Teen Wolf is an American Action Supernatural-Drama Television Series, loosely based off of the 1985 film of the same name, premiering on November 12, 2015, on the CW Television Network. Featuring Dylan Sprayberry, Jonny Gray, Kira Kosarin, Emilia McCarthy, Tyler Hoechlin, and Jadin Gould as the original Main Cast, the series follows the life of Scott McCall, who must cope with his new abilities and instincts, after being turned into a werewolf, as he uses these new abilities to protect his home town of Beacon Hills from supernatural threats.


After being bitten by a large wolf-like animal in the middle of the woods, an average athmatic teenage High School student, Scott McCall, is transformed into a werewolf, containing supernatural abilities, such as enhanced smell, hearing, speed, strength, and agility. Now, with the help of his own pack, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Melanie McCall, and Lydia Martin, Scott must cope with his new instincts and control his anger under the full moon, while using his werewolf abilities to stop dangerous supernatural creatures from threating is hometown of Beacon Hills, so named for it's unusual attraction of the supernatural.


Main Cast

  • Dylan Sprayberry as Scott McCall, a once average asthmatic benchwarmer, who was bitten by a large beastly wolf-like creature, turning him into werewolf, making him stronger and faster than humanly possible, with enhanced hearing and smell. With the help of his best friend, Stiles, Scott learns to control his anger, which triggers the transformation. He initially keeps his secret from his mother, Melissa, and sister, Melanie, and his girlfriend Allison, whose family are monster hunters. Scott often feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, puttng it within himself to stop any supernatural mess the goes wrong, and will do anything to protect his friends and family, and always tries to find hope when no one else does. Stiles, Allison, Lydia, and Melanie are considered his honorary pack. Due to his time worrying about his supernatural problems, Scott doesn't usually get very good grades, but he is captain of the school's field hockey team and works as an assistant at an animal clinic. In his original werewolf form, he had yellow eyes, sharp claws, razor teeth, and wolf like features on his face. Throughout each season as he gets stronger, his transformation becomes more wolf like, until he becomes an a True Alpha, which is gained without having to steal the power by killing an alpha, in which he learns to become an actuall wolf-like beast, with red eyes instead of yellow.
  • Jonny Gray as Stiles Stilinski, Scott's best friend since nursery school, considerably his brother, as well as an honorary member of his pack. Stiles was the first person to know Scott's secret and wanted to keep it that way, and helped Scott control his abilities and anger, locking him up on Full Moons. Stiles is smart, sarcastic, quick, and clever, and provides comic relief in tense situations. His father is the sheriff and he lost his mother when he was a child. His eagerness to protect his friends often puts him in danger, but he is willing to do anything to keep them safe. He harbors a secret crush on Lydia Martin, that turns into a relationship. He has a close friendship with Derek Hale, starting as an adverserial ally, but their near death experiences together causes them to grow very trustworthy of eachother, to where he only trusts Derek to help him when Scott can't. Though he prefers to be called Stiles, his full name is never said, but has been mentioned numerous times, described as odd and long.
  • Kira Kosarin as Allison Argent, Scott's first crush and girlfriend, who first didn't know she came from a family of monster hunters, as well as an honorary member of Scott's Pack. Secrets from both Scott and her father made her mistrust both of them, until she discovered both their secrets in the season 1 finale. She began helping Scott, using her skill to shoot a bow n' arrow, while keeping her relationship with Scott a secret from her family. She is naturally caring, strong-minded, and loyal to her loved ones, willing to do anything to protect them and is best friends with Lydia and Stiles. After her mother's death, she shortly becomes a coldhearted hunter, but later shows guilt of her actions, and temporarily breaks up with Scott.
