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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a 2014-2017 American anime that is based on the titular heroes of the same name. It was rated TV-PG but got turned to TV-14. However, it is still for kids.


  • Heroes:
  • Will Friedle as the voice of Leonardo: The leader of the Ninja Turtles and the overall main protagonist. He is a pure-hearted and honorable leader to his brothers, despite being younger than Raphael and Donatello. He doesn't have any corrupting factors and is a loyal boyfriend to Amy, even when they break up. However, his flaw is his fear of failing and having to kill an enemy which messes him up so bad that he wonders if he is worthy of being leader. Despite this, his brothers agreed with making him leader. He also protects his younger brother Michelangelo from everyone's anger and doesn't mind the goofy behavior.
  • Greg Cipes as the voice of Michelangelo: The goofy one and the youngest. Just like Leonardo, Michelangelo is also pure-hearted and doesn't have any corrupting factors. However, his goofy behavior can annoy everyone but he's protected by Leonardo and they have a best-friend kind of thing. They both don't have any times of being rude and hardly get angry but Raphael get make them react that way.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Donatello: The smart one and the scientist. He usually focuses on machines and impressing April but ends up annoying her by fighting with Casey over her. When she snaps at them, he takes it to heart and stops bothering her, so does Casey. However, she does apologize to them for being harsh but they forgive her and understand her annoyance. She admits to him that she returns his feelings and is not interested in Casey, who accepts it. Him and April become a couple and he starts sincerely loving her while making amends with Casey. Splinter hears of this and is proud of them for solving this. They apologized to him for making an unnecessary love triangle but he forgives them and is glad Casey learned to move on.
  • Matthew Mercer as the voice of Raphael: The angry one and the eldest. He relies on his anger to win fights and is a bully to his younger brothers Leonardo and Michelangelo but it's why he isn't leader since he's too angry to lead. He is jealous of Leonardo and always tries to make him fail at being leader but fails at it and gets punished by Splinter for his behavior. However, he does have a nice side and did save Casey from his abusive father Hun. He befriended him and taught him how to fight while controlling his anger because Raphael is fortunately not brutal. He also starts to become nicer in later episodes and seasons while making amends with Leonardo and Michelangelo. He has also come to respect Leonardo as a leader.
  • Durran Dunstan as the voice of Master Splinter: The master of the Turtles and also, their father. He is wise man who is never mean-spirited and is good at teaching his sons along with their friends but he can get mad when they do something they shouldn't do or when they are mean to each other. However, he knows when Leonardo and Michelangelo are only tricked into getting into trouble. He also doesn't like the unfair treatment those two get and punish the others for being harsh. He also doesn't like love-triangles because it's what caused Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen to be killed by Oroku Saki. However, he knows that Leonardo and Amy don't have a love triangle since the male villains are only flirting with Amy, much to Leonardo's anger and Amy's annoyance. Splinter also doesn't like this and helps Leonardo give a warning to leave Amy alone or else. However, he is still kind-hearted and does have a sense of humor. When the others are feeling down, he cheers them up by making funnies, which does entertain them. He also approves of his sons' relationships but will not approve of how the girls treat them, which does scare them into behaving.
  • Steven Blum as the voice of The Ancient One
  • Josh Peck as the voice of Casey Jones: An abused vigilante and best-friend of Raphael. He lived with an abusive father, who would later be known as Hun. He meets Raphael when he gets saved by him from Hun after getting beaten to near death. He no longer lived with his father and decided to live with the Turtles. He does eventually get interested in Shinigami and becomes loyal to her while she shows having a crush on him. They eventually reveal their feelings for each other and become a couple. However, their relationship gets strained when Casey neglects the needs of an emotional Leonardo and an abused Michelangelo. It becomes furthur strained when Casey is one of those who mistreats Leonardo for his honest mistake that makes him go to Japan to seek redemption. Shinigami gets mad at Casey and chooses to not talk to him again until he changes his behavior, much to his regret. She does recall one mission with Leonardo and it was the time where he was worried about her because she was part of the family, which caused her to have a friendship with Leonardo. Casey also recounts his good missions too and goes back to being nicer. Their relationship gets better again when he helps the others save her and he was glad to see Leonardo again. When he apologized to Leonardo and considers playing hockey with him sometime, Shinigami was proud of Casey and they went back to hanging out again. They help the heroes fight the Foot but get horrified to see Splinter's death and even more horrified when Super Shredder accidentally kills Jared. They forgive Jared for how he acted and mourn both two deaths. After giving them funerals, they the personal strike team to take down Super Shredder once and for all. Casey got his signature hockey mask. However, him and Shinigami failed to defeat the enemy but got saved by the others powers. It was successful when Leonardo did the job and they were there to keep him from going emotional but he assured them he's fine now and knew it had to be done.
  • Drake Bell as the voice of Mark Jones: A ninja trainee and the younger cousin of Casey Jones. He does love his cousin and acts like a little brother to him but gets disappointed in him for being rude about Donatello and April's
  • Jacob Trembly as the voice of Zach: A younger fan of the Turtles and the main protagonist of the 2nd season. He has always supported them since he secretly saw them and kept them a secret but the town thought he was dreaming of them and are cruel towards him for believing in them. He didn't seem to mind his outcast status and his father still supported him but his mother is embarrassed and wants him to stop believing in his dreams so he can have friends in school. In school, the only student who is nice is Caitlyn but her father is the teacher and forbids them from being friends due to being overprotective. His worst bully is Sid, who likes to make Zach miserable the most and lead students to pick on him. Finally, he couldn't handle Sid no more and wanted his journal back but found it ruined by Sid and angrily threw it at him. Before he can be unfairly punished for his justified anger, his so-called dreams have suddenly come to life and the class was visited by his dream versions of Casey Jones and April O'Neil, who need Zach's help. They want his help to stop the Kraang but he believes he can't go because he's a normal kid. However, Caitlyn and the teacher encourage him to go and he finally agrees to. Unknown to him, Sid took his journal and had an evil smirk.
  • Emma Berman as the voice of Caitlyn: Zach's only friend and the deuteragonist of the film.
  • Zac Efron as the voice of Vernon Fernwick: A formerly rude and annoying jerk and the redeemed anti-heroic protagonist of the 3rd season.
  • Danielle Panabaker as the voice of Irma: April's best-friend and Vernon's love-interest. At first, Vernon broke her heart by yelling at her but she eventually forgave him when he changed his ways and they are a couple now.
  • Will Friedle as the voice of Hamato Yoshi: The posthumous protagonist of the series. He is the master and owner of Splinter, the younger adoptive brother of Oroku Saki, youngest adoptive son of the Ancient One, and the grandfather of the Turtles.
  • Grey DeLislie as the voice of Tang Shen
  • Villains:
  • Scottie Ray as the voice of Oroku Saki/Shredder/Super Shredder: The main antagonist of the series. He served as the main antagonist of the 1st season, a posthumous antagonist for the 2nd season and 3rd season, the posthumous overarching antagonist of the first half of the 4th season, and returned as the main antagonist of the second half of the 4th season. He is also voiced by Yuri Lowenthal as a young man and Kevin Michael Richardson as a mutant. He is the leader of the Foot Clan, the older adoptive brother of Hamato Yoshi, the eldest adoptive son of the Ancient One, the father of Karai and Jared, and the archenemy of the Turtles, Splinter, and the other heroes. As a young child, his family kicked him out for not meeting their standards but he did meet a fellow orphan named Hamato Yoshi and they became friends. When they saw a disguised Ancient One drop his coin, Saki is the one to suggest that they sell it for food and water but Yoshi scolded him and said it would be dishonorable, which Saki agreed to and apologized for suggesting it. They gave it back to him and he made a test. Saki failed but Yoshi succeeded, impressing Ancient One. Despite this, Ancient One still accepted Saki too into his home, which the boy was grateful for. Him and Yoshi had became his sons and furthurmore, they became brothers. Despite this, Saki became jealous of Yoshi winning Tang Shen's affections but didn't show in order to keep himself from turning bad. Ancient One was fortunately there to calm him down and tried to tell him that jealousy can lead to a bad path, which Saki tried to learn. As a young adult, he continued his jealousy but was still friends with Yoshi and apologized to him for getting angry during training. He was offered a seat on the tribunal council but was not promoted because he has too much darkness in his heart and his future was clouded, which he understood and took it well without complaint. His behavior concerned Yoshi and Shen but he fortunately confessed that he doesn't see himself as a good student and became jealous of Yoshi since he's progressing better. They understood and Yoshi assured him that he feels responsible for increasing the jealousy by showing off his achievements but did declare that he sees Saki's maturity about the rejection and is very proud of him for taking it well. Saki admits to being proud of Yoshi and does like being a role model but warns him that his anger and jealousy is something to not idolize. Saki then left them alone for a while and did a training to control his dark thoughts but then something in him snapped. As Yoshi and Shen hung out together with their pet rat Splinter, he became full of blind rage and attacked the couple in jealousy. Yoshi tried to calm his brother down and refused to fight him but Saki didn't listen and in blind rage, accidentally struck Tang Shen when she defended Yoshi. Depressed and terrified by what he's done, he held her in his arms and cried but the dying woman just gave him a smile and told him it was alright before dying of her wounds. As Yoshi went to comfort him, Saki accidentally struck him too in blind rage but soon regretted it and checked on him. The dying Yoshi gave him a smile and put a hand to his cheek as forgiveness before dying. A crying Saki questioned what had he done but saw that Splinter's cage broke and allowed the rat to claw his face as punishment. When Splinter was satisfied, Saki put the dead couple together and had them hold hands to show his regret for letting jealousy overtake him. When Ancient One happened upon the scene, Saki admitted his faults and showed shame for his terrible deed. Ancient One comforted him but sadly told him that the Ninja Tribunal will decide his punishment. He then went to the council and bowed to them as they looked in disappointment at him. When he asked for his punishment, they declare that he is banished for life from this home and he accepted it. However, they allowed him to attend the funeral and pray for forgiveness. The next day, he attended the funeral and gave an apology to the dead couple for what he did. He then packed up and agreed to leave the temple but shared a farewell with Ancient One and agrees to miss him.
