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Teen Wolf is a 2016 American Action Supernatural Film, based off of the 2011 TV Series of the same name, and premiered in theaters on June 5, 2016, as the first of six installments. Featuring Dylan Sprayberry, Jonny Gray, Kira Kosarin, Emilia McCarthy, Tyler Hoechlin, Jadin Gould, Uriah Shelton, Robert Downey Jr, J.R. Bourne, and Jill Wagner as the main cast of Teen Wolf, the film follows the life of Scott McCall, who is turned into a werewolf, and must now control his instincts under the Full Moon, while avoiding the hunters and stopping the Alpha werewolf from killing.

The film is followed by Teen Wolf 2, which was released on June 3, 2017, and later in 2018, by Teen Wolf 3: Rise of the Alphas, in 2019 with the release of Teen Wolf 4: Lost in the Void, and again in 2020 with Teen Wolf 5: The Dead Pool. Teen Wolf 6, however, was split into two parts, Part 1: Lost and Divided being released on March 2, 2021, and Part 2: The Lost Werewolf being released later that year in December.

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After his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, drags him out into the woods, searching for a dead body, teenage asthmatic benchwarmer, Scott McCall, is bitten by a large beast, and soon finds himself transforming into a werewolf, now stronger and faster than humanly possible, with enhanced sight, smell, and hearing, and becomes Beacon Hill High School' star athlete in field hockey, while dating Allison Argent, the new girl in town, but when the Full Moon comes, Scott find himself unable to control his werewolf senses, and is comfronted by a whole group of werewolf hunters and another adverserial werewolf, Derek Hale, and things become worse when he finds out that the head hunter is Allison's father and his jock-headed teamate, Jackson Whittmore, will stop at nothing until he finds out Scott's secret. Now, with the help of his friend Stiles, Scott must keep his secret from his his family and Allison, and get help from Derek in order to escape the hunters and stop the Alpha werewolf that bit him, before it continues it's killing spree


  • Dylan Sprayberry as Scott McCall, a 16 year old teenager at Beacon Hills High, who was formerly an unpopular benchwarmer on the Field Hockey team, until being bitten by a werewolf, turning him into one, allowing him to run faster and stronger than humanly possible, with enhanced senses, and begins dating the new girl, Allison Argent, and becoming co-captain of the Hockey Team. As a werewolf, he grows claws, wolf fangs, pointy ears, and extensive amounts of hair on arms and face, and his eyes glow yellow.
  • Jonny Gray as Stiles Stilinksi, Scott's best friend, considerably his brother, and teammate on the Field Hockey team. Stiles was the first person to know Scott's secret, and helps lock him up on Full Moons. Stiles is very smart, sarcastic, quick, and clever, and provides comic relief in tense situations. His father is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills, and he harbors a secret crush on Lydia Martin.
  • Kira Kosarin as Allison Argent, the new girl in Beacon Hills, who instantly takes an interest in Scott, and begins dating him, and becomes Lydia's best friend. She unknowingly comes from a family of werewolf hunters, until her Aunt Kate reveals to her the existence of werewolves, using her skill to shoot a bow n arrow to help Kate hunt down the Alpha.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie McCall, Scott's younger sister, who he is very close to, and a Freshman at Beacon Hills High School, as she is only a year younger than Scott and his friends, who she is also close to. Like Stiles, she knows that Scott is a werewolf and helps lock him up on Full Moons. She is a skilled athlete in Soccer and is easy going, smart, and loyal to her friends and family, especially her brother
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, a werewolf from birth, whose family died in a fire set by Kate Argent, and left with his sister, Cora, returning to Beacon Hills after his sister, Laura, the Hale pack Alpha, was killed, and now sets out to find the new Alpha and ensact revenge on it, as an adverserial ally to Scott and Stiles.
  • Uriah Shelton as Jackson Whittmore, the co-captain of the hockey team, alongside Scott, and the boyfriend of Lydia. He is competetive, hot-headed, and self-absorbed, not caring for anyone else, though he hates hurting his best friend, Danny, and cares for Lydia more than he lets on.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lydia Martin, Allison's best friend and a popular girl at Beacon Hills High, who acts spoiled and shallow, oblivious to Scott and Stiles' existence, but is a lot smarter than she lets on, which only Stiles knows.
  • J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent, Allison's father and a werewolf hunter veteran. He is a strong-minded, no-nonsense man, and while initially hostile to Scott, threatening him to stay away from Allison, due to his family's crusade, he does have a sense of honor and morals, and believes to sticking to the code.
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Hale, Derek's uncle and the only survivor of the Hale House fire, leaving him burned and in a coma, as Derek originally thought, until he and Scott learned that Peter was the werewolf that killed Laura, making him the Alpha, and then bit Scott.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall, Scott and Melanie's overworked, but comforting and loving mother, as well as a close friend of Sheriff Stilinski's and a surrogate mother to Stiles. She works as a nurse at the hospital and is close to her kids, due to the absence of her ex-husband.
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles' father and the sheriff of Beacon Hills, whose first name, like his son's, hasn't been said. He is a very dedicated cop, but his job is hampered by his initial unawareness of the supernatural.