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, a werewolf from birth, whose family died in a house fire, set by hunters, so he left with his sister. He returned six years later, after a mysterious new Alpha killed his sister and bit Scott. To Scott and Stiles, he was initially an adverserial ally, trying to protect Scott, but only to get to the Alpha, and taught Scott how to use his abilities and control his transformation. After killing the alpha in season 1, became the alpha and started making his own pack, but this power is stolen from him by Deucalion. Over time, he and Scott form a close friendship as Scott begins becoming an Alpha of his own pack, and shows pride in Scott's power. He also has a close friendship with Stiles, who originally thought that Scott shouldn't trust him, but after saving eachother on more than one ecasion, became trustworthy of each other. He has blue eyes due to killing an innocent life of his teenage girlfriend, Paige, who was dying of a wolf bite.
  • Emilia McCarthy as Lydia Martin, Allison's best friend and a good friend of Scott and Stiles, as well as an honorary member of Scott's pack, and is later shown to be a banshee. She is a very popular student at school, originally hiding her real intelligence, acting as a spoilled drama queen, oblivious to Scott and Stiles existence, but as she begins to mature, she begins to deeply care for Scott and Stiles. The pack discovers that she is immune to the bite because she's already a Banshee, also known as an "Oman of Death", so named for her ability sense when somebody is about to die, initially by hearing things, signalled by giving a sonic loud scream, or wail. She learns to control her scream, or "Banshee Cry" as she calls it, to hold off enemies.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie McCall, Scott's younger sister and an honorary member of his pack. She sees Allison as an older sister-figure and is close to her older brother. She is a skilled athlete in soccer, easy going, and loyal to her friends and family, especially her brother. After discovering Scott's secret, she asks Allison to teach her basic combat and to shoot a bow. She began a relationship with Isaac Lahey, a werewolf in Scott's pack. Allison and her father eventually see her as an honorary hunter, and put her through initiation, but in Season 4, an Oni, being controlled by the Nogitsune, runs her through with a sword, and she dies in Scott's arms.
  • Ross Lynch as Isaac Lahey, a beta werewolf, bitten by Derek, for power against his abusive father, who was then killed by the Kanima. He eventually left Derek's pack and joined Scott's, becoming close friends with him, Allison, and Stiles, and especially Melanie, who he began dating. He is warm and kind hearted, and is very loyal to Scott, and never questions Scott's plans or intentions. After Melanie died, he briefly left, but returned in Season 6. Like Scott, he has normal yellow eyes when he transforms.
  • Ranya Jaber as Sarah Whitney, a student at Beacon Hills High, as well as Scott's first true beta, with no choice, but to bite her, in order to save her life. She is a skilled athlete, smart, strong-headed, and extroverted, and very loyal to Scott, as well as an out and proud openly lesbian. Her explosive anger makes it especially hard for Scott to teach her, but he feels pride in her, as Derek once had for him.
  • Peyton Meyer as Jackson Whittmore, the co-captain of the hockey team, alongside Scott, and the ex-boyfriend of Lydia. He is competetive, hot-headed, and self-absorbed, not caring for anyone else, though he hates hurting his best friend, Danny, and cares for Lydia more than he lets on. In Season 1, he's obsessed with finding the truth behind Scott's sudden improvement, and discovers his secret. Power mad, he asks Derek for the bite, but his body rejects it, causing him to become a Kanima. At the end of Season 2, he finally becomes a werewolf, though he remains part kanima, and leaves Beacon Hills. He has blue eyes, due to the innocent lives he took as the Kanima. Jackson later returns in episode 9 of Season 4 after Scott contacts him to help the Pack with the Nogitsune. Jackson is revealed to be a werewolf/kanima hybrid, retaining his venom-laced claws, reptilian eyes and his tail. Unlike the previous seasons, Jackson is more compassionate and selfless and is less self-absorbed and hot-headed than he used to be. He also considers Scott and the rest of the pack his friends, helping them out with the Nogitsune, and Jackson becomes especially close to Kira Yukimura, even falls in love with her. A definitive moment for Jackson is when he faces the Nogitsune himself to give the Pack time to escape with Noshiko and the sword. After the final battle with the Nogitsune, Jackson visits Kira while Noshiko is out meeting with Deaton, and the two end up spending the night making love, admitting their love for each other and beginning a relationship.
  • Lana Condor as Kira Yukimura, a kitsune and an honorary member of Scott’s Pack. She is a shy and quiet person, which usually causes others to underestimate how powerful she really is. Her kitsune powers begin to manifest after she moves to Beacon Hills with her mother Noshiko.