  • Eric Bauza as the voice of Master Tatsu/Tiger Claw
  • Corey Burton as the voice of Takeshi Saki/The Original Shredder: The overarching antagonist of the series.
  • Steven Blum as the voice of Commander Krang: The central antagonist of the series. He served as the central antagonist of the 1st season, a mentioned antagonist of the 2nd season, and the opening antagonist of the 3rd season but is never mentioned or hinted at in the forth season, he is still a posthumous antagonist. He is the cousin of Krang Sub-Prime. He was banished by the latter for his stupidity because he had a different motive but he was also more evil than his species as he doesn't care for friends and family. He treats the Earth as a toy and he doesn't like to share conquering it, despite his species only wanting to mutate worlds. These actions show that he's actually an idiot and shows immaturity that can make him bad at being a villain but is still evil enough to harm innocent people and betray others for his own needs, even his family. He hates his cousin for banishing him and wants revenge on him and the Kraang for it, despite his behavior backing up the claim that he's an immature idiot who didn't follow orders and was too dangerous. His species are justified with banishing him and it doesn't make him tragic and sympathetic but instead reveals him as a complete monster. Even Shredder is disgusted by his evilness and hates him for betraying their deal.
  • Tim Dadabo as the voice of Bebop: A gang member turned mutant warthog.
  • Fred Tatasciore as the voice of Rocksteady: A gang member turned mutant rhino.
  • Frank Welker as the voice of Tokka: An infant mutant alligator snapping-turtle. She's later revealed to be female.
  • Townsend Coleman as the voice of Rahzar: An infant mutant wolf. He's later shown to be intelligent for his age and is able to talk.
  • Kelly Hu as the voice of Karai Saki
  • Dave Franco as the voice of Jared Saki

Guest Stars

  • Kevin Conroy as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman: A vigilante from Gotham and an ally of the Turtles. He's heard of his counterparts helping the heroes and they heard of him too. They are all fans of his work and he's also honored to meet them as well. He allows them in Gotham to help him and Robin stop Joker and Shredder from mutating Gotham with mutagen and joker's chemicals. He also didn't mind eating pizza at the end and it's revealed he's the one who took them back home. He sadly died in a failed invasion against Darkseid but was avenged in the future and his funeral was attended by the Turtles. However, he did Splinter's funeral. His DCAU design was used for this.
  • Scott Menville as the voice of Damien Wayne/Robin: Batman's sidekick and Superboy's best friend. He does mention his friend and takes a liking to the heroes from New York. He helped them save Gotham and appeared at Splinter's funeral with his father.
  • George Newborn as the voice of Clark Kent/Superman: A hero from Metropolis and the father of Jon Kent. He and his son were visited by the Turtles and they had heard about them. They willingly asked for the Turtles' help and works together with them. Despite him and Lex being enemies, he does feel bad for him and even admits that Lex didn't deserve being abused as a child. They also used to be friends but it fell apart and they do seem to miss the friendship.
  • Susan Eisenberg as the voice of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: An Amazonian warrior, wife of Superman, and the mother of Connor Kent and Jon Kent. She loves her family and is shown to be happy with the family but does get strict with her sons and will scold them for dumb antics, which they admit they are scared of. She loves her husband and is happy with him. She also is shown to be strong and is actually older than she looks but still remains her adult age that she looks like. She is actually a veteran of World War II and had a former crush named Steve Trevor but he tragically died and she does miss him. Despite her strength, she is still a damsel in distress but gets rescued.
  • Yuri Lowenthal as the voice of Jon Kent/Superboy: The youngest son of Superman and Wonder Woman while also the younger brother of Connor Kent. He is a kind-hearted and pure-hearted child who is polite upon meeting him and is a good prankster. Speaking of his pranks, the heroes find the pranks funny and when they get pranked, it's in a friendly way. He also pranks mean people and villains who deserve it, including his most hated bully Deathwing. His rivalry with Deathwing is understandable because he's bullied by him and doesn't like how the corrupt hero treats Batgirl. Due to being a half-kryptonian, he is also weakened by Kryponite and hates it for being a weakness of his.
  • Matt Lanter as the voice of Connor Kent/Krypton: The clone and eldest son of Superman and Wonder Woman while being the older brother of Jon Kent. Raphael admires the guy's anger but does agree with the warning that it could destroy a family. He also admires the guy's reasons for being angry and agrees that Connor needs a family to understand him but does tell him that he's still a person and has a destiny as a hero. They are shown to be friends and agree that they are similar because of their similar anger issues and the reason behind it. He was also the first Superboy but changed the name because his younger brother has the name now and chose to be named after their father's home planet Krypton.
  • Mark Hamill as the voice of The Joker: Batman's arch-enemy. His mutant form is a hyena and enjoyed it while also helping Shredder with an evil plot, despite them not getting along. He also is enemies with the Turtles and the heroes, who found the guy annoying. He was turned back to normal and sent back to Arkham where he died in the medical wing from the mutagen affecting his already mutated blood but Shredder temporarily became a copy of him. He is more evil than Shredder and is very sadistic. He is hated for his actions and no one mourned him, not even Harley due to how he treats her.
  • Brian Bloom as the voice of Roman Sionis/Black Mask: A masked crime lord and an enemy of Batman. However, he doesn't fully hate him and is actually an old friend of him. They knew each other as kids but it's fallen apart due to the family rivalry. He burned down his parents for not truly caring for him and he became Black Mask after the titular mask from the wood at the family's cabin. He then turned to a life of crime and robbed a factory but met the Batman and accidentally got disfigured when the mask melted into his face, which Batman blames himself for it. However, the crime lord accepted is appearance and willingly became his villain alter-ego. He also respects his employees and has a good relationship with both Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni. He also has met Don Turtelli but also hates Don Vizioso for his disgusting habits. He even is an old friend of the Shredder and likes him better as his normal self but they are only around each other when normal business is involved and he is always shown missing the guy when he died. Due to this, he is given ownership over the guy's human heart and keeps it as a memory of him, despite being disgusted that it's shown.
  • Clancy Brown as the voice of Lex Luthor: An evil billionaire and Superman's arch-enemy. He has a hatred for him and is willing to go along with evil schemes. Super Shredder finds him more tolerable than Joker because Lex takes things seriously.
  • Tony Todd as the voice of Darkseid: An evil warlord and the true arch-enemy of the Justice League. He is the only one that Superman is willing to kill for justified reasons.


  • 1st half of Season 4:

(one day at the lair's dining area, The Turtles is having lunch with Cody, Casey, Mark, and Kevin. However, they looked irritated from being woken up in the middle of the night and want to know who pulled it)

  • Cody: (irritated while eating a grilled ham and cheese sandwich) "Seriously, who pulled that alarm last night? Me and the girls were woken up by that too and we had to wait until they disabled it. We were irritated that one of you pulled it."
  • Casey: (agreeing while eating a hot dog) "Yeah, I just wanna get them and-"

(he then swings a hot dog to intimidate beating the culprit. However, that confused them and they look at him in confusion)

  • Mark: (confused while eating a cheeseburger) "With your hotdog?"
  • Casey: (annoyed) "You know what I mean."

(they nod in understanding but they roll their eyes at him for how he said it. Then Amy appears behind Mark, April appears behind Kevin, and Angel appears behind Casey. They angrily slap them on the back of their heads, making Cody and the Turtles shocked and worried)

  • Kevin: (angry) "Hey!"
  • Cody: (worried) "What you slapped their heads for?"

T.V. Tropes

  • Absent Parent: Casey's mother died when he was a kid and Mark was abandoned by his mother Aunt Jones when he was Casey's young age but Aunt Jones is ashamed of doing it and loves him. She only did it because she couldn't win custody over him and wanted to raise him but she just couldn't stand Uncle Jones' behavior and wanted to leave with her son to a new peaceful life. Fortunately, he forgives her and still loves her.
