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 Teen Wolf 2 is a 2017 American Action Supernatural Film, based off of the 2011 TV Series of the same name, and premiered in theaters on June 3, 2017, and is a sequel to the 2016 film, Teen Wolf, as the second of six installments. Featuring Dylan Sprayberry, Jonny Gray, Kira Kosarin, Emilia McCarthy, Tyler Hoechlin, Jadin Gould, Uriah Shelton, Robert Downey Jr, J.R. Bourne, and Michael Hogan as the main cast of Teen Wolf 2, the film starts months after the first film, as Scott McCall, must stop newly formed Alpha, Derek Hale, from growing his pack, Allison's grandfather from killing every last werewolf, and a new lizard-like creature from continuing a killing spree.

The film is followed by Teen Wolf 3: Rise of the Alphas, which was released on June 3, 2018, then later in 2019, with the release of Teen Wolf 4: Lost in the Void, and again in 2020 with Teen Wolf 5: The Dead PoolTeen Wolf 6, however, was split into two parts, Part 1: Lost and Divided being released on March 2, 2021, and Part 2: The Lost Werewolf being released later that year in December.

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A few Months after stopping Peter Hale, the previous Alpha, omega werewolf Scott McCall tries to carry on his regular life, as he does with his relationship with Allison Argent in secret, but Derek Hale, the newly formed Alpha, intends on growing his own pack to become stronger and more powerful, but his supernatural life becomes even more complicated, when Allison's cold and merciless grandfather, Gerard arrives in Beacon Hills to kill every last werewolf in order to avenge the murder of his daughter, Kate, who was killed by Peter. In the wake of his vendetta, a new more powerful lizard-like creature known as the Kanima has arrived and begins a killing spree through out the town, that might be connected with Jackson's body rejecting an alpha's bite. Now, Scott must unite a pack of his own, his friends, Stiles and Allison, and sister, Melanie, and form an unlikey partenership with Derek in order to stop Gerard and the Kanima, and save his town once again.