In the mysterious town of Beacon Hills, average teenagers, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, continue their sophomore year of High School, along with the new girl, Allison Argent. After School, Scott and Stiles go to the Field Hockey tryouts, where popular drama queen, Lydia Martin, drags Allison to watch her boyfriend, Jackson Whitmore, who taunts the boys, as they appear to not play very well. Afterwards, Scott picks up his younger sister, Melanie, who is a freshman, from Soccer tryouts.

Later that night, after eating dinner with his mother, Melissa, and sister, Scott is in his room, preparing his equipment for the rest of tryouts for tomorrow, and hears a noise. He grabs a baseball bat and heads outside to check it out. Stiles falls from the porch roof and both boys are startled. Stiles tells him that his father, the sheriff, and the Beacon County found half a dead body in the woods, and drags Scott out to the woods to find the other half.

Out in the woods, Stiles parks his powdered blue jeep next to the closed entrance of the preserve. Scott seems reluctant, stating that he wants to get a good rest for practice tomorrow, but Stiles reminds him that they always sit on the bench anyways. As they trudge uphill, Scott falls behind and stops to take a hit off his inhaler. Suddenly Stiles sees the line of officers and runs to the search area, leaving Scott behind, but he runs into his father, who questions him about listening in on his phone calls, and asks where his "usual partner in crime is", but Stiles says that Scott wanted to stay home and rest for practice. Not believing him, Sheriff Stilinksi shines his light into the woods and calls out for Scott, who is hiding behind a nearby tree. Scott wanders into the woods alone, and prepares to use his inhaler, but a herd of panicked deer mysteriously runs at him. Scott ducks for cover and his inhaler goes flying. After the herd passes, Scott uses the light on his phone to search for the inhaler and passes over white pale flesh. He sweeps the ground and finds the upper half of the missing body. He panics and loses his footing, causing him to fall into a ravine. Standing back up, Scott hears a low growl and turns to see a wolf-like beast with red eyes jumping at him, knocking him down. The creature bites Scott, who screams and stumbles back to his feet, running through the woods blindly, and runs on to the road, where a speeding SUV swerves to barely miss him. As it begins raining, Scott lifts up his shirt to see the bite.

The next morning at School, Scott tells Stiles what happened and says he thought it was a wolf, but Stiles points out that there hasn't been wolves in California in 60 years. Sitting down in the classroom, Scott hears a loud phone ring, but doesn't see anyone in class with a phone. He looks out the window and sees Allison, somehow hearing her conversation as if she was right next to him, hearing that she forgot her pen at home. She leaves and walks into the classroom, and Scott hands her a pen.

After School, Lydia, again, drags Allison to the Hockey Field tryouts, where Coach Finstock puts Scott on Goalie, saying that it'll help his players score easier to build confidence. When Coach blows the whistle, Scott becomes disoriented by the loud noise and covers his ears and is knocked down when the hockey puck hits his head. Getting back up, Scott tightens his grip and shows great reflexes by deflecting every hockey puck that comes his way, agitating Jackson, and impressing Stiles, Allison, and Lydia.

After practice, Scott takes Stiles to the other half of the body, and along the way, tells him about his hearing and smelling, and his new reflexes. When they arrive at the spot that Scott is sure he found the body, it's not there, and a mysterious guy named Derek Hale appears with Scott's inhaler, and gives it to him and strides away without a word. Stiles tells Scott that Derek is a member of the Hale family that died in a fire ten years ago.