  • Abusive Parents: In season 1, Hun is one towards Casey and even is willing to kill him but he does still love him and even sacrifices himself for him. Uncle Jones is shown to be stern and neglectful towards Mark but he turns out to love him as well and made amends with him. Shredder's father Takeshi Saki is not parent of the year and is worst than Hun at parenting. He abused Shredder during childhood, cruelly threw him out for not meeting his standards, didn't care if he died in the outside world, killed his own daughter, murdered Shredder's wide and son just to torment him, and tricked him into killing an innocent shinobi. No wonder Shredder became who he is. In season 2, Zach's mother is shown to be neglectful sometimes and even forces her husband to tell their son that their is no such thing as the Turtles, which is pretty harsh and very heart-breaking. She even ignored when he was getting bullied. However, she redeems herself when she reconciles with her husband and realizes how harsh she is towards her son. In season 3, Vernon's dad was a Jerk With A Heart Of A Jerk towards him and didn't even care when his own wife died. He is worst than his son and is the reason why he acts like a jerk. In season 4, Shredder becomes this upon his resurrection as he beats his own daughter Karai without mercy and is cold-hearted towards Jared but this is only because of the super mutagen affecting him. However, he does show regret for accidentally killing Jared and even still calls Karai his daughter, despite that she now hates him for what he's become. He's also still not worst than his father, who had no problem killing children.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Shredder is still evil but he is now honorable and refuses to kill his enemies because he wants to give them a chance to fight. He even doesn't mind his death at all and accepts it. He also loves his daughter Karai and his adopted son Jared, despite that he's usually strict towards them. Splinter admits that Shredder has honor and respects him for being a good parent, which Shredder returns the respect. Also, his backstory is tragic and sympathetic. Hun is also this as he sacrificed himself for Casey, who was honored by it and mourned his father's death while also forgiving him for the abuse.
  • Adaptational Jerka**: Raphael's treatment of Michelangelo is now taken seriously, which Leonardo and Splinter disapproves of. No one approves of how he treats his younger brother and get mad at Raphael for being a bully. He's also a jerk towards Leonardo and even harshly claims his decisions end in disaster, which Leonardo is understandably angered by. Fortunately, he changes when he realizes how much he loves them and he's just angry because he feels like his family don't understand him, which they feel bad for him about. Bebop and Rocksteady are also this in the 1st season since they torment innocent people for fun and Bebop likes to bully Leonardo for dating Amy but they still show nice guy moments and are still tolerable. In the 4th season, they improved and have become nicer. April and Casey are also this sometimes but they make up for it to those they hurt, including Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: Bebop and Rocksteady show signs of this and become much more smarter in season 4. They are even smart enough to help raise their new partners Tokka and Rahzar, who happened to be infants. Bebop even shows more intelligence by getting over Amy and no longer angering Leonardo, who appreciate it. He also notices their relationship being unstable right now and hopes that Amy notices this. They also know not to mess up anymore and they stop acting like teenage delinquents.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Mark Jones is a nicer version of Sid Jones and actually gets along with his cousin Casey, despite finding him annoying for his behavior and flirting with April. He is shown to care for Casey and is saddened by bad home life but can get annoyed by him and tries to get him to stop with his antics.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Just like IDW comics, Arnold Jones is now Hun and is also now abusive to Casey, who is scared of him. Even worst, he's willing to kill Casey for not joining Shredder. However, he does still love him and is only depressed over his wife's death. He allows the Shredder to punish him for abusing Casey out of guilt. Of course, Shredder stops when he sees that Hun shows guilt for abusing Casey. He fully redeems himself by sacrificing himself for Casey, which reconciles their relationship.
  • Age Lift: Casey, April, and Karai are now teenagers while Splinter is old enough to be a grandfather but this is due to his animal age and it doesn't stop him from fighting. Also, Leonardo is now younger than Raphael and Donatello with Raphael being the eldest.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: When Shredder accidentally kills Jared, he is remorseful and even screams in anger and agony, which makes you feel bad for him. Same with Hun, who sacrificed himself for his son.
  • A**hole Victim: Many people aren't missed when they get bad endings. Vernon's dad is fortunately dead and is revealed to not have gotten anything in life while Don Vizioso and his mob are revealed to have been arrested for their crimes. Joker is also this as he dies from sickness due to the mutagen and no one mourns him because of his crimes, not even Batman misses him. Fishface and Dogpound are killed off in the 3-part series finale and their allies don't mourn them because of how bad they were.
  • Bittersweet Ending: In season 3, Vernon becomes nicer in the end and accepts his own faults. He apologizes to everyone he hurt and made it up to Ancient One and Irma by giving them what makes them happy. He even reconciles with them and is now liked by the city for changing his ways. He also manages to stop the Triceratons and convinces them to rebel against their horrible ruler, which they admit that they hated him. His heroic actions prevented the end of the world. However, Leonardo suffers because of an attack making him remember what he did to Shredder and he grows fearful of failing as a leader. Amy does check on him but in the first half of the next season, she and the others neglect this problem, which we later find out how it ends. Speaking of the first half of the 4th season, some good episodes have these endings and the vigilante episode does end with Leonardo getting punishment for reluctant lying to them and having to work hard to gain trust back but he's able to call out Amy for not bothering to stop him or watch him and he admits to being saddened by her new behavior. He also gets a kiss from Jewel as thanks for saving her and tells him to call her if a break up happens but they agree to be friends and Leonardo does admit that he would've dated Jewel if he wasn't dating Amy, making Jewel smile sweetly and blowing him a kiss while Amy glares at her in jealousy and gives a red face which Ann laughs at. Also, the Dregg arc ends with Dregg and Newtralizer being dead and the world being safe from them but Raphael breaks Ann's heart by kissing Mona Lisa, which Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Ann watch on in shock. Even worst, Ann cries at this and runs away before Leonardo and Michelangelo comfort her but they cheer her up and offer to spend the night with her because Leonardo is still having problems with Amy. She smiles at them and even agrees to sleepover with them. They admit that at least she has them but she does promise them that she won't ruin their relationship and they admit to her that she's acting like a human big sis. She admits that she loves them as brothers and is grateful towards them for defending her. When they sleep after Ann gives them a song that puts them to sleep, Splinter is seen smiling and being proud of his sons for supporting her. Everyone a little bit liked the Dregg episode because Ann is brave and tough to not take Raphael's behavior and is justified with getting mad at him for forgetting their anniversary which was very special to her but fans also got mad that Raphael neglected Ann's anger and kissed Mona Lisa right in front of her, which was very heartless and considered cheating. Even the season writer liked the episode but got mad at Raphael and didn't enjoy writing about breaking Ann's heart because even he thought that was horrible and he was trying to support females who have bad boyfriends, despite that his episode did give examples of bad neglectful boyfriends. Fortunately, no one's mad at him and at least he had her get comforted. They also agree that's an example of bad boyfriends who neglect an anniversary and even cheat on their girlfriends. He does admit that he supports females who go through that and she had every right to be mad at Raphael for how he's acting, which the females admit that the episode does kinda support them.
  • Damsel In Distress: Amy and the girls can be this along with Wonder Woman. However, Ann doesn't let this bother her as she still chooses to say angry words towards Pulverizer that were censored because she was gagged but he does point out that it was because he thinks there's no need for salty language. Of course, the damsels get rescued and Ann does give a cheek kiss to Leonardo and Michelangelo, which they blushed at and she laughs at this. Wonder Woman does the same to the Turtles and her sons, which made them blush too. This makes it worth it for the Turtles as each member gets this reward.
  • Downer Ending: The first half of the 4th season finale ends with Leonardo having to leave to seek help from the Ancient One, him and Amy are forced to break up which upsets both of them, the team is falling apart because of how they treated their two friends, and Splinter is more disappointed now. Even worst, Jared successfully frames Mark as a bad person and Karai unknowingly breaks Mark's heart by believing Jared's lies. Also, Leonardo accidentally hurts Splinter in blind rage and is left guilt-ridden over it. Michelangelo finally snaps and becomes distant from the team after having enough of the abuse and neglect they put him and Leonardo through. And also, the ones who did wrong haven't gotten karma for their behavior but they do get grounded by Splinter and they are showing signs of regret. However, things are going to get better in the next episodes. Also, the season creator confirmed that the break up won't last forever and Mark will be able to clear his name. Despite this, the episode was the most unhappy one ever and has left everyone in despair.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In season 1, Leonardo defeats Shredder in a honorable duel but does regret killing him. However, Shredder accepted his death and even lets his own body fall into purple chemicals but first, he thanks his opponent and considers him worthy. Karai and Jared forgive Leonardo but still mourned their father. However, they still saved the Earth from Krang and the Foot admit that the heroes win. They agree to just go into hiding. Speaking of the heroes, the Turtles are being accepted as heroes and get a good reputation. In season 2, Zach manages to save his town and got the respect he deserves. His relationship with his mother is better, he got apologized to by everyone for their cruelty, and he's getting successful in building the robot he always wanted to build, which showed signs of working. In the series finale, Leonardo avenges all the deaths of others by killing Super Shredder in self-defense and putting an end to his misery. He then chooses to not use the helmet as a trophy and leaves it to burn with the body as a funeral for his former enemy. In the final scene, the cured bad guys are living normal lives and the heroes watch happily as the spirits of Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen, Splinter, and others make amends with Saki's spirit. They all wish him a goodbye and are glad that he's been forgiven.
