Teen Titans (2020) is an 2020 Live-action adventure, drama, comedic and suspenseful comic book film and is the first live-action iteration of the beloved superhero team based on both the comics and original T.V anime series to be included in the DC Extended Universe as well as the second of the two sequels to Justice League: Part II. With the steady slow decline of "Teen Titans Go!" on Cartoon Network compared to the DCEU's lasting effect on the box office, the Teen Titans had yet to be brought to the silver screen, let alone a live action adaption. Luckily, with the release of both Justice League films, the possibility of a eventual Teen Titans film became more and more likely until the post-credit scene for Justice League 2 was leaked, causing Zack Snyder to confirm the speculations. With that being said, the film had begun principal photography around the time “Justice League: Part II” had hit theaters......

.....which meant that while an late 2019 release was risky, an early 2020 release was all but inevitable.

The film is written and directed by Jon Favreau, produced by Zack Snyder and distributed by both Warner Bros., and D.C Entertainment.

Cast members will include Zac Efron, Cailee Spaeny, Ray Fisher, Jessica Alba, Cole Sprouse, Steven R. McQueen, etc.


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  • Zac Efron as Richard “Dick” Grayson (Nightwing)
  • Cailee Spaeny as Rachel Roth (RAVEN)
  • Ray Fisher as Victor “Vic” Stone (Cyborg)
  • Jessica Elba as Koriand’r (Starfire)
  • Cole Sprouse as Garfield Mark Logan (Beast Boy)
  • Steven R. McQueen as Tim Drake (Robin)
  • Ron Perlman as TRIGON
  • Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Julie Madison
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller
  • Emilia Clarke as Arella (Angela Roth)
  • McKenna Grace as Young Raven

More coming soon.....


.....In the midst of a cosmic realm....

.....somewhat similar to what ours is like but in a different scenery.....

.....there lies this world called Azerath, one of the few planets that lie amongst the closest dimension. Over 900 years ago, the followers of the first Azar were led to a place between all dimensions where they founded the Temple Azarath. It was Azar's plan to expel all evil from the Azarathians so that the demons couldn't use the dark energy to be fully re-established, and then Azar could finally kill it once and for all.

Those plans hit a snag once a beautiful Empress came along seeking help by the people of Azerath and she was known by her people as Arella (Emilia Clarke), formally known as Angela Roth.

But after an extended time of darkness, Arella gave birth to and became the pacifist mother a beautiful baby daughter daughter and in time, she called her.......Raven.....

.....only her former name would be Rachel Roth.

Despite of the unknown origin to the Empress's child, their lives together were peaceful even with their people.....at least, the people....

.....that didn't fear little Raven.

For someone who was one of theirs, she didn’t seem to be one for getting a lot of craved attention.

There was, however, a reason for this......one of which only Arella could possibly understand.

Despite Arella's efforts, her daughter was bound to a great evil foretold by a prophecy which would entitle the subjugation and destruction of all life. Arella forever gave Raven her love, even knowing what she was destined to become: a vessel for the cause of all destruction. The end result was set to be inevitable, for even she could not escape the cruel fate that had been destined upon her since the end of her childhood.

One day on Azerath, the inevitable day finally came along and that was the day that all hell would break loose.

A solar eclipse had blocked out their sun as the radiant beams of heat that came through to their planet sent everyone into a panic.

Arella unfortunately was the last one to look out from her balcony and see the horror that was soon to be unleashed before them. Just like everyone else, she was horrified and petrified for what this meant, not because it was a regular eclipse or anything like that.......

.....it was because she knew the REAL threat on hand here. She knew what and who was coming.

With time running against them, Arella rushed back behind her before zipping through endless hallways. Eventually, she came at a complete stop, gracing upon the presence of Athena through a statue.

Regardless of what her belief in the Greek gods were, if there was any time to call them out for aid or assistance, now might’ve been a few seconds too late.

But that didn’t stop her.

Arella: Athena.....goddess of wisdom......Have our warriors prep for any attack.

Knowing how close their eventual fate had become, they had to make last minute preparations just to be sure their last stand would be their noblest one of all time.

Arella: Azar. Seal off any entrance to the palace.

Azar: But, Arella........Raven's whereabouts.....

Arella: What??

Azar: She's been more questionable during her lessons. She---she went to the temple of Zinthos to meditate—

Arella: No......HE'LL find her there.

Cutting to the temple of Zinthos, young Raven, age 12, was in meditation chanting.....

Raven: Azerath. Netrian. Zinthos. Azerath. Netrian. Zin---

She coughed and looked up seeing a wall light a fire tracing a simple....and Raven grabbed her throat as she saw a pear of four...


....red eyes!

Raven: No....

Yes....the moment has come. You are the key to the earth. You will open the portal. And bring about the end of the world. If your mother hadn't in hadn't interfered 10 years ago....you would have been mine long ago....and now....you will be...as will the earth. And the WHOLE universe!

Raven: NOOOOOO!!!!

Arella and some warriors of Azerath stormed in and saw what was happening


She grabbed her just as a demonic hand reached out for her

Give her to ME!!!

They all rushed out as the temple burnt down but the skies above Azerath began to turn red like fire and blood and fiery demons rose from the grounds people fled in terror

And soon the eclipse blasts down a dark force which was almost too much for Azerath it would soon fall apart and burn down

Arella carrying her Raven saw the horror that was happening

Raven: Mother? What's happening?

Arella: The we all fear that might come. And it's here. Azerath will soon be soon be destroyed and....your father....will get what he came for unless....

It was silent for a moment then Arella walked down to the thrown room

Arella: My people. As many of you can see....Azerath is dying....the demon lord Trigon will soon crumble us all in his grip. And the same will happen to every planet in the universe. Starting....with the one called earth. And so....to insure hope and survival of our race.....my daughter will carry that hope with her on her journey to earth itself

Man: My lady that's suicide. The portal rests deep within the bowls of that world.

Arella: My daughter will keep the portal closed at any means nessercary. Without her....Trigon has no chance of entering earth's galaxy.

Woman: It's possible the demon could reach her in dreams and images. You said it yourself milday.

Arella: Not if she meditates.

Knowing how critical this moment would become, Arella turns her attention to Raven. This was perhaps the last time that she was going to embrace her daughter, to see her again, to express how much she loves her. She wish she could stay with her.....

......but the fate she was destined to suffer couldn’t be outrun.

Arella: My sweet Raven, listen to me: our hopes and dreams will rest within you. You must return to your home-world......and keep the bond between HIM and you sealed tight. Please.

Raven: Mother......I can't leave you......

She kneels down to her.

Arella: You must......it's important your fat--Trigon never gets his hands on you. You are his only way of reaching the earth.

Raven: Then come with me.

Arella: I wish I can. But this is only resorted for you.

Raven cried and hugged her mother.

Arella: I shall miss you too, my little Raven.

Raven: It’s not fair.

Arella: It never is.

In some time a circle was formed and Raven sat in the center with Arella and subjects in hand to hand chanting

Azerath Netrian Zinthos. Azerath Netrian Zinthos. Azerath Netrian Zinthos. Azerath Netrian Zinthos. Azerath Netrian Zinthos.

Whatever they were doing they had better do it fast cause as we speak....

.....the doors were being burned down.

They chanted on and on and on and so on and just then....an energy force was casted on the center of the circle and Raven....


Arella: Goodbye, my Raven. Our only hope is in you.

And just then the doors were blasted off as Arella looked over and a demon figure with the same four glowing red eyes and a shadow covering his face

The blast force from the eclipse launched a shock wave with fiery force and....

.....BLOWS all of Azerath away.....

......and just then......

....Raven found herself in......CRIME Ally......

......of Gotham City.

~Title opening: Teen Titans~

5 years later....

.....It was 7:43PM Eastern time

Located deep within the heart of the sister city of Gotham City Bludhaven is what appears to be a fairly suitable and beautiful looking viewpoint of a city that more or less resembled that Chicago, Illinois. The unfortunate thing is....

....just like Chicago the seemingly peaceful and calm tranquility that came over the city isn't to be mistaken The official residing place of the vigilante Nightwing was far from a....reasonable place to stay

Speaking of Nightwing.....

....over on the roof of his said apartment there is the famous or infamous Richard "Dick" Grayson (Zac Efron) sitting right then and there near the edge strapping up his boots...

....ready for his traditional night out on the town.

At least, this is HIS way of spending his night out in town

A wise man once told me that Ever since I was a child I was seen with such luminosity of spirit....that it was truly visible---

He straps up the other boot.

Some indefinable and yet unmistakable fire at the very core of my being that allowed me to survive and thrive where so many others.......had failed.

After a pause, he finishes strapping up his other boot and sighs heavily before standing up.......

After for the longest time.......people seemed to believe that the very spark that always defined me seems to have vanished.......and that I have once again become.......somewhat paralyzed by the idea of falling......let alone FAILING.

Staring out to the moonlight rising over the bleak horizon of the night sky, he smiles at the sight.....

Hehehe......whenever someone's asked what power they wish they had flying is always at the top of the list. But I have to admit I've learned to love falling.....

.....before slapping the mask over his face.

.......because you never know if you can fly unless you take the risk of falling.

Taking one methodical step at a time while approaching the edge, he finally takes a foot off the edge of his roof.....

.....and then falls off completely, going into free fall.

After diving through the air for only a minute, he spins a full 360 through the air and sticks his escrima sticks into the wall of the building behind him to slow down his fall.....

.....until he got into another comfortable position where he leaped off and once again proceeds into free fall.

Right below him, his own signature Batcycle (if you will) was already off riding on the highway with its own portable remote control system. Pretty soon, though.....

.....Nightwing landed firmly back down on his motorcycle, immediately revving the engines and taking back control of his bike as he drifted off the nearest avenue he came across.

Keeping his eyes laser focused on the road, he simply tapped on his arm, bringing up a virtual screen of......

......Victor Stone.

Nightwing: Victor. What’s the story upstairs?

You shouldn’t be too far from it now.

Nightwing: How positive are you?

Hey, my trackers are satellite based. Most of the time, I’m never wrong.

Nightwing: I’ll see when I get there, man. Sooner we get Slade, the better.

Just as he cuts the transmission off, still raging through the streets of Bludhaven, he kept his eyes locked on the road until a certain rumbling from up above caught his attention. Finally taking his eyes off the road, he looks up towards the might sky as the faint sound of rumbling continues until an object, which appears to look like a meteor......of sorts......

......bursts through the atmosphere and starts hurdling down to solid ground.

It suddenly breezes past Nightwing on the road, not to mention countless other cars, as Dick suddenly flips a wheelie on his bike and lands the back wheel on the sidewalk to stop himself. Amidst the endless blurb of car horns sounding off, his eyes stayed glued on the burning “meteor” as it slowly hurdled its way down.....