Recurring Cast

  • Melissa Ponzio as Melissa McCall, Scott and Melanie's overworked, but comforting and loving mother, as well as a close friend of Sheriff Stilinski's and a surrogate mother to Stiles and Isaac. She works as a nurse at the hospital and is close to her kids, due to the absence of her ex-husband. In the season 2 finale, she discovers Scott's secret, and while initially devestated and horrified, she became closer to him, assisting in the pack's supernatural activites anyway she can, acting as a moral tether for Scott.
  • Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles' father and the sheriff of Beacon Hills, whose first name, like his son's, hasn't been said. He is a very dedicated cop, but his job is hampered by his initial unawareness of the supernatural, unallowing him to solve some crimes, until he discovers Scott's secret, allowing him to help keep the cops off a case when something supernatural happens. Both he and Stiles are mutually supportive and protective of one another, due to the death of his wife, Claudia.
  • Trevor Jackson as Danny Mehealani, Jackson's best friend and a close friend of Scott and Stiles, as well as an openly gay, as he dated a werewolf, Ethan. He is a member of the field hockey team alongside his friends. Before Ethan leaves, Danny tells him that he knows his secret.
  • J.R. Bourne as Chris Argent, Allison's father and a werewolf hunter veteran. He is a strong-minded, no-nonsense man, and while initially hostile to Scott due to his family's crusade, has a sense of honor and morals, and believes to sticking to the code, not wanting to kill innocent wolves. After the death of his wife, he gives up hunting and becomes an ally to Scott and Derek. The Argent code is initially "We hunt those who hunt us", but Allison changes it to "We protect those who can't protect themselves".
  • Eaddy Mays as Victoria Argent, the mother of Allison and wife of Chris, and due to tradition, the official leader of the Argents' hunters, who made the final decisions, with field leadership deferred to Chris. She was a zealous and coldehearted woman, giving werewolves no mercy. After being bitten by Derek, she killed herself, giving leadership to Allison.
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Peter Hale, Derek's uncle and the former Alpha who bit Scott. As the main antagonist of season 1, he bit Scott to create his pack and hunted Scott to get him to join his pack. In the season 1 finale, Scott and Derek, with the help of Allison and Chris, defeat him, then Derek slashes his throat, killing Peter and making himself the Alpha, but in Season 2, Lydia unknowingly revived him, in which he returned as an adverserial ally. As an alpha, his eyes are obviously red, but when he becomes an omega when revived, his eyes are blue.
  • Seth Gilliam as Dr. Alan Deaton, a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott's boss. Deaton is wise, unflappable, inscrutable, a dedicated pacifist, and has a mysterious past. He acts as a mentor to Scott, and over time, to his Pack. Due to his vast knowledge and experience in the supernatural, reveals his role as a druid.
  • Jill Wagner as Katherine "Kate" Argent, Allison's aunt and Chris' sister, as a well as a cruel, cold-hearted hunter, and is responsible for the Hale house fire, killing Derek's family, except Peter. She was close to Allison, more like her sister than aunt, and was the one to reveal hunting to Allison, asking her to help track the Alpha, but was killed when Peter slashed her throat with his claws. She was the secondary antagonist of Season 1.
  • Michael Hogan as Gerard Argent, the grandfather of Allison and father of Chris and Kate, as well as merciless and cold-hearted werewolf hunter. After Peter killed Kate, Gerard decided no werewolf, innocent or not, should live and started a vendetta. After Victoria died, he manipulated Allison into becoming just like him. After killing Matt, he became the second master of the Kanima and used it for his vendetta until Scott poisoned him with mountain ash. He was the main antagonist of Season 2
  • Colin Ford as Matt Daehler, a student at Beacon Hills High, a photographer, and a former field hockey team member, as well as the first master of the Kanima, using it to kill people that stood by and laughed as he was drowning, but he was killed by Gerard. He was the secondary antagonist of Season 2.
  • Sabrina Carpenter as Erica Reyes, a shy, socially awkward, fragile student with epilepsy, until Derek bit her and she joined his pack as the second beta, causing her to become more confident, snarky, flirtatious, and stylish. She antagonized Allison and flirted with Stiles. In the season 2 finale, she flead with Boyd, but they were trapped by another pack that killed her.
  • Ray Fisher as Vernon Boyd, a shy, lonely student that worked at the ice rink, until Derek bit him, and he joined his pack, becoming close to Erica, whom he left with at the end of Season 2, only to be caught by another pack, that killed Erica, as he nearly escaped with his life.
  • Haley Webb as Jennifer Blake, the former english teacher, as well as the Durach, using human sacrifices to grow stronger to protect herself from Deucalion, using the power of the Nemetan tree, while seducing Derek. In her Durach form, she has a white face with scars over it and no nose. In was killed in the Season 3 finale by Deucalion, who slashed her throat. She was the main antagonist of Season 3
  • Gideon Emery as Deucalion, the Alpha leader of an entire pack of Alpha's, who is known as the "Demon Wolf". He sent his pack to Beacon Hills for Derek, who was already an alpha, to join him, along with Scott, who was beginning to become a true alpha. He was blinded years ago by Gerard, and uses his other senses to fight. He can transform into a large red wolf beast. He was the main antagonist of Season 3
  • Charlie and Max Carver as Ethan and Aiden, a pair of twins in Deucalion's pack of Alpha's, who can merge together to become one large beast creature. After Deucalion is defeated, they attempt to join Scott's pack and eventually earn his trust, but Aiden is killed by the oni and Ethan later leaves Beacon Hills. Ethan, who is openly gay, seduced Danny, while Aiden seduced Lydia.
  • Ryan Kelley as Deputy Jordan Parrish, Sheriff Stilinski's new assistant deputy, who later becomes an ally of Scott's pack, upon discovering that he too, is a supernatural creature, known as a Hellhound. Parrish has a sense of duty and honor, and is smart, resourceful, and open-minded.
  • Steven Weber as Alucard Manson, the leader of a clan of vampires that settled in Beacon Hills, and the main protagonist of Season 8. He's a cold blooded and merciless killer, and likes to toy with wolves. Like all vampires, he has enhanced speed, strength, and can fly. Unlike the rest of his clan he can turn into a large bat-like creature. He also has the power to persuade other vampires to do his bidding. Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula, a reference to the king of Vampires.
  • Leanne Lap as Gilda Manson, Alucard's oldest daughter and the older sister of Danielle. She is an overachiever and is very competitive and loyal, and never dares to defy her father. Like all vampires, she's stronger and faster than humanly possible, and can fly.
  • Ashley Boettcher as Danielle Manson, the youngest daughter of Alucard and the younger sister of Gilda. Unlike her sister, Danielle often disobeys her father and is usually punished for it. Throughout her father's clan's war with Scott's pack, she carried on a secret relationship with Scott's own beta, Sarah. When the pack find out about the relationship, Danielle betrays Alucard and the clan of vampires, becoming a member of Scott’s Pack.