  • Easily Forgiven: In the first season, Shredder is forgiven by Splinter and the heroes for accidentally killing Yoshi and Shen, which he was grateful for. He also was already forgiven by the Ancient One and the Ninja Triunal for it but they still had to banish him, which he accepted out of guilt. Even a dying Yoshi forgave him and touched his cheek to show forgiveness. He also was forgiven by Amy for accidentally killing her mother in blind rage. When Hun sacrifices himself for Casey, the said boy forgives him for how he treated him and is saddened by his death.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: In the first season, Shredder loves his children and he also misses his surrogate brother and his former crush, always regretting what he did to them. He also misses his surrogate father the Ancient One and has respect for him while still being grateful for his hospitality. He also misses his late wife and eldest son, who were killed by the leader of an enemy clan out of spite and he willingly avenges them by killing the said leader. Hun still loves his son Casey and is ashamed of mistreating him. He eventually truly shows this by saving him from a death blast and getting killed by it instead, which repaired their relationship. Bebop and Rocksteady also care for each other and have an awesome friendship.
  • Even Evil Have Standards: In the first season, Shredder has no quarrel with the Turtles and wouldn't hurt them since they are teenagers but is forced to because they are in his way. He also had regret for killing Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen while also admitting that Tang Shen wasn't his and he should've let her be happy. He also doesn't approve of Hun's abusive parenting and punishes him for that. He also showed disgust at the disgusting and gluttonous fat gangster Don Vizioso and shows him who's boss by threating him via only cutting a meatball he was about to eat and two candles with one strike from his gauntlet. He's also weirded out by Don Tortilli's tickle torture, just as much as Rat King and even agreed to help him get cheese painting for the rat lair just to not see the tickle torture. He even thinks Commander Krang is more evil than him and did understandably hate him for his betrayal. Same with Joker, who he declared to be worst than him and is appalled by the Joker gas because of what it does. Bebop was disgusted by Fishface's intentions towards Amy and even threatened to help Leonardo kill him. This was before his maturity and it shows that he's not a r****t. He still kissed her without permission but felt bad for it because she was uncomfortable and did apologize. He might have a crush on her but it's not that far and he's willing to later on let her be with Leonardo. Rocksteady is disgusted by Bebop's crush on Amy but also agreed with him about not liking Fishface and was even more disgusted that Fishface has no restraints on the bad behavior. Dogpound agreed with them and also didn't like it at all. Also, Shredder hates Fishface and Dogpound for being unlikeable jerks and always punishes them fairly for their failures because of their arrogance. He even admits that Bebop and Rocksteady are much more useful and tolerable because they at least try their best. In the second season, Krang Prime and his friends Krang Sub-Prime also think that Sid is unlikeable and they fortunately take away his power because he's more of a bully. Krang Sub-Prime also admits to only banishing Krang because he was an idiot, which is understandable. Krang Prime also admits that he's shocked that Zach would choose to defend a town of unsympathetic jerks who treat Zach like nothing but an outcast and doesn't think any hero would want to save them. He also showed Sid who's boss by zapping him. In the third season, even the Triceratons don't like Vernon's behavior and also don't think his past excuses it. They also think their leader was horrible with what he did to Leonardo. In the fourth season, the Foot Clan are appalled by Super Shredder's actions and don't see him as the original one anymore. The said monster was ashamed of Jared's selfish motives, same as Bebop and Rocksteady. They even call him out for it, which is what got him to stop being one. He also is appalled by what happened to Stockman and beats up Fishface and Dogpound brutally. He also has regret for accidentally killing Jared and does agree with him about having been dishonorable but does show relief when the dying Splinter heals Jared and shows gratefulness for it. When Leonardo calls him out for what he's become and asked if he wanted to be remembered as a monster, he seems to be stuttering and seems to be agreeing that he's becoming a monster. When Leonardo finishes him, Shredder looks like he doesn't mind it and wants to go to the afterlife.
  • Everyone Has Standards: In the first season, Amy was shocked that Krang betrayed Shredder and has kindly freed him, which he is grateful for. In the second season, Zach's dad doesn't approve of his wife's neglectful behavior towards Zach and does scold her for making sweets because of what happens when he eats sugar, which is showing concern for his son's health. He also doesn't enjoy telling Zach to not believe in dreams and also doesn't like the taste of the singed cookies once he takes a bite. Despite how his wife treats him and Zach, he was still willing to save her and admits he still loves her, which is what changed her behavior. He also didn't like how the people in town and school treat his son and helped called them out for it since Zach was nothing but nice to them, which helps the town realize how horrible they were towards him just for believing in his dreams and apologize. The teacher also is very disappointed in Sid and the rest of the class (except for Caitlyn) for picking on Zach. He even laughs with the class when Sid gets zapped by Krang-Prime for stupidly trying to fight him without powers because they know he's only doing it for publicity. Same with his daughter Caitlyn as she feels bad for Zach for how he's treated by the class and she hates Sid the most for ruining Zach's journal but she does mostly get mad at her father for unfairly punishing Zach for his justified anger and is annoyed when her father forbids the friendship between her and Zach, showing that she does want to be his friend but is just forbidden to. They also don't like the reason for the bullying and help call out the abusers for their behavior and being ungrateful towards Zach for helping them. The heroes are also disgusted with the behavior and call out those acted like jerks. In season 3, the heroes are saddened by Vernon's tragic childhood and they even shed tears of sympathy when he cries at his late mother's card to him, which redeems him. They also are appalled by the Triceraton emperor and consider a monster for his crimes. In the first half of the 4th season, Jewel is disgusted by how Amy treats Leonardo and wants to teach her a lesson but fortunately doesn't when Leonardo convinces her not to and she does admire his loyalty. She reveals the reason why she didn't date him yet is because he was loyal to Amy and she understood his dedication but agrees to be his girlfriend if he breaks up with her and gives a sweet smile to him before blowing a kiss and leaving on her motorcycle.
  • Hate Sink: In season 1, Commander Krang is a sociopathic and traitorous alien dictator who's willing to betray even his allies just for his selfish desires of conquest. He's also revealed to have been an idiot because the Kraang wanted to mutate Earth, not conquer it, so Krang Sub-Prime understandably banished him from the Kraang's home planet. Him betraying Shredder shows him as worst than the guy because Shredder regretted betraying Stockman and is sincere about planning to cure him when he's done with his job. The Joker is a sociopathic mutant clown who earned his title as Batman's arch-enemy. His mutant hyena form shows how insane he is and was still willing to plan a betrayal to take over the Foot Clan in his own image, despite the said clan hating him. The heroes were glad to have Shredder as an arch-enemy since he's not as evil as The Joker. Fishface and Dogpound are this because their rivalry is very annoying and they are abusive towards Stockman, Bebop, and Rocksteady. Fishface also flirts with Amy and doesn't stop it, which could disgust Dogpound but he ends up enjoying it and laughs at what Fishface plans to do, which appalled their allies and enemies. Leonardo hates them more than he does with Bebop and Rocksteady because Bebop learns his lesson and tries to stop. In season 2, Sid is a very unlikeable bully with no redeeming qualities and was willing to betray Earth. He doesn't even apologize for his actions and stupidly tried to take on Krang Prime for publicity but the more likeable villain teaches him a lesson by zapping his butt and the class laughed at this because they secretly saw Sid's actions in the dream world. When Krang Prime is destroyed, Sid might not have gotten arrested for his actions because his crimes were in the dream world but he is fairly expelled for his behavior and is receiving punishment by his parents. Even better, he's now the one hated because he betrayed Earth and doesn't apologize for it. That's the only fair punishment he gets. In season 3, Zanmoran is a tyrannical ruler of the Triceratons and becomes Vernon's chance for redemption. He is already horrible boss to his men and dictator to his people but he's more cruel to his enemies and starts using their emotional pain to make them suffer. He does it to Leonardo and is responsible for the young leader's emo behavior and the breakup between him and Amy. He also mocks Vernon's past and considers no better than him, despite that Vernon has redeeming qualities unlike him. His actions cause his men to turn against him and help defeat him. However, if he wasn't there then Vernon wouldn't redeem himself and become more nicer and mature. In the first half of the 4th season, Don Vizioso was already shown as disgusting in season 1 for his eating habits and horrible table manners but he is now shown to be more horrible than Don Turtelli, who at least is a comedy villain that only comments tickle torture. He is racist towards mutants along with being sexist, homophobic, and other bad stuff. He also is very abusive towards the human villains and is meant to be a despicable man. He shows his cruelty by having a few mutant heroes captured and plans to have them bisected to see what makes them tick. He also shows his cruelty by having his henchmen destroy Amy's necklace in front of her and laughed when he's called a monster, showing that he knows he's bad but enjoys it. He's also offensive towards Italians for pretending to be one and actually is shown to disrespect them as well. He doesn't mind making remarks at the mutants and enjoys taunting them. He is hated by everyone to the point of being called "Don the Hutt", which the creators agree with and also hate him as well. Fortunately, he's in prison now where he belongs. Fishface and Dogpound become even more despicable. They like their master's new personality and betray Stockman by turning him into a mutant fly, despite promising to free him from his collar if he did his job right. They even laughed at it and enjoyed his pain, which disgusted Tiger Claw, Bebop, and Rocksteady. Fortunately, they get karma when Super Shredder brutally beats them up for it and warns them to leave Stockman alone or he'll introduce them to real pain. They are fully defeated in the two part finale when Leatherhead drowns Dogpound in part 1 and Raphael pulls off Fishface's life support in part 2, leaving him to suffocate from lack of water. No one mourns them and even their comrades are actually glad that those guys are gone. Super Shredder even showed thanks for that and even commented that he never liked them, which everyone agreed with. Even worst, they're willing to betray his trust and are not really trustworthy.