......out the outskirts of the city......

......and landing on the terrain of Mt. Blüdhaven.

This was unusual.

But weird enough, Dick knew he’d have to investigate sooner rather than later.

Nightwing: Oh well......duty calls.

Soon as he released the clutch on his bike, he revs in the engine, spins his bike around in the OPPOSITE direction to avoid the pissed-off drivers and rode off to check out that impact on Mt. Blüdhaven. The only thing is......

.....the path from the city to Mt. Blüdhaven was a freaking half an hour ride.

But that mattered little to Dick Grayson.

After spending not so much of a penny as a dollar trying to get to the mountain, he FINALLY arrives at the area of the impact where the “meteor” crashed. Stepping off his motorbike with care, he didn’t want to take any chances.

He quickly whipped out his electric escrima sticks for protection and stepping over the edge of the crater, he came across.....

.....a moderate sized space pod......

......covered in dust.

So it in fact WASN’T a meteor. But either way, this did cause a pause for concern.

Nightwing: Hey Vic? You still there?

Yeah Sup?

Nightwing: You're not gonna believe this....but either the next Superman just landed....or we got a meteor hit on Mt Bludhaven

Give me a visual

Nightwing pressed the center on his mask uploading a visual screen detecting heat signatures

At the "T" tower Cyborg himself on their OWN batcomputer the visual screen was uploaded to it and Cyborg could see everything Nightwing see's

Cyborg: Yo that's one big ass hole.

Nightiwing: Bruce said Clark made a larger hole

He slid down the crater as the dust cleared and Dick was finally able to get a clear visual of the space pod....


Nightwing: Whoa....tell me you're seeing this.

Every part of it. What is it?

Nightwing: I don't know....let's see if I can get it open. Somehow.

If you asked me, I'd analyze the pattern.

Nightwing: Right.

Turning his analyzing data on it calculated three point mere seconds of heat impact that it must have picked up from the atmosphere

Then soon calculated an opening

Nightwing: Aha!

He pressed on it which the air sound startled Dick

Nightwing: Aah! *Falls back*

Hahaha! Don't tell me that scared you.

Nightwing: Shut up.

Soon as the pod opens steam blew out at cleared it revealed....

....a young red head light orange skinned woman (Jessica Elba) about Dick's age who was "Naked", but unconscious and ball wrapped with her arms around her legs.

And from the looks of it......she was tall.

Nightwing: My god....it's a girl.

And I guess she forgot her jammies

Nightwing: For real, Vic? Argh. Look, I'm bringing her to the tower. But I need something to cover her up.

Umm, Nightwing.....that would have to wait.

Almost immediately as soon as he said that, the orange tinted woman’s body twitched once, startling Dick.

Nightwing: Whoa.

Whoa What?

Nightwing: She just moved.

Once again, the body moved yet again this time jerking around more violently than before giving Dick the indication that he should get the hell out of there.

But he didn’t.

I think she heard you.

Nightwing: Yeah, no s__t.

Shouldn’t you move out the way, man?!

He ignored Victors plea as the body continued to jerk around in a rather uncomfortable and contorted fashion forcing Dick to look away momentarily.....

......until it just stops.

Dick? Dick?

Nightwing: Still here. It stopped. She’s still looks deader than a doornail, though.

Another second or two passes, and the body of this female quickly and forcefully bursts up off the ground, coming face to face with Nightwing.....forcing him to trip over himself back in the dirt in both astonishment and surprise.

Nightwing: Ok.....she’s up again.

Her eyes were glowing a bright fluorescent green color with this blank angry stare on her face as she reaches her arms out towards him and telepathically grabs Dick by the throat.

He tries his damnest to break the hold she has on him but it became clear very quickly that this was no HUMAN he was dealing with.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to process it either as he quickly gets chucked out of the crater as he groans loudly.....

.....just as he sees this bright glimmer of green light fade into the distance.

She was heading into the city.

Nightwing: Oh s__t. Uhh, Victor?!

Don't tell me.....she's heading for the city......

Nightwing: She may not be a Superman but she's just as strong as him.

Then let's hope they have Kryptonite from where she's from?

Nightwing: That might not be necessary.

Point taken. I'm on my way.

Nightwing rushed to his bike and proceed after the powered woman

Meanwhile on the roof of Titans tower a hooded figure (Raven Age 17) was in deep meditation as instructed from 5 years ago

Raven: Azerath. Netrian. Zinthos. Azerath. Netrian. Zinthos. Az--

She then coughed again and woke up.....

A sight of horrific destruction on the earth

(Don't worry she's just having a vision she did in the comics)

Skies were burning waters became lava and every city....

.....blown away

A demonic face roaring flashed in Raven's sight she screamed but.....

.....she woke up again just to see everything was still normal

Everything in one peace but Raven wasn't fully relieved

That vision to her meant that whatever destroyed Azerath five years ago.....

....was staring to try and reach out for her

She turned away and went through a CLOSED door (Trust me she CAN do that)

Cutting to the heart of the city cars passed by as people walked on but....

....the strange alien red head nude woman appeared from a side view

And the firs to notice her was....

.....of course a group of punks

Punk # 1: Hey....looks like Christmas came early this year!

Punk # 2: Well shoot my brains out. I think I'm in love.

Punk # 3: Get in line I saw her first.

The trio thugs approached her and she grew more angry with her eyes glowing pure green

(You guys better turn back and I don't mean for her sake I mean yours)

Punk # 2: Hey Babe. Come to grant my birthday wish?

Punk # 3: How about a little road action?

Red head woman: Guta!

Punk # 1: I'll take that as a YES!

(Your funeral)

They JUST were about to grab but strange girl yelled out

And the screen cuts to the ground only showing shadows of everyone and green lights casting on the ground she BEAT them all up and the guys screamed in agony

Let's just say they got a hell of a LOT more than momma spanking

The screen shows them down on the ground with bruises broken ribs and one of them.....

....a leg twist

(I warned you guys)

Just then Nightwing road back into the city just to see Cyborg fly with his jet pack and he just landed as Nightwing stopped his moterbike

Cyborg: Any sign of our new hot friend?

(Really Victor?)

Nightwing: She was here. Look.

Victor looked down to where he was pointing to see burning bare foot prints glowing green

Cyborg: And I thought my dad had a hot foot.

Nightwing: *Scoffs* You haven't seen the REAL hotfoot ‘till you've seen Jason Todd.

Cyborg: Jason Todd?

Nightwing: Now's not the time. Maybe later though.

Suddenly, there was commotion: Typical civilian chatter erupting from behind both of them which the two quickly became invested in. This entire crowd of civilians came gathering around in this crowded circle in order to see something.....

......and.....that pretty much gave away what the two were looking for.

Cyborg: That ain’t good.

Nightwing: No kidding.

Cyborg: No, seriously. Her bio readings are spiking and whatever anger management she’s having is only making it worse.

Nightwing: Then why we standing here?

Funny they say that......as that crowd of civilians quickly disperse away from that one little area.....

......and there she was, that same redhead girl waltzing around swinging her arms frantically like she had nowhere to go, yelling an indescribable language out loud, startling the crowd of civilians back.

But really, in reality, her arms were bound together.....

.....and she was trying to get them off.

So believe it or not, the only way she could muster to get them off is by hitting something......and boy, did she hit hard.

She literally chucks her arms towards a departing taxi cab as it spins frantically onto the road, causing other cars to crash in a combustible burning pile metal.

That wasn’t the half of it.

This hitting process continued further once she located the nearest building next to her.....

.....which just so happened to a random pizza parlor.

Leaping towards the building, she, AGAIN, waltz her arms towards the support beam holding the roof in place, startling the civilians who were already up there.

She attacks the support beam again, lashing out an unknown language out loud.

She does it again......

.....and again.....

.....and again.....

.....until that support beam literally goes wobbling in its end, barely holding the building on its head.

Exhausted, the girl stopped......for about 30 seconds. Just as she lifts her hands up, prepared to strike at the building and potentially bring it down.....

.....a blast resonates from behind her and it hits her in the back of head, launching her face first into the concrete.

Cyborg was the one who shot her, curtesy of his Sonic arm cannon.

Nightwing: Nice shot.

But almost immediately sensing where the shot came from, the redhead again bolts herself off the ground and immediately snaps her head back at Dick and Victor.

After briefly pulling a smirk on her face, she cracks her neck on both sides.....and then growls.

Cyborg: I think we just made it worse.

She leaps over at Cyborg, but luckily, he rips off his gray hoodie and folds up his shield on his right arm which prevents her from getting through to him.....


But at the same time, he kept his eyes on that pizza parlor, for that support beam holding the entire roof was seconds from falling.

As he shrugs her off to the side, he quickly flies towards the wobbling support beam of the pizza parlor and BARELY caught it in his head with his bionic grips. After a few attempts of twiddling, Cyborg was finally able to steady the support beam long enough for the ones on top to readjust themselves.

Man: Wha—what’s happening?

Cyborg: Don’t mind me, just GO!

No point in arguing as they did exactly what he said, piling off the roof one at a time.

That WOULD leave Nightwing to face off this woman.

Nightwing: Look.....we mean you no harm.....we just want to help. And.....

Her leg approached by the camera pointing at Nigthwing

Nightwing: You, uh.....hehe.....GOTTA ...... got to be cold without.....I mean I---

His constant blushing over the alien woman’s stunning beauty did little to help the situation considering how she didn’t know where she was or even who any of these people really are. And if anything, she felt like this random little wannabe was wasting his time with her.

And of course, he caught onto it really fast.

Nightwing: You don’t understand anything I’m saying, do ya?

Nope......she doesn’t.


His curiosity and his daringness to go easy left him wide open for the alien girl to fire that familiar green projectile blast as it knocks Nightiwing back across the street as he flips over himself and hits a car. Carving himself halfway through the actual car caused the car alarm to go off.

Dick was going to have defend himself in some way.

Nightwing: Uhh.....and I thought Bruce punched harder.

Or maybe not.

He heard a yell as the alien woman blasted at him

Dick had no choice but to defend himself he took his electric sticks and countered every green star bolt she blasted

Alien Woman: Guta Vata!

Nightwing: What?! Ooh!

One star bolt hit him forcing him in a window of jewelry store startling an old man

Nightwing: Go! Run!

The man ran out the back as the Alien Woman turned and was about to leave....


Hey Princess!

.....She growled and turned

Nightwing: Time for your medicine

He threw one of his shock sticks only for her to blast it to dust and growled in anger at him

Nightwing: Uhh....heheheh....I was just hoping you catch it....

