Teen Talk is a Canadian adult animated series created by Alexander Bellavance. The series aired on City in August 21, 2015 and ended on December 12, 2016. The show was rated 18A for sexual content, violence and profanity.

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Main Characters

  • Charlie Hogan (voiced by Annie Murphy) - An abrasive pubescent girl with psychological issues. Charlie has an immense strength and has a superiority complex. She can be a sensitive pushover who is often taken advantage of, cheated, and ridiculed.
  • Testosterone (voiced by Norm MacDonald) - A characterized hormone who follows both Wesley and Damian. The hormone testosterone is mainly thought of as the fuel for sexual desire in men. At times, testosterone can cause behavior and mood changes that include rage, paranoia, irritability, and poor judgment.
  • Estrogen (voiced by Katharine Isabelle) - A characterized hormone who follows Charlie around and is responsible for her brooding sexual desires and anger issues, which frequently occur at inappropriate moments. Estrogen can also affect emotional arousal and change the intensity of emotional experiences.
  • Amber Barry (voiced by Emily Hampshire) - An attractive and intellectually disabled pubescent girl who is also Charlie's best cousin. Amber can be rather easily fooled, often to the point of being oblivious to her surroundings. Ironically, Amber has a dark and hysterical side.
  • Wesley Gesner (voiced by Eric Peterson) - An awkward pubescent boy and Charlie's boyfriend. Wesley is an overweight, excitable, outgoing, and well-meaning adolescent boy. Aside from that, he deals with problems that any other pubescent male would face -- acne, girls, distance from family members, and school.
  • Damian Chow (voiced by Simu Liu) - A Chinese-Canadian pubescent boy and the son of a wealthy family. His father is the CEO of Chow Toy Factory, best known for creating sex toys. Even though he is a thirtenn-years-old, Damian is ambiguous. He also has mazophilia, showing a highly atypical sexual interest focused on female breasts.

Recurring Characters

  • Mrs. Zimmer (voiced by Gerry Dee) - The woman who teaches at Mooseland Middle School. Mrs. Zimmer is a lesbian female who has a large body, immense strength, and a deep voice that is often mistaken for a male.
  • Maureen Hogan (voiced by Naomi Snieckus) - A local receptionist at Chow Toy factory and Charlie's mother. Maureen is often portrayed as a stereotypical television mother, despite her admitting to being a recovering methamphetamine addict and a gold digger. Her husband emotionally abused her and went to prison for attempted homicide, which explains why she appears happy on the outside and keeping the pain on the inside.
  • Florence Dupont (voiced by Jessalyn Wanlim) - A Black Canadian girl who serves as the school's head cheerleader. Florence is a beautiful yet narcissistic and mean-spirited girl who tends to look down on those who are either socially inept or unpopular and encourages the other popular students who she is friends with to bully them.
  • Coach Marcotte (voiced by Jonathan Torrens) - The middle school gym class teacher who is incompetent and overly talkative.

Guest Appearances

  • Catherine O'Hara as the hormone adrenaline
  • Chris Potter as the pituitary
  • Michael Shanks as the hormone endorphin
  • Camille Sullivan as hormone somatotropin
  • Tim Rozon as the hormone serotonin
  • Wendy Mesley as the hormone cortisol
  • Amber Marshall as the hormone progestogen
  • Ellen Page as The Pill (birth control pill)
  • Michael Cera as The Condom
  • Meghan Ory as IUD
  • Georgina Reilly as The Contraceptive Implant
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