Taryn is a 2005 Australian Drama film written and directed by Greg McLean starring Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Alex Russell, Abbie Cornish, Hugo Weaving, Toni Collette, Bill Hunter, Bryan Brown and Judy Davis.

The film was shot entirely in Daceyville, Sydney, Australia over a period of five months and first premiered on screenings for the Sydney, Melbourne Central and Brisbane Film festivals before a limited theatrical run in which it was listed on the "fine film" listing.

The film was critically appraised and garnered wide attention to leading actor Russell's talent showing the same emotional raw sensitivity he displayed in the Mark Waters independant american motion picture Imagination Put-Out.

Taryn was first screened on April 5th, 2005 and then theatrically on April 25th, 2005.

It was released on DVD October 12th, 2005 and Blu-Ray September 12th, 2008.


Two identical twins sharing the same name Taryn are seperated at birth by their respective parents and given into the custody of foster parents.

One is scattered into the busy city of Sydney, New South Wales whilest the other remains in Western Australia now under the care of a con artist father who beats him and his wife.

The twins both named Taryn (Alex Russell) eventually by the age of 17 learn they are in fact adopted and possess an identical twin which they go looking for.

Taryn Columbus the twin from Western Australia and the abusive Columbus family comes to Sydney and reunites with his long lost brother.

He comes in a messed up state with a swollen, beaten face, cuts and a nasty black eye,

He is taken under the Churn family's care temporarily despite the Churn parents urging their son Taryn to get rid of him.

He then takes to running away with him and taking along for the ride a girl from Taryn Churn's school Alexia Palamos (Abbie Cornish) who comes from a bad family life herself.

Alexia and Taryn Churn sport a thing for each other which Taryn Columbus dislikes as he is hoping to open up a close relationship with his brother which he sees as failing because of her.

The three steer towards a road trip back to Western Australia where they get into trouble along the way and have the authorities in pursuit on account of the Churns' reporting their son as having been kidnapped by Taryn Columbus.

They eventually reach the border of their intended destination and come to frighten Robert Columbus at gun point into turning himself over to the authorities for the years of countless abuse he has brought down upon not only his adoptive son but wife as well.

Taryn Columbus however takes over the situation Taryn Churn was meant to be taking care of and shoots his adoptive father dead and with Jane Columbus screaming in the kitchen accidentally shoots her.

The two then see Alexia present at the front doorway a witness to the whole debacle petrified.

They bring her back to the car and drive off.

Taryn Columbus becomes paranoid about Alexia and brings forth his concerns with his brother that she may report them to the authorities, he assures him that she won't but remains frightened himself of what his brother might do.

Ultimatley he sets up with Alexia to flee and the night they plan their runaway Taryn Columbus murders Alexia and the authorities close in on their location as Taryn Churn called in their location.

Taryn Columbus breaks down in anger and sadness at his brother and is pinned down by the authorities.

Months follow and Taryn has moved out of the Churns and has a place of his own with some housemates.

He walks by Alexia's house everyday laying down flowers at the door and the film ends with him being reunited with his actual parents who accompany him to the penitentiary where Taryn Columbus is being held.


  • Russell Crowe as Trevor Churn
  • Naomi Watts as Anna Churn
  • Alex Russell as Taryn Churn/Taryn Columbus
  • Abbie Cornish as Alexia Palamos
  • Hugo Weaving as Robert Columbus 
  • Toni Collette as Jane Columbus
  • Bill Hunter as Fisherman Davey
  • Bryan Brown as Fisherman Brown
  • Judy Davis as Dr. Elizabeth Heckart


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