That night, Scott is at work at the animal clinic, and his boss, Dr. Deaton, leaves Scott to lock up. Scott removes his bandage and sees that the bite has already healed. Suddenly, he hears a large bang on the door, and opens it up to see Allison in the thundering rain. She takes him to her car, explaining that a dog ran out into the road and she hit it. Opening the hood of her car, the dog begins barking and growling at her. Scott says it is just frightened, and puts his hand on the dogs head, as his eyes take on a slight yellow glow. He takes the dog inside and wraps its injured leg. Afterwards, Scott walks Allison to her car and asks her to Lydia's party tomorrow night

At Hockey practice the next day, Scott shows that he's gotten a lot better and scores multiple times. Scott appears aggressive as he and Jackson stand for a classic face-off. After practice, Jackson confronts Scott about being on steroids. Confused, Scott turns the question back on him, making him angry. Coach walks in and announces that Scott is on first line.

At Scott's house, Melanie hears a noise in Scott's room and grabs a baseball bat. Stiles stumbles in through the window and they are both startled. Agitated, Melanie calls for Scott, and asks why Stiles doesn't use the front door. Scott responds that they lock the front door and he wouldn't be able to come in. Stiles interrupts and points out that no one in their family even plays baseball. Melanie leaves and Stiles shows Scott his research and believes Scott to be a werewolf, and tells him to cancel his date since tonight is the Full Moon. Stiles sees an agitated Scott with glowing yellow eyes, as he flips the chair and leaves. Putting the chair back up, Stiles sees claw marks on it.

The Full Moon has officially risen as Scott and Allison arrive at Lydia's party, but Scott begins feeling the effects as his eyes begin to glow and his nails grow long and sharp, so he sprints away in a hurry, leaving Allison. He runs into the woods and transforms into a werewolf, with large sharp claws, an extensive amount of hair on his arms, hands, and face, with sharp teeth and yellow eyes. Suddenly he is attacked by a group armed with guns and bows. He tries to escape as he fights them off, but can't. Suddenly, Derek Hale appears and helps him, also being a werewolf, but with blue eyes instead of yellow, and the two fight off the hunters. In the shadows, a hunter shoots in arrow into Scott's arm, through to the tree. Derek breaks it and they escape.

The next morning, Scott wakes up in the Hale house, and goes upstairs, calling for Derek, who appears and throws him to the first floor. Scott transforms and throws Derek through the damaged wall. Derek gets back up shrugging off his attack and transforms. Scott charges at him, but Derek throws him aside. Scott jumps onto the table and leaps at Derek, who dodges Scott and pounds him into the ground, and says that the bite is a gift and he should enjoy it.

Scott heads to School to meet with Stiles, who says he arrived at the party and gave Allison a ride home, and apologizes to him, explaining what happened. Scott then meets with Allison and asks for a second chance, unable to explain what happened, and she does.

Over the course of the next month, Scott and Stiles prepare for the next Full Moon, and help keep Scott from losing control of his anger and Scott learns to transform whenever he wants instead of just on a Full Moon. Allison invites Scott over for dinner with her family, but when her father arrives to pick her up, she sees that it's one of the hunters that attacked him, and Derek arrives and warns him to stay away from them, saying that Stiles won't be able to help him, and says that he's going to train Scott, and they begin. Derek helps Scott control the transformation by using anger, and later attacks him in the parking lot to test him. Afterward, Derek takes Scott to a murder scene, and says that the Alpha that bit Scott is on a killing spree, and needs to be stopped. He then takes him to the hospital to see his comatose uncle, Peter Hale, who has burn marks across his body, and says that this is what the hunters do and that they're ruthless.

The next night on the Full Moon at the Field Hockey game, Scott plays first line, but Stiles is worried, especially when Allison brings her family. As the game progresses, Scott gets more aggressive, beginning to transform, and nearly attacks one of his own players. Scott stumbles to the ground trying to control himself. Stiles runs by his side and sees his claws and yellow eyes and tells him to run out into the woods. Melanie receives a text message that appears to be from Scott, and worriedly follows him. Scott gives out a large howl, which Derek hears from the Hale house and rushes out. The Alpha arrives and attacks Scott, who tries to fight back, but is no match. The Alpha nearly kills Scott, but Derek arrives and saves him, as the Alpha runs off. A frightened Melanie watches as Scott transforms back into a human, and Derek just disappears. Scott explains to Melanie about what happened to him and the hunters and Alpha.

