Teenage Delinquency is a 2018 American Romantic Drama film written and directed by Wes Anderson starring Dylan Everett, Chloe Grace Moretz, Vera Farmiga, Neil Patrick Harris, Sharlto Copley, Portia de Rossi, Nicola Peltz, Georgie Henley, Luke Benward, Kenton Duty and Andrew Lincoln.

The film secured the Palm D'Or for truly moving picture and was well received by critics and audiences first starting in competition at the international Sundance Film Festival and upon selection for the final line up received a theatrical run.

The film went on to secure People's Choice and MTV awards for Best On-Screen Couple (Moretz and Everest), Best Kiss (Moretz and Everest), Breakout Performance (Everest), On-Screen Chemistry (Everest and Copley).

The film concerns the romance between two high school seniors off different cliques and social standing who after one's humiliating debacle are thrown down the same crash course of recklessness and rebellious behaviour which acculumates in an epic story of love but also a collision with the harsh realities of life.


A troubled small town senior Luke Bennington Oswald (Dylan Everett) known as L.B struggles with senior year as despite having the most amazing academic record one could hope for he finds his life to be meaningless and unexciting despite from the odd domestic disturbances in his neighborhood.

Luke eventually against the wishes of his controlling bestfriend science technical whiz Travis (Luke Benward) and Travis' partner in crime Ray (Sterling Beaumon) attends the school's most popular male senior, Varsity Jock Dave Hearview's (Kenton Duty) large winter blowout party commemorating their second last term before completing their final year at Breckenridge High School.

At the party Luke becomes intoxicated for the first time and even charms some of the popular senior girls of his school who serve as Dave's conquests which strikes his immediate attention.

Luke is then horribly humiliated by the cruel and jealous Dave who pours a keg of beer upon him and has his jock friends all 'pinball' him before being socked in the testicles by Dave who then asks him wether or not he's enjoying his first and last high school party.

Travis and Raymond show up upon the scene but do not immediately help so as to avert being detected amongst the party-goers and sharing the humiliation with Luke.

Travis and Raymond eventually make their way to Luke and help him slowly to his feet with Travis spotting him a lecture and claiming to be one what happened his own fault and a lesson for him.

Luke then stumbles away and the popular cohorts he was associating with from before then proceed to continue the beer splashing and pinballing of Luke until eventually they are backed off by popular party girl Siobhan Salaman (Chloe Grace Moretz) who comes to Luke's rescue and helps the intoxicated and crying Luke away.

Luke becomes incredibly embarassed at the incident and upon being seated at a gazebo off the Hearview residence begins conversation with Siobhan whom he recollects as a girl he has attended school with since elementary school to which she confirms.

They recount memories in particular Luke's intelligence and way with Mathmatics and structuring as well Siobhan's rebellious ways.

The two are happened upon by Dave and his friends who this time are doused with a load of beer from Siobhan who then tells Luke to walk her home and the two depart much to Luke's shock.

Along the way Luke begins to sober up from water he had backed with him in his beer dosed backpack whilst a still intoxicated and also cannabis high Siobhan dances around the abandoned streets of the surrounding neighborhood.

Siobhan passes out and and Luke hearing her parents stirring inside calling out her name heaves her up and scaling her railing to her upper floor bedroom window helps slip her into her bedroom and into her bed.

With Siobhan's parents coming in Luke is forced to quickly roll under the bed out of sight until they vacate the bedroom and Siobhan then following awakens and continues speaking to Luke urging him not to go as he makes his way for the window.

Luke comes to her side as Siobhan begins to fall asleep again and discover underneath her wristbands cuts indicating suicide attempts at upon which he then decides to stay the night watching over her.

Luke sleeps on the floor with his hand in hand with Siobhan's.

He eventually leaves in the morning before Siobhan awakes and after a brief argument with his controlling mother gets a ride from Travis and Ray whom arrive in Travis' van.

Luke recounts what happened after the humiliation occurence at Dave's party and everything about Siobhan who shows up late to school again and is pulled into the Principal's office for cutting class.

After the two exchange odd glances and Luke grapples with wether or not to approach Siobhan about the cuts he saw from last night Siobhan comes to him and thanks him for being her escort home the previous night as well getting her back into her bedroom.

Luke then is dragged out of chemistry by Siobhan who fakes him being summoned to the principal's office and takes him down to her fellow wild rebellious senior friends Rebecca Morrison (Georgie Henley) her bestfriend and troubled drug addict Audrey Douglas (Laura Marano).

Luke then garners an invitation to go clubbing that night which the teenagers under fake i.d's succeed in doing.

Luke is exposed to crystal meth and


  • Dylan Everett Luke Bennington Oswald/ L.B
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Siobhan Salaman
  • Vera Farmiga as Constance Oswald
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Jim Salaman
  • Sharlto Copley as Reece Oswald
  • Portia de Rossi as Mary-Jeanine Salaman
  • Nicola Peltz as Lara Bangle
  • Georgie Henley as Rebecca Morrison
  • Luke Benward as Travis Fischer
  • Kenton Duty as Dave Hearview
  • Laura Marano as Audrey Douglas
  • Sterling Beaumon as Raymond Ellis
  • Andrew Lincoln as Robert Hearview
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