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Teen Wolf 4: Lost in the Void is a 2019 American Action Supernatural Film, based off of the 2011 TV Series of the same name, and premiered in theaters on March 23, 2019, and is a sequel to the 2016 film, Teen Wolfthe 2017 film, Teen Wolf 2, and the 2018 film, Teen Wolf 3: Rise of the Alphas, as the fourth of six installments, and features Dylan Sprayberry, Jonny Gray, Kira Kosarin, Emilia McCarthy, Tyler Hoechlin, Jadin Gould, Gideon Emery, Haley Webb, Robert Downey Jr, and J.R. Bourne as the main cast of Teen Wolf 4, and starts weeks after the previous film. Scott, Stiles, and Allison continue to feel the effects of the Nemetan tree, as Stiles fights for his mind against a dark nogitsune, who only wants to cause chaos. New alpha Scott McCall and his pack must find a way to stop it and save Stiles.

The Film was followed by Teen Wolf 5: The Dead Pool, which was released on June 23, 2020, and later by Teen Wolf 6, which was split into two parts, Part 1: Lost and Divided being released on March 2, 2021, and Part 2 being released later that year in December.

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Weeks after stopping Deucalion, and his alpha pack from taking down Beacon Hills and the dark druid, or the Darach, from commiting human sacrifices, newly transformed True Alpha, Scott McCall, and his friends, Stiles and Allison, continue to feel the effects on their minds of their own sacrifice to find the Nemetan Tree, but in doing so, they allowed a worse threat, a dark spirit known as the Nogitsune, that has awokened from a dormant state inside the Nemetan and has now entered itself into Stiles' mind and now only wants to cause as much destruction and chaos as it can. Now, as Stiles and the Nogitsune begin a fight for control over Stiles' mind, Scott and his pack are determined to find a way to stop the Nogitsune and save their friend, now matter what it takes.


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Scott McCall, a teenager at Beacon Hills High and a young werewolf that was previously bitten in the first film, but has since then became what is called a "True Alpha" of his own pack, in which he didn't have to steal the power from an Alpha, but earned it through purity and strong will. Due to the effects on his mind from the Nemetan tree, Scott begins losing control of his own wolf form. Despite warnings that Stiles can't be freed from the Nogitsune, Scott is determined to find another way, no matter what it takes. Unlike previous films, in which Scott's eyes glow yellow as a wolf since he was a beta, they now glow the red of an alpha.
  • Jonny Gray as Stiles Stilinski, Scott's best friend, considerably his brother, and an honorary member of Scott's pack. The effects on his mind due to the sacrifice he gave to find the Nemetan tree seem more severe and this is later revealed to be due to an evil spirit known as the Nogitsune that has taken over Stiles mind, and now wants to cause chaos and destruction, as Stiles is trapped inside his own mind and is fighting to break free.
  • Kira Kosarin as Allison Argent, Scott's girlfriend, a good friend of Stiles and Lydia, and the daughter to former werewolf hunter, Chris Argent, as well as an honorary member of Scott's pack. She was trained by he father to shoot a bow n arrow, and is now teaching Melanie. Like Scott and Stiles, she also has side effects from the sacrifice to find the Nemetan Tree, as she begins to see her deceased aunt Kate.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie McCall, Scott's younger sister, only a year younger then him and his friends, and an honorary member of his pack, who is recieving training from Allison and her father. She is caring and very loyal to her friends, especially her brother, who she will do anything for, and develops a relationship with Isaac Lahey, but she gives her life fighting the nogitsune and dies in Scott's arms.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lydia Martin, a popular girl at Beacon Hills High, the best friend of Allison, Stiles, Scott, and an honorary member of Scott's pack, as she has recently discovered that she is a banshee, giving her the ability to sense when somebody dies or is about to die, in which she gives out a loud sonic scream. Due to this, she is more mature and is less shallow then she is in previous films.
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, a werewolf from birth, whose family died in a fire set by Kate Argent. In saving his sister Cora in the previous film, he lost his status as an alpha, causing his red Alpha eyes to turn back into the blue of a beta once again. Now he helps Scott as more of an ally then previous films and does anything he can to help him and his pack.
  • Ross Lynch as Isaac Lahey, a beta werewolf that was bitten by former alpha, Derek, and has since then joined Scott's pack, ironically being the werewolf in his pack, and trusts Scott more then anyone and does anything Scott asks of him without question. He also develops a relationship with Scott's sister Melanie. Due to hime being a beta, his eyes glow yellow in his werewolf form.
  • Charlie and Max Carver as Ethan and Aiden, a pair of former alpha werewolf twins that were in Deucalion's pack of Alpha's, before the Darach stole their alpha power. They now wish to join Scott's pack and will do anything to prove their loyalty to him, but after Aiden's death, Ethan leaves Beacon Hills. Their eyes glow the blue of a beta.
  • J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent, Allison's father and a werewolf hunter veteran. He is a strong-minded, no-nonsense man, who is now an ally to Scott and his pack as he and his daughter now have a new code: "Protect those that can't protect themselves."
  • Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton, a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott's boss. Deaton is wise, unflappable, inscrutable, a dedicated pacifist, and has a mysterious past. He acts as a mentor to Scott, due to his vast knowledge and experience in the supernatural.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall, Scott and Melanie's overworked, but comforting and loving mother, as well as a close friend of Sheriff Stilinski's and a surrogate mother to Stiles. She works as a nurse at the hospital and is close to her kids, due to the absence of her ex-husband. She also knows Scott's secret and helps him whenever she can.
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles' father and the sheriff of Beacon Hills, whose first name, like his son's, hasn't been said. He is a very dedicated cop, but his job is hampered by his initial unawareness, until the previous film, in which he discovers Scott's secret.
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Hale, Derek's uncle and the former Alpha, as well as the only survivor of the Hale House fire. Recently resurrected after his death at the hands of Derek, he is weaker and doesn't have much strength to fight. He discovered that his sister and Derek's mother, Talia Hale, stole a memory from him and used Lydia to to retrieve it, learning that he has a daughter.
  • Sammi Hanratty as Malia Tate, a werecoyote that as a child, transformed into a coyote during the Full Moon and killed her own family, and has since then been trapped as a coyote for years, until Scott changed her back, and returned home to her father. The end of the film shows her learning how to control her powers from Scott and Stiles.
  • Ryan Kelley as Jordan Parrish, Sheriff Stilinski's new deputy.


