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Tatiana as a nature nymph for Halloween.

Tatiana Eva Javaishvili is Tara's georgian cousin from Georgia (country). She is 2 years older than her cousin and goes to Golden Light Elementary School, North Star Elementary School, then Fundale Rainbow High School. During the second season, she becomes a chosen angel warrior from Twilight.


"Even if my powers are gone..I still have my courage... I can do this... I'll beat them!"

"Are you prepared to die? Huh? Do you think I'm scared of you?!"

"Are you kidding me? Ya'll just a piece of idiots!"

"I'm not that stupid, I can sense if you're lying or not."

"You wanna fight?! Bring it on! Nothing can stand in my way!"

"I'm not afraid of you, I'm giving you one chance to turn back before your life is forever gone."

"Come get some, because I'll tell you now. You won't win."



Tatiana with long silky hair.

Wind princess

Tatiana as an angel warrior.

Video gamer

Tatiana's teen life.

Stubborn Tatiana

Tatiana's stubborn personality.


Tatiana as the "Guardian of War"

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