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Ted Grant is a boxer, a former vigilante and the owner of the Wildcat Gym. He is the former mentor of the late Isaac Stanzlerand and Sara Lance. He is known as Wildcat.


Being a vigilante

Ted is an accomplished and well known boxer. His name in the ring was Wildcat. Three years before the start of the series' present day, he became a vigilante. He watched over the Glades, patrolling the crime and poverty infested district of the city trying to keep crime at bay. He established a hidden base which was used to store his equipment, weapons including brass knuckles, knives, batons and nunchaku. At some point he came across Isaac Stanzler, a troubled young man. He eventually took on Isaac as a partner hoping to change the boy's life in a positive direction. When he and Isaac were pursuing a criminal, a member of the Calebras' gang, their chase led them to a closed nightclub. Isaac reached their destination first and beat the man to death. This caused Ted to retire his vigilante career: he closed down his base, hung up his mask and cut all ties with Isaac.

Training Sara

Starling City


Ted is intelligent, has a sense of justice, honor and good morals, becoming a vigilante to keep crime in the Glades in check. Ted is also a highly empathic individual as he runs his gym to give his students chances to let off steam and control their emotions.

Despite his dislike of crime, killing his enemies is a line that Ted would never cross, Ted is also short tempered as he does not like being wrongfully accused.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled boxer and former vigilante, Ted is in top physical condition.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Ted is very skilled in boxing, having fought high level boxing bouts, he has also demonstrated skills in other martial arts such as throws, holds and grappling. This was revealed when he was training Sara and later on when he fought the Canary and later Danny Brickwell. 
  • Stealth: Ted can move around unnoticed as he was able to sneak up on Sara.
  • Weapons proficiency: He is highly skilled with brass knuckles and knives as it was revealed he had several kinds of edged weapons, nunchakus and brass knuckles in his hideout.


  • Brass knuckles: Ted is proficient with brass knuckles.
  • Knives: Ted is proficient with knives.
  • Nunchakus: Ted is proficient with nunchakus.
  • Wildcat mask: Ted wore a black leather mask as his heroic alter-ego, Wildcat, to hide his identity from his enemies.
  • Wildcat suit: Ted wore a suit consisting of a black leather jacket, pants, boots and gloves. He also wore brass knuckles to injure his enemies more and a black leather mask to help hide his identity.