Teen Titans Go is an animated TV spinoff of The Batman Strikes and a remake of the 2003 TV series Teen Titans.


Season 1

Following the end of The Batman Strikes and the formation of the Justice League, Dick Grayson AKA Robin leaves Batman's side in Gotham for Jump City, as crime in Gotham is now at an all time low while Jump City has become a seething pit of corruption and criminality. In the skies above the city, a alien prison ship experiences a breakout. The escapee, Starfire, crashes on Earth and is seen by Robin. A scaly, green skinned shape shifter named Beast Boy appears as Starfire begins to go on a rampage and tries to assist Robin in apprehending her. Cyborg, his robotic body concealed by a sweat suit, soon arrives to help. A witch named Raven watches from the shadows and is soon forced to join in. They manage to calm Starfire down, but soon find themselves pursued by the alien slavers, intent on recapturing Starfire. After saving Starfire, the group decide to become a team; the Teen Titans.

The overarching story of the season involves the Titans foiling the drug running operations of Jonny Vitti, who hires a mercenary named Deathstroke to stop them. Deathstroke, however, becomes obsessed with turning Robin into his apprentice. For the finale, a criminal calling himself the Red Hood appears. After a battle, the Titans are shocked to unmask him as Robin, having finally sided with Deathstroke. Deathstroke turns on Vitti and kills him, and then sets out preparing to take the city. It is revealed that Robin went secretly undercover to try and trap Deathstroke, who figured it out and turned the tales on him. The villain injected nanomites into the Titans and held a trigger which would set them off, causing them to destroy Robin's friends from the inside out. Robin was then forced to work alongside him, but ultimately rebels and saves his friends while Deathstroke escapes.

Season 2

The second season introduces the geokinetic Terra, troubled young girl who finds her way to Jump City and is subsequently recruited by the Titans, while Beast Boy pursues a romance with her. It turns out that she actually has difficulty controlling her powers, and has caused several natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides in the past. Deathstroke reappears and offers Terra the chance to become his apprentice, saying that he can teach her to control her powers. Terra rebuffs his offer but ultimately leaves the Titans. She later returns, her control improved, and goes on a date with Beast Boy. While they are gone, however, a group of Deathstroke's assassins infiltrate the Titans base and a large battle ensues, which the Titans ultimately win. Deathstroke approaches Terra and her betrayal is revealed to Beast Boy, who battles Deathstroke. Before he can defeat him, Terra intervenes and leaves with Deathstroke. Later, she reappears again, this time taking over the city and defeating the Titans one by one. The heroes fake their deaths while Deathstroke assumes control of the city. They return to confront him and Terra in their underground base, which sets off a large volcanic eruption. Terra is redeemed when she resists Deathstroke and drops him in a magma pit, but is then forced to sacrifice herself to prevent the eruption from destroying the city, permanently turning herself into stone.

Season 3

Season 3 sees the H.I.V.E. Academy as the new enemy, led by the wicked Brother Blood. Blood becomes obsessed with Cyborg's cybernetics and seeks to find their secret. Blood's plots are foiled with the help of some independent heroes; Aqualad, Speedy, Kid Flash and Bumblebee. Together, they destroy the H.I.V.E. headquarters, seemingly vanquishing Brother Blood in the process. The new heroes form the "Titans East" branch to help battle H.I.V.E., with Cyborg assisting in the construction of their base. This is when they are revealed to be under the mind control of Brother Blood, who reappears with cybernetic implants, based on Cyborg's own. After an intense battle, Cyborg defeats Brother Blood once and for all by destroying most of his cybernetic half and throwing him off of the roof of the Titans East base.

Season 4

This season focuses on Raven, as on her birthday, Deathstroke makes a mysterious return with new demonic superpowers. It turns out that he is a servant of Trigon; an interdimensional demon and Raven's father. Raven is in fact the portal which will help him to escape and end the world. She is kidnapped by Deathstroke and Trigon escapes, plunging the Earth into darkness. The Titans survive and team up with Deathstroke, who was betrayed. Deathstroke was promised the return of his own humanity in return for serving Trigon, but was double crossed. Robin finds a deaged Raven and brings her before Trigon as the final battle comes underway. In the ensuing conflict, Deathstroke is vaporized defending Raven, who then becomes White Raven and destroys Trigon, reversing the damage he has done and saving the world. She also returns to her normal age.

Season 5

The final season begins by explaining that due to his age, criminals no longer feared Robin when they saw his costume, so he took on a new identity; Nightwing. In accordance, Raven now always wears white, Cyborg upgrades his own armour, and Beast Boy and Starfire both gain new outfits.

Beast Boy's old team, the Doom Patrol, are being assassinated one by one. It turns out their old nemesis, the Brotherhood of Evil, has resurfaced. The Titans join up with the Titans East to form the New Titans, while the Brotherhood begins to target young heroes across the globe. The New Titans then embark on a globe spanning war on the Brotherhood, culminating in many villains taking on the many heroes they have met during their adventure. Ultimately, the Brotherhood is defeated and the final shot of the series shows the Titans and other heroes standing triumphantly together, watchful protectors of the world.

Voice Cast

  • Shane Haboucha - Dick Grayson/Robin
  • Milo Ventimiglia - Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Mae Whitman - Starfire
  • Tara Strong - Raven
  • Bumper Robinson - Cyborg
  • Ron Perlman - Deathstroke
  • Corey Burton - Brother Blood
  • Fred Tatasciore - Trigon
  • Tom Kenny - Brain
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