Asleep, Stiles wakes up on the Nemetan tree, but wakes up again in his bed with Lydia next to him, saying he had a bad dream. He sees the door handle shaking and gets up to open the door, but he wakes up on the floor of his room screaming. He heads to School and tells Scott that the side effects of their sacrifice are now manifesting in his sleep, but what scares him the most is that he doesn't know what's real or not. He then wakes up in the daylight of his room kicking and screaming, as his dad runs in to calm him down.

At her apartment, Allison gets her books and heads to the elevator, but when it opens she arrives at the Beacon Hills Hospital morgue. She opens one of the droors, holding Kate's body. Kate's eyes open, as Allison flashbacks to Kate's death at the hand of Peter. Before really stumbling out of the elevator door, where Lydia is waitig for her.

At home Scott is getting dressed, and sees his eyes glow red in the mirror, but blinks to see that they're still normal. Walking to his bedroom door he sees the shadow of his claws, but looks down to see just his hands. Opening the door, Isaac appears asking Scott if he's mad at him (About him and Melanie), but Scott brushes him off, making sure Isaac didn't kiss her, but when Scott asks if he wanted to kiss Melanie, Isaac doesn't hesitate to say he totally wanted to kiss her. Isaac is then seen thrown out of the room into the hallway, rattling a picture frame, much to the annoyance of Melissa and Melanie.

The three of them go to School and meet up with Stiles, Allison, and Lydia, talking about the side effects of their sacrifice. Walking to class, Scott looks down to see the shadow of a wolf-like beast. In the class of Mrs. Yakimura, a replacement for Jennifer Blake, Stiles looks at the board but only sees random letters and symbols. Scott asks if he's ok. Stiles brushes him off as he looks back at the board to see regular words. He then sees a girl next to him doing sign language, until Coach FInstock blows his whistle and Stiles raises his head, telling Scott that he was dreaming, but Scott states he wasn't pointing out Stiles' notebook, in which Stiles repeatedly wrote "wake up". After School, Scott and Stiles prepare to go to Deaton for help, but Sheriff Stilinski arrives and asks for their help in tracking a missing girl, named Malia Tate, who disappeared after her mother and sister were killed by some type of animal after a car crash. He takes them to Malia's house, where her father, Mark Tate, lives alone and is setting up mouse traps because of his coyote problems. They sneak into the Malia's room to find clues. Scott picks up her scent and this leads him to the Tates' crashed car in which Malia's mother and sister die. They pick up an old doll, as a big grey-furred coyote jumps out at them. Scott and the coyote have a stare down as Scott's eyes glow red and the coyote's glow blue, causing Scott to realize that Malia is the coyote, before she runs back into the woods. Scott says he would track it better if he transformed, but is afraid of losing control, having a vision of himself as a monster slashing Malia's throat

Elsewhere on a table covered in blood and tools used for torture. A cell phone is buzzing, with the screen reading texts from Scott asking help. Chained up to a wall are Derek and Peter, being electrocuted by a shadowy figure that continues to interrogate them and asking where the "she-wolf" is.

In School the next day in Mrs. Yakimura's class, Scott and Stiles talk to Allison about Malia. Stiles is called to read in front of the class, but all he sees are random symbols on the paper and begins to have a panic attack. Scott takes him into the bathroom and Stiles believes he is dreaming, but Scott assures him he isn't and makes him count his fingers (Previously explained by Stiles, that people have extra fingers in dreams). After counting ten fingers he calms down. Scott assures that they're going to be okay, but Stiles reminds him that Scott can't transform because he'll become a monster, Allison is seeing her dead aunt, and believes himself to be losing his mind. After class, Stiles friend, Macy, notices Stiles and Scott's back packs and takes them, but in the hallway, Malia arrives and attacks her. Ducking into the locker room, she drops their bags. Scott arrives and pushes over lockers, causing the coyote to flee. Stiles looks inside his ripped bag and notices Malia's doll and realizes what she's doing. The police and animal control arrives, as does Mr. Tate, questioning why they have Malia's doll, but Sheriff Stilinski questions why he illegaly has a gun on School grounds.

Meanwhile, out in the woods, Lydia is watching as Allison teaches Melanie to shoot a bow n arrow, but begins losing focus herself. She sees day turn into night and sees red eyes peeking out of the dark, while hearing Kate's voice. Seeing Kate in the woods, she angrily shoots an arrow at her. Snapping out of the hallucinations, Allison sees Isaac catch the arrow right before it hits Lydia's head.

Back with Peter and Derek, the shadowy figure is knocked out and Braeden, the girl that saved Isaac in from the previous film, arrives and free them.

Scott and the others try to find a way to help Malia, and Scott remembers that Peter once forced Scott to transform back into a human. Since Derek isn't answering his text, Scott goes to the wolf twins, who have lost their Alpha status and ability to merge when they were drained of their power from the Darach. The twins teach Scott that he needs to let go of his fear of losing control, and begin beating him. Scott transforms and pounds Ethan to the ground and howls at Aiden, causing him to back off.