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Scott McCall, a now 17 year old teenager at Beacon Hills High, who was formerly an unpopular benchwarmer, until being bitten by former alpha, Peter Hale, in the first film, turning him into a beta wolf, but since he is now without a pack, he is an omega. He is the co-captain of the Field Hockey team and has a secret relationship with Allison Argent, and is best friends with Stiles. As a werewolf, he is faster and stronger than humanly possible, with enhanced senses, and grows claws, wolf fangs, pointy ears, and extensive amounts of hair on arms and face, and his eyes glow yellow.
  • Jonny Gray as Stiles Stilinksi, Scott's best friend, considerably his brother, and teammate on the Field Hockey team. Stiles was the first person to know Scott's secret in the first film, and helps lock him up on Full Moons. Stiles is very smart, sarcastic, quick, and clever, and provides comic relief in tense situations. His father is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, and he harbors a secret crush on Lydia Martin.
  • Kira Kosarin as Allison Argent, Scott's girlfriend and a good friend of Stiles, and best friend to Lydia. She and Scott first have a secret relationship, due to her family being the leaders of a group of werewolf hunters. She at first helps Scott, using her skill to shoot a bow n arrow, but when her mother dies, her merciless grandfather influences her to nearly kill.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie McCall, Scott's younger sister, who he is very close to, and a Freshman at Beacon Hills High School, as she is only a year younger than Scott and his friends, who she is also close to. Like Stiles, she knows that Scott is a werewolf and helps lock him up on Full Moons. She is a skilled athlete in Soccer and is easy going, smart, and loyal to her friends and family, especially her brother
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, a werewolf from birth, whose family died in a fire set by Kate Argent. After killing the alpha, his uncle Peter, he became the alpha himself, and now wants to gain power by making his own pack, by biting random teenagers, and still tries to get Scott to join his pack, but Scott and Stiles see him as an adverserial ally. In his werewolf form, he has red eyes, due to his alpha status.
  • Uriah Shelton as Jackson Whittmore, the co-captain of the hockey team, alongside Scott, and the ex-boyfriend of Lydia. He is competetive, hot-headed, and self-absorbed, not caring for anyone else, though he hates hurting his best friend, Danny, and cares for Lydia more than he lets on. In the first film, Derek bitten, but he hasn't shown any signs of being a werewolf, and on the Full Moon, he unknowingly transforms into a lizard like creature called the Kanima, with venom that can paralyze his victims.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lydia Martin, Allison's best friend and a popular girl at Beacon Hills High, who acts spoiled and shallow, but does notice Scott and Stiles more. In the previous film, she was bitten by Peter Hale, but the bite didn't kill or turn her, leaving the others to believe she's some type of supernatural being.
  • J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent, Allison's father and a werewolf hunter veteran. He is a strong-minded, no-nonsense man, and while initially hostile to Scott, threatening him to stay away from Allison, due to his family's crusade, he does have a sense of honor and morals, and believes to sticking to the code, not wanting to kill innocent wolves, and doesn't believe in Gerard's vendetta.
  • Michael Hogan as Gerard Argent, the grandfather of Allison and father of Chris and Kate, as well as merciless and cold-hearted werewolf hunter. After Peter killed Kate, Gerard decided no werewolf, innocent or not, should live and started a vendetta. After Victoria died, he manipulated Allison into becoming just like him. After killing Matt, he became the second master of the Kanima and used it for his vendetta.
  • Colin Ford as Matt Daehler, a student at Beacon Hills High, a photographer, and a former field hockey team member, as well as the first master of the Kanima, using it to kill people that stood by and laughed as he was drowning, but he was killed by Gerard.
  • Ross Lynch as Isaac Lahey, a beta werewolf, bitten by Derek, for power against his abusive father, who was then killed by the Kanima. Near the end of the film, he began trusting Scott, and joined his pack.
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Erica Reyes, a shy, socially awkward, fragile student with epilepsy, until Derek bit her and she joined his pack as the second beta, causing her to become more confident, flirtatious, and stylish.
  • Ray Fisher as Vernon Boyd, a shy, lonely student that worked at the ice rink, until Derek bit him, and he joined his pack.
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Hale, Derek's uncle and the former Alpha, as well as the only survivor of the Hale House fire. In the first film, he was killed by Derek and burried under the Hale House. He bit Lydia, who wasn't affected, and he controlled her mind to resurrect himself, and helped the others stop the Kanima.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall, Scott and Melanie's overworked, but comforting and loving mother, as well as a close friend of Sheriff Stilinski's and a surrogate mother to Stiles and Isaac. She works as a nurse at the hospital and is close to her kids, due to the absence of her ex-husband. In this film, she discovers Scott's secret of being a werewolf.
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles' father and the sheriff of Beacon Hills, whose first name, like his son's, hasn't been said. He is a very dedicated cop, but his job is hampered by his initial unawareness of the supernatural.
  • Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton, a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott's boss. Deaton is wise, unflappable, inscrutable, a dedicated pacifist, and has a mysterious past. He acts as a mentor to Scott, due to his vast knowledge and experience in the supernatural.


The film begins with Jackson Whittmore rising from beneath the water in a lake in the woods, with a bite mark from Derek not healed. He returns to his house to check the video camera to see if anything happened, but only sees himself sleeping. He returns it to it's owner, Matt Daehler, who notices that part of the video has been edited out.

Running through the woods, Scott McCall recaps being with Allison Argent, when her father, Chris, confronts them and threatens to kill Scott if they continue to see each other. He jumps through Allison's bed room window, and she says that her parents won't be home for a few hours.

Meanwhile, at the Beacon Hills Hospital, Stiles is asleep, with a "get well" balloon for Lydia, who rises from her bed to take a shower, but she begins seeing hallucinations of a black liquid with blue flower pedals filling the water, when suddenly a hand pops out, and she closes her eyes, only to open them up to see that stuff gone. Lydia's father asks Mellisa McCall, Scott's mother about Stiles, and says that he's been there all weekend.

Back at the Argent house, Scott enhanced hearing allows him to hear the Allison's parents arriving home, so he hides on the ledge of the roof. Allison's mother, Victoria, checks on her and searches her closet for Scott. She the checks the roof ledge, but Scott has moved further up the roof, putting his clothes back on.