She blasted him again and Nightwing ran to dodge the bolts and soon....

.....he reached her position and knocked her aside with his other shock stick

And surprisingly knocked her aside

He looked down at her thinking he may knocked her out

Nightwing: Better get you something decent

He had just had enough time to run to that same pizza parlor and "Burrowed" (Lol) a table sheet to cover her body up but by the time he got back.....

.....she was gone....

Nightwing: And of course....She's gone

Hevra Mio.

....Or was she....

.....Dick looked back just to see she was pointing her biding green glowing hands at him

Nightwing: Wait! Please! *Drops the sheet*

Alien Woman: Guta!

Nightwing: No look! *Shows her a lock pick* Let me help with that binding.

She didn't trust him....

....but powered down just for Nightwing to unhook those bindings they fell by their feet as the woman rubbed her wrists

Nightwing: There. Now we can---MM!

The alien woman suddenly grabbed his head and KISSED him?!


....she pushed him down


And she flew off


Dick was just absolutely dumbstruck This entire situation felt mind numbing and confusing at best not only because it happened right hell out of nowhere but.....

.....what was up with that kiss

I mean I get it that he technically hot her out of that crater 30 something minutes ago but....come on. What was up with her?

So many unanswered questions.....

Still blinded by what he just happened he didn't even try to readdress it when Victor helped him up

Nightwing: Thanks.

Cyborg nods

Nightwing: Nice job on that pizza parlor. We're lucky to not have any fatalities

Cyborg: Not as smooth as we could've done but....practice makes perfect. I must admit whoever the hell she is she does know how to make an impression. She's a really fire starter is she?

Again Dick scoffs it's apparent that this day was one he probably wasn't gonna forget for awhile

Thing is....they weren't really the only ones who were frustrated over a particular situation

That was more or less Raven's condition back at the tower as she spotted passing through yet another door before pushing herself back against the wall in the bathroom breathing heavily and sweating profusely

She just slid herself down to the floor burying her face in her hands trying desperately to block out whatever vision had fallen before minutes ago.

But whatever had haunted her.....

.....it kept coming back....

....in pieces....



.....easy to read.....

.....but difficult to understand

At leas until she heard a very troubling deep demonic voice booming through her head

How have you ESCAPED ME?!

Raven: No....get out of my head!

Your mother was a fool to hide you from me! Now her failure will be complete....once you open the portal!

Raven: I'll never do it!

You have NO CHOISE!!

Raven: NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Soon as she snapped out of her second trance with her room a mess and sighed softly

Downstairs the two came in on their computer

Nightwing: We got to track down what happened to the girl.....before she hurts herself and others

Cyborg You seem to be in a rush to find that powered She almost turn the both of us into scrambled eggs.

Nightwing: I'm just....trying to make sure no one finds her before us. It could be dangerous if she falls into the wrong hands

Suddenly they heard a door open and income Raven with hood on

Nightwing: Raven.

Seeing her prompts Dick to take his mask off.

Raven: The time has dawned upon us. I can feel it.....I can.....I can feel HIM. The longer I resist, the more he feeds off my energy. His limitations have NO bounds.

She once again pulls her face down and backs up a step or two before recovering, regaining a fair balance on her two feet.

Victor: Hey hey hey. You ok?

She doesn’t answer back.

Raven: We need to assemble the rest of the team quickly. The three of us won’t be enough to stop him and It won’t be long until HE arrives to finish what my mother had started. By then, I won’t be able to pull back against his grip any longer.

Dick: Got a little distracted, but still, we’re trying our damnest here.

Raven: Please, hurry. We have MONTHS to prepare......but by each passing second, your world dives into more peril.

Knowing the situation at hand, thanks to Ravens heads up two months ago, the two knew how serious this meant to Raven as well as the rest of the world.

Dick: Well, then......I think it’s safe to say we found another player that’d fit right in. We just got to track her down, that’s all.

Victor: You seriously ain’t talking about—

Dick: Desperate Times call for desperate measures, Vic. Raven, come take a look.

She does.

Taking a look on their computer, codenamed, BROTHER EYE, Dick digs back into the databanks and pulls back to the footage that Victor snapped when he was in the mountain, viewing the redhead girl out of the crater. Something about her appearance struck Raven as odd, for despite being technically an alien in her own right, she had never seen one such as her.....

.....or DID SHE?

Raven: An alien entity from a lost world.

Victor: Oh don’t worry. That parts obvious. It’s also clear that she isn’t around here, giving the state she was in when she crashed.

Dick: But then that raises the question......

Raven: Tamaranean.

Dick: A what??

Raven: She's a Tamaranean. They were believed to be extinct but that rumor was slightly exaggerated. They're very peaceful but fierce warriors.

Victor: Peaceful?! Hardly peaceful when she smacked us around in the city.....

Dick: Not to mention smash up my favorite pizza parlor!

Raven: Maybe that's cause she's.....unfamiliar with the world she's in.

Dick: She could have been captured. I mean her arms were bind together by unlike any hand cuffs I've ever seen.

Raven: Well that is possible. If I can get close enough to her I might reach her mind to calm her down before she can do any more damage.

Soon the alarms went off

Cyborg: Looks like she's struck again.

Dick: No. That alarm is a code red one. Meaning someone broke out of Blackgate.

They uploaded the alarm cause on the computer revealing an image of.....


Dick: Slade! Oh not again!

Raven: Who's he?

Cyborg: He's one of the goons from Gotham. They call him Deathstroke the Terminator once was an assassin for hire but later ended up as any criminal.

Dick: Bats did him in a long time ago. Guess it's my turn now.

Raven: What about the Tamaranean?

Victor: I think we got a third problem. My sensors on my reading computer (On his arm) are picking up weird activity coming from Gothcorp. And it's pretty heavy.

Dick: Then each of us will have to split up and take one each. Victor you check out what's happening at Gotchcorp. Raven, you find the—the Tasa-manian?

Raven: Its pronounced “Tamaranean”.

Dick: Whatever. Just find her and work your magic. I'll track down Deathstroke. And Raven? Uhh.....you'll have to find her some cloths.....she wasn't when we found her.

Raven: Oh, NOW you tell me. No wonder you two you got your asses kicked.

Victor: HEY.

Dick: What's that supposed to mean?!


Dick later put his mask back on and each of the first three titans went on their assignments

Nightwing later was on a roof looking down at busy streets till.....

.....something or someone pounced on him

It was a figure in the same colors as Deathstroke

Nightwing: Holy--

The figure took out a sword and pointed it at Dick

Nightwing: Ok....I been abused by a confusing hot alien girl and I'm not gonna take abuse from costume figures

He took his shocks deflecting the sword

They clashed and kung fued kick and punched one another

But the fight didn't las long when the figure knocked out his shock sticks and pinned him down

(Arkham city reference)

Figure: You only continue to live cause the great Deathstroke allows it


Other figures turned and got beat down by someone with a staff

It was none other than....Robin (Tim Drake) (Steven R. McQueen)

Figure: Call HIM off.

Nightwing planted a tracer on him without him noticing

Nightwing: Stand down.

Robin paused and lowered his staff and sealed the pole back up

Figure: Do not fallow us.

He leapt off and Nightwing stood up

Nightwing: I didn't need your help.

Robin: Really? That's not what it look like from where I was standing.

Nightwing: I had it under control. Why did Bruce sent you?

Robin: He was worried about you. He heard about Deathstroke and.....well he figured your titan team could use a fourth member.

Nightwing: You? You're still in training.

Robin: Hardly now. Ever since Bruce and I took down Penguin last week, he figured I was for the Titans. War on Mt. Olympus. Ha!

Nightwing: No time for jokes, Tim. We're in many situations than just Deathstroke. We got a.....Alien Woman on the loose and.....our friend Raven is.....let's just say it's pretty complicated.

Robin: All more reason I should be here.

Nightwing: Alright. But follow my lead. And stay close. With Batman, it's just criminals and supervillains. But with my team.....it’s a helluva lot more: Monsters.

Robin: Like I haven’t prepped for THAT this weekend.

Dick chuckles slightly.

Robin: Trust me, we’re needed here just as much as we’re needed in Gotham. Things are bound to get worse in the foreseeable future.

He then pulls out this trinket from the side of his gadget belt and then hands it to Nightwing.

It was the Line Launcher.

Nightwing: Heh. Thanks.

Robin: Yeah. Bruce wanted you to have it he said it beats riding on the roads all the time. Though he does with the batmobile. But this allows rapid movement whenever your between two horizontal lines. But it has to be precise.

Nightwing: Guess I can also redeploy it mid-air without having to touch the ground then. Best we get going then.

Talking a quick look around he shot the line launcher towards the tallest building he could see in front of him which also connected to the rooftop doorway behind him.

He quickly ziplines his way across towards the building in that direction until he's a barely visible in Robins eyes

Robin: *Chuckles* Can't believe you got to be the leader though man.

He then leaps off the building after him

Over at the Goth-Corp building....

.....there is an entire hoard of storage chambers, filled with countless inmates and civilians and even professionals turned test subjects. Similar to that of Alecamax (Spider-Man 2099 reference), this company appeared to have both the schematics and resources available to MAYBE help others in need. But they don’t put them to proper use.

Why couldn’t it be a benefit to people?

Well, apparently, that WAS what they were doing. It’s just they main people behind this company had no luck on finding any sign of an antidote.

Now why would they need one?

Just ask their newest “inmate” and test subject.....

......Garfield Mark Logan (Cole Sprouse)......

......better known by his test subject title: BEAST BOY.

(Yes, I’m using Cody from Zack and Cody here)

If you were to take a good look at the man, you’d see why.

Anyways, two scientists and the head of Goth-Corp, Julie Madison (Bryce Dallas Howard) enters the chamber of Mr. Beast Boy and the room was completely and utterly pitch BLACK.

After a few mild seconds of tranquility, she flicked on a few switches by the side, turning the lights on, blinding Beast Boy and waking him up......

.....while also revealing his unusual green skin.

The first thing that he says when he looks up at the light was downright random yet hilarious.

Garfield: I-is—is that you, God?


They kept the light on him longer than expected until the head staff member stepped in front of the lights, finally giving Garfield the chance for his eyes to adjust.

Julie: Hello, Garfield.

Garfield: God, shall I walk into the light?

Julie: Heh. No, silly. You’re still here with us.

Garfield: Well, what’s next on the menu?

Julie: Well, since you're not in heaven, that’s good on both of our consciousness. We’re just going to make run a few more test reactions.

Just as she let Garfield out some business men walked in

Business man: Sorry miss. This thing is government property by the order of Amanda Waller.

Julie: You can't just barge in here and bark orders. This is a private facility under funding of Bruce Wayne.