Going home, Isaac explains to Scott about what happened, but Scott questions why Isaac was out there. Isaac gets a hesitant look, and then seen thrown into the hallway again. They then head into the woods to find Malia, unaware of all the traps set by Mr. Tate, who is hunting the coyote himself. They all split up as Scott goes alone, Stiles is with Lydia, and Isaac with Melanie. Running through the woods, Isaac's leg is caught in one of the traps and gives out a large howl of pain. Scott becomes disoriented by the howl of his injured beta and stumbles to the ground. Lydia finds herself unable to move as her foot is on the pressure plate of one the traps, but Stiles' can't read the instructions due to his jumbled mind, but manages to get her out anyway. Scott catches up with Malia and leaps in front of her, transforming and giving out a large howl. Hearing the howl of his Alpha, Isaac breaks his leg free. Malia tries to howl back, but stands down as she turns back into a human.

Arriving at home, while the Sheriff takes Malia back to her father, Stiles begins to have another panic attack and heads into the bathroom and counts his fingers, but on his right hand, he has an extra finger.

A cloacked figure arrives at the Nemetan tree and carves open a large crack in which one firefly comes out, followed by dozens, then hundreds. The fireflies form three humanoid forms. They then shape into what looks like samurai.

In the middle of night, Scott gets a panicking call from Stiles, who says that he doesn't know where he is and that he thinks he was sleepwalking, with something on his leg, making it bleed, and makes Scott promise not to call his father, before hanging up. Scott and Isaac head to find him, and Stiles calls again, this time whispering. He says that his eyes are watering and he's in some kind of large basement. Scott asks why he's whispering and Stiles replies that he think's someone is in there with him.

They head to Stiles' house to catch his scent, but Lydia and Aiden are also there, as Lydia sensed something, and urges Scott to tell his father, pointing out that Stiles' is injured, his jeep is missing, and it's the coldest night of the year. So they do, while Lydia stays in Stiles' room to try to use her powers to find him.

On a concrete floor, Stiles is shivering and turns on the light app on his phone to see his leg, caught in one of the traps and severely bleeding. He lifts his phone and sees a man in a bomber jacket writing on the wall with chalk. He yells at the man, who gives no response. The man drops the chalk and Stiles follows it with his phone but is appears to disenigrate. Lifting his phone back up, the man is gone, and on the wall is a backwards "5", the japanese kanji for "self", but it disenigrates also.

Scott, Melanie, and Isaac head to the Sheriff's station and tell him about Stiles, so he sets up a town wide search for his son, while Isaac goes to get Allison, who isn't answering her phone. A report of a description matching Stiles' jeep is at the hospital. They rush there immediately and Melissa takes them down to the basement, but he isn't there. Scott meets Derek on the roof, asking where he's been, but Derek ignores him, saying that Stiles isn't there, not anymore and asks what he senses. Scott replies that he senses stress and Derek explains that Stiles was struggling, and Scott finishes his sentence by sayings Stiles was struggling with himself.

Stiles continues to struggle with the trap on his foot. The man comes out of the shadows revealing a bombers war jacket, with a bandaged face and hands, with silver razor teeth. Stiles yells "Who are you", but the man only replies, "It's not 'Who am I?' It's who are we?" and repeatedly uses "We" when talking about Stiles.

In Stiles' room, Lydia looks at Stiles' wall of unsolved cases. Aiden pulls one of the strings, in which Lydia begins hearing voices, drawn to a picture of the Eichen House Asylum, convinced that's where Stiles is. They meet Scott and the Sheriff at Eichen House and head into the basement, which is the exact basement Stiles appeared in, but no one is there. As they leave, a backwards 5 is seen scratched on the wall in the same place as the bandaged man placed it. They return to the Sheriff's department, and Scott looks over the transcript of his call with Stiles and begins to realize what happened. He, Lydia, and Melanie head off into the car and Scott explains that Stiles once told him about sleep paralysis, and believes that Stiles has been asleep all this time, even when he called Scott, who reminds Melanie of the time their father came home drunk and peed in the closet, because he was convinced that he was in the bathroom, and believes Stiles is only convinced that he's in some kind of basement, and then talks to them about the bad smell that made Stiles' eyes watery.

Stiles is deteriorating fast, as he can barely keep his eyes open. The Nogitsune asks if he knew any riddles and Stiles replies "a few." The man then recites a few riddles: What gets bigger, the more you take away? Stiles replies "a hole". He asks another riddle: When is a door, not a door? and Stiles replies, "when it's ajar." The Man asks one more riddle: Everyone has it, but no one can lose it?, but Stiles doesn't know the answer. He then asks it again and again, appearing more inferiated, and grabs the chain attached to the trap and pulls it. Stiles begins screaming as the concrete becomes covered in leaves and soil. Stiles stops screaming as he realizes he's in Lydia's arms, outside of the cave Malia lived in as a coyote.

Isaac arrives at Allison's who has just woken up, and he explains to her what happen. She checks her phone, but all the messages are in japanese.

At the Hospital, Melissa talks to the Sheriff about Stiles' symptoms. Lydia is still startled at why her powers were wrong. Scott assures her that it doesn't matter and asks if she wants to see Stiles with him, but she says she better go home. As she leaves, she hears a loud pounding noise, but brushes it off. Scott talks to Stiles, who explains that he's dying from the same thing that killed his mother. Scott says that if it comes to it, that he'll "do something" (Meaning he'll cure Stiles by turning him into a werewolf) and the two best friends embrace. Stiles then begins his brain scans, masked by the noise of a loud pounding, which Lydia hears from her car and she gives out her loud banshee scream, causing the windows of her car to shatter. Inside, Scott has a heart to heart with Derek. Derek tells him that he took Cora to South America where she used to live, and learned that the Hale family have done more then just live in Beacon Hills. They used to protect it, and says that the town needs someone like Scott to protect it again. Scott then realizes something. They head to the roof, where Scott says that Stiles wasn't struggling to do something. He was struggling not to do something, and finds a bag of tools on the generator and looks up to see a wire cut and it snaps. As the generator explodes, the two jump off the roof to dodge it, landing on the ground, smashing it. Inside, the power goes out and Stiles wakes up to find himself beside his father and Melissa in his room, but they appear still. The bandaged man appears and once again repeatedly asks the riddle: Everyone has it, but no one can lose it? as he unwraps his bandages, but Stiles screams again and again. The man finally takes off his bandage to reveal Stiles' face, as Stiles realizes and answers in a whisper "a shadow." The power comes back on and the Sheriff looks over to see that Stiles is gone. Mrs. Yakimura arrives with the shadowy samurai seen made from the fireflies and confronts "Stiles". Melanie, Allison, and Isaac arrive as the flying cord heads towards Melanie, but Isaac pushes her out of the way. Afterward, Scott goes to the animal clinic to see Deaton, who explains to him about the Nogitsune that has taken over Stiles and warns them about the Oni.