Stiles tries to get a candy bar from the machine in the hall way, but when it gets stuck, he shakes it, until it accidently falls. Suddenly they hear Lydia scream and rushes to her room, but she's nowhere to be found. Still at the Argent home, Scott hears Lydia's scream and rushes off the roof. Allison and Melanie join Scott and Stiles at the hospital, where Sheriff Stilinski is calling for a town wide search. Stiles steals Lydia's gown so Scott can track her by scent.

In a graveyard, teenage Isaac Lahey is operating a backhoe to dig Kate Argent's grave, but he suddenly hears a growl, as the backhoe is knocked over, and a dark figure passes over his head. Peaking over the lip of the hole, he sees Derek Hale, who offers him help. Lydia's scent brings the group to the Hale House, but she isn't seen. Scott is then trapped in a rope snare, and is confronted by Chris, while the others hide, and hints that he believes that Peter's bite turned Lydia into a werewolf.

The next morning in class, Jackson begins to leak black liquid from his nose and runs into the bathroom, where he's confronted by Derek, and tells him that he doesn't plan to join his pack. Derek states that for some reason, his body is rejecting the bite.

Later that day at the Funeral of Kate Argent, Allison meets her grandfather, Gerard, who shoos away a student taking pictures, as Scott and Stiles watch from a distance, until they're caught by Sheriff Stilinski, who puts them in the back of his patrol car. After a while, Scott notices Chris, Gerard and other hunters leave, and follow them into the woods. Derek arrives as they watch Gerard torture an omega werewolf that was looking for an Alpha. Derek makes Scott watch as Gerard kills the wolf, as an example for how ruthless hunters are. Chris reminds him that they go by a code, but Gerard disbands the code due to Kate's death. Back at the funeral, Lydia walks out of the woods, naked and confused.

Meanwhile, Isaac is at home eating dinner with his abusive father, who becomes angry when Isaac lies to him about his grades, and begins throwing dishes at him. After Isaac pulls a piece of glass out of his cheek, Mr. Lahey watches as the cut heals. Isaac storms out and goes to Derek, and Mr. Lahey follows. Getting out of his car, Mr. Lahey is attacked by a lizard like creature.

The next day at Hockey practice, Scott senses another werewolf on the team, so Stiles convinces coach Finstock to put Scott on goalie. As each player lines up, Scott rushes out and takes down each of them one by one, smelling their scent. Scared, Jackson skips his turn. Next up is Isaac, and the two clash against each other as both their eyes glow. The police arrive and take Isaac in for questioning. Even worse, tonight is the Full Moon, so Scott goes to confront Derek, who is with another new beta, Erica, and they go to Isaac's home to find out what happened, and see the freezer that Mr. Lahey locked Isaac in to punish him. Scott calls Allison for help, but she says a hunter is heading to the Sheriff's station to handle Isaac, so she delays him by shooting the tires with arrows, and then goes to Isaac's house, where Scott locks himself in the freezer for the Full Moon.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Melanie head to the Sheriff station to free Isaac, right as the hunter arrives, preparing to kill them, until Isaac breaks free and attacks the hunter. Derek arrives in time to save Stiles from Isaac, forcing Isaac into submission by the howl of his Alpha.

Back at the Lahey house, the same lizard creature arrives. Scott hears Allison scream, and breaks free to fight the creature, but after a short battle, it just leaves. When Allison returns home, she is confronted by her father and grandfather about where she was, and they agree on planning her training.

Scott confronts Derek, Isaac, and Erica at the ice rink, as they're trying to convince a student named Voyd to join them. Derek sends Isaac and Erica to battle Scott, who states that two against one isn't a fair fight, to which Derek replies by telling Scott to leave, but Scott kneels down, smashing his fist into the ice, cracking it. Opening his hand, he reveals his claws and looks up to reveal himself in his werewolf form, and says that he meant that it isn't a fair fight for Isaac and Erica. They charge at Scott, but he grabs Erica and throws her into the wall, and then catches Isaac's punch, and flips him. Erica again charges at Scott, while Isaac tries to tackle him, but Scott pushes Erica back and elbows Isaac. Erica and Isaac surround Scott, who does a flip, kicking Erica into an ice compactor and slashing Isaac's body and then tackles him, picks him up, and throws him against the compactor. While they lay too weak to move, Scott tells them that Derek's only using them for power and that to Derek, they're only a couple of guard dogs. Derek confirms this as he transforms, butting Scott's head and slashing his thigh with his claws. Scott elbows Derek in the face, barely phasing Derek, who grabs Scott's throat and forces him to the ground. Scott is barely able to stand and still warns Voyd not to join Derek, but he lifts up his jacket to reveal that Derek already bit him.