  • Heel-Face-Turn: In season 1, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, and the Foot Clan were willing to help the heroes stop Krang since the evil alien is doing something that is more evil than their plans but they went back to being enemies. However, Karai and Jared did leave the evil side and had no anger about their father's death but still mourned him. In season 2, the abusive townspeople go through this when Zach saves them and they are called out for their behavior. In season 3, Vernon has this in the end and he becomes much more nicer after realizing his mother would want him to stay the nice kid that he once was. The Triceratons also turned against their leader after now seeing how horrible he is and they help the rebellion defeat him. In season 4, the unlikeable heroes redeemed themselves of their bad behavior and apologized to Leonardo and Michelangelo. Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, Rahzar, and Stockman become good when they are cured and they move on with their lives. Super Shredder accepts his final death and is back to normal in the spirit world where he reunites with those that died and he made amends with everyone, including Hamato Yoshi. He also helps fight Takeshi Saki and is the one that destroys him.
  • Hypocrite: In season 1, Raphael gets mad at Hun for beating up Casey to near death but he too beats up Leonardo and Michelangelo just for fun or to release his anger. However, he does get called out for it and apologizes to his brothers. In season 2, Zach's teacher wants him to have friends but yet forbids him from befriending Caitlyn. However, he gets better and stops forbidding it after seeing how much they care for each other. Also, the picture of his wife does seems to explain why he's overprotective. In season 3, Vernon hates his father for how he treated him but is acting just like him. However, Vernon at least hates his behavior too and does want to change his ways while he showed remorse for yelling at Irma and shows concern when she got depressed. He also agreed that he is acting like his father but does get better and is changing his ways after seeing that his mom did give him a card that assures him she loves him and hopes he stays as the same nice boy, which made him cry and redeem himself. In the first half of season 4, Amy and the others get mad at Leonardo for his emotional outbursts but Michelangelo calls them out for their past behavior lately and considers them worst than him for ignoring Leonardo's emotions. This causes them to feel a little guilt. In the second half of season 4, Vernon calls Amy out for neglecting Leonardo and yelling at him but has done worst to Irma when he was a jerk. However, he notices this hypocrisy and apologizes for it but Amy forgives and accepts his criticism for her horrible behavior lately.
  • Implied R**e: Fishface is implied to plan this towards a tied up Amy but a disgusted Bebop stops him and warns him to not touch her or he'll help Leonardo kill him. Both sides were disgusted by what he was gonna do and are grateful that Bebop stopped it.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Splinter, Lila, Zach, Caitlyn, Ancient One, and Hamato Yoshi are the most kind-hearted and innocent characters on the show. Leonardo's actions in the first half of the 4th season are only because of what Zanmoran did to his head and fortunately Ancient One and the Ninja Tribunal turned him back to normal. He also agreed to stay with them until they can fully heal his mind. He also didn't mind the cooking and politely enjoyed it, which was sweet and heartwarming. Zach is said to have a problem with sugar but he's able to eat the stuff on a dream planet, which is understandable because it's a dream world and he is able to eat the sugar there. He also had no ill-well towards his neglectful mother or his abusive town for how they treated him and was still willing to save them because that destroying them or mutating them is an extreme punishment. He also did not hate Krang Prime and took responsibility for just leaving him as an electrician in the dream world, which the villain did not hold a grudge over and actually still cares for Zach. He even apologized to him for leaving as it and considers him a good creation to have had while being grateful that he cares for him that much. He did mourn Krang Prime's death but didn't hate Caitlyn for it and understood that it had to be done to save him from himself. The Ancient One sees the good in people and still the light in Oroku Saki. He didn't hate him for what he did and had forgiven him. He also tolerated Vernon's behavior and tried to help him change his ways. He was upset when Vernon snapped at him for bringing up his past but forgave him when he apologized and was proud of him for confronting his past. He also was willing to help Leonardo redeem himself and saw potential in him. He even gave the younger versions of them their ninja masks and helped Splinter protect his sons from a demon. He also tolerated Saki's jealousy and tried his best to conceal it so Saki won't turn bad but only to be guilt-ridden when he failed to prevent it and was heartbroken to banish his own adoptive son, who was remorseful for his crimes. However, he did have a peaceful goodbye with him and it showed how much he loved all his kids. He also considered the Turtles his great grandkids and has hugged them when they were children. Hamato Yoshi is a honorable warrior and a good student. He loved his adoptive brother Oroku Saki and was able to try and keep him in the light but their shared love for Tang Shen got in the way. However, he doesn't hate Saki for being jealous and tries his best to keep him in the light. As a young man, he had fun training with Saki but does get worried when the other young man gets angry. He would comfort him over the mistake and forgive him. He would also show shock that Saki doesn't get promoted but had to be silent in order to avoid causing trouble and did look sad when Saki admits to being full of darkness while also being worried that Saki's future was clouded. He does his best to be a good brother and does admit that he's proud at Saki's dedication. However, he notices Saki starting to become distant and is saddened at this behavior. When Saki attacks him and Shen in blind rage and jealousy, he refuses to kill him but only to be horrified when Shen is killed. He does try to comfort Saki over doing it on accident but got killed as well. However, he still forgave him and gave him a hand on the cheek to show it. As a spirit, he was sad about Saki's banishment and watched on in sadness as he became the Shredder. Despite this, he watched proudly as his old friend did care of two orphans and also smiled when he saw him helping the heroes fight Krang.
  • Oh God, What Have I Done: In season 1, Oroku Saki did say this when he killed Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen but without saying Oh God. It didn't stop Splinter from scratching Saki's face but the remorseful warrior allows it out of guilt and when Ancient One is horrified by what Saki has done. He shows it again when he accidentally kills Amy's mother and even apologizes to her for it, which she fortunately forgave him for. He also has regret for helping Krang and was willing to work together with his enemies to stop him. In season 2, the whole town and school have this when they realize their cruelty and that the reason is petty and pathetic so they apologize to Zach for being abusive and ungrateful, who forgives them. Zach's mother is also this at realizing how neglectful she to her own family and also apologizes to her son and husband for how she treated them, which they forgive her for.
  • Papa Bear: In season 1, Splinter is protective of his son, which Shredder does respect. He even defends both the boys from everyone's behavior and scolds the others for how they treated the two. Shredder himself wants to protect Karai and Jared from his battles. Even Hun turns out to be this when he sacrifices himself for Casey. In season 2, Zach's father is kind-hearted towards him and loves him while secretly believing in Zach's dreams. When Zach's dreams come to life, he goes out of his way to get to his school to save him and later helps the heroes call out the town for their bad behavior. Zach's teacher is also the same with Caitlyn and the picture of his wife indicates that he wants his daughter safe. In season 3, Irma's father is understandably mad at Vernon for his cruelty towards Irma but forgives him when he changes his ways and apologizes. In season 4, Splinter becomes one again to Leonardo and Michelangelo upon finally finding out how they're treated and stands up for them. He later shows this to the others when they are guilt-ridden and he assures them that he forgives them. It becomes full on when Shredder returns. Super Shredder is also this to Tokka and Rahzar.
  • Related To The Villain: Due to Yoshi and Saki being adoptive brothers, Splinter and the Turtles are technically family to Saki, who agrees with this. Karai and Jared also consider themselves cousins. The Ancient One even still considers Saki his son and Saki also still loves Ancient One as his father.
  • Tearjerker: In Shredder's backstory, we see him being abused by his more evil father and cruelly kicked out without a second thought or without regard for his life as a street rat, making fans feel sorry for him and wanting to hug him while also angrily calling out his father for his cruelty. Also, him losing those he loves is very sad as well since he doesn't mean to cause it and others want to assure him that everything will be okay. Also, him finding out that he killed Mashimi for nothing was also something that was not his fault and fans want to let him know that it's alright. The way Raphael treats Michelangelo and Leonardo is really heartbreaking and making the audience feel bad for them while being mad at Raphael for being too harsh. The same with Raphael for his reason for being a jerk, making them want to let him know that they're listening. Leonardo and Amy's break up was heartbreaking but the audience felt more bad for Leonardo for how Amy was treating him and sometimes supported his choice to dump her until they both get better. Splinter and Jared's deaths were very heartbreaking.