Two days later, Scott prepares for School and his mother assures him that if anyone can go missing for two days and end up fine it's Stiles. They head to the Hospital to check on Isaac, as Melanie is already there, holding his hand as he lays unconscious on the hospital bed. Scott comforts her as he takes away some of Isaac's pain. Before leaving for School, she kisses him on the forehead. At School, Coach gathers the team to take them on a man hunt to find Stiles and forces them to sign a card for Isaac. Scott and Melanie meet with Ethan and Aiden. They hear one of Chris Argent's emmiters and head into a basement where Stiles is holding it, claiming not to know what he's been doing for the last two days. Ethan and Aiden attack him, but Scott stops them. Stiles shows them his bag, which has blueprints of the hospital electrical grid, rope, wire, and tools, and a map of the track teams running trail, along the path of Malia's coyote den, and believes that the Nogitsune used him to set up a trap.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent arrives home to see Derek and the two reluctantly start an allyship to find out how to stop Stiles. Chris finds a case on his desk full of money, as a policeman comes in and arrests them, and they believe they're being framed.

Scott, Melanie, and the twins head out to stop the track team before they step in one of the traps. Stiles worriedly follows a chain pulling it out of the ground, but it's not attached to them, so the coach brushes this off, until stepping forward into a tripwire, causing an arrow to shoot into his chest.

At the Sheriff's station, Chris and Derek are handcuffed to a bench, not sure that the Nogitsune was behind this.

At the School, Mrs. Yakimura's husband arrives, and she grabs a box that was inside a book. He's surprised that she hid something in a book, but she states that she doesn't know any teenagers that would willingly open a book. In the box are five black knives. She breaks one of them, causing an Oni samurai to appear.

Coach is put into an ambulance as Sheriff Stilinski arrives and embraces his son. Aiden finds wire, wrapping paper in the back of Stiles' jeep, along with a newspaper of a Williams Barlowe, who wrapped a bomb like a present and put it on a bus. They call the School to tell them to evacuate the bus, except the one student holding the bomb. Deputy Parrish arrives to check it out, but when he opens it he only finds Sheriff Stilinski's nameplate.

At the Sheriff Station, Derek prepares to break the handcuffs, but Chris tells him to be patient, not wanting to be a fugitive. Suddenly everybody at the station begins scrambling. A deputy unlocks their handcuffs, as Derek uses his enhanced hearing to hear a bomb in the Sheriff's desk. As the bomb goes off, Derek shields Chris from the blast. Many officers are injured, as Derek's back lays with shards of glass stuck in it. Chris helps him up and thanks him for saving his life. Scott and Stiles arrive and try to help an officer. Scott takes his pain, but he dies. Melanie arrives to get them out before the Oni arrive.

They head to the animal clinic to protect Stiles from the Oni, who arrive just before they do. Scott fights off the oni, but is run through with a sword. Melanie and Stiles help him inside. Melanie prepares to pull it out, but "Stiles" stops her, and knocks her out. He grabs and twists the sword, telling Scott that he feeds on pain and misery and has been trying to get Scott to take in as much pain as he can just so he can absorb it. As Nogitsune Stiles puts his hand on Scott's head to absorb all the pain Scott took in, a series of flashbacks throughout the day show that Stiles was never himself. Deaton arrives and paralyzes the Nogitsune Stiles with syringe, then pulls the sword out.

Stiles is taken to the Eichen House institute. Scott arrives and urges Stile to rethink this, but Stiles says it's the only way to stop himself before the syringe wears off. Walking down the halls, Stiles sees the same girl he saw in his hallucination. He then looks over to see an inmate tying a sheet in knots, repeating the riddle "I'm the part of the bird that's not in the sky. I swim in the ocean, but always stay dry." As the man hangs himself, Stiles answers the riddle, "a shadow" and sees the nogitsune, before it and the girl disappear. Stiles meets his roommate, Oliver, who gives him the tour. Stiles sees Merideth Walker, the girl he hallucinated in the classroom previously, and sees her talking on a phone with a broken cord.

At the animal clinic, Deaton states that the Syringe won't last for ever and the Nogitsune will take over eventually and that they're going to need a plan. Chris talks to them about a run in he had with the Oni and was one of the first missions he had as a hunter, and that he nearly killed one of them with a silver bullet, but not completely. He compares this situation with the Nogitsune to the Kanima, and says that he would feel deep remorse for killing Stiles, but not the Nogitsune. Chris tells them about a scroll holding knowledge to the Nogitsune and says they need to get it.