Meanwhile, Stiles heads to an autoshop to pickup his jeep, but when he touches the door knob, he feels a slimy substance and becomes paralyzed, and then watches as one of the employees is killed by the lizard creature.

Scott heads to work at the Animal Clinic, but his wounds aren't healing, and his boss, Dr. Deaton, says it's because they're from an Alpha. Scott tells him about the lizard creature, and Deaton says that the hunters will have a beastiery that will hold information on all supernatural creatures.

The next day, at the Field Hockey game, Allison invites her grandfather and steals his keys, so Stiles can check his office. After the game. Gerard arrives at the house with a surprise guest, Scott, and invites him for dinner, much to the dismay of Chris and Victoria. Scott and Allison sneak into Gerards office, but can't find the beastiary. Allison realizes that the beastiary is on a hard drive on Gerard's keys, so Scott runs off to the School.

At the School, Stiles is caught by Derek and Erica, who ask him about the lizard creature, but it arrives and paralyzes Erica. Derek tries to fight it and it throws him through the door to the pool area. Stiles sees his neck is cut and he's paralyzed. He tries to grab Derek, but jumps into the pool to avoid the creature. They notice that it can't go into the water, but sees that his phone is on the ledge. Stiles drops Derek to swim for his phone, trying to call Scott, who doesn't answer, so he drops it to save Derek. Unable to float around any longer, Stiles tries to swim to the diving board to hold on to it, be doesn't make it and they sink. Suddenly, they are pulled out of the water by Scott, who transforms and battles the creature, who uses it's tail to throw Scott into a mirror. Scott uses a shard of the mirror to battle the creature, but it becomes startled by it's reflection, causing Derek to realize that it's a creature called a Kanima.

Scott goes to the hospital to pick up Melanie, but is confronted by Gerard, who stabs Scott and threatens his mother and sister.

Derek then kidnaps Jackson to see if he's the Kanima, by using the venom to paralyze him, and it does, which it wouldn't if he was the Kanima. Scott confronts him, and Derek says that if it's not Jackson than it has to be Lydia.

The next day at School, the group scrambles to keep Lydia away from Isaac and Erica during a science experiment, that ends with the formation of rock candy. Scott sees the venom on it as Lydia bites down, but nothing happens, and Derek watches from outside and sees this as a confirmation. While Jackson takes Lydia to Scott's house, Stiles, Allison, and Melanie prepare to fight of they need to. Messing with Allison's crossbow, he accidentally shoots an arrow at Scott, who catches the arrow. Scott heads out to confront Derek, who says that it has to be Lydia, since she was bitten by an Alpha. Scott says she's immune somehow, then realizes Derek bit Jackson hoping that it would kill him, but nothing happened and that Derek has no idea why. Derek tells him that Isaac and Erica are already heading there. Scott leaves, but is called to the principal's office, where Victoria threatens him.

In the library, Matt works on recovering the rest of the missing footage, and sees part of it, in which Jackson awakens as his eyes glow yellow.

Jackson takes Lydia upstairs, while Allison is confronted by Erica. She shoots an arrow at Erica, who catches it, taunting Allison, before realizing the Kanima venom on the arrow, causing her to fall to the ground paralyzed. Derek watches as Voyd and Isaac bust inside, hearing a bunch of rattling noise of breaking and cracking, before his three betas are shown to be thrown out the door. Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Melanie walk out to confront him. Derek then states that Scott isn't an omega, he's already an alpha, of his own pack (meaning his friends). Suddenly, the Kanima arrives, as Lydia walks out of the house afraid and confused, causing them to realize that it's Jackson.

