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The Teacher
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Unknown
 Current Alias The Teacher
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation SCP Foundation
 Base of Operation Unknown
 Identity Secret
 Citizenship Gallifreyan
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Time Traveler
 Gender Agender/Male (Voice)
 Height 85cm (Diameter)
 Weight Negative Mass
 Eye Color No Eyes
 Fur Color
 Hair Color No Hair
 Unusual Features Glowing sphere of light
 Origin Sentient Mentality of the Teacher
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth
First Appearance

Incarnations of White
Accepted Incarnations
More Ambiguous
I.. Am.. the... Teacher... I.. am.. a... purveyor... of... knowledge... Enter.. this.. chamber... and... be... enlightened... by the foundations... of time...
~ Teacher of Knowledge, SCP-606

Teacher of Knowledge is an entity formed from the sentience and the mentality of the Teacher, a Time Lord of Gallifrey.


In his incarnation, the Teacher appears as a spherical mass light, 85cm in diameter and emits 220 candelas of luminosity, however, will shrink when not given knowledge to learn from.


His personality is a very gentle, and calm deep voice. He uses telepathy, and his voice will echoe.


Not much history known, as he was captured by the SCP Foundation.


Note: In this incarnation, his abilities as been severally dropped, but possesses very powerful abilities.

  • Nigh Omniscience - Being over thousands, and thousands years old, the Teacher possess intense knowledge on the universe.
    • Omniscience Death - If the Teacher teaches anyone about the universe, to which he calls it "Enlightment", they will soon die after learning what the Teacher told them.
  • Telepathy - The Teacher of Knowledge is now capable of performing Telepathy to communicate to those around him.
  • True Immortality - Exclusive to this incarnation, the Teacher of Knowledge can't be harmed physically, or spiritually, and thus can't be killed by any means regardless. Only way to kill the Teacher of Knowledge is to not let it gain knowledge, this be a form of starvation if the Teacher of Knowledge does not gain knowledge, as knowledge be "food".


  • The Teacher of Knowledge is the only incarnation that is gender-less.
  • This incarnation is based on the SCP-606 from the SCP Foundation.
    • The author merged this incarnation and SCP-606 into one character (or entity).
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