At Eichen House, Stiles sees Malia Tate and they argue. Stiles reminds her of his role in turning her back, but she says she wishes he didn't and punches him. The orderlies tackle them and take them, but Ms. Morrell, Stiles former guidance counsellor arrives and stops it. Stiles finds himself looking through a grate to the basement he was inside of in his dream. While in group therapy, Ms. Morrell talks about guilt and calls on Malia. Stiles looks out the window to see the Nogitsune talking to an orderlie. Afterward, she notices red marks on Stiles' neck, due to the Syringe, but says that when they fade, the nogitsune will have control again and warns him to stay awake. In the shower, Stiles looks at the mirror to see the Nogitsune, but shakes his head and looks up to see Malia taking a shower behind him. Awkward moments are exchanged as he tries not to look at her naked body, and she says the boys' shower is warmer, saying she has to adjust to not having a full body coat. He asks why she punched him and she responds they invade her home, put her on the run, and turned her back to normal, which she wishes they didn't. Stiles tells her he knows someone that can turn her back to a coyote, she agrees to help him get into the basement. They meet Oliver at lunch and they devise a plan. Oliver pins her to the ground stating that Eichen House is drilling into people's heads. When an orderlie breaks up the fight Malia steals his keys and gives them to Stiles, but he's caught and locked up, and is given medicine to put him to sleep. Stiles dreams that he's in a locker and begs someone to let him out. Outside of the locker, the Nogitsune is begging Stiles to let him in. Waking up, Malia is there, having used her enhanced strength to break the door down. They go through the grates to get to the basement. He spots the backwards 5 and Malia notices him staring at it, and begs him to tell her more, but he states she wouldn't want him to. In the basement of Eichen House, Stiles and Malia are going through old papers, one focusing on the practice of drilling through foreheads to treat depression, which Oliver was yelling about earlier. Stiles has Malia check the lines on his back, and she sees that they're fading, almost gone. He shivers at the touch of her cold hands and he holds them to warm them and they begin kissing. Malia says she "wants to try something else" and takes off her shirt as the two proceed to have sex.

Meanwhile, Scott, Melanie, and Allison track a truck to get a scroll hidden inside a prosthetic finger, but must first get through King Kade, a werewolf crime boss. After a short fight, he defeats them. Kade states that Scott may "have the eyes of an Alpha, but where's the strength?" The twins arrive and easily defeat him. They get the scroll and prepare to kill King Kade, but Scott stops them, stating that they're there to save a life, not end one.

Spooning on the couch with Stiles, Malia has an idea and goes to the "self" kanji on the wall and raps on it with her fist. Hearing a hollow sound, Stiles busts through it with a pipe, finding a skeleton all bandaged and covered in cobwebs and Stiles recognizes it as the Nogistune. Suddenly Oliver appears and injects them with Haldol, putting them to sleep. Stiles has a dream of being next to the Nemetan tree. A bandaged hand pops out and asks Stiles to pull him out. Stiles wakes up strapped in a chair. As is Malia, with Oliver preparing to drill a hole in his head, "to get rid of the dark spirits." About to drill into Stiles', a hollow voice says "Start with her." So he prepares to do so to Malia. Stiles sees the Nogitsune in the corner, realizing that it's controlling Oliver. He begs the Nogitsune to stop Oliver from drilling into Malia, but it doesn't relent. Being his last hope to save Malia, Stiles' lets the Nogitsune take control of him. Nogitsune Stiles breaks free and drills into Oliver's head and leaves.

Scott, Melanie, and Allison return to the animal clinic, where Deaton reads the tiny scroll, which only has one word: "Change". Scott takes this to mean that in order to save Stiles, he needs to turn him into a werwolf.

Ms. Morrell is walking Malia out of Eichen House, and says Malia is looking for Scott McCall and that she can help the girl find him.

After recieving the report of Stiles' disappearance from Eichen House, Sheriff Stilinski requests help from Derek, Allison, and Chris, while Scott and Melanie go to Ms. Yakimura for help. At the Argent Apartment, Allison gathers every non-lethal weapon. Chris asks her to get his cattle prod stun weapon, but Allison says it's only a few watts short of a lightsaber. Sheriff gives them the chance to back out, but Derek says that he won't be the first wolf to run from a fox and Chris responds that he apparently has a lightsaber. Derek and Chris go to Eichen House, while Allison and the Sheriff go to the Hospital. The sheriff's phone buzzes and the motion sensor and security camera that he installed to alert him of Stiles' sleepwalking. On the screen, Stiles is sitting in bed messing with the chessboard he once used to explain the supernatural to his father.

The four of them meet up there and look at the board, as Stiles is nowhere to be seen. Isaac's pawn is off the board. Derek sees that his name is on the black king, guarded by Ethan and Aiden (Pawns) and Peter (Knight). The sheriff points out he's one move from checkmate, but the only piece shown close enough to place Derek's king in jeopordy is Allison's white knight. Chris says it isn't a message from Stiles, but a threat from the Nogitsune. Allison realizes he's waiting for them at the loft.

They head to the loft and the Sheriff goes in alone. The Nogitsune turns and says "Hi dad." The others come in as well. Allison tries to shoot a tazor at him, but he catches the cords. Derek attacks him, but is easily thrown aside. Chris holds him at gunpoint, but "Stiles" pleads with his father not to let him die, and the Sheriff holds a gun to Chris, but Allison reminds them that this is the type of chaos he wants to create. Scott and Melanie arrive outside and hear gunfire. Rushing inside, they see Oni arriving and attacking. Derek's arm is sliced open. Nogitsune Stiles punches through the Oni and takes it's sword and cuts himself open, unleashing dozens of fireflies, as Stiles Nogitsune appears unconscious.

Buzzing is heard at the Hospital as seen from the view of a fly, passing over Melissa and entering Isaac's room, as his wounds have completely healed. It flies into his mouth and his eyes open up and glow yellow. Melanie arrives home to find Isaac in her room and he questions her about the weapons and the two kiss and proceed to have sex. Afterward, Isaac gets up and leaves, taking her weapons. Melanie tries to follow, but sees that he shackled her feet to her bed.

Ethan is playing field hockey with Danny. Afterward, getting a drink of water, a fly enters his cup as he drinks it.