They follow him to a gay club, where he's stalking his best friend, Danny, and try to fight him, but they find him unconscious, and take him, as Sheriff Stilinski arrives. The next morning, Jackson awakens inside Stiles jeep and escapes, and they follow him to a party at a warehouse 

Allison is asked out on a date by Matt to the same party, and Scott encourages her to go since Victoria suspects something. Deaton gives Stiles a bag of mountain ash to create barrier unbreakable by supernatural creatures. At the party Isaac, Erica, and Scott scramble to find Jackson, and Scott tells them to be careful, confusing Isaac for why he cares. Outside, Stiles finishes surrounding the building in mountain ash. While looking, Scott is kidnapped by Victoria Argent who knows about Scott and Allison. She attempts to kill Scott, taunting him by saying lone wolves never survive, but he states that he's not alone and howls. Everyone flees the party as Jackson transforms, but Erica and Isaac are unable to, because of the mountain ash. Derek hears Scott's howl and makes Stiles break the barrier, and goes to save Scott, fighting off Victoria.

During the Full Moon the next night, Derek locks up Voyd, Erica, and Isaac, but they escape and attack him, so he tries to call Scott, who is at Lydia's party with Stiles and Allison, and they all begin hallucinating, and Melanie realizes that there's wolfsbane in the punch. They then see a bunch of jocks throw Matt into the pool, and Jackson pulls him out, warning everyone to leave him alone. Everybody begins freaking out from hallucinations. Trying to find Jackson, they find the Kanima next to Matt who orders it to attack Scott, and the two battle. Meanwhile, Voyd and Erica attack Derek, but Isaac controls himself and helps Derek. Lydia arrives, seemingly mesmorized, and poisons Derek with Wolfsbane. She drags him to the Hale House, and as the moon light shines exactly on the lifeless body of Peter, Derek forcefully grabs Peter's arm with his claw, and Peter is ressurected. Deaton arrives to help an injured Derek, who asks why he's helping him, and Deaton replies that he promised Derek's mother that he would watch out for Derek, and that Derek needs to find Scott as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, Victoria returns home to see the bite and has a talk with Chris and Gerard about what she has to do, because of their code. Sitting in Chris' arms, Victoria stabs herself in the arms as her eyes prepared to glow. Chris begins to cry with his dead wife still in arms.

Scott, Stiles, and Melanie go to the Sheriff station to see Sheriff Stilinski, to tell him about Matt, and he reluctantly agrees, and they all discover that every murder victim in their case so far has been involved by Matt. They then watch the security cameras at the hospital, to put him at the sight of a murder there, but only see his back side. They see that Matt talked to Melissa McCall, so they have her drive down.

Meanwhile, Allison is on her bed traumitized by her mother's death. Gerard comes in and gives a speech to why her mother had to kill herself, and pushes this to retribution against Derek and his pack, and convinces her to join him

Stiles heads to the front of the sheriff's office, only to find every officer dead, and Matt holding him at gunpoint. The sheriff tries to talk him down, but he doesn't listen, and forces the sheriff to handcuff himself to a jail cell. He leads Stiles and Scott down the hall, explaining that he only has to think about killing someone, and Jackson will do it. He forces them to shred every piece of evidence on him. They hear a knock on the door, and open it to find Derek, with the Kanima behind him, as he falls to the floor, paralyzed. Matt states that he knows about werewolves and supernatural beings, then has Jackson paralyze Melanie, then Stiles, who falls on top of Derek. Matt tells them that every one he murdered with the Kanima was responsible for drowning him years ago. He then states that he's after the beastiary and shows them scales growing alongside his skin. When Scott's mother arrives, Matt threatens to kill her if he doesn't do what he says. Melissa walks in to see Matt holding Scott at gun point, then shoots Scott, and drags Melissa to a jail cell, as she begs him to let her check on Scott, but he taunts her about not knowing about Scott's secret. As Derek uses his claws to push out the venom, he explains that the Kanima is only meant to be used against murderers, but since he killed the officers, he broke the rules of the Kanima and is becoming the Kanima.

