondo Gecko (voiced by Robbie Rist). They all make an alliance and declare a war on Shredder. They decide to go back to New York City.

In New York, they find an abandoned pizza place and use it as a base of operations. They plan out their attacks. They also meet Agent Bishop (Nolan North) but he's revealed to be an alien called an Utrom. However, he is also a good guy and he explains the Utrom Shredder is actually an alien called Ch'rell. He also starts explaining the bad guy's origins.

A few years ago, Ch'rell was a member of the Utroms but was a intergalactic terrorist. He is the most wanted criminal in the galaxy. One time, Bishop stopped him and arrested him. However, Ch'rell escaped and faked his death in a crash. He later found some technology and made a human body to impersonate Oroku Saki. He also wore samurai armor. He later went to Japan and stayed undercover in Splinter's clan. However, he betrayed the clan and convinced Eric to help him attack Hamato Yoshi. He's the one who killed Splinter's wife and adopted Miwa, later named Karai. However, burning wood revealed his alien face and gave him a blind eye. So he decided to use a helmet to cover it and lied about being disfigured. He also lied to Karai and claimed that Splinter killed her mother. He also adopted Eric Sacks. Together they turn the Foot Clan into a terrorist organization.

Back in the present, he informs them that the real Oroku Saki has actually been dead for centuries. They are found by Sid but he reveals himself as a Foot Soldier and threatens to destroy them. However, Casey defeats him and scolds him for being so selfish. They later have him arrested by the cops.

At T.C.R.I., Ch'rell hears about Sid's arrest and claims it's time to abandon the facility. He puts on a new armor called the "Utrom Shredder" and Eric orders the Foot to take Baxter and some scientists to a facility in Tokyo. Stockman is excited by this and Eric confirms that Baxter is hired as one of their scientists before Stockman is taken away. Karai (Kelly Hu) turns against Ch'rell and reveals that she knows about her past. When Ch'rell confesses, an enraged Karai tries to attack him but is defeated by him and is later taken away to the prison room. Ch'rell prepares for the final battle.

At a Foot Clan factory, the heroes encounter Zeck, Steranko, and Hun. However, Michelangelo distracts them by giving nicknames to Zeck and Steranko. Zeck is named "Bebop" and Steranko is named "Rocksteady". Bebop is irritated by the nickname but Rocksteady is happy about his. However, Leonardo is caught trying to save Karai. Then a battle goes on. Casey and Hun encounter each other and fight again but this time Casey wins and gets Hun thrown into mutagen. Leonardo and Michelangelo defeat Bebop by throwing pizzas at him and getting him electrocuted while Raphael and Donatello defeat Rocksteady by getting him hit by a train. The two goons survive but pass out in defeat and are left to be found by authorities.

At T.C.R.I., Ch'rell prepares for a fight with the Turtles. Thanks to Karai, the heroes manage to break into the facility and start defeating Foot Soldiers. Eric Sacks encounters them and fights them while Ch'rell gets ready for his ship as he activated the self-destruct sequence. However, Leonardo easily knocks Sacks out. The heroes encounter Ch'rell and engage in a fight with him, ending with Splinter decapitating Ch'rell and the villain survived due to being an alien. Some are injured but Utroms arrive and save the heroes as Ch'rell is left behind. He is too late to escape the T.C.R.I. building as it is blown up by the sequence and he is last seen screaming before the screen turns white.

On the Ultrom ship, the heroes are healed and the Ultrom thank them for stopping their enemy. They drop them off and return to their planet.

According to news reports: Eric Sacks has just been arrested, Bebop and Rocksteady are also in police custody, Karai is cleared of all charges, and Sid Jones is sent to Washington D.C. under house arrest to live with his parents, but Baxter Stockman and Hun both still remain at large.

The turtles find a new home and they give some other homes to their allies. They celebrate by eating pizza. When Splinter arrives, he just says, "Cowabunga". Everyone just laughs until the film ends. (1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song plays at the end)


  • Michael Sinterniklaas as the voice of Leonardo - The leader of the team.
  • Greg Cipes as the voice of Michelangelo - The goofy but loveable turtle of the team.
  • Gregory Abbey as the voice of Raphael - The rude but strongest turtle of the team.
  • Sam Rigel as the voice of Donatello - The smartest and oldest turtle of the team.
  • Josh Peck as Casey Jones - The turtles' second human ally and he is the true main protagonist of the film. Just like the original incarnations, he is Raphael's best-friend and April's current boyfriend.
  • Mae Whitman as April O'Neil - The turtles' first human ally and Casey Jones' current girlfriend but she at first dislikes Casey for his clumsiness.
  • Darren Dunstan as the voice of Splinter Yoshi - The master and adoptive father of the turtles.
  • Scottie Ray as Ch'rell/Utrom Shredder - The leader of the Foot clan and former member turned enemy of the Utrom.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Eric Sacks/Chrome Dome - Shredder's student.
  • Dwayne Johnson as Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady - One of Shredder's two goons. He is a Russian arms dealer and terrorist. He was accidentally turned into a rhino but likes being called Rocksteady.
  • Chris Rock as Anton Zeck/Bebop - One of Shredder's goons. He was accidentally turned into a warthog and hates being called Bebop.
  • Eric Bauza as Hun - The leader of the Purple Dragons and Casey's rival.


(when they are leaving, Eric gives orders)

  • Eric: (serious) "Congratulations Stockman. You are now part of our organization."
  • Stockman: (confused) "What are you guys anyway?"
  • Eric: (smirking) "The Foot Clan."

(he puts on a helmet and seems to act like the actual Shredder)

  • Stockman: (bowing) "What is your bidding, master?"
  • Eric: (stern) "Go to a facility in Tokyo."

(he nods and goes to a van where the Foot Ninjas drive him away)


For the transcript, you shall see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2015 film transcript)

T.V. Tropes

  • Abusive Parent: Ch'rell is very horrible towards Eric and Karai. He even gives Eric two scars on the left side of the chin for failure and threatens Karai if she fails him again.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Slash, Karai, and Leatherhead are more heroic and join the Turtles. Karai is also the sister of the Turtles and is willing to betray the Foot just to be with them.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Sid Jones works for the Foot Clan and doesn't show any redeeming qualities. Even his cousin Casey and their family are disappointed in him.
  • Big Brother Bully: Sid acts like this to Casey and Eric is one to Karai.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Ch'rell is gone and the world is safe for now but the rest of the Foot Clan are at large and it sets up the events of the 2nd film.
  • Complete Monster: Ch'rell is an abusive and sociopathic warlord who targets humanity for no reason, betrays his own species, and is abusive towards his comrades.
  • Dead All Along: The real Oroku Saki has been dead for centuries and was merely impersonated.
  • Karma Houdini: Baxter Stockman and the other members are at large.
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