They meet Stiles at their house, and she shows them the message, which Scott didn't type, and begins tracking it, as Scott leaves, and are shocked to see that the message came from Melissa's computer at the hospital, so Derek, Stiles, and Melanie head down there. Melanie and Stiles talk to Melissa, but when they hear that it came from Peter's nurse they realize Peter's the Alpha and try to leave, but Peter awakens and attacks them. Peter prepares to kill Stiles, but Derek rushes in and saves him, before being easily defeated by his uncle.

At School, Scott is confronted by Jackson, who saw Scott before he left to the woods, and claims to know what he is, and wants Scott to get it for him, but Scott states it has to be an Alpha and he shouldn't want it anyways, telling him about the Hunters. Jackson threatens to expose Scott to them if he doesn't get the bite for him. Jackson later goes to the Hale House to get the bite from Derek, but he doesn't come out. Allison's father, Chris, and his sister, Kate, arrive to confront Jackson, who nervously says that he's lost and leaves. Chris tells Kate that they need to keep an eye on him.

In the locker room at School, Scott is confronted by Peter, with Derek by his side, and he threatens Scott's friends and family. Scott transforms and attacks him, but is defeated. Peter leaves to go tell Derek to handle their problem, as Peter just disappears.

Meanwhile, at her house, Allison realizes her necklace is missing, and goes down to the garage to look in the car, and overhears her father and aunt talking about Scott and Jackson, and later begins researching her family.

At the Hale house, Derek meets with Jackson, and prepares to kill him, but Scott arrives to save him, and the two prepare to fight, until the hunters attack the house, and Scott is shot, as Derek helps him escape, and is left behind. Scott stumbles into the woods, with the bullet wound not healing. He suddenly awakens at the animal clinic, where his boss Deaton removes the bullet, which is made of wolf's bane.

The next day, Jackson's car breaks down and Chris Argent comes to help him, really trying to figure out if he's the beta. Scott and Stiles arrive as Chris leaves. Jackson is agitated that they were following him, and Scott states that now he has to worry about Jackson from revealing the secret, since they think that he's the second beta. Scott tells Jackson to take Allison to the dance to watch out for her, but he disagrees. Scott's eyes then glow yellow, and Jackson's face is shown shoved against the window of his car. At school, Jackson nervously asks Allison to the dance, and she agrees. Then Stiles asks Lydia to the dance, and she somewhat agrees. 

After school, Allison goes to confront her aunt about the strange behavior of their family lately, so Kate takes her down to a bunker somewhere in the woods, where she is holding a fully transformed Derek, and begins torturing him. Scared, Allison leaves to get ready for the Formal. Arriving at the School with Jackson, Allison tries texting Scott, but looks up to see him sneaking into the dance. Stiles and Lydia arrive as well. Inside the gym, on the bleachers, Scott looks around and sees Stiles and Lydia dancing, and Allison miserable with Jackson, but Coach Finstock sees him, and he goes down to the party, and begins dancing with a gay student named Danny. When Coach tries to stop them, people assume the wrong idea, so he allows it. Scott then goes to meet Allison, and the two dance. Scott tries to tell her his secret, but she drags him outside near the school buses, and goes inside one of them. Scott tries to go inside, but the ends of the buses are blocked by cars that ram toward Scott. When he jumps up onto one of the hoods, Allison is startled, when Scott looks up to reveal himself as a werewolf. Scott flees the School and heads into the woods. Back inside, Lydia goes to go find Jackson, and Stiles follows her, and sees her head onto the football field, where Peter arrives and bites her. Jackson comes and helps Stiles get her to the hospital. Melanie meets them there, but they're confronted by Chris and his hunters, as Chris forces Kate to take Allison out of Beacon Hills, but she defies him and has Allison help her hunt the others. Melanie and Stiles tell Chris that his sister was the one that started the Hale House fire.