Derek stays in his loft messing around with the chessboard to figure out the message. Peter arrives and explains that the Nogitsune is a trickster playing a game with no rules "Being the kind of spirit that has lived too long to play be human rules". After Peter leaves, a fly enters Derek's open wound and his wolf eyes glow.

Aiden arrives at Scott's house with Lydia, and as he leaves her car, a fly flies into his ear. Inside, Stiles Nogitsune is asleep on the couch, Deaton puts drops of the Kanima venom on his tongue. Before it takes effect, Nogistune wakes up and chokes Aiden before being unable to move. The Nogitsune veils a threat that when one twin feels pain so does the others and hopes that they still do. Aiden rushes off to find Ethan.

Chris gets a call from Allison, who tells him about what Isaac did to Melanie and are following him to the School. Chris prepares to head there, but Derek appears outside the door. He throws down a box of claws from his mother, saying "It's the only left from what your psychotic sister did to my family." and moves to attack him.

At the McCall's, Scott, Deaton, and Lydia are trying to brainstorm on how to save Stiles, but Deaton is worried that in Stiles weak state, an Alpha's bite might kill him, or that the scroll saying "change" was a proverb or a metaphore. Lydia suggest they call someone who might be able to help them. Peter arrives and says that Stiles wouldn't survive a slap across the face, let alone an Alpha's bite.

At the School, Aiden confronts Ethan, and both of them begin to argue about getting into Scott's pack. As they begin to exchange blows, Isaac arrives and knocks them out with the butt of a shotgun

Peter agrees to help them if Lydia uses her banshee powers to recover memories stolen from him by his sister. Peter shows Scott how to bend the memories of others by placing claws to the back of the neck. Scott plugs into Lydia and Stiles in order for the two of them to recover Stiles from the Nogitsune.

Back at the School, Isaac grabs a lighter and prepares to burn the twins alive for revenge for what the Alpha Pack did to Voyd and Erica, but an arrow knocks the lighter out of his hand, and Melanie and Allison appear. The twins recover and the three werewolves transform, as the two girls fight them off.

In Chris' office, Derek ties Chris up and spills lighter fluid on him to for revenge on what Kate did to his family.

Lydia and Scott arrive in Stiles' mind, appearing in an Eichen House room, strapped to tables. Scott breaks free and the two leave, but appear seperated. Lydia finds herself in her bloody dress from the Formal years ago right before being bitten by Peter and sees the Nogitsune writing a backward 5 on the chalkboard. Scott appears in Allison's closet with her and she says to be quiet so her dad doesn't hear them and they start kissing. Scott looks out the closet blinds to see the Nogitsune talking to Chris. In the real world, Scott begins transforming and Lydia's nose begins bleeding. Peter gives out a continuous yell of Lydia's name that turns into a howl. In Stiles' mind, they both hear this and run through doors ending up in the white purgatory room, as previously seen during Scott, Stiles, and Allison during the surrogate sacrifice. They meet up and see Stiles and the Nogitsune playing chess on the Nemetan stump.

Meanwhile, Allison and Melanie continue to fight off the werewolves, standing back to back, while Chris breaks free and holds a gun to Derek's chin, but refuses to kill him, stating that they are no longer enemies.

Back in Stiles' mind, no matter how much they run, Scott and Lydia can't seem to reach Stiles. Lydia reminds Scott that Stiles may be human, but he's still a member of the pack and rhetorrically asks how wolves signal their pack. Scott transforms and gives out a large howl. Stiles hears the howl of his alpha and best friend and knocks the board over and then chokes the Nogitsune demanding that it leaves his mind. This causes Isaac, Derek, and the twins to snap out of their trance. As Scott and Lydia wakes up, Stiles falls to the ground and begins coughing up a long strand of bandages, until a big pile is made, and then falls to the ground as a bandaged hand pops out of the pile, followed by an entire body mirroring the Nogitsune, beside the teeth. Scott and Peter hold him down, and Scott removes the bandages to find the real Stiles underneath. He looks back to see the other "Stiles" and Lydia gone.

At Scott's house, Melissa is checking Stiles' vitals and pulse and sees that he is very weak as if his life force is leaving his body. The sheriff arrives and embraces his son, asking if it's over, but Scott says not yet. He asks what the Nogitsune would need a banshee, and Stiles replies that maybe he needs her to find a dead body. He says that they need to know the "whole story", which reminds Stiles of what Merideth was saying at Eichen and tells his dad to get her, but when Deputy Parrish reports back to him, he says that Merideth Walker is gone.

In the tunnels underneath the old Creekside foundary, Lydia hears the screaming of all the people that died there, as the Nogitsune taunts her, by asking if the voices are telling her that Stiles is dead. She runs down the tunnel trying to find an exit, but can't.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Melanie find Lydia's car abandoned at an old parking lot. Isaac breaks in and they search for clues. Isaac smells anger, as Melanie breaths on the window to find the words "YOU WON'T FIND US". Still looking around, Melanie asks Isaac if he remembers having sex with her, afraid that he was under control of the Nogitsune. He assures her that it was him and then kisses her. Out in the woods, the twins are looking for Lydia, but are shot at and hit multiple times with Wolfsbane bullets, and Derek shows up to save them.

Melanie is brought to the Argent house, where Chris finishes her training by doing the graduation tradition of making a silver bullet, but encourages her to do an arrowhead, as Allison did. While Chris is called away, Melanie works on her arrow head, but is aware that something is missing. 

At Scott's house, Stiles wakes up startled, but Scott tells him that he's not letting him out of his sight. Merideth Walker arrives. They try to ask her where Lydia is, but she replies that she doesn't know who that is, until realizing it's the red headed girl and tells them she doesn't want to be found. Stiles hands her his phone to see if she'll do what she did earlier, and says one phrase, which Stiles recognizes and realizes where Lydia is.