Business man # 2: *Shows her a ward* See and examine. Ms Waller's legalize order for the creature.

Julie: Creature?!?! EXCUSE ME, but This "Creature" is a little boy trapped in this mutating body. He lost his parents in a terrible accident. He needs to be in right hands and guidance. You can't JUST take him for....government properties! Where is Waller?! Let me talk to her about this!

Business man # 1: This is beyond your hands. Take her out.

The second man pulled her away she tried to struggle

The first man opened the seal and tried to grab Garfield

Garfield: Get away from me YOU DEVIL FALLOWER!

Business man # 1: Come here you little filthy animal!

Feeling threaten Garfield changed into a green wolf and BITES the man

He yelled out bleeding from his hand

The second man tried to catch him but he then changed into a green Gorilla runned him down


Fallowing her plea he ran out to the hall just to be cornered by more Agency they point their guns at him but....

…..Garfield got more intense with feeling threaten he grew more angry....

….He soon formed into a...


….A nine hundred foot prieorstoric lizard creature! And burst out of the back of the building roaring

(With a mixture of Godzilla AND the Jurassic Park T-Rex roars)

And began stomping out into the city

And Cyborg on a roof who JUST arrived saw it happened

Cyborg: HOLY....SH---

Cutting to an abandon facility (Old Arkham Asylum) Raven creeped around in her tracking on the Tamaranean girl

She roamed the room like an ant in a wood shack

Raven: Idk if these readings are right....but....Idk how any Tameranean would be cozy here.

She soon eyed at a hall with a green light at the end of it

Raven: That....could be something....

She walked over to see the same alien woman....

…..eating dead rats!


(Trust me she ate weirder things....oh I'm gonna be sick)

Raven: Uhh….guess you would have gotten hungry sooner or later

She looked over frowned and shined her green glowing hands at her

Raven thinking fast she cast her spell

Raven: Azerath Netrian Zinthos!

The spell strikes into the alien woman's mind and....

….it seemed to stun her but got her to calm down and she powered down

Raven: There you go.

Alien woman: My....humblest apologies earthling.

Raven: You know you're on earth?

Alien Woman: I can tell by the atmosphere.

Raven: Well....neither one of us are from this world but....it grew on me. So....you got a name?

Alien Woman: My conorphca's (Parents in Tameranean) called me....Kori.

Raven: Raven. Come on. I got a place you can crash. And....

Raven eyed at her the camera cutting from behind her bare right shoulder

Raven: Uhh….first we better get you dressed.

Kori: I have a set of armor in my ship.

Raven: And you didn't had it on before because--??

Kori: I was on in hurry while escaping the prison ship I was on.

Raven just raised an eyebrow

Raven: Prison?

Kori: It's a long story....but there is no need to express the matter even more.

To be fair despite being new to this planet as well Ravens feeling towards this new alien creature just.....it sort of grew uncomfortable having to look at her in THAT WAY

In quick succession she closed her eyes grabbing ahold of Koriand'r and just like that.....

…..she vanished with the alien Tamaranean in a void of dark energy

Back with the Boy Wonders....

…..I guess you can say they kinda got lost?

Well lost is an overstatement I should say they ALMOST got lost since Robin was having difficulty catching up to Nightwing since he was a few seconds FASTER than him The again he's still in training

Can't expect them all to be experts

Nightwing: Seriously Tim?

He does catch up to him

Robin: Hey....*Breathing heavily*…..give a guy break will ya? It's my first time in Bludhaven.

Nighwing: Exactly what I thought.

Robin: Guess we both have our given response to unfamiliar territories

Nightwing: Well I don't hear MY FANS complaining.

Robin: Uh....*Chuckles*....what? I mean....never mind. How close are we?

Nightwing just points down his bottom right

Nightwing: It's right down there.


The sound was faint but echolocation was interesting in itself as a slight rumbling erupted through the roads and on the roof tops as well making both Boy Wonders feel relatively uncomfortable

Nightwing: Ok I did NOT order an upset stomach. What was that?

Robin: Whatever it was it wasn't far



Each stomps keeps getting louder...

...and LOUDER....

....and LOUDER....

...until it became all the more obvious that whatever was out there was heading towards their direction.

Both of Batman's sidekicks looked back just to see the exact SAME creature stomping towards their way roaring

Nightwing: HOLY--GET DOWN!!

Nightwing pulled Robin down and jumped aside getting out of the creature's path

They looked up seeing go

Robin: My god....is that--freaking Godzilla? He's suppose to be in Japan.

Nightwing: Idk Tim. Godzilla would be worse than this thing. Better call in backup. *Presses on ear radio* Victor come in. You seeing what I'm seeing?

Seeing it?!

With Cyborg

Cyborg: *Jet flying* That thing came out of Goth-Corp the minute I arrive~ Whatever cookies they were baking in their easy bake oven just got CRISPY!

Nightwing: Ok stay on it. I'll try to contact Raven. Maybe she can reach it with her mind magic. I don't think that green color is a quincedence. Tim and I will form a plan.

Wait Tim is with you?

Nightwing: My....."Bat-Foster" Father sent him to join the Titans to complete his training. And for backup hearing Deathstroke broke out of prison. Look let's talk about this later we got work to do.


Cyborg flew after Garzilla (Mixing Garfield and Godzilla Lol) at it stomped into town square with people with people screaming running

Cyborg: Alright big boy! Time for your nap!

He held out his hand shooting his sonic cannon in stun mode

It slightly effected him but only got his attention

Cyborg: Oh crap!

Garzilla opened his mouth feeling threaten still.....


Cyborg just zoomed off like a fly escaping from a cat

And he tailed him trying to eat him

Cyborg: Oh sweet muffins! Why am I always the one getting chased by big ugly monsters?!

He kept chasing him trying to eat Victor thinking fast he clutched his cannon and pointed it at Garzilla just he opened his mouth again

Cyborg: So you're hungry huh? Eat some sonic!

He fired and stunned the creature long enough for Victor to plan another attack

Back on Mt Bludavin

Raven: So....you were captured for profit?

Behind trees

By our enemies. The Gormits. They have been trying to overthrow the Emperor for many generations

Raven: Hmm *Thinks* And as far as I heard....most Tamarenaens don't know English. How did you---

Tamaraneans are able to learn languages from other worlds through LIP contact.

Raven: Oh....That does explain why you kissed Dick.

Soon Kori stepped out of the trees in her....

...purple Tamaranean armor looking more beautiful and strong

Soon as she stepped out of the woods with her "battle armor" if you will she went stretching out her arms her legs and then her neck yet again....

….which gave away a particularly interesting fact about her

In addition to her being not having any pupils in her green eye sockets she was practically six foot something tall

She was almost a seven foot giant

Raven: Ahh. I see you must of SPACED out on this meeting

Kori: Is that supposed to be and an alien joke?

Raven: You got me there.

Argh....get...do you....anybody....

Distant faint voices start echoing and repeating at nausea in Raven's head and luckily it wasn't the cryptic and demonic voice from before. Cause it was easier to read and easier to trust too.

Closing her eyes....

….she spoke

Raven: Yes?


Back to the city.....

Cyborg: I really hope you've got a good view over there in the mountain cause you're about to get pounded six ways to Sunday.

I don't understand thing you call "slag" Victor.

Cyborg: There's a difference between slang and a threat!

He looks back behind and barely barrel-rolls out of Garzilla's path of trajectory as it slams it's slams it's tail through three buildings and then sweeps around discarding the remains out to the street possibly injuring tons of civilians. Even as Cyborg firing as many sonic blasts and magna rockets at the beast nothing would slow it down.

If anything it just pissed off the monster even more.

It once again eyes at Cyborg who was heading back towards the same place in which the giant mutant creature had come from....

…..the Goth-Corp building

And since Garzilla wasn't in control of his actions.....

And since Garzilla wasn't in control of his actions....

…..he just charged right after him again unaware that he'd actually KILL people this time around if somebody didn't stop him.

Cyborg: I'm not above becoming like with the trash compactor! If you're gonna do something---

---you better do it quick!

The voice finally leave Raven but the threat has been made clear to her.

Raven: *Sighs* Kori, I need to go.

Kori: Go? For what exact purpose?

It would be.....difficult trying to explain that her side of the story let alone the fact that her friends consist of two proteges of the Dark Knight (Dick and Tim) and a metamorphosis of man and machine (Victor) doing battle with a freaking green Godzilla rip off up of a monster.

So she just stated the obvious.

Raven: My fr-friends need me.

Kori: Friends? What are....these called "friends"?

Raven: Um....I--I guess I can explain that but....first I gotta help them take care of pest control.

Kori: Maybe....I can help.

Raven: Well....oh what the hell. It was Dick's idea to recruit you.

Kori: Recruit me? What is recruit me? And who is this Dick.

Raven:.....We are so screwed.

Cutting back to the boy wonders they both rode on their bikes like Ghost Rider and Slade racing to San Vanganza

They all smirked at one another like kids drag racing

(How did Bruce put up with them together....depending when they were I mean)

Just then....Victor saw them coming

Cyborg: About time!

Nightwing: Not now Cy.

Robin: What is that thing?!

Cyborg: I don't know....like I said it came out of Goth-Corp.

Perhaps I can answer that gentlemen.

They turned to see the Staff member who was kind to Garfield and must have escaped the Agency.

Nightwing: Hey...I know you. You're---

Head member: Julie Madison. Recent Head Staff of Goth-Corp after Ferris Boiler. And former executive of Wayne enterprises.

Nightwing: I thought you looked familiar.

Cyborg: You know her?

Nightwing cleared his throat and held up two fingers to his head making a bat shape image

Cyborg: Ohh….

Nightwing: So tell me what we're dealing with.

Julie: That poor creature is really a young man named Garfield Lens. He's a mutating test subject for Goth-Corp gifted with animal shape shifting. Apparently the Agency of the Government wanted him for top secrecy. Garfield got so scared his mutation set off a chain reaction that made him loose control of his powers he formed into this.

Nightwing: Waller. Isn't if that Squad of Criminals wasn't enough for her.

Robin: So anyway to...."Cure" him?

Julie: Don't think this too much but....he needs a lullaby.

Robin: You mean like to put him to sleep?

Julie nods


Once again that stomp draws all of their attention span over to the green mutated giant Godzilla Hulk-like monster once again raging towards them

With each hug step it only appeared to be going faster and faster in speed with it's tail smacking against building after building knocking them al down to ruble

Robin: Are you sure this mutation won't wear off soon?

Julie: He can't control it yet so whatever happens between mutations it's up to what his mind says

Cyborg: Right now I bet he's probably saying "Get the HELL OUT OF THE WAY!"