Meanwhile, Allison shows Chris and Gerard a text from Scott asking her to meet him at the Sheriff station, but she believes that something is wrong, since Scott wouldn't text her directly, so they head out to the station.

Sheriff Stilinski breaks free from the handcuffs, but Matt knocks him out with the butt of the gun. Derek arrives as Matt summons the Kanima. While they face off, Matt escapes. After a short fight, the Kanima jumps on to the bars of the cell holding Melissa, and kicks Derek into the wall. The Kanima prepares to kill her, but Scott arrives and stabs the Kanima with his claws and throws it across the room. Scott neals into his fighting stance, as Melissa cries to Scott to see if he's ok. Scott turns around to face his mother, who is startled and frightened by his appearance. He then leaves to go help Derek catch the Kanima. Gerard confronts Scott about the Kanima, and drops his pills, and Scott picks them up for him. Gerard follows Matt and drowns him in a pond. The Kanima seems to be able to touch the water now and Gerard finds that it is now in his control.

Erica and Voyd confront Derek saying that they're planning on leaving. After they do, Peter arrives to offer his help. He shows Derek a picture on the computer of what the Kanima is evolving into, startling them, as it has a much frightening appearance, with wings.

Arriving home, Scott tries to speak to his mom, but on the other side of the door, she's sitting down in silence, preparing to speak, but doesn't. Then he hears a shattering and Scott busts in, seeing Gerard sitting on her bed with the Kanima on the ceiling, holding Melissa with it's tail. He warns Scott about handling Derek and leaves. The Kanima drops Melissa, and Scott rushes to her side as she gasps for air, telling Scott to just do whatever he wants so he'll leave them alone.

Scott goes to Deaton for help at the animal clinic, where Isaac appears, and tells him that Voyd and Erica plan on leaving. Scott asks if he's going with them, but he says he hasn't decided and asks for Scott's advice, saying that he trusts Scott, since Scott always seems to want to do the right thing. Isaac notices a sick dog on the table and senses that it's not getting better. Deaton shows Isaac that he can help the dog by taking away it's pain, and has Isaac place it's hand on the dog's head, syphoning off the pain, as shown through his black vains, and begins to tear, which Scott tells him that he cried the first time Deaton showed him that too. Isaac then remembers that Jackson is playing in tonights game.

Melissa arrives in the locker room to find Scott, as Coach gives his speech to the team. As the game begins Scott arrives, but Coach says his grades are too low for him to play and benches him. Isaac arrives and agrees to help Scott, injuring his own teammates until only Scott is left to play. During the middle of the game, Jackson rams into Isaac, injuring him and causing him to lose control, so Scott has him leave. As coach searches for Scott, the puck lands right in front of Stiles, who watches as every player runs toward him. He then begins hitting the puck and shoots it, making his first score ever. He then begins shooting one goal after another.

Inside the bathroom, Isaac begins calming down and sees hunters behind him. He smiles as the hunters notice Scott behind them and the two werewolves easily defeat them. Running back outside, they see everyone panicking and see a dead body on the field, Jackson's. They notice that Jackson did it to himself, and he is taken to the hospital morgue. Melissa, with Melanie, takes them there to check on the body, and find that it's in a slimy cacoon. Melissa talks to Scott about his secret and says if he can do something about it he should. Suddenly the body begins moving and his eyes awaken. They panick and tell Mellisa to zip the bag up. Doing so she mumbles "My son, the big bad werewolf wants me to do this."