Chris meets Derek at the loft and helps the twins. Chris asks Derek if it was the same hunters that took and tortured him and Peter, but Derek says that these aren't their type of bullets. Chris examines the bullet shells and is startled, saying that it's impossible. Derek asks what's wrong, but before Chris can answer he gets a text from Scott saying that they know where Lydia is being held.

The teens meet at the Creek Side Foundary, but before they go in, Stiles points out that he's still very pale and weak, and that killing the Nogitsune might kill him too, but they must do whatever it takes to stop it. Scott assures him that he's going to save Stiles, no matter what it takes. Before heading out, Melanie grabs Isaac and kiss him and tells him that she loves him. Mrs. Yakimura arrives with the Oni. Scott and Stiles go to find Lydia, as the others fight the Nogitsune. They break her free, but she frantically tells them all to leave and that somebody is about to die. They run through the tunnel, but a weak Stiles falls behind and Lydia stays by his side as Scott joins the fight. The Nogitsune steals Yakimura's last fox tail and breaks it, giving himself control of the Oni, who attack the pack. Isaac is nearly killed by an Oni, but Melanie shoots her silver arrow into the Oni, destroying it. Though she appears happy because her "plan" worked, when she turns around an Oni runs her through with a sword. Scott rushes to catch her as she falls. Holding her in his arms, he tries to take her pain, but can't as she says it doesn't hurt and at least she's dying in the hands of her brother. Trying to utter one last sentence, starting with "You have to tell the Argents..." over and over again, but dies in Scott's arms. Scott closes her eyes as he kisses her forehead. Isaac is rocking back and forth, as Stiles lays unconscious and Lydia begins crying. The Nogitsune leaves with the Oni.

Chris is trying to coach Scott on what to say to the police about Melanie's death, but Scott is unable to focus. After being questioned by Parrish, Isaac and Allison go home. Stiles is in Scott's bed asleep. Scott arrives home and tells Melissa what happened and she cries in his arms. Scott finds Isaac sitting in Melanie's bedroom looking at a picture of him and Melanie. A tear drops from his eye and Scott embraces him.

At her apartment, Allison is putting away Melanie's bow n arrow and looks at a picture of the two of them. Her father comes in to comfort her, and she recaps Melanie's last words, thinking they were thank you to the Argents. Looking at the silver arrow Melanie made, Allison realizes that the silver is a poison to the Oni, having to stay in to kill them, unlike Chris' silver bullet which went straight through.

Deaton tells them that he isn't sure the Nemetan Tree can capture the Nogitsune as it had once before, but that containers made from the wood are used to hold powerful objects. Scott remembers the box that Derek held his mother's claws in, and texts him.

At Derek's loft, the twins recover and Aiden tells Derek their plan on leaving, wanting to get Lydia, but Derek says that Lydia will never leave Scott, because he is her Alpha. He also explains that if they wanted to join Scott's pack, the need to fight for his cause: Protecting his friends and family. Stating that when Scott's losing he keeps fighting. When hope is lost, Scott finds another way, and when he's beaten down he gets back up. Before leaving with the Triskillion box made from the Nemetan, he tells them that if they want Scott's approval, they need to fight back.

Scott, Melanie, Stiles, and Lydia arrive at the School, and Stiles stops them to say that if he has to die in order to stop the Nogitsune that they need to pay that price, but Scott says that the plan is to save him and it's the only plan he's going with. They push through the doors to find themselves in a snow covered japanese garden and the bandaged covered Nogitsune appears with Oni.

Outside, Derek and the twins arrive to see the Stiles form of the Nogitsune with two Oni. He taunts them, saying he's heard of a pack of Alphas, but not a pack of former Alphas. They then prepare to fight.

In the snowy garden, everything seems to be real. Four oni surrounds the pack, and the Nogitsune explains to them that a samurai will stab himself to disembowl, but it's the samurai's friend or Kaishukunin that takes the final blow, and claims Scott as Stiles' Kaishukunin and that everyone will die unless Scott kills his friend. Stiles asks why and the Nogitsune replies, "to win the game" and sends the Oni to attack them, but they won't give up without a fight and begin to battle. During the fray, Allison loses a ring dagger and Stiles recovers it, preparing to kill himself to save his friends. The Nogitsune taunts Scott to let his friend fall and urges Stiles to "give up the game". Stiles looks down to see a textbook buried in the snow and looks over to the corner to see a snow-covered desk. The Nogitsune claims that Stiles has no more moves, but Stiles claims he has one more move: "the Divine Move".

Back outside, two more Oni appear and Derek and twins continue to fight, but begin losing their ground. Ethan tells Aiden to get the box to Scott. Chris arrives and shoots an Oni with a silverhead, while Isaac back flips off the roof and stabs two of the other Oni. Derek throws the box to Isaac, who rushes to get it to Scott, and the Nogitsune Stiles runs after him.

Shaking with weakness, the real Stiles tells them to stop fighting, coming to the conclusion that everything they're seeing is just an illusion. It might look and feel real, but it's fake. The Oni line up and slash and slice Scott, Allison, Stiles, then Lydia as they each push toward the door, and end up in the Hallway. They believe they have won, but the Nogitsune Stiles arrives and shoves Scott through the wall and knocks Allison aside

Outside Chris shoots the final arrow at the only remaining Oni, but it slices through the Oni. Aiden leaps to grab the arrow and sticks it into the Oni, but as it's destroyed, Aiden finds himself run through by the Oni's sword. Ethan feels the pain and calls out to his brother, who's eyes glow blue as he pulls out the sword then collapses to the ground.

The Nogitsune Stiles walks toward Stiles and Lydia, stating that he's over a thousand years old and can't be killed. Lydia then states that they can change him, stating that he can't be a fox and a wolf. Scott jumps up and bites the Nogitsune Stiles, as Allison stabs it through the heart. He then turns to stone and collapses in a pile of dust and a fly buzzes out. Isaac pops out and catches the fly in the triskillion box

Back outside, Ethan rushes towards his brother's side, as he is cradled in Derek's arms. As blood drips from his mouth, Aiden asks Ethan if it hurts him as much as it does himself, and Ethan responds it does. Aiden is afraid Lydia will never believe he was one of the good guys. Derek assures Aiden that she'll believe him. Aiden dies with Ethan's head brushed up against Aiden's

Lydia senses his death and collapses to the ground as Stiles wraps her in his arms.