Season 1: The Alpha and the Hunters

"My name is Scott McCall. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me, then I started feeling faster, stronger, powerful, but now people are after me, hunters, that will stop at nothing to kill me, and the Alpha, that will stop at nothing until I join his pack. To everyone, but me and best friend Stiles, I'm just an average teenager, but secretly, every time there's a Full Moon, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf."

Title Description
Bitten (Pilot) When his friend, Stiles Stilinski, drags him into the woods to find a dead body, Scott McCall is bitten by a large wolf. The next day, he becomes stronger and faster and begins smelling and hearing things, and goes from asthmatic bench warmer to star athlete, and meets the new girl in town, Allison Argent, but when he takes her out on a date during a Full Moon, he begins changing into a werewolf, and leaves to the woods before he hurts her, where he's confronted by another werewolf, Derek Hale, and hunters.
Second Chance at First Line When Stiles learns that anger can trigger the transformation as much as a Full Moon, he tries to convince Scott to sit out the big game, when the coach puts Scott on first line at the big Hockey game, especially when Jackson and Lydia plan to humiliate him. Meanwhile Scott is worried when he sees that Allison's father is one of the hunters.
Hunters When Scott and Stiles try to figure out if Allison knows about werewolves and her father, Derek threatens Scott to stay away from her, but when Scott transforms and heads into the woods, Derek helps him and makes sure Scott's face isn't revealed to the hunters.
Wolfsbane Stiles must work with Derek to save Scott, when Scott is poisoned by wolfsbane, causing him to grow weaker as he tries to escape the woods, but he's captured by hunters working with Chris Argent, and now they must find him before Chris can arrive to see Scott for himself.
Pack Mentality When Scott sees his dream of mauling Allison on a School Bus, nearly comes true with someone else, he goes to Derek for help. Meanwhile, Scott's date with Allison turns into a group date with Jackson and Lydia. Scott and Derek learn that Scott was under the control of the Alpha that bit Scott.
Blue Bullets Allison's aunt, Kate, comes to town to help Chris, and when Derek is hunting the Alpha, Kate shoots him with a bullet containing Wolfsbane. Now, when Scott is invited to dinner by the Argents, he must find the type of bullet in order to save Derek's life.
Reactants During a hockey game, Scott is forced to leave when he loses control and transforms into a werewolf, but when he wakes up the next day, he sees his mother bandaging claw marks on Melanie, who believes she was attacked by a large animal.
Trigger When Derek insists that Scott stay away from Allison to keep from distraction, he turns to Stiles to help him control his shift. Stiles uses a heart moniter to keep track of Scott's heart rate, and learns that Allison actually makes Scott normal. Feeling the effects of the scratch, Jackson makes a friend in Allison to get to Scott.
The Tell On Allison's birthday, she and Scott play hookey and skip School. Meanwhile, Jackson and Lydia witness a large beastly animal, the Alpha, attack a video store. When Scott and Allison rush to a parent-teacher confrence, a wild animal attacks the School.
The Alpha When Scott is confronted by the Alpha, he and Stiles set a trap by attracting it to the School, but things go wrong, when the Alpha seemingly kills Derek, and Allison, Lydia, Jackson, and Melanie arrive. Now Scott must protect his friends and his secret, but Melanie finds out. Scott learns that the Alpha wants him to kill his friends and join him.
Full Moon With his second Full Moon arriving, Scott gives in to his animal instincts and hurts Stiles, who gets his payback in locking Scott up when the moon rises, but when Scott breaks free, a thought to be dead, Derek emerges to help him.
Mentorship No match for the Alpha, Scott asks Derek to train him to make him stronger and more powerful, even if it means staying away from Allison. Meanwhile, Melanie continues to adjust to Scott's secret of being a Werewolf.
Strained Derek and Scott continue their hunt for the Alpha, as Scott continues to learn to control his shift into a Werewolf. Meanwhile, Jackson begins having dreams of what seem to be the Hale House Fire.
Little Sister When Melanie is attacked by the Alpha, Scott rushes to her side, but when he gets there, neither the Alpha or Melanie is there, so he asks Derek for help in finding his little sister.
Aconites When Jackson discovers he has Aconite, or Wolfsbane, poisoning, research leads him to the truth behind Scott, and blackmails him into giving him the bite, which only an Alpha can do. Meanwhile, Derek hides out with Stiles, while they and Melanie get help from Danny to trace a text sent to Allison, and learns that the message came from her mother's computer at the Hospital.
Co-Captains The Alpha, Peter Hale, reveals himself to Scott and threatens his friends and family if he doesn't join him. Meanwhile, Allison digs into her family history, while Chris and Kate begin suspecting that Jackson is the second beta. Derek threatens Jackson, but Scott comes to his rescue.
Breaking the Code With Derek chained up by Kate and Peter revealing himself as the Alpha, Scott struggles to protect his friends and family, while keeping his secret from Allison, and must find a way in to the school formal to protect her, but when he's confronted by hunters, Allison sees him transform.
Beta, Alpha, Omega Caught in the middle of a war between the Argents and the Alpha, Scott enlist the help of his friends and Derek to stop the creature and it's killing spree once and for all. Scott and Stiles are surprised when Lydia isn't turned or killed by the bite.

