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This programming is rated TV-14 or TV-MA, some scene may containing violence, swearing, more things that are not suitable for kids.

Team Revival is a sports themed reality TV show starring legendary high school football coach Sean Mescall, who has also coached in the NFL and won 2 Super Bowls. It features Mescall traveling around the country to struggling high school football teams and spends a week attempting to make them winning teams before moving on to another team. The teams he encounter face a variety of issues, from lack of discipline, players bullying each other, bad coaches, and sometimes even unsafe environments.


A typical episode starts on a Monday with Coach Mescall spying on the team he’s working with and watching their highlight reels as they practice from his car and identifying weak spots. He will then bring in other football experts based on what he hears about the team and what his recon shows. He eventually joins the team at practice and generally talks to the coaches and players, often berating them about their failures. After practice on Monday, him and his experts meet with the coaching staff and sometimes the captains as well and discusses the state of the team, and Coach Mescall will often work hours with the coaching staff that night to create a new offense and/or defense that’s built around the strengths he identified in his recon. If Mescall decides to change the playbook, which he often does, all day Tuesday is spent installing it and fine-tuning the team. On Wednesday, Mescall often arranges a scrimmage with a nearby team to test how much improvement has been made, and if he can’t do that, he’ll have the team scrimmage against itself. Thursday is generally spent preparing for the Friday night game the next day, and if the game is on Saturday, Friday is the day of prep and Thursday is the scrimmage. On game day, Mescall will stay with the team, and win or lose, he gives the team a goodbye gift, which is usually new uniforms, helmets, or other equipment. He then leaves to go to his next revival.


  • Season 1: New England (10 episodes)
  • Season 2: The Southeast (10 episodes)
  • Season 3: Texas (10 episodes)
  • Season 4: The Midwest (10 episodes)
  • Season 5: Alaska (10 episodes)
  • Season 6: West Coast (10 episodes)
  • Season 7: The Southwest (10 episodes)
  • Season 8: The North (6 episodes aired, 10 total)

Failed Revivals

After Coach Mescall leaves, many of the teams he works with go back to their old ways and fail again for many reasons, whether it’s a lack of coaching or structure, undisciplined players, or a bad reputation.

So far, he has left 2 teams without fixing them. The first was Oakton High School (S3, E9) upon finding out about the coaching staff’s history of abusing the players and seeing camera footage from Thursday while he wasn’t with the team of the head coach, Coach Johnson, physically abusing another coach. He was fired by the school district after the episode. He also left Pope Francis Catholic School (S7, E2) due to the lack of commitment throughout the program, especially the coaches not always showing up.