Tavern Times with Bill & Bud (or Bill & Bud for short) is an animated adult cartoon series that is run on Cartoon Galaxy's Adults Only programming block. 


William Brewster A.K.A. Bill is the bartender of the Boomtown Tavern, serving drinks to any paying customer who comes by at the bar, and is a close colleague of his co-worker, one Bungie "Bud" Abernathy, who is the tavern's bouncer.

In addition to the tavern's regular customers, our two heroes, along with their co-workers and their boss, who is the manager, would deal with other rather-interesting characters. 

These patrons include, but not necessarily limited to; a local pool champ who mostly hangs around at the tavern's pool tables, a nose-in-the-air Anglo-American lawyer, a misinformed caller (some suspect them to actually be a jokester) who keeps on phoning the tavern and asking it if it does delivery work (which it actually doesn't), a biker gang lead by a big lug named Bull, and a sanctimonious nun who is from the local convent in town.

Sometimes, a greedy conman who is wanted by the federal authorities for illegally impersonating a state health inspector as part of a scam, would come by and attempt to extort money from the tavern through deceit, only to be caught onto and then driven away by the employees, the patrons, or both. They, ostensibly, always make sure to inform the real health inspector of the con artist whenever they show up for the actual health inspection, usually after the impostor was driven off.

Because of the alcoholic beverages that are served at the tavern's bar, really anything could happen, depending on who drinks it and how much it is drank. Along with that, the alcohol content of the beverage.

Cast of Characters

Boomtown Tavern staff

  • William "Bill" Brewster - One of the two titular protagonists of the series. He is the bartender of the Boomtown Tavern, and he takes his job seriously. He also dislikes unruly customers, especially when they get "pretty damned wasted", as he puts it, from drinking a lot of alcohol.
  • Bungie "Bud" Abernathy - The second of the titular characters. With his strong figure, he maintains his task as a bouncer quite well. A good pal of Bill, the bartender, the two of them endure whatever that is thrown at the tavern.
  • Mack - The manager, as well as the owner of the Boomtown Tavern, he makes sure that everybody working there does their job and does it well. Plus, he is also a well-loved boss. He does the administrative work. He was also an associate of the tavern's founder.
  • Wynona - This spirited, Texan-born lady whose family moved into town several years prior is one of the waitresses of the tavern. She doesn't take any crap from anyone, not even the most belligerent of customers. Even that snooty lawyer doesn't drag her down one bit!
  • Madeline - One of the Boomtown Tavern's waitresses, she does her job with a smile on her face. She is a bit more reserved than Wynona.
  • Jackie - The third waitress of the tavern, Jackie has a lively personality and a sense of duty that appealed well to Mack. She also tries to encourage Madeline to be a bit more outgoing.
  • Bebop - The nickname of the tavern's cashier, who always seemed to be so mellow that some people thought he was high on something. His drug test results came back that he is not under the influence of marijuana, and that he is, in fact, just a pretty laid-back and easy-going guy. However, he does his job as cashier reasonably well enough.
  • Colby - He is one of the cooks in the kitchen that does the tavern's food. He can make a mean "Boomtown Burger" when the situation demands it.

Patrons and Otherwise

  • Justin - One of Boomtown's regulars, who comes by after work for a drink, usually of the tavern's non-alcoholic offerings. He is also a fan of the tavern's famous Boomtown Burger.
  • Reggie - Another visitor of the tavern, she comes here for the homely (in the British context) atmosphere and a cold one.
  • Old Oswald - A long-time patron of the tavern, Oswald comes here and tells stories to anybody who cares to lend him an ear. Being a U.S. Marines veteran, he could put up a good fight if things get crazy.
  • Henry Elias Harrington IV - A snooty Anglo-American lawyer who sticks his nose up in the air, and only usually came to the tavern for a pint of the British ale that is served there among other beverages. Whenever Peter gets too big for his britches, it's usually Old Oswald to ground him back to Earth.
  • The Caller - An unnamed individual who constantly phones the Boomtown Tavern, asking them if they delivered food and drink as if it were a pizza delivery chain, much to Bill's consternation. No matter how many times that they said "no" to them, they had always kept on calling the tavern. Some of the tavern's patrons believe that the caller is most likely to be a practical joker who wanted a cheap laugh, while others believe that the caller is quite simply a severely misguided person.
  • Sister Maribelle - Maribelle is a self-righteous, sanctimonious Catholic nun from a local convent who constantly comes by the tavern to verbally condemn it for serving alcoholic beverages. In fact, she seeks to inspire the resurgence of the Temperance movement, but with literally no success whatsoever.
  • "8-Ball" Argyle - Henry "8-Ball" Argyle is the local pool champion in town. His favorite book to read is the Walter Tevis novel, The Hustler, for obvious reasons. He frequents the tavern, mostly for playing against other patrons at its pool tables. When he does drink, he usually prefers a bunch of whiskey shots, all of which on the rocks.
  • Bull - The nickname of a biker who comes to the tavern with his fellow bikers for the "really strong stuff" in its inventory of beverages. He is also rather temperamental but kinda slow in the head.
  • Belpois - A highly-intelligent Franco-American high school student who visits the tavern, usually for the purpose of finding people to hold conversations with. He is also linguistically proficient in both French and English. He sometimes offers surprisingly valuable advice to the staff members. When he drinks, it's usually from the non-alcoholic selection.
    • Trivia: He is named in reference to Jeremy Belpois from Code Lyoko.
  • Sister Jessica - She is usually the one to drag Maribelle back to the convent whenever the latter tries to start something near the tavern. Occasionally, she would come by, preferrably for a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Wilma "Will" Brewster - Bill's older sister, who comes by once in a while to see how her brother is doing on the job. She sometimes wish that Bill would just move onto bigger and better (not to mention higher-paying) things, considering the incidents that go on in the tavern.
  • Mrs. Abernathy - Bud's mother. She would sometimes come to visit the tavern, either to embarrass her son in front of his co-workers or to give her home-baked chocolate chip cookies to everyone.
  • The Health Inspector - He comes by on certain days to do a health inspection of the place, and he cuts a rather terrifying figure but means well. He also makes it a point to warn of a certain scam artist posing as a health inspector that the FBI's been hunting down but had yet to capture. An episode in Season 2 reveals that his name is Wilford Z. Ark.
  • The Scammer A.K.A. That Bogus Health Inspector - This scheming unnamed con-man is initiating a state-wide scam, in which he visits food-serving establishments on inspection days to pull something dirty in order to either extort money from the places he visits or to get free food. However, he's not that good at hiding the fact that he's a scammer, and is always caught onto with one little mistake he makes. He always manages to slip away, but because of his face having been caught on camera at one point, he is now on a wanted poster and is being hunted down by the FBI. He tries repeatedly to scam the Boomtown Tavern out of its money on inspection days, only to be thwarted and forced into retreat. Eventually, in Season 2, after a final attempt to scam the tavern, he is finally caught and arrested by an undercover FBI agent who was posing as a patron.
  • Peter Perfect - The nickname of this self-absorbed patron who thinks too highly of himself on the basis of having been "perfect" at, well, a lot of things. However, there are some things that he isn't exactly quite perfect at, and those wanting to teach him a lesson would use that to their advantage.
  • Gabriel - Introduced in Season 2, he is created to be a particularly scathing satire of people who get way too caught up in the details of their religion that they end up becoming arrogant hypocrites. He mostly comes to the tavern to openly express his socially conservative opinions to anybody who may listen, vainly hoping that they would agree with him.

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