Almost immediately they all ducked out of the beasts path of trajectory as Tim pulled Dick out of the way and Cyborg grabbed ahold of Julie and boosted her up higher ground

Cyborg: You ok? Anything Wrong?

Julie: I'll be fine. It's HIM I'm worried about.

Cyborg: We'll get him back down to size Alright? No worries.

Julie: Just don't hurt him.

Back down on the ground Robin got Dick back up on his feet With no time to address the situation they end up shooting their Batclaws aside from one another for the means of using them as tripwires.

They also kept themselves anchored into the walls them so there was no way they would their balance easily and fall over if they were to break.

As expected the Garzilla did come by the tripwires and walk past it although it did slow cause trust me hose Batclaw cables are insanely strong. But at the same time it wasn't really stopping him

No matter how badly Nigthwing or Robin pulled on their cables it didn't slow or altar Garzilla's movement in the slightest In fact Cyborg came out infront out of the beast in a vain attempt to push him BACK with his jetpack

But he immediately gets b__chslapped by the beast

At this point the cables barely keeping the monster in place began to snap. It wasn't long they would completely break

But suddenly....

…..the entire sky the atmosphere the environment EVERYTHING just dilated into a pitch form of black and white and it kept randomly appearing so frequently that not even the Garzilla knew what exactly it was

Suddenly there was....this screeching hawk-like sound


…...and from behind him this huge 15 ft tall static Raven bird quickly flashes behind Garzilla at almost the speed of light....

…..and pierces him straight through the back of his head

And THAT'S what makes him fall over

Nightwing: About t--

The Tameranean notice him too

Both (Nightwing and Kori): YOU!!!



Raven: Uh....guys...maybe you can argue later and focus at the problem at hand here.

Garzilla was still stunned but tried to stand

Nightwing: Quick Raven....you got to get in it's head and sing a lullaby.

Raven: You're joking....right?

(I don't think he is)

Nightwing: Just trust me on this. That creature is actually a person. He'll come around if someone can sing to him.

Raven: Well why me?

Nightwing: Because you're the only one who can get in his head. We might need him for....whatever we have to face you keep telling us about....

Raven: Oh now you tell me.

She levitated to the stunned beast just for Dick and Nightwing to make odd eye contact

Soon as Garfield snarled softly Raven came infront of him and the beast eyed at her

Raven: Azerath Netrian Ziiiiiiinthos.

He spell allowed her to penetrate Garzilla's mind and she was able to speak in his head

Hush little child don't you fret. No one's gonna hurt you on my watch. Come to us in your true form. Then maybe we can all get along. And if anyone tries to hurt you, then we will stand a fight together.

Raven felt weird doing this but....

….it seemed to work

Garzilla began to shrink into human size and change back to his regular mutated self

Garfield: Uhh….my head...what...

He looked up to Raven and was...rather stunned of her appearance

Only to be startled by....


He looked over to see Julie rush to him a quick hug

Julie: Are you alright?

Garfield: I think so Angel.

Raven: Angel?

Julie: His parents were high Christan's. He thinks of me of his Guardian Angel since he was brought to Goth-Corp

Suddenly Agency cars and a helicopter was hovering to land

(Guess who's on that helicopter)

Julie: Oh no....

Raven: Who are they?

Nightwing: Agency. Run by the worst woman on earth.

Julie: You all better get out of here. And take Garfield with you. I can't let them take him.

Nightwing: Understood. Come with us kid.

He held out his hand to Garfield he wasn't sure at first till....

…..he looked at Julie who nodded to him and trusting her after everything she did for him and took Nightwing's hand

Seeing Dick's kindness somehow had a slight effect on Kori and her anger to him from before...

….somehow slipped out of her....

...and was touched by it but didn't know why

Nightwing: Titans. Back to the tower.

Garfield: Titans? What you'd---

He took a few good seconds to look at his entire body armor to look at his entire body armor his gadgets belt with the exception of the one escrima stick on his back (Since Kori destroyed the other one) and somehow....

….managed to make an immediate connedtion

Garfield: Wow. Wait oh my god! ARE YOU NIG--

He quickly covers up his mouth in desperation trying to keep his identity under wraps till later....apparently

Nightwing: Shhh! Yes. But THEY can't know but us. Ok?

The mutated boy kept running his mouth while muffled up and it's safe to say it quickly got a little annoying. But as Robin comes back towards his side and nods to Raven....

….she again closes her eyes and VANISHED with them all in it

Kori was the only one rare exception she just looked around at all the destruction seeing a familiar pattern to her in the layers of chaos unleashed....

…..for it brought back a eerily familiar moment in her life

Not wanting to relive those moments she quickly turned away from Julie and flew off with this huge gust of wind behind her

Julie looking back at the helicopter landing smack dab in the middle of the street was flustered and angry at whoever was behind this it just so happened that the one who she blamed for this stepped out that very same helicopter....

….to come face to face with her

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)

For the next few seconds the two highly intelligent women stared down each other like the proletariet beings they were but with one of them intended to help....it was unsure what the other ones intentions were

Waller: Well...if I am to be 100% honest....I wasn't really looking forward to this Julie.But….what needs to be done....needs to be done.

With this blank and helpless expression on her face two government authority agents garb her by the arms and they take her with Waller....

….for whatever purpose she might have for them

However....in the midst of all the Earth drama....

….there was a certain eruption just waiting to be unleashed....

….in the firey depths of Hell itself what we see is not who we expected when it comes to hell.....

….but something....much....MUCH...worse

A devil like figure sat and brood in the shadows and it soon turned it's head from the shadows to reveal....

Trigon (Ron Perman): You....WILL be mine. ALL of it will be mine!


The next day Raven took another meditation on the roof....

….but soon she fell into another vision

She was in hell itself and who was right before her...

Trigon: You cannot hide forever. Your right lies to me.

Raven: Think again you....you...

Trigon: You NOTHING! The portal must be open. You will fulfill your destiny. Your mother KNEW this to be true.

Raven: No! You murdered her....and destroyed my home....I won't let you REPEAT IT!

Trigon: You NOTHING! The portal must be open. You will fulfill your destiny. Your mother KNEW this to be true.

Raven: No! You killed her....and destroyed my home....I won't let you REPEAT!


He reached for her and she screamed

But soon she woke up breathing again....

…..looked out to the sun rise...

….but this time...

….she looked out angry

Raven: You....you take this world....or any world like you did mine...I'll destroy you if the last thing I do.

Victor took tests on Garfield's abilities in the training room he shifted to from Lion Tiger to Bear and oh my....

….crushed any robot and optical course he was summit to

On the balcony Dick and Tim stood on the railing watching the commotion and fell into a conversation

Tim: So let me get this straight. You and Vic are building this Titan team to fight Satan??

Dick: Something like that. Raven doesn't talk much about it much says she tries to contain it as much as she can but....this thing is starting to reach her and she's loosing strength to keep it contain

Tim: This sounds like bible apocalypse stuff. I got a feeling we should call Superman and the rest of the league.

Dick: Nah if we do that this program wouldn't be worth building. It's not only for training younger heroes it's another team like the League.

Tim: I see.

Dick: By the way. How's the old man?

Tim: You mean Bruce or Alfred?

They both laughed he knew what Dick meant once and a while they just joke which "Old" man they mean

Tim: *Chuckles*Anyway....he's still as broody as ever. Alfred's still like "Always remember to make your own bed, sir."

They laughed again

Dick: Gosh. Anyway....

Before he could say more.....

…..the alarms went off

Tim: Duty calls?

Dick: Pretty much

They both rush towards back into the room that led towards the balcony they were on as Tim rushed into the seat next to Brother Eye and quickly typed in the source of the troubles was brewing form

Thing is.....as soon as Brother Eye pulled up both the location and the cause for the alarm going off....Dick just sighed heavily

He and Tim saw Koriand'r on the screen just flying

Apparently brother eye still picks her up as a threat

Dick: Oh you son of a--

Tim: You know her?

Dick had nothing to say to that.

All he did say in response was....

Dick: You know what? I think I'll handle this Tim.

Tim: Wha--Just ME?

Dick: I mean sure. Why the hell not? Raven's in her mental zone Victors still working out the trinkets with Garfield. You say you want in this team? This is your chance.

Tim: I just....let's just say I can't really understand her.....cause she KISSED me last night and.....just SHOVED me off....Idk why.

Tim: Ohhh....I get it. You got the hots for this girl yet she kicks your ass all around.

Dick: Will you just do this?!

Tim: Oh fine.

They took a look at the screen and saw....

…..Kori being captured by Slade's minions and they put her in titanium on her arms and legs

Dick: What the---SLADE'S MINIONS!

Tim: Slade?

Dick: Wilson. AKA Deathstroke the Terminator.

Tim: Arnold Schwarzenegger??

Dick: No. This is different. Bruce fought this guy before (Which will be in the Batman movie) and he's a master assassin but a hit man from Gotham

Tim: So what does he want with your girlfriend?

Dick: SHE'S NOT MY--Um...Idk but we got to save her. Suit up.

Tim: Thought you wanted me to do this on my own.

Dick: Well with Slade....you'll need my help.

Later they were heading out in their gear

Nightwing: Vic take over I'll be back soon.

Victor: Sure but I wish you'd let me help.

Nightwing: I need you to keep progressing with Garfield. I'll contact you if I need to.

They hopped on their bikes and rode out which in Nightwing's mind....

….out to save the damsel in distress


Back in the depths of the city those ever familiar APC militia vans were literally roaming roads of the city in droves....

...let alone an organized straight line

As for our "damsel in distress" if you will she was relentless and even more that she was captured YET AGAIN With four men trying to hold her down inside the APC militia vans her patience quickly ran thin....

….and her eyes once again glew that bright green fluorescent color

Unwilling to put up with capture yet again she flew straight up with capture yet again she flew straight up and banged up against the inside ceiling knocking out one of Slade officers. As soon as she recovered and just floated with her feet not touching the floor the rest of Slades three officers just opened fire and shot at her....

….or at least TRIES to shoot her....

….cause Kori was able to dodge every single bullet that came in her direction like a freaking Matrix agent

(Yeah she really was this fast in the comics I believe)

Almost immediately the three officers just froze up and backed up as Kori cracked her neck again

She holds her hands out towards them as her hands glow up with that green particle ready to blast them all to oblivion

And foolishly the officers once again aim at her

Stand down

Hearing that raspy yet fast tempered voice made his officers look back behind them to get a good look at the infamous mercenary turned assassin....

Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello)

This didn't help Kori's cause as she kept her arms pressed out this time aimed at HIM. His officers wanted NOTHING to do with that so they just backed up. As for Deathstroke as soon as he gets a good glimpse at Kori's orange skin her unusual height advantage.....