Arriving home, Scott cries in his mothers arms.

Sometime later, Allison, Scott, and Stiles are at School, and coach is showing around the new girl, Malia, and she and Stiles look back at one another. Later at Scott's house, Stiles watches as Scott teaches Malia to flick her claws. Doing so she becomes excited and kisses Stiles, nearly slicing him.

On the staircase of the School, Ethan breaks up with Danny, not wanting to stay, but Danny says it's ok, stating that he doesn't think he can date a werwolf anyway. Ethan is surprised to hear that Danny knows, but Danny relies "Dude, it's Beacon Hills".

Lydia complies to her deal with Peter, who gives Lydia Talia Hale's claws so she can retrieve a memory Talia stole from him. Lydia tells him that he's more than just an uncle, he's a father. Peter asks her for the name and she replies "Malia".

Deaton checks on Scott, who is tidying up the animal clinic. Deaton explains "Regression to the mean", in which things can't always be all bad, or all good, and eventually it has to come back to the middle, but Scott says he isn't sure that it applies to a town like this.

In the ending of the film, Derek is in the Locker room with Stiles, recounting what he isn't sure is a dream or not: He was tracked to his loft by the latino hunters, who are still looking for information on the "she-wolf", but when Derek says he'll never tell them where Cora is, they don't know who Cora is. A gas grenade flies in and the hunters are taken out one by one, with the assailant hidden in the smoke.

Derek explains that there are many myths on how to become a werewolf, including an alpha's bite or drinking rainwater from a wolf's footprint. He then flashes back to Kate Argent asking Chris if people can be turned by scratch, in which he replied "if the claws go deep enough." Then he remembers when Peter slashed Kate's throat.

He says he's come to Stiles because he isn't sure if it was a dream, not remembering waking up. Stiles then tells him that people have extra fingers in dreams. Derek grabs Stiles' hand and sees six fingers, realizing he's dreaming.

Derek wakes up in his loft, with a bullet shot into his chest. He looks at his hand to see all ten fingers and repeats "it's real. You're real" The assailant walks out of the smoke, revealed to be Kate Argent. As Derek stares in disbelief, Kate's face becomes blue and black, she grows fangs, and her eyes glow green and she gives out a large howl. 


  • Isaac: "Are you mad at me?"
  • Scott: "No."
  • Isaac: "Are you sure? Do you want to hit me? I think you should hit me."
  • Scott: "I don't want to hit you. I mean, I don't have a reason to. Do I"
  • Isaac: "Uh... W-what do you mean by that?"
  • Scott: "I mean, you didn't kiss her. Did you?"
  • Isaac: "No, of course not."
  • Scott: "Did you want to?"
  • Isaac: "Oh yeah, totally." (A moment later Isaac is seen flying out of the room and into the wall of the hallway)
  • Melissa: "You two supernatural teenage boys better not test my patients and get your butts to School."

  • Scott: "Straight at her head?"
  • Isaac: "Almost right through it if I hadn't been there..."
  • Scott: "Wait a minute. What were you doing there?"
  • Isaac: "Well, um-uh..." (Again, Isaac is seen flying into the hallway wall)
  • Melissa: "Boys, seriously! My walls do not have the supernatural ability to heal!"

  • Peter: "Why are looking at me like this is my fault?"
  • Derek: (Gasping) "Because this is your fault."
  • Peter: "Eh... you're probably right."

  • Scott: (Stiles calls Scott back) "Stiles! Hold on! Me and Isaac are coming to find you! Is there anything you can see to help us find you?"
  • Stiles: (Over the phone/Whispering) "It's too dark to see anything, but I think I'm in some kind of large basement. It smells. My eyes are watering."
  • Scott: "Wait a second... Stiles, why are you whispering?"
  • Stiles: (Over the phone/Whispering) "Because I think there's someone in here with me."

  • Lydia: (Breathing hard) "Stiles is part of the pack."
  • Scott: "What?"
  • Lydia: "Stiles is human, but he's still part of the pack. Right?"
  • Scott: "Yeah. Yeah, of course."
  • Lydia: "And how do wolves signal their pack."
  • Scott: (Transforming) "They howl."

  • Ms. Yakimura: "You kids sure you want to do this?"
  • Scott: "This thing stole the face of my best friend."
  • Allison: "And kidnapped mine."
  • Isaac: (Sarcastically) "I just didn't want to do my homework."
  • Stiles: "This doesn't change what needs to be done. Scott, you need to stick to the plan, and do whatever it takes to stop this thing."
  • Scott: "The plan is to save you. It's the only plan I'm going with."

  • Derek: "If you think Lydia is going with you, she won't."
  • Aiden: "Because of Stiles?"
  • Derek: "Because of Scott."
  • Aiden: "Why would she stay for Scott?"
  • Derek: "Because Scott's more than her friend. Scott's her Alpha and she'll do anything for him, because he is her Alpha. You've been trying to find a way into Scott's pack, by fighting for him."
  • Ethan: "So?"
  • Derek: "So. I'm sure you'd even kill for Scott, but would you die for him? Lydia would, because she knows that you don't fight for an Alpha, you fight for an Alpha's cause."
  • Ethan: "What cause?"
  • Scott: "Scott's only ever been about one thing: Protecting his friends and family. He'll do anything and everything to save them. When there's no chance of winning, he keeps fighting. When all hope is lost, he finds another way! When he's beaten down, He stands up again! If you want a place in his pack then get up and find another way to fight back."
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