Season 2: The Kanima

"My name is Scott McCall and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me, then I started feeling faster, stronger, powerful, but now I'm being hunted, by people that will stop at nothing until I'm dead. I stopped the Alpha that bit me and saved my home, but now something else is attacking, something worse, and I'm the only one that can stop it. To everyone, but my friends Stiles and Allison, I'm just an ordinary teenager, but secretly, every time the Full Moon rises, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf."

Season 3: The Druid and the Alpha Pack

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I once stopped a dangerous Alpha, but now there's an entire pack of Alpha's. People are dying, evil is rising, and with the help of my own Pack, I must stop them and become the True Alpha I'm meant to be, because every time the Full Moon rises, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf."

Season 4: The Nogitsune

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I stopped the supernatural beings threatening my home and became the True Alpha of my own pack, but in doing so, I opened a gateway for new threats, and my Pack are the only ones that can stop it, because when the Full Moon rises, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf."

Season 5: The Dead Pool

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I stopped the supernatural beings threatening my home and became the True Alpha of my own pack, but now people are dying, people are being hunted, and my Pack are the only ones that can stop it, because when the Full Moon rises I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf.

Season 6: The Ancient Myth

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I stopped the supernatural beings threatening my home and became the True Alpha of my own pack, but now something worse has risen, an ancient beast that only knows destruction, and my Pack are the only ones that can stop it once and for all, because when the Full Moon rises, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf.

Season 7: The Vampires

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I stopped the supernatural beings threatening my home and became the True Alpha of my own pack, but now a new pack has moved in, but this isn't a pack of wolves, it's a pack of blood sucking creatures of the night, it's a pack of Vampires. They mean to start war and if they want a fight, my Pack will give them a fight, because when the Full Moon rises, I become something else. I become a Teen Wolf.

Season 8: The Darkness

"My name is Scott McCall, and I'm not completely human. One night, when I went into the woods, something bit me. Now I'm faster and stronger than humanly possible. I stopped the supernatural beings threatening my home and became the True Alpha of my own pack, but now darkness is spreading over my home, corrupting the people around me and it will stop at nothing until it completely takes over all of Earth. My pack must unite as one in order to stop. I'm not only an Alpha, I am a Werewolf.

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