  • Took A Level In Kindness: In season 4, Ann becomes a sympathetic and more understanding girl. She doesn't act mean towards Leonardo and Michelangelo but instead feels bad for them and gets mad at everyone for mistreating them. She forgave Leonardo for being a vigilante and understood why he couldn't tell them. She agreed that Amy being a co-leader makes her responsible for Leonardo as well and doesn't approve of Amy getting angry over being demoted. She becomes the new co-leader and is good at it because she scolds others for how they treat Leonardo. She is allowed to help Leonardo rescue Jewel, Karai, Mark, and Shinigami from Tiger Claw, Bebop, Rocksteady, Fishface, and Dogpound. However, she has to stop Leonardo from killing Fishface for planning to do things to Jewel while Dogpound watches with a sadistic smirk, despite wanting to kill those two as well. Fortunately, they were relieved when Tiger Claw intervened and stopped them, even threating to turn Fishface into a sushi and Dogpound into a dog pelt if they ever touch her. She watched proudly as Leonardo saves Jewel and even giggles as Leonardo holds Jewel in a bridal hold. She then saved the other three and they also smirk in teasing way at what they were seeing. They even smirk more when Jewel kisses him for that and said awe when Leonardo agreed to wanting to date her when he's not dating Amy. They watch in amusement as Jewel gives Leonardo a sweet smile and an air kiss before driving away on her motorcycle. When Leonardo was innocently confused, a giggling Ann puts an arm around him and takes him home. When they get back, Leonardo accepts a punishment by cleaning but Ann helps him out and backs him up on calling Amy out for not taking responsibility as a co-leader. She also doesn't like how Raphael treats Michelangelo and punishes him for it. She is shown to be grateful when they call out Raphael for how she treats her and this increases when they comfort her over seeing Raphael kiss Mona Lisa. She does admit to loving them like brothers and they feel the same way. She even singed them a song to help them go to sleep at their sleepover, which Splinter was very proud of. She also showed worry for Leonardo and tries to get him to tell her what's wrong but is unable to get him to tell her. However, she got horrified when Leonardo accidentally hurts Splinter in blind rage and comforts him when he felt remorse. She gets angry when everyone yells at Leonardo for his honest mistake and got even more enraged when Amy abuses Leonardo by harshly yelling at him and suggesting a break up but was shocked when Leonardo agreed with it and even showed sadness when he explained the reason. She was on his side of the break up and comforted him while expressing her sympathy. She agreed with Splinter about Leonardo needing training from the Ancient One and shared a sibling hug with him. He tells her that he's proud of her taking responsibility and advises her to stand up to Raphael fully. She understood and agreed to give him a scolding along with a special kick, which Leonardo laughed at and agreed with. She waved him goodbye and comforted Michelangelo and Lila over missing Leonardo and they get mad when Raphael rudely said good riddance and got more mad that no one disagreed. However, she cheers when Michelangelo punches him and calls him out for his horrible remark but does show sympathy when Michelangelo emotionally cried about the whole conflict and comforted him. She then angrily kicked Raphael in the groin and dumps him. She explains that he's become a jerk and that she knows about the kiss with Mona Lisa, which shocked everyone. Raphael tried to explain but she angrily didn't want to hear it and tearfully told him to leave her alone. Lila comforted her and she appreciated. The break up caused Raphael to feel guilty for how he acted and deciding to be nicer towards everyone, especially Leonardo and Michelangelo. She also calls out Amy for how she acted and pointed out that she didn't care when Raphael was acting horrible but only Leonardo, Michelangelo, Splinter, and Lila cared and were there for her. Amy tries to apologize but Ann is mad at her and their friendship is strained. When Leonardo is gone, she avoided the others out of anger and disappointment but also tells her times with Leonardo and enjoyed them. She missed him and can't function as a co-leader without him. However, she stops getting mad when she sees everyone becoming nicer again and admitting their own faults. Amy also tearfully calls herself out for not noticing Leonardo's condition and saying she won't forgive herself for becoming a monster while declaring she also will never forgive Zanmaron for turning Leonardo into an emotional angry person and ruining the relationship. Ann agreed because Ancient One telepathically warned them and they believed it but it doesn't explain why everyone choose to ignore it. They agree and feel bad for choosing to ignore it but they also agree to change their ways and make it up to him. Amy tearfully apologizes for how she didn't stand up for Ann and agreed that she's been an awful friend but she misses Leonardo the most and wants to show how much she still loves him. Ann forgives her but has to make her promise to take it easy on Leonardo. She did listen to the mental warning about Shredder's return and took it seriously but did question if the enemies could bring back Shredder and got worried when Splinter thought it was possible. She also got annoyed when the ones who didn't get the warning were being lazy and helped Splinter turn off the T.V. so they can get off their butts but got surprised when the power outage happened and was even more shocked that the whole city block doesn't have power. Of course, she becomes the leader this time and leads them to rescue Karai and Mark from the Foot. Once they arrived, she shared everyone's shock at seeing Shredder's return and even whispered that it can't be in shock but what horrified them more was how Shredder has become a super mutant human and she even suggested nicknaming him Super Shredder, which Michelangelo was proud of her for. Of course, she kindly laughed at that but did commit that he doesn't look good in worry and looked in disgust at seeing his mutant heart. However, she was shocked by Jared's betrayal but was angry that she could guess the reason and wishes that he would let Karai be happy. Despite this, she then becomes happy when Leonardo comes back and happily said his name in happiness but got scared when Super Shredder lit a fuel line and gave Leonardo two choices. She got annoyed when the others risk hers and their own lives to tell Leonardo to forget them but then was happy when Karai advises Leonardo to do the right thing and was shocked that Super Shredder admits to letting Leonardo and the others track him. Before he leaves, she watches as he also sarcastically welcomes Leonardo back. However, she becomes grateful when Leonardo saves them and listens to the orders to have the others evacuated. They then manage to get to the sewers and she happily hugs Leonardo, welcoming him home. He hugs her back before he hugs Michelangelo and Lily as she smiles warmly. However, he confesses that he did sense Shredder's return and wishes he could've warned everyone but Raphael angrily questions that Leonardo warned no one and even claims that is why that Leonardo shouldn't be leader because his decisions always lead to disaster, earning glares from the others. Before Leonardo can get angry, Ann slaps Raphael and calls him out for his cruelty. Raphael goes silent and she watches as Splinter scolds him for his hurtful words. The angry turtle fortunately admits that he's sorry to Leonardo for how he treated him and Michelangelo while also admitting that he went to a store during his break up and bought a late gift for Ann. Happy by the gift and forgiving Raphael, she happily calls him her big angry brute and kisses him, repairing their relationship. However, she does warn him to never break her heart again or else, which he got the message. She then helped Leonardo and Amy get back together as well and was shocked to hear that Raphael helped as well, which the angry turtle told them to shut up in annoyance.
  • Tragic Hero: Leonardo and Michelangelo can be sympathized with since they are bullied by Raphael and don't get much respect, despite having moments of potential. This increases when they suffered abuse and neglect from their so-called friends and brothers but Ann and Lila stand up for them and don't tolerate it. Splinter also doesn't like it. Zach is also this due to how he's treated just for believing in his dreams and Vernon is revealed to be this after his childhood is revealed while he also doesn't like his behavior and blames his father for turning him into this.
  • Tragic Villain: Shredder is this because of his bad family life, accidentally killing two people he cared about, losing a family he had, being tricked into killing a framed shinobi, and having to kill his own father just to stop him. He also lost his own little sister and doesn't usually contact his younger brother and mother. Of course, he is on good terms with them but he barely has time for them. He also has to be a single father to his daughter and has to raise his nephew Jared since Tatsu is unable to. Yukio Mashimi is also this because he was only for murder and was manipulated. His death was very sad and something to comfort him over. Hun can also be this because he only lost his wife and is living over hurting his own son. He doesn't even enjoy hurting him and just wishes to toughen him up. He even allows himself to be punished by Shredder out remorse. Fortunately, he redeemed himself when he saves Casey and stands in his place of being hit by a fatal blast. This has earned him forgiveness and he does admit to still loving his son, who forgives him and mourns him.
  • Villain Protagonist: Shredder's backstory has him serve as this since it tells how he fully became Shredder and it also was about avenging his wife and son. He also is revealed to have suffer from abusive parenting but fortunately he doesn't copy that behavior and is shown to despise his father for it. He becomes this again in part 3 of the series finale when he comes back as a heroic spirit and helps Yoshi, Splinter, and Tastu fight Takeshi. He's even the one who destroys the guy and has restored balance to the world. He is then shown to have a happy ending by reuniting with wife and son in the afterlife and is now forgiven for what he's done.
  • Villainous Respect: In season 1, Shredder has this for his enemies and they feel the same about him. He also loves his clan and they love him back. He also has a good friendship with Black Mask and Don Turtelli while being kind-hearted in helping Rat King get cheese paintings for the rat lair but he gets weirded by the tickle torture and doesn't blame Rat King for the same feeling. He also was happy about being defeated by Leonardo and was glad to have gotten a worthy fight. He also was happy to be free from his emotional torment and sincerely thanked Leonardo for it before letting his body fall into purple chemicals. Yukio Mashimi is also this as he doesn't hate Saki for killing him by mistake and forgives him. He also declares him a worthy opponent and thanks him for the fight. Bebop and Rocksteady like their boss and each other while Shredder trusts them with his life. He doesn't even abuse them for their stupidity and does admit that he wanted dumb muscles.
  • Would Hurt A Child: In Shredder's backstory, his father Takeshi Saki has no problem killing an innocent child just to spite Saki and he would probably try to kill the infants just to spite him even more. This makes him even more despicable and shows how evil he is. He even laughs about it. His spirit even harms Leonardo and enjoys torturing him. In season 1, Fishface and Dogpound get annoyed by the kid named Zach and even get willing to hurt him for messing up an operation but Bebop and Rocksteady stop that suggestion because they don't take things way too far.
  • Would Hurt A Girl: In Shredder's backstory, Takeshi was also willing to kill an innocent woman just to spite Saki. He even mistreats his own wife and barely cares for her. He considers her a pet, which is very offensive. This also made him hated as well and futhermore shows him as dishonorable.