Meanwhile, Scott transforms, as he stands over a ledge, overlooking Beacon Hills, and howls in order to signal Derek. After a short period of silence, Derek howls back, which Peter hears too. They both rush to find him. Scott arrives at the Hale House and sees a gate to an underground bunker. Inside, a hunter prepares to torture Derek by beating him with a bat, but Derek reveals his hand to be free and catches it. The hunter sees that Scott is behind him, and Scott throws him across the room, knocking him out. Derek tells him to unlock the other chains, but Scott says he will if he'll help him save his friends. Derek breaks free anyways and agrees to help him. They go outside, but Allison shoots a flash bang arrow, as Kate attacks them, knocking Derek down and holding a gun to Scott, but Chris arrives and tells Kate that they go by the code: We hunt those that hunt us, and confronts her about the fire, since there were human children and innocent people inside. The Hale House door opens and red eyes are seen peeking through. Allison asks what it is. As his eyes glow yellow, Scott responds "the Alpha." Running through the shadows, Peter knocks down Scott and Chris, and takes Kate inside and Allison follows. Peter slashes Kate’s throat and prepares to kill Allison, but Scott and Derek arrive and prepare to fight him, while Allison runs to get her father. Scott and Derek rush at him but are each thrown to a different side of the room. Derek gets back up and attacks again, but is also knocked down, again. Scott jumps up and kicks him against the wall, repeatedly punching and kicking Peter, who, with each punch, transforms more and more. Peter elbows Scott, knocking him back and begins choking him. Scott punches him again and again, before Peter throws him into the ceiling, and punches him on his way down. Peter transforms into his beastly Alpha werewolf form. Outside, Allison tries to wake up an out cold Chris, and watches as Scott is thrown through the window, and Derek, through the door, as the Alpha busts through the wall. Peter picks Scott up and prepares to kill him, but Allison shoots multiple flash bang arrows at him, disorienting him and causing him to drop Scott, who gets the upper hand and takes back the fight, kicking and clawing him, before giving the final blow, a powerful kick to Peter's head. Nearly unconscious, Peter turns back to normal, as Derek gets back up and stands over Peter. Scott begs Derek not to kill him, as Derek told him the cure comes from the one who bit him, but Peter taunts Derek about how he killed Laura to become an Alpha, as his eyes begin to glow. Infuriated, Derek slashes Peter's throat, and stands up looking at Scott with his glowing blue eyes turning red, stating that he's the Alpha now.

Afterward, Stiles and Scott go to the hospital to check on Lydia, but her bite is gone, though she doesn't seem to be a werewolf either, leaving the boys in confusion.

The film ends as Scott and Stiles return to their normal lives, practicing Hockey, while Scott sees Allison in secret. Jackson goes to the Hale house, where newly formed Alpha, Derek, agrees to give him the bite.


  • Scott: "I don't know about this Stiles. I need to get a good rest for practice tomorrow
  • Stiles: "Oh yeah, because sitting on the bench all year is a real effort."
  • Scott: "Well this year I'm going to make the team."
  • Stiles: "Have fun with that pathetically unrealistic dream."

  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Are you lying to me, Stiles?"
  • Stiles: "Well, dad. That depends on how you define lying."
  • Sheriff Stilinski: "Not telling the truth. How do you define it?"
  • Stiles: "Being down in a, uh... horizantal position."

  • Jackson: "What is it? Huh?"
  • Scott: "What's what?"
  • Jackson: "Your juice, you idiot?"
  • Scott: "Oh, you mean steroids?"
  • Jackson: "There's no way you got so good, so quickly. You have to be using."
  • Scott: "No. Are you?

  • Jackson: (Frightened) "Please don't. I won't tell anybody!"
  • Derek: "Haven't you noticed that no one's coming to your rescue, because no cares you drive a fancy car. No cares you have nice hair. And no one cares that you're the captain of a Hockey team!"
  • Scott: (Unseen): That's co-captain!" (Scott humps in front of Derek, transformed)
  • Derek: "Get out of my way, Scott!"
  • Scott: "Sorry, Derek, but I can't do that."
  • Derek: "Fine! I'll kill you too."

  • Stiles: "Do you have a tux?"
  • Scott: "Not yet."
  • Stiles: "Well, do you have a date?"
  • Scott: "Not yet."
  • Stiles: "Do you even have tickets?"
  • Scott: "Not yet."
  • Stiles: "So, you're going to a dance that you're not even allowed to go to. With no suit, nobody to go with, and no way in, with the werewolf hunters and big bad Alpha all out to chew up your little werewolf ass?"
  • Scott: "Pretty much... You going to help me?"
  • Stiles: "Definately."

  • Scott: "Derek don't! If you do this, I'll be like this forever! Allison, her family. What am I supposed to do?"
  • Peter: (Eyes glow red) "You've already decided. I can smell it on you!" (Derek slashes his throat)
  • Scott: "No!"
  • Derek: (Eyes glow red) "I'm the Alpha now!"

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