….and the guard that she knocked out behind her the first thing that he said was....

Deathstroke: Yet another meta-human freak.

Kori: Meta...human? You face the princess of Tamaran you foil disgusting...…

Deathstroke: All the more tempting.

Kori: State your presence human! NOW!

Deathstroke: MY presence?

He takes a few steps forward as he stares down the Tamaraen princess

Deathstroke: YOU were right where I wanted you.

Not taking his word for it she pressed to blast him but.....

…..He pressed a button on his arm pad which triggered a shock on her

A collar was placed on her neck during her capture incase she tried to fight her way out

Deathstroke: The collar I placed upon you is a high voltage manual faction. I could have it kill you if I wanted you dead. But you're more useful to me alive....I can just have it sting you the more you resist.

Kori: Filthy dark hearted clorebag! You will receive Tamaranean execution for this!

Dethstroke: Don't fret my dear. The less you struggle the less it hurts.

The tank soon pulled into the abandon mine where Slade and his crew set up shop

Soon as it opened Deathstroke forced her out still stinging her with the collar more she tried to fight and some more familiar militia men grabbed her awaiting orders

Deathstroke: Put her on the titanium holding. And be carful she might bite

(Or blast)

Deathstroke: I gotta make a call the boss. (Red Hood)

They carried out Slade's orders as Kori acted more fierce but unaware from the top of the mine.....

…..Nigtwing and Robin were hiding and spying on the militia seeing they were taking Kori out of the room

Robin: What'd they planning to do with her?

Nightwing: Idk....but we got to get her out. Knowing Deathstroke he might use her for a weapon. From what I hear about where she's from.

Robin: We need a plan.

Nightwing: Agreed. Let's split up and plan out our tactics

And when they went their separate ways

As the militia went on their duties Robin sneaked behind crates and stash and soon set a red robinerang which wasn't an ordinary one

He quickly tossed it when one of them turned their backs then.....

….it stook on a wall and it set off a chain reaction which blinded the militia in some streaking flash then....

….it stook on a wall and it set off a chain reaction which blinded the militia in some streaking flash then....

…..The boy wonder brawled them all down one after another

Meanwhile soon as Kori was restrain she growled more at the two men holding her but Nightwing entered the room hiding and he saw the beautiful alien woman trapped and doing the one thing possible.....

…..he rolled a techno smoke pellet and blew out smoke the men yelled and coughed as Kori looked confused

then in the smoke Nightwing beat down the two men and appeared before her as it cleared

Kori: Why are you here?

Nightwing: I think the word you meant was "Thank you".

He soon unstrained her only to be startled by a voice

You didn't think it be that easy. Did you Nightwing?

They both looked to see Deathstroke standing by the doorway with arms crossed and one foot on the wall

Nightwing: Slade Wilson. What are you plotting this time?

Deathstroke: Don't you think I would have informed you if I wanted you know that.

Kori pointed her hands with green flashes but....

He pointed her hands with green flashes but....

He holds up his arm with the trigger button exposed

Deathstroke: Now now little princess one blast and you get shock

Kori for one didn't like the shock. Not that she didn't understand the purpose of it but she CLEARLY did not take kindly to being held prisoner

The entire time she had it prepped directly at him she couldn't help but to stare directly back at Dick who had this calm cool collected expression on his face as if he was saying.....

"I got this"

Somewhat; taking his words to heart especially after yesterday....she lets her guard down and let's her hands down.

That would've been the end of it but....come on. That would've been too simble

Just as Nightwing grabbed his new set of escrima sticks and threw at the Merc-assassin Deathstroke practically saw them coming as he jumped over time they came around or blocked them with his sword

And boy was he fast

But in that brief moment as he let his guard down an escrima stick brims past his face mask and knocks the armpad shock detonator OFF OF HIM.....

…..prompting him to throw his sword over at Nightwing He bends backyards to dodge the sword to dodge the sword but it clicks him on the shoulder before he could catch his escrima stcks back.....

….and THEN Kori blasts him square in his chest knocking him back about a few feet away from the two

As he recovers and looks back at the two Kori turns to Nightwing and.....

….Sticks her out of him?

Nightwing: What no kiss this time around?

Kori I believe the term you mean to use here is....THANK YOU.

Hearing this Dick just chuckles as he takes her hand and she helps him back up

But at the same time Slade is ALSO back up on his feet staring both of them down

As a quick knee-jerk reaction Nightwing picks up both of his escrima sticks and then TURNS THEM ON....

….resulting in electric escrima sticks.

He then connects both of them together to create an electric staff




Two on one

This is gonna be interesting

Deathstroke: Two against one isn't a fair odd. But I love a double challenge.

Kori: What is this double challenge he is saying?

Nightwing: It means he's not worried about two against him.

She looked at him oddly then at Slade who took his staff out and charged at them

Nightwing ran as Kori flew at him he deflected Slade's attacks with his escrima sticks as Kori blasted her star bolts at him making him loose his balance

Just for Nightwing to throw the final blow on his head....

….which cracked his mask

But only a scratch was barely enough to slow him down as launched a blow of his own as launched a blow of his own

Nightwing was sent flying across the room hitting a mine crate

Deathstroke had just turned to Kori who threw more star bolts at him blowing him off the ground and fell in a dug hole

Nightwing saw the action and....

...he was pretty amazed how powerful she was

She landed beside him and....

….offered him a hand

He took it and just a moment of silence

Kori: I am very unaware of these things on your planet. But I can tell you pose no threat. For the way you rescued me.

Nigtwing: Well I consider us even the way you forced Deathstroke off me like that. But where did you learn those abilities?

Kori: On my home planet those with royal blood carry instabilities of star bolts.

Nightwing: Star bolts? I first considered Star Fire.....Star....Fire....Starfire?

Kori: What is this Starfire you are speaking of

Before that could be answered....

….Deathstroke recovered with half his face exposed from the crack of his mask braking it in half from that stunt

He looked angry and hit....

….a self destruct countdown on the mine

They heard the alarms going off Slade's men ran as Robin looked around confused

Deathstroke ran for an emergency exit

Deathstroke: Another day Nightwing. Another day.

He blew the seal trapping them both

Nightwing: What now?!

Kori: Out of my way!

She blast on the wall creating another exit

Nightwing: Wait! My friend is in here somewhere. I can't leave him.

Kori: You will go then! I will find him.

She flew back across in the mine

Nightwing: WAIT!

As the mine began to tumble and shake Robin ran but every exit was sealed

He thought that was it for him there till....

….he felt himself grabbed and lift up in the air

Robin: WHOA!!

He looked up to see Kori flying him out

Nightwing saw them coming back and in the last nano seconds Kori flying him out


The three looked back at one another

Robin: So....she's on our side?

Nightwing: I was gonna ask that. *To Kori* Are you....?

Kori: Your ways are still strange to me. But seeing that you two were willing to help me in there. I will take your proposal.

Nightwing: Then would you like to join "The Titans"?

Kori: If I accept tell me of that word "Starfire".

Nightwing: Oh...uh...well in our organization we keep our organization we keep our identities secret. Hidden from our enemies to protect our families. In the Titans we are known by alter egos. Hero names. And with those star things...perhaps you could be called....Starfire.

Kori: I...LIKE it.

At then they laughed and all even Kori went back for Titans tower

But back there Garfield took a brake from training and wondered around the tower

Amazed how there was so much space and a large living room and five bathrooms in the halls

Some of the bedrooms had bathrooms of their own so it pretty much bathrooms really

Garfield looked in the fourth room he saw and....

….saw Raven meditating again

Raven: Azerath Netrian Zinthos. Azerath Netrian Zinthos.

There was no hyper sensitive quick reaction to everything that Garfield sensitive quick reaction to everything that Garfield was actually looking out or examining seeing that somebody else was here with after being exhausted and worn out from training.....

…..for reasons he couldn't possibly understand.

Seeing Raven in her own little zone wasn't a big enough hint that she needed to be left alone....

…..so he ended up knocking

And sure enough it distracted her as she snapped out of her concentrated state....which just so happened to be a good thing.....because she would've dipped down back into that zone again

She then bolts her eyes directly up at the poor child sensing the aura presented from her eyes and appearance he quickly jumps back towards the wall and just bursts off running

Garfield not wanting ANYTHING to do with Raven after that just waltz into the main room unsure of where to go next. But since the room was so big he quickly lost his sense of direction as he stumbled over to couch and fell

As soon as he looks back up with an upside down view he see's Raven....reappear right in front of him looking down upon the young man

Raven: You're welcome.

Garfield immediately waltz off the couch and just stares down Raven again as she flips her hood down so she could take a good look at her pale skin and her eyes

Garfield: Umm...what am I thanking you for exactly?

Raven: Saving your life. Stopping you from making a huge mistake.

Garfield: It's kind of a blur to me.

Raven: I guess shouldn't be surprised. What you doing in here anyway?

Garfield: I....guess I look too deep exploring this place.

Raven: Must have.

Garfield: I do remember one thing. That lullaby I heard in my mind...that was you wasn't it?

Raven: You win the metal.

Garfield: Well thanks are in order. But there's still one thing bothering me. When you were in my head I couldn't help but to see a little in yours....

Raven: What'd you getting at?

Garfield: That demon.....it look like the Devil. It seemed like something out of hell itself. What's the deal with that?

Raven: It's just a dream I had. That's all.

Garfield: No....it looked too deep to be a dream. What's your connection with that thing?

Raven: It's none of your business and if you knew anything about it...you be smart not to dig your nose deep in it. Now I don't mean to be rude but would you mind clearing out?

Garfield: I'm not trying to barge in further...but....if something try to hurt you....I would protect you....

Raven looked up hearing that sweet statement from him....

…..but as much as it touched her it was pointless to her

How would Garfield protect her from Trigon?

He doesn't even know half of the situation that's occurring

Feeling like this prep talk was pointless he was just about to walk out said room until.....

That sounds like an unofficial confirmation to me.

Yes....yes it did.

The voice prompted both of them to turn back towards the balcony to see Kori dropping off both Dick and Tim right then and there.

It sure felt...a little awkard seeing that Garfield was up

Raven: Nightwing.

Nightwing: Raven

Kori: Odd that we would meet up again so soon after our previous encounter.

Raven: That makes two of us.

As for Garfield....he kept his eyes over a Robin.

Garfield: Wowza….you're Robin aren't you? H-how can I be of assistance sir?

Robin: Well you can start by not calling me "sir".

This was it. This entire team they would have. It's six people against Satan himself. How exactly do you explain that?

We have two Boy wonders a lost Azerathian a metamorphosis of man and machine a Tamaranean princess and a mutating animal child. So....what's next?