  • Wouldn't Hurt A Child: Shredder refuses to harm younger enemies and he doesn't enjoy fighting them. Yukio also doesn't like harming a child and turns out to be framed for it.
  • Wouldn't Hurt A Girl: Shredder also doesn't harm women and was a very kind-hearted husband to his late wife. He didn't even like killing Amy's mother by accident and even apologizes to Amy for it. Yukio also doesn't like harming a woman and is also framed for that.


  • Leonardo, Michelangelo, Splinter, Lila, Zach, and Caitlyn are most likeable characters of the show for being pure good and Mark Jones is also likeable as well since he's more mature than Casey at times and wasn't a jerk to the tragic characters in the first half of the 4th season. Shredder and his Foot Clan are likeable villains along with the Kraang and the Triceratons (except their leader). However, some of the others are unlikeable because they act jerks and the likeable Amy becomes this in the first half of the 4th season due to neglecting Leonardo's condition and being amused at how Raphael treated Michelangelo but she gets redeemed when Leonardo goes to train with the Ancient One. Raphael was the most unlikeable because he's an abusive older brother to Leonardo and Michelangelo while disrespecting Leonardo's leadership, eventhough Leonardo had respect for Raphael and didn't do anything to him. His behavior towards them is vey horrible and just makes them sympathetic. However, he gets redeemed and apologizes to them. Commander Krang, Sid, the Triceraton Emperor, and Don Vizioso are unlikeable villains and even the creators hate them.
  • Leonardo is the most likeable and his role as the protagonist is accepted by fans. He is a good and mature leader to his brothers while also having funny moments of being a young man. His moments are usually warm hearted and funny while his crush on Amy was adorable and sweet. Unlike Bebop and Armagonn, Leonardo is more nicer about his crush and gives her space when she wants it. He is there for her when she is down and he protects Michelangelo from Raphael's anger. He also is right to say that when he grows up, he hopes he's nothing like Raphael, which fans agree with because Leonardo is more mature and calmer than Raphael. When him and Michelangelo were beaten to near death by Raphael, they let it slide to show worry for him running away and he suggests going to find him but did respect Splinter's orders not to go because Raphael needs alone time, which is understandable. When Raphael came back with Casey, Leonardo was horrified to see Casey's injuries and helped the others heal him. He was sympathetic towards Casey's life and agreed to let him stay. He even met Mark Jones and befriended him but they were understandably annoyed by Casey flirting with April in front of Donatello because it was causing a love triangle. When their lair got destroyed, he didn't blame Raphael for it and they agree to live in April's apartment. However, they get into an argument about what to do and Leonardo calls out Raphael for being an angry jerk whose attitude is not helping things. Raphael then decides to angrily leave and Leonardo angrily says to go ahead because they don't need him. However, he showed shock at saying that and went to apologize but only to find Raphael gone, much to his guilt. The others understood he didn't mean it and assure him that Raphael needs to blow off some steam. However, he got horrified to see Raphael being thrown the glass ceiling and was the first to check on him but assured everyone that he's barely alive. He then got shocked by the Foot Clan appearing but paid attention to Michelangelo's nun-chuck show off with a Foot Ninja and seemed interested in it. While his brothers fought, him and the girls protected Raphael because Leonardo felt responsible for letting him get hurt due to their argument. After going through so many broken floors, they are then rescued by Casey and Mark but are forced to retreat as the apartment caught fire and is burning. Fortunately, the police sirens caused the Foot to leave and the heroes escape the fire to Casey's van but they comfort April over her the destruction of her home. However, Leonardo called her parents and assured them that she's alright. April told them they go to her family's old farm and Leonardo agreed. When they got there, Leonardo didn't mind how old it is and had a plan of fixing and cleaning it, which everyone agreed to. After doing that, Leonardo watched happily as April loved it, which was very heartwarming. Leonardo then kept watch over Raphael and got happy when he woke up. He then apologized for saying what he said and getting him hurt but Raphael forgave him and they hugged it out, which made everyone shed tears of happiness. He helped Raphael recover and gave him new sais, which his eldest brother appreciated. However, he got mad at April for unfairly yelling at Donatello over an argument between him and Casey. He then told her how they both feel and she has to choose or it's gonna get bad. He did forgive her when she apologized and chose Donatello while also talking with Casey and is glad that Casey is moving on. Amy is liking Leonardo's skills and he nervously thanks her. However, he tells her how he feels and she accepted because she loves him too. They even share a kiss, which made their friends, family, and the audience cheer. He becomes loyal to her and when they return to New York City, he refuses to kiss Karai out of loyalty, which Karai was fine with. Of course, he told her about it and didn't want to lie but she was not mad at him and still loves him. Their relationship was really likeable and a fan-favorite one. He also gave advice to Michelangelo about Lila and smiled for him when the two became a couple, which was very sweet of him. They risk exposure to have a double date. Leonardo and Amy repeated a scene from Lady and the Tramp, which the other two found adorable and the audience agreed. Of course, the other two had pizza and shared one last slice together, which was also adorable. However, they eventually encounter Bebop and Rocksteady. They are surprised by the two new mutants but Leonardo gets angry by Bebop flirting with an creeped out Amy, which Michelangelo, Lila, and even Rocksteady show disgust for because Bebop is old enough to be the girl's father or uncle. Leonardo understandably gets a rivalry with Bebop, who is annoyed to find out that Amy is already taken by Leonardo. His first instinct is to ruin their date and bully Leonardo out of jealousy but Leonardo only finds him annoying and notices that the two villains are pretty dumb, so does the others. They use it to their advantage and defeat the villains but he does give Bebop a good punch in the face and warns him not to go near Amy again, which was satisfying and understandable. To make things more better, he slaps the punk in the face but Amy fortunately calms him down in a soft voice and even told him that the two punks had enough, which was sweet that he has someone to calm him down. However, Leonardo does get nicer to Rocksteady and tells him to keep Bebop on a leash, which the mutant rhino agrees to before passing out from the injuries. He politely paid for the meal and the damages to the restaurant but the owner Luigi assured them that the food is on the house for saving him and the customers, which the said people agree with. A young kid named Zach even is in awe over them and said that was wicked, which Leonardo and his friends laughed at. Leonardo thanks him for helping out and praises his bravery but told him to not be reckless and kindly said to stay away from danger, which Zach says ok to. He then tells him to go to his parents and let the proper authorities deal with those jerks while giving him a fist bump, which was very sweet and heartwarming. The civilians clap for this and Zach was reunited with his parents, who happily hugged him in relief for his safety and praised him too for being brave against those jerks but did scold him for putting himself in danger, which he accepted. The police arrive and took care of the two mutant punks while thanking the couples for dealing with them.
  • Splinter is a likeable father and honorable sensei. Him punishing his sons and their friends can be justified since they do get into trouble and do things he's not proud of. However, he doesn't show favoritism and loves his sons equally but he understands Raphael's anger about not being the leader and actually comforts him over it. He just thought that Raphael needs to let his emotions out. He also sees good in Oroku Saki and doesn't fully hate him but is still his enemy.
  • Ancient One is also a likeable and honorable sensei. He loves Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki as his sons but is sadly too late to save Saki from becoming dark and is unable to prevent Yoshi's death. He wanted to help Saki redeem himself but was forced to banish him. Fortunately, Saki is old enough to leave the home and venture on his own. Despite this, he does see good in him and doesn't fully hate him. He also watched Saki defeat Yukio Mashimi but was saddened to see him kill the opponent in self-defense. However, he did cheer him on during his final fight with Takeshi Saki and was happy when the evil demon father was defeated but was shocked when Takeshi begged to be killed so Saki could become him and was horrified when Takeshi admitted to killing his own daughter. Even worst, he was also even more horrified that it actually was Takeshi who killed Kitsune and Toshi just to corrupt his own son into becoming him, making him and everyone hate the monster. However, Saki refused to kill him in vengeance and gave him mercy by honorably giving him his sword to him so he can walk away which earned him respect but Takeshi is too evil to accept mercy and chooses to kill Saki for rejecting the bad side. Of course, he watched proudly as Saki defeated the dishonorable demon and even smiled as Saki happily watched the spirits being freed.
  • Shredder became a likeable villain because he's more redeemable than his counterparts and his backstory is very tragic and sympathetic. His real family kicked him out after he failed his cruel father Takeshi's standards. His brother ship with Hamato Yoshi was a heartwarming one and he does consider the Ancient One his father. He also loved his late wife and eldest son while being understandably distraught by their deaths, which is very emotional. However, the backstory about his family's deaths can be also too dark and edgier for a kids show. He also made a good parody of Darth Vader and was more mature than Anakin Skywalker was but he still let his jealousy hurt those he loves. He fortunately takes responsibility for what he did and never lies to his children about it, unlike his hated 2012 counterpart. He is the most honorable version of him and is capable of being forgiven since he did regret killing his victims. He also loves his children and has never mistreated them. He also is sympathetic towards Amy for being flirted with by Bebop and Fishface because he also finds it disgusting and wishes for them to stop. He's glad that Bebop is at least mature enough to accept that Amy likes Leonardo while being upset that Fishface isn't. In the second half of season 4, he sadly became worst as a mutant and became a monster. He started abusing his allies and became obsessed with revenge. However, his mutation corrupted him and he does still show regret for his crimes. When killing Splinter and Jared, he did feel remorseful and agreed that he has been dishonorable. He also showed gratefulness towards Bebop, Rocksteady, Stockman, and Fishface for sticking by him and keeps true to the promise of now tolerating them but does still find Fishface very disgusting for his crush on Amy and doesn't like how he didn't improve. He also listened to what Leonardo said to him and seems to agree about having become a monster. When he dies, his look shows that he accepts it and seems to be happy to be free from his monster form.