They meet with Derek and Chris in a warehouse, and Derek prepares to kill him, but Jackson picks up Derek and throws him across the room. Gerard arrives and states that he knew that Scott would bring Jackson to Derek and that they just brought Derek to him. Allison appears and shoots Isaac with an arrow and Scott rushes by his side, as Jackson, fully transformed into the Kanima, chases Chris throughout the warehouse. Derek flips over a crate, in his werewolf form, and contronts the Kanima, as Scott and Isaac transform and join the battle. First it takes down Derek, as Scott jumps up and kicks him and claws into his back, before it throws him into a wall. Isaac tries to fight it, but it wraps it's tail around his hand and throws him into a bunch of crates. Derek begins choking the Kanima, forcing it back, but it slices his chest and kicks him down, while Scott climbs onto a support beam and jumps off, slamming into the Kanima. Isaac tries to rejoin the fight, but Allison uses her daggers to slice up his chest, and then stabs his backside. Preparing to kill a paralyzed Derek, her arms are grabbed by the Kanima, as Gerard states that he still needs Derek, which Scott points out was his plan all along. Gerard realizes Scott sensed it when he threatened Scott's family at the hospital, which Isaac senses that Gerard is dying, to which Gerard confirms stating that the supernatural has a cure for cancer, and threatens to kill Allison, his own grand daughter, if Scott doesn't help him. Scott grabs Derek's neck and Gerard puts his arm between Derek's jaws, as Scott forces Derek to bite down. Gerard holds up his arm in victory, but the others stare in shock as ooze drips from his arm. Scott states that Gerard wasn't the only person with a plan, and reveals that he switched out Gerard's pills, which Gerard pulls out and crushes, revealing mountain ash inside. Weakened, Gerard falls to his knees and commands the Kanima to kill all of them. Allison elbows it and runs to Scott's side. With Derek and Isaac not able to fight, Scott takes on the Kanima alone. Scott runs at the Kanima and slams into it, causing it slide back. He jumps on it's back and stabs it's neck with his claws, but it grabs his arms and throws him to the ground, then it grabs his neck with it's tail, but he digs into the tail with his claws, causing it to release him, and then he grabs it's tail and swings it into the wall, and repeatedly claws it, but stops, stating that he's there to save his life, not end it, but it prepares to slice him with it's claws, until Stiles and Lydia ram into it with the Jeep. Lydia confronts Jackson, who flashes through memories with her, causing him to return to his human form. Derek and Peter jump out and stab Jackson with their claws. They lift him off the floor and Derek slashes up, and he falls to the ground appearing dead. Allison points out that Gerard is gone and can't get too far. Crying in Stiles arms, Lydia turns around to see Jackson's wounds heal. His eyes open, glowing blue, and he rises from the floor and gives out a large howl, as a now fully transformed werewolf.

Meanwhile, running through the woods, Erica and Voyd hear multiple howls and are surrounded by a pack of werewolves.

After daylight, Scott and Stiles head to the Hockey field to practice. Scott says that he knows he and Allison will be together eventually, while Stiles says that his ten year plan to make Lydia fall in love with him may have to stretch to fifteen years, but it's still in motion. As they begin Stiles repeatedly tells Scott not to use his wolf powers, and Scott agrees, before his eyes are shown glowing yellow. The screen goes black as Stiles yells at Scott "I said no wolf powers."

In the mid-credits scene, Isaac, Peter, and Derek return to the Hale House, and see a symbol painted on the door. Peter explains that this is why Derek was so eager to build his pack and power. Isaac asks what it means, and Derek responds that it's the symbol for an entire pack of Alphas.


  • Coach Finstock: "Stilinski! What the hell is wrong with your friend?"
  • Stiles: "Well Coach, he's failing two classes, is socially awkward, doesn't have many friends, and if you look really closely, his jaw line is a little uneven."
  • Coach Finstock: "Huh. Interesting."

  • Derek: "If you're going to test me, at least take a consences. Isaac, Erica."
  • Scott: "Two against one? Not exactly a fair fight Derek."
  • Derek: "Then go home Scott."
  • Scott: (Transforming) "I meant, It's not fair for them. Rooaaaar!"

  • Sheriff Stilinski: "What are you doing here, Stiles?"
  • Stiles: "It's a club, dad. I was clubbing."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "At a gay club? Not exactly your type of club."
  • Stiles: "Well dad, you and I, we need to have a talk. You see..."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "You're not gay."
  • Stiles: "What? I could be."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Not in those clothes you're not."

  • Stiles: "Come on Dad, trust me."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Trust you?"
  • Stiles: "Um-uh, trust... trust Scott."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Now Scott, I trust."