Nightwing: Well then....I guess the entire gangs here. Should we uh....get settled in?

Raven: The sooner we do so, the sooner we'll be prepared.

Kori: Prepare for what?

Garfield: My thoughts exactly.

Oh boy....this was gonna be hard to update

Garfield: Is it over th-that devil thing?


Everyone looked towards her even Garfield and Kori who were the most confused

Raven: Perhaps it's better if I tell you all...in one room. Including Victor.

Dick: Sounds like a good idea Rave. We all need to know what we're dealing with if the Titans are gonna stop it.

Garfield: No offence dude. But THE Titans doesn't sound right. It sounds like it needs a new title....or another name add into it

Dick: What would call it then?

Garfield: Well....what about....The Tee---

Raven: HEY! We need to focus at the problem at hand.

Dick: She's right. Tim go get Victor.

Tim nodded and exit the room

And later they all met in the main hall and sat as Raven stood before them at first facing the computer then them

Raven: For many centuries....

The screen cuts to a flashback with everything Raven says....

…..happens in the flashback

Homeworld Azerath was a place of prosperity and peace. We had always had the stars and the spirit of our annsassters.

Many centuries ago when my mother Arella was young and Air to the thrown.

(Yeah I told you Raven was around for awhile that's how long)

She was chosen to be the classic bride of Satan arranged by the darkest cult of my homeworld. And when the ceremony was completed

The cult chanted on as the circle around Arella and it shot up above appearing....



Arella: NO! PLEASE!

The cult closed the doors locking her in there as she looked up with Trigon attacking the screen

Screams echoed cutting back to the main hall with Raven's eyes closed....

….then opened them

Raven: My mother was taken on that cold flour after the cult left her there to suffer

The others were horrified of what was saying

Dick: That's horrible.

Garfield: Wicked Exposures

Cutting back to the Flashback

In time our finest warriors broke into their temple and the dark cult....what was left of them flead they found my mother....naked and covered bruises they managed to subdue Trigon and banished him to a dark realm of imprisonment. They brought her back home....but the wounds left on her took years to heal

But sometime later when she inherited the thrown she found herself with child. Trigon's offspring. What the cult intended to help Trigon in his quest to rule the universe in hate and evil. And that was through the child of Trigon.

Soon the screen cut back to reality

Kori that child was you?

Raven: Yes.

Garfield: And I thought my foster parents were pure evil.

Cutting back to the flashback which shows most of the beginning of this

I spent most of my childhood in the temple of Zinthos. I tried to figure out answers that my mother was afraid to give me. Where I meditated to find them. But one day our sun was eclipsed by a blackest moon

It made the skies burning red and Trigon himself reached out from the wall I meditated to grab me until my mother and her warriors pulled me out of there.

But Azerath was close to extinction. My mother arranged fot the survival of our race I was sent to earth and meditate to keep him from reaching me. But just when they began the ceremony to transport me here Trigon was already behind the door

My last moment with my mother...

....Was a Goodbye and the next thing I knew I found myself here knowing my homeworld was destroyed.

The flashback ended again as Raven tried to hide her tears

Raven: And now...five years later....he's managed to reach me once again.

Finally....she couldn't hold them back any longer

An entire trail of tears tricked down both her eyes as they drenched her cheekbones in front of the others no less

Feeling the biggest amount of sympathy for anyone in practically a long time Victor got up from the couch and hugged Raven tightly

First time anyone ever bothered to hug her

It felt out of place and just awkward since.....five years since anyone bother to give her one dose of respect comfort and love

But going through it all Raven wrapped her arms around Victor hugging him back

Raven: And here I thought no one would understand.

Victor: Trust me....all of us here have something to fear. All of us are the furthest thing from normal as it can get.

Raven: How so?

Victor: Well....heh...

He backs up from the hug so that Raven can get a good look at his cybernetic body armor and look

Victor: Seriously, I'm part man and part machine now. I get caught in an explosion my father uses the power of the Motherbox to build me back up from scratch and....now...now I'm the pinnacle of scientific achievement

Kori: That does not sound all that much of an issue to worry about.

Victor: Except when you take in for account that I'm connected to EVERY NETWORK and DEVICE on the planet

Garfield: Man. You must get DISTRACTED easily.

That sort of killed the mood

Victor: Hey, don't ruin it.

Garfield: Hey I'm just saying.

Brief moment of silence

Until someone else spoke up

Tim: Well umm....I guess I'll be next to tell mine.

Dick: Actually....the Both of us will tell OUR story next.

Looking over at his mentor/second father figure he quickly agreed with him. They both stood squarely off the couch and stood infront of the room just as Raven and Victor backed up giving them the space they need to explain THEIR story

Dick: So....*Sighs* for those who DON'T know me my name is Dick Grayson.

Tim: Tim Drake.

Dick: It's safe to say....we both had similar trajectories in our time.

Again a brief moment of silence overtook the room as everyone just piped in to listen

Dick: My parents....MY FLESH AND BLOOD...the Flying Grayson's....were murdered by a mafia boss right in front of my eyes.....

Tim: And I just happened to be there in the crowd and saw it happened.

Dick suddenly bolts his head back towards him...like he didn't know that

Dick: You were there?

Tim: My dad took me to see the circus. I looked up your family thinking you guys could REALLY fly.

Dick: Huh....well anyway....after my parents murder....the GCPD believed it was an accident cause the rope was broke off....cause it was CUT! They thought I was saying stuff out of grief but I saw the rope cut. The man who took me in was the only one who believed me. His name was Wayne. Bruce Wayne.

Victor: Wait....you also mean....BATMAN??

Dick: Correct.

Tim: He took me in too. About a month after my old man passed.....he rescued me from that mad man. Who locals know as the Joker.

Dick: And he was the worst kind of criminal in Gotham even in Bludhavin. Years with Bruce I hardly fit in anywhere people looked at me like I ran over someone's dog.

Tim: And my years with him was mostly detention and training with Batman.

Dick: And in time I learned Bruce's alter ego let's just say I did a lot of sneaking out....wearing Batman's suits. And fought crime in hope to find my parents killer

(Yes he did)

Tim: He told me about that.

Dick: After that the REAL Batman wasn't very happy with that. He tried to keep me out of the cave as much as he could....till....our friend Lucius Fox made me a suit based on my flying Grayson suit. And understanding my grief cause of his own Bruce finally let me join him in his fight against crime and corruption. And I became....the FIRST Robin.

Victor: You were once a Robin?

Dick: Till Bruce and I started having differences. I was tired of him keeping secrets from me. And living in his shadow. I left Gotham and moved to Bludhavin. That's when I became Nightwing.

Tim: And in my time. I been Robin since the Suicide Squad was shut down.

Garfield: So you're the second Robin?

Tim: The third.

Garfield and Kori (Both): Huh??

Dick looked down for he knew where this part of the story was the most tragic

Dick: The second Robin....his name was Jason Todd....and he was my friend.

Raven: What happen to him?

Dick: During with another faceoff with the Joker....he kidnapped Jason tricked us into thinking he died in an explosion.

Tim: Joker sent a video to Bruce....he tortured Jason....manipulated him that Bruce abandon him....for me. Thinking I replaced him.

Dick: And then Joker killed him at the end of the tape.....

He choked up before he could progress any further. The truth about WHAT happened to Jason Todd was already tragic enough for him to discuss but having to let others hear it....just ripped out his heartstrings even more.

They may have not been related.....but he still lost a brother

Victor: Well if you ask me I think Bruce was kinda stupid for not being there when he was needed.

Garfield: All bets are off. Bruce's fault.

Dick: Forget you heard that.

Tim: Oh....kay....well let's move on from that shall we? Uhh….

He quickly points at Kori indicating whether or not she'd be next to share her story. But surprisingly....

(Power Rangers (2017) reference)

….she shakes her head "NO"

Kori: Not now. Skip me.

Odd. Does she still not trust the others even after what they did for her? Technically speaking I GUESS she could trust the Boy Wonders cause they stuck with their word and helped her and vice versa. Then again the rest of the team didn't really know her much either as much as each other.

So she had her reasons to remain cautions.

For they're just allies

Keeping her word to heart Tim acknowledge that gives her some space and turns back to Garfield

Tim: Now we technically already know about you right?

Garfield: Pretty much all except....

Another awkward moment of silence outlays the room almost as if time itself was frozen in place. It really wasn't but to Garfield.....

….it definitely felt that way....since he just realized something.

Garfield: Julie.

Tim: Julie?

Beast Boy wonders quickly looked back and forth at each other for a few brief seconds before they realized what he was talking about

Unfortunately they most likely knew what happened.

Dick: Oh....fudge.

Kori: Fudge?

Tim: Not the time Kori.

Garfield: Julie's taken wasn't she?

Both Dick and Tim nod at him realizing how serious this moment was Garfield just bolted off the couch and....saluted to them both

Garfield: Let me handle this. Ex Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, reporting for duty sirs!

Again everyone looks at each other.

Tim: Again....don't call us "sir". We're all on the same page here ok?

He again salutes

Garfield: Anything to right a wrong just sign me. Julie needs me.


Victor: Uhh….H-Hold on yall.

He turns away from the others and just stretches out his arms again bringing up his own virtual database computer and it suddenly flashes up his own code red alert system.

As he swipes to the right....

...he see's footage of a black mist consuming all of Lex-Corp....and the Justice League surrounding it.

(From Justice League: Part II)

Cyborg: S__t.

Dick: We better need to get over there....Raven? I'm putting you in charge of the tower till we get back.

Raven: What?? Why me?

Dick: Besides Victor and me you been here the longest. Garfield and Kori....Beast Boy....and Starfire still need to train if they're going to be part of the Titans they need guidance

Raven: I...I don't know. I mean I wasn't one of the teachers....

Dick: Raven. You can do this...we'll come rushing back before you know it. Just before this....Trigon pulls anything.

Raven still wasn't sure about this but....putting her faith in Dick made her understand

Raven: *Sighs* Ok....just don't take too long. I don't know how long I can process this.

Dick: Promise. *To Victor and Tim* Titans. Suit up.

They rushed out to suit up as Dick ordered and Raven turn to Kori and Garfield

Raven: So....??

Garfield: Who's up for pizza?

Kori: What is this....pizza?

Raven: Ugh....it's going to be a loooong night.

Just when her hand was on her head she notice....

…..burning symbol of Trigon cutting on her wrists

She gasped slightly at the sight of it and even more interesting was how deep the symbol was cutting into her skin...