  • Bebop and Rocksteady are also likeable because them acting like a dumb bullies is played for laughs and they are entertaining villains who got to make a return since the 1987 show but can be unlikeable for being mean to non-target civilians just for fun and Bebop is more unlikeable because of his crush on Amy, who finds it creepy and disgusting because he's an adult and she's still a teenager. However, his crush is played for laughs and at least agrees that Fishface is more disgusting about it because of treating Amy like an object while Bebop at least respects her and is scared of angering Leonardo again due to being easily punished by the guy. Of course, he went too far by kissing Amy, which was sexual harassment and could effect his record in real life. However, Leonardo did punish him for that and Bebop apologized out of fear but sounded sincere about the apology and it's understandable that Leonardo scared him when he got angry since Leonardo's anger scares both allies and enemies alike, even his fans and the creators. He eventually stops doing that and learned his lesson while Rocksteady is keeping him from doing it in fear of losing his friend to death because he knows Leonardo would kill Bebop if he wanted to. They also had fun chasing down Casey Jones, who admits to having fun too. Their motorcycles are pretty awesome and the scene where Rocksteady charged through a lot of cars was also awesome, which Casey and Bebop got excited by. They also cried when Hun died and felt bad for Casey now being an orphan, which shows that they understood why Hun saved Casey and it was sad to see the poor guy lose his father. Their punishment is also appropriate because the police had them in custody and seems to be handling them. In season 4, they've become smarter and more mature now since they have been training and Bebop is fully over Amy since he now sees how creepy it is. When he meets Leonardo and Amy again, he happily greets them and calls them his favorite couple now, much to their shock. He assures them that he's over Amy and hopes their relationship is good, making them happy and it was very heartwarming. However, he notices Leonardo's new behavior and admits that's out of character but is more shocked to see how Amy is treating Leonardo and hopes that she notices the behavior before it's too late. However, the heroes are proud at seeing the mutant goons become mature. He got scared of Shredder's new form and admits that he likes boss' old self. Fortunately, the Super Shredder does reward them with food and assigns them to partner up with Tokka and Rahzar, who they take a liking to. They also tolerated the child-like behaviors because they recognized them as infants. They would have dinner with their fellow two mutants and even shared the last pieces with them, which was very sweet and heartwarming. They even also agreed to being brothers to the two. They also show more intelligence by already knowing that Tokka is a girl and weren't shocked when this was revealed. They pointed out that Tokka did act feminine and does have a girl voice, which everyone admits is a good point and it's agreeable that it is a good point. They show relief that their new friends didn't die and found their normal forms adorable. They stood by their boss when the Foot leaves him, which he was grateful for and started becoming nicer to them. In the final fight, they used weaponry against the Turtles but ended up getting defeated and a batch of retro-mutagen turned them back into humans. They accepted defeat and informed where Shredder is. After Shredder's second and final death, they quitted the Foot Clan and became owners of an auto shop. They have also adopted Tokka and Rahzar as pets, which makes the finale ending more sweet and heartwarming.
  • Tokka and Rahzar are also likeable because they are adorable and innocent instead of being evil. Before being mutated, they were an infant alligator snapping turtle and wolf that the Foot Clan stole from a zoo. Tokka's reveal as a girl is a good plot twist and it's funny to see everyone's reaction to it but it's more funny that Bebop and Rocksteady knew about it and are surprised that they didn't guess it. Speaking of Bebop and Rocksteady, they have a good bonding with them and even share food with them but what makes it more sweet is that they call them brothers. The Super Shredder understands the child-like personalities because they are infants, which is indeed understandable. However, it can make them very dumb and not understand things which can make enemies defeat them easier but they make up for it by being strong and can prove useful. Plus, Super Shredder acts as their surrogate father and they do call him their master, which he returns the feelings and sees them as his surrogate children. They also love Karai and Jared, who also took liking to them and found them adorable. Despite being infants, they can still talk but only in a child-like manner. The heroes don't like making them cry because they also recognized them as infants. They got cured when the heroes give food laced with retro-mutagen but the two mutants were still smart enough to find out after eating it and it made them mad. Once they are defeated, they are found to have changed back and everyone found them adorable in normal form. After Shredder's second and final death, they get adopted by the also cured Bebop and Rocksteady, who now own an auto shop. This ended their story on a high note.
  • Only season 1 and the second half of season 4 were liked for being kind-hearted and having good episodes because everyone became likeable and heartwarming but season 2, season 3, and first half of season 4 were disliked. Season 2 was mean-spirted towards the protagonist Zach until the finale, season 3 protagonist Vernon Fernwick was an unlikeable and annoying jerk towards the heroes until he changed his ways and apologized, and the first half of season 4 turned the heroes into neglectful and abusive jerks towards Leonardo and Michelangelo while Splinter was unaware until the break up happens and Splinter finally scolds everyone for their behavior and treatment. However, the season 2 finale and season 3 finale were likeable for being heartwarming and having good endings but the first 4th season finale was unlikeable because it broke up Leonardo and Amy while painting Leonardo as angry psycho emo. Despite this, the first half 4th season episode with the Italian mob was likeable because the heroes were likeable in that and Leonardo was his normal self in that one but it's too bad it didn't last long and the one scene where Amy lost her necklace to that mob is very mean-spirited and only shows bad those mob guys were. Everyone also hated Don Vizioso and his eating habits are really disgusting, which made the fans and creators not want to eat spaghetti for a while. They even call him Don the Hutt and the season writer Seth Green agreed with them that Don Vizioso is a parody of Jabba the Hutt. Fortunately, Leonardo didn't blame her for it and gives her a new necklace, which was very sweet and adorable.
  • The Ancient One episode was also likeable and heartwarming because it redeemed the 4th season and it showed a good training journey for Leonardo while his friends, family, and those from previous seasons talk about good times with Leonardo and starts to see how much they need him. Amy is now redeemed and wants to apologize to Leonardo for how she treated him while showing how much she loves him. Also, the Ancient One is funny and very likeable because he is helping Leonardo and fixing his emotional problems. The reason for it is justified as the season 3 antagonist put a bad thing in Leonardo's head that made him act that way and the Ancient One fortunately removes it. Leonardo gets back to normal but decides to stay for awhile until he can control his fears, which is understandable. The Ninja Tribunal are also likeable because they are sympathetic to Leonardo and understand his troubles. They help the Ancient One redeem him and agree he must stay until he's ready. When Amy told everyone what she thought they had done, they agreed with her and redeem themselves from their bad behavior. They apologize to Michelangelo and he forgives them, especially his girlfriend Lila, who was happy to be forgiven. However, Raphael apologized the most and shared a hug with him, which was heartwarming and sweet. Also, Mark and Karai become a couple, which the fans and creators were happy about and cheered for. However, Jared became an unlikeable jealous jerk who treats Mark unfairly and his reason for jealousy is petty and pathetic, which upsetted his fans and the creators. It was relieving to see Karai stand up for Mark and call out Jared, comparing him to Shredder, which they all agree that he was acting like how Saki did in the backstory. Jared just left, not bothering to apologize to Mark or make amends with either of them. When Leonardo is meditating, there was foreshadowing of the Shredder's return but him and his masters not doing anything about it can be justified because the others wouldn't want to believe that Shredder is coming back from the dead and they would only believe that Leonardo was suffering again. Leonardo also acts like a better parody of Luke Skywalker because he is not reckless like Luke and agrees to stay to be better prepared. Ancient One also acts like Yoda and just like him, he is good at teaching the student. They have a good point that Leonardo must stay to complete his training before confronting Shredder because they know that his last fight with him was out of sheer luck and some help but now he must prepare to face him alone. Also, Ancient One is forgiving of Leonardo killing Shredder the first time because it had to be done but he still mourned his eldest student and admits he still misses him. The Ninja Tribunal also are helping out and they take the Shredder thing as a serious threat because he will still be a tough warrior. The ending is neutral because Leonardo does get back to normal and his friends redeemed themselves but Jared turns to the bad side and resurrects Shredder, who gets mutated from the super mutagen he fell into and becomes a muscular mutant human. Despite the ending and Jared turn to the dark side, the episode was still loved by fans and was one of the greatest episodes ever. Seth Green managed to redeem himself for the bad ones and got to still keep his job, much to his relief. They thank him for redeeming the bad seasons and he was glad that the fourth season is becoming great but everyone was horrified to see the Shredder come back and they were disturbed to see his mutation because of how painful it was, even Seth agreed it disturbed him too and will give him nightmares. However, his fans were happy to see him back and recognized this as a final test, which Seth admitted to. The creators weren't happy about it but let it happen because it could help Leonardo out. They also like how Leonardo's training is similar to Luke's training in the Empire Strikes Back. It also helped redeemed the characters and showed how much they needed Leonardo.