  • Stiles: "There he is. There's Matt."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "That's just the back of a head."
  • Stiles: "How many people do you know, with black leather jackets?"
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Millions, literally."
  • Stiles: "I sit behind him in chemistry class. I'd recognize the back of his head anywhere, he has a very distinct cranium."

  • Matt: "That's right. I know about werewolves and Kanimas and the Full Moon. What about you Stiles? What do you turn into."
  • Stiles: (Sarcastically) "The abominable snowman, but it's kind of a seasonal thing."

  • Matt: "Oooh, the big bad Alpha, left helpless by one little scratch."
  • Derek: (Paralyzed on the floor) "I still have my teeth. Bend down a little closer. Then see how helpless I am."
  • Stiles: (Paralyzed and muttering) "Yeeaah, bitch."

  • Derek: (Using his claws to push the venom out of his system) "I think it's working. I can move my toes."
  • Stiles: "Dude."
  • Derek: "Yeah?"
  • Stiles: "I can move my toes."
  • Isaac: "They're leaving tonight. Erica and Voyd. After the game."
  • Scott: "Are going with them."
  • Isaac: "Haven't decided."
  • Scott: "Then why'd you come to me?"
  • Isaac: "I'm asking for your advice."
  • Scott: "Advice? From me? Why?"
  • Isaac: "Because you always seem to want to do the right thing. You put others before yourself."

  • Scott: "You Came."
  • Isaac: "We need to make it to where Coach is forced to play you."
  • Scott: "Can you do it without putting anybody in the Hospital."
  • Isaac: "I can try."

  • Peter: (Grabbing something from a droor) "You need to see this."
  • Derek: "What is that, a book?"
  • Peter: "No, It's a laptop. What century are you living in?"
  • Derek: (After seeing a picture of the evolved Kanima) "Peter! That thing has wings!"
  • Peter: "Calm down, there's a video. Maybe it's not as scary as it looks."
  • Derek: "Play it."
  • Peter: (Startled by the video) "Nope, that's worse."

  • Allison: "What are you doing?"
  • Scott: "What he came her to do."
  • Gerard: "It was that night outside the hospital, wasn't it Scott? When I threatened your mother. You could smell it on me."
  • Isaac: "He's dying."
  • Gerard: "I am. Unfortunately, science doesn't have a cure for cancer, but the supernatural does."
  • Chris: "You monster!"
  • Gerard: "Oh no, not yet."
  • Chris: "You would kill your own grandaughter?"
  • Gerard: "When it comes to survival. I would kill my own son!"
  • Derek: "Scott, don't! He'll kill me. Gerard will be an Alpha."
  • Gerard: "But I think he already knows that, don't you Scott? He knows that the true prize is Allison. Do this small task for me and they can be together. You are the only piece that doesn't fit, Derek!"
  • Scott: "I'm sorry, but I have to."

  • Gerard: (After being bitten) "Yes. Yes!" (Black ooze begins dripping from his wound)
  • Scott: "It's over Gerard."
  • Gerard: "What is this? What did you do?"
  • Derek: "Scott?"
  • Scott: "Everyone always said Gerard had a plan. I had a plan too."
  • Gerard: (Crushing his pills to see black dust) "Mountain Aaash!"
  • Derek: "Why didn't you tell me?"
  • Scott: "Because, you may be an Alpha, but you're not my Alpha."

  • Scott: "You know what I just realized. I'm back where I started. No hockey, popularity, no girlfriend."
  • Stiles: "You still got me."
  • Scott:  "But I had you before."
  • Stiles: "Yeah, and you still got me. Life fulfilled."
  • Scott: "Ready?"
  • Stiles: "Yeah, but no wolf powers."
  • Scott: "Got it."
  • Stiles: "I'm serious. No super fast reflexes, no hearing, no eyesight. None of that crap"
  • Scott: "Just take the shot, already." (His eyes glow yellow)
  • Stiles: (The screen goes black) "Come on, I said no wolf powers!"

  • Isaac: (Looking at a symbol on the door) "What does it mean?"
  • Derek: "They're coming."
  • Isaac: "Who's coming?"
  • Peter: "Alphas"
  • Isaac: "More than one?"
  • Derek: "An entire pack of them. An entire pack of Alphas."
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