...indicating that Trigon HER FATHER might be arriving WAY sooner than anticipated

But the marking did burn a LOT

And once again the images reflected upon her childhood those last traumatic moments of her mother's life....all the memories came rushing back to her as familiar and permanent as the dark energy stained to her hood and cloak

She quickly lost balance and dropped down to both her knees as her eyes bolstered a burgrundy blood like color from her pupils with her head crumbling massive agony

She knew damn well who was doing this....but even with a mild like hers....it seemed like her mental strength just wasn't strong enough

Finally...she screamed

Back down in the depths of hell this swirling whirlpool of energy soon began cracking itself open to a larger size ratio however just when it looked like it was about to fully open up all the way....

….it stopped about halfway through

This sight was amusing for Trigon to see Raven's pain and inability to struggle further against her own father made her more inoperable to the consequences as she unwillingly cracked the portal to the Underworld and the real world open a few more inches

It wasn't big enough to send a few of his subjects his minions down there to set an example

Trigon: Send the hellhounds

Once again like video camera this entire sight was trivial for Raven to have to see as he eyes dilated back to normal color and she dropped down on her knees. It didn't last long....but it DID take a lot out of her....

...so much so that Garfield and Kori by her aid and helped her back up

Kori: Raven....are you....OK?

Raven: Far....from it.

Garfield: What was THAT?

She turns towards him.

Raven: Pizza will have to wait Garfield. For now let's go get Julie.

Funny how she said that....

….cause at Amanda Walker's office....

...let's just say Julie was in handcuffs for Agency interference and interrogated by Waller

Waller: Now Miss Madison we'll make this as easy on you as possible IF you tell us where Garfield Logan is.

Julie: Why don't you check your ass pocket there is NO absolutely NO way would I EVER let your secrecy EVER get their hands on him for your....terrorists imitations

Waller: You think this about the Suicide Squad?

Julie: What else would it be? You take things you want like a spoiled brat taking candy from a baby you arrogant greedy selfish HEARTLESS MANIPIULATING DARK HEARTED UNCARRING CRUEL CONTROLLING SLAVE DRIVING B__CH!!!!!!!!


For that ranting insult Amanda stood slamming her desk


Julie: Oh spare me the comfy talk. You used criminals to do your dirty work which got a which got a lot of people killed. And you SERIOUSLY expect me to believe that BS?

Waller: Yes. Cause his parents.....were my friends.


But after that Julie still didn't believer her

Julie: You're lower than I thought if you EXPECT me to believe---

Waller threw down a file before Julie could finish which brought more silence in the room

She uncuffed her and let her read it

The file did reveal that Garfield's parents WERE part of the Agency long before he was born

In 1995 they stopped a terrorist threat which nearly blew up Metropolis with a nuclear bomb

And retired after marriage and pregnancy

Waller: I'm not always proud of things I do in this agency. But my fight is the same as yours Miss Madison. And I had friends cause I wasn't ALWAYS selfish. Martin and Valery (Garfield's parents) were the bravest people I knew. And the only way I can honor them....is that I help their son.

Julie didn't know what else to say (Neither do I) and she looked up to her

Waller: Just tell me where he is and I give you my word he will have the best care where nothing can hurt him.

After that it was just silence again for Julie did not know weather to trust her or to oppose her still

But she would have to decide fast for Raven Kori and Garfield (As a green eagle) flew straight to Gotham to find Julie only to....

….get a glimpse....

….of another eclipse

Raven: No....not again...

As the skies were darken the hellhounds began to walk out of every corner

Raven could even feel them from above

Raven: We have to land...

Kori: What??

Raven: Now.....

Kori: I do not understand....

Raven: (With red eyes): NOW!!

They gasped and landed on the road just as Garfield turn back

Garfield: Yo....what's up with your eyes?

Raven: It's started...

They were confused at first on what she meant by that but that was the LEAST of their problems

They heard growls

and what had them out numbered

Was Trigon's pack of hellhounds

Raven: Hellhounds.....

Starfire's eyes glew green as Beast Boy formed into a gorilla

Raven: NO WAIT!

They began to fight but Raven who stood and watch helplessly wishing Dick and Victor were here

Starfire launched a mt of star bolts as Beast Boy from animal to animal but no matter how much the two new recruits took out....

...MORE hounds kept coming and coming

They soon got tired out and were being approached by more hounds

Beast Boy: I'm just about out of ideas....how much you got left....

Starfire: I do not know....my star bolts are running low. It will take minutes to recharge.

Beast Boy: I don't think we got minutes. We may not even have one.

The hellhounds were about to attack till.....


All eyes were directly to Raven

Raven: I'm the one you want. Not them. So take me.

Garfield: Raven no!

Raven: I'm sorry.....sorry I couldn't keep him out of your world. I couldn't keep him out of mine.

The hounds growled and ran and grabbed her with their and dragged her to a dark corner and.....

….they all disapeared

Garfield: RAVEN!!

He bolted up from the ground preparing to make a run for that corner but Kori grabbed his shoulders pulling him back

But he wasn't having any of it

Garfield: Let go of ME!

Kori: There is nothing that can be done. She must now face THE face of her fears.

(You get that joke? Whenever Starfire would use "The"?)

He couldn't understand it....but then again I don't think she could either. But....Raven has been Desperately trying to hold off on this for years surely she could've found the advantage to uphold the treat longer

Kori: She is one with the most courage. I know she will find a way. But for now we must go.

She floats off the ground yet again and then takes off in the intended direction towards the city of which was where Amanda Waller still had Julie couped up

The entire time though Garfield couldn't help but to....ponder on what was happening to Raven this new bond of affection he had for her was sudden sure but he cared a little too much.

Garfield: The devils got her now.

Knocking there was nothing else to do he immediately shape shifts back into his eagle form and quickly takes off after Kori trying to catch up to her so they could get Julie back

Thing however couldn't get any more complex or difficult for SHE THAT SUFFERED MOST

Things however couldn't get any more complex or difficult for SHE THAT SUFFERED MOST

Into the darkest pits of Hell itself these hellhounds slowly and methodically crawl out of this warping portal on this rocky platform over a pit of dark mist hellfire and brimstone....

….dragging Raven out of it with them

Dragging her by the CLOAK no less

By the time they stopped they just let her recuperate and get her back up to her feet as they all snarled at her it can be safe to say they aren't fond of her

The same could be said for Raven as she gave them this stern expression on her face

Raven: Wretched beasts....I KNOW who you all serve!

All of the hounds at ONCE proceeded to pounce at her.....

....but she catches ALL OF THEM AT ONCE...

...with her telekinesis (she has that) before chuckling them all to the side

She then takes use of whatever mystic energy she was adopted with to take a large chunk out of the rocky platform she was standing on As she looks down over at the hellhounds whimpering....

….without any remorse....

….she chucks her arms at them while carrying that rock with her powers and she DROPS the rock on ALL of them....

….crushing them all.

Before she could even get a SECONDS WORTH of rest....


She hears the noise she's heard for way too long way too many times everytime she's heard it she wishes she could run away

But now there's no hope of avoiding it

She midly turns back towards that direction as the stomping increases in intensity....

….and gets louder....

…..and LOUDER....

….and LOUDER.....

….until she finally takes a long glimpse of the man - MONSTER she had hoped she'd never have to see again

Her demonic intergalactic father Trigon

It felt normal having to look at him when he was freaking 20 feet tall....but it felt awkward and rather weird when she had to talk to him when he was HER size

But Raven could see through all that even as she tried to shrug his hand off of her when he brought down her cloak

Trigon: Dear....daughter.....

Raven: You don't deserve to call me THAT.

Trigon: Hehehehe you have your mother's strength. But just as foolish.

Raven: You destroyed my home! Murdered all my people! Did you think I wouldn't TAKE IT PERSONALLY!

Trigon: And like them you hardly understood the will of your birthright. You were made to bring forth the will of my rein upon the universe. It's easier to accept it.

Raven: I'd rather burn in the lava pit!

Outraged by Raven's resistance Trigon smacked her down

The burns from that fiery palm made Raven cry out but she glew red eyes from anger

Apparently time was also running out for her

Meanwhile back on earth Kor and Gar managed to track down Julie at an Agency facility

And wouldn't you know it both Waller and Julie were standing on the roof

Garfield soon turn back to his self when he landed and ran to Julie for a hug

Garfield: Angel!

Julie: I feared for you as well. Thank the lord you're safe.

Waller: Garfield? I am Amanda Waller. You--

Garfieeld: Need some help. My friend Raven was just kidnapped!

Kori: From what we had heard her conorfica is a fire demon waiting to be released to cause a....."hellish" apocalypse?

Waller: Who is this?

Another awkward moment....

Kori: Greetings Earthling. I am Koriand'r. Princess of Tamar---

Garfield: Anders. Kori Anders.

She looks at him oddly for that

Garfield: Kind of odd since we don't know about each other that much until just today. But to be fair....I can live it.

Julie: Well I must thank you.

She reached out her hand to her and....there was an obvious morbid sense of confusion for the first few seconds

But thanks to Garfield giving the seal approval...

….she shook her hand

But of course she had a tight grip.

Julie: You DON'T wanna pick a fight with this young lady.

Waller: That makes two of us.

After a brief moment of silence between the four of them....

A rumbling sound suddenly came over the surface as it rocked the epicenter that they were all on. The entire city was in utter confusion over it and the citizens who didn't want to know what was gonna happen next just ran for cover

As for the four only two of them had a brief idea on what was happening....or what would come next

Julie: Earthquake.

Kori: No...worse....

She looks out towards the distance

Kori: What Raven speaks of is true.

Waller: Everyone inside. I got an idea.

(She of course has a military operation for Trigon I think she has a suit for Garfield provided by Julie of course)

Back down in the depths of Hell.....


The bloodcurdling of Raven screaming moaning and struggling in pain in agony was troubling and nauseating to hear but it only gets worse once we actually see what's happening

Trigon still in his human from has her hoisted up the air with each and every vein in her body stretched out almost contorting her body in the worst possible way in resemblance of HIS SYMBOL

A reminder that HE WAS IN CHARGE

And it appeared to have worked cause again Raven does her hardest to struggle but with her willpower fading by the second the portal continues to inch further and further open

She was seconds away from slipping deep into unconsciousness if not a coma since she barely was any means to defend herself against her own flesh and blood. The only option she had was to use her telekinesis....

…..but everytime she tried Trigon issues a counter telepathic response rendering her 100% defenseless as he finally dropped her as she landed SPLAT on that platform

As the heat of the boiling lakes of lava started to make her sweat with anxiety she barely regains her balance and suckers up to her knees looking back at her father looking like she was completely sucked of her energy

Trigon: Why do you suffer so helplessly sweet Raven? I only ask you give me what I deserve: That portal to be opened for me. Just for your dear daddy.

Raven: Over. My. Dead. BODY.

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