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Political map of Tarak today. Grayed off areas, such as Orbica to the west, are either neutral or not cartographically part of the continent.

Tarak (तारक) is the central southern continent of Qirsyllviar.

Tarak is bounded by Orbica to the west, separated from it by the Ahsoka Sea, and the Maritymiri Ocean to the east.

Sovereign States

Empire of Agnibana

The Empire of Agnibana (অগ্নিবন) is a monarchical nation in western Tarak. It borders Jumanji to the north, Kandrakar to the west, and Navasakta to the south. Off the east coast, it shares maritime borders with Chati Praserith. Once part of the Empire of Jyotirajya (জ্যোতিরাজ্য), the dominant power in central Tarak, said empire fell apart into several warring states for nearly two hundred years, modern Jumanji included. When a three-way war between Edwardia, Navasakta and Jumanji broke out two centuries later, descendants of former nobles of the old empire took advantage of the chaos to reestablish an empire; successfully uniting several territories into modern Agnibana by diplomacy and conquest, including territories from southeastern Jumanji and northeastern Navasakta.

Kingdom of Alaikal

The Kingdom of Alaikal (அலைகள்) is an Alakana state occupying most of the eastern side of the Alakana homeland island of Tayakam (தாயகம்). It borders Mariyatai to the northwest and Rattinam to the west.

Kingdom of Azad

The Kingdom of Azad (ਆਜ਼ਾਦ੍) is a landlocked monarchical state in central-western Tarak, and the sovereign nation-state of the Jagali people.

The traditional Jagali homeland over modern political borders.

It borders Edwardia to the north and west, Kachari, a lizardfolk colony of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire, to the south; and Kandrakar to the east. Once part of Edwardia before the Taraki Revolutionary Wars, Azad was one of three states that chose to retain their independence rather than join with Kandrakar.

Azad claims sovereignty over all the traditional homelands of the Jagali people, but the lack of ability to enforce these claims is a source of constant frustration to the ruling family and the Jathedar (ਜਥੇਦਾਰ) (term for the leaders of the Azadi army).

Principality of Chattaan

The Principality of Chattaan (चट्टण) is an island nation in the Maritymiri ocean, solely bordering Tarang to the southwest.

Kingdom of New Hylar

The Kingdom of New Hylar (8hE5 9jÔ6E/Sain Hylar) is a monarchical high elf archipelagic nation northeast of the Taraki mainland, occupying the Ocarina (zY7E5%`C) Isles. It shares maritime borders with solely with the mainland Zachtlui colony of Gosha to the west.

New Hylar was once an overseas colony of the Empire of Hylar before lack of effective governance enticed the colony to declare independence. The Hylarene Empire was occupied with a war at the time, and so was forced to concede to their demands.

Ever since independence, New Hylar, under the rule of the House of Esgar, has prospered as a center of trade with the Taraki mainland, and Maritymir to the far east.

Raj of Jumanji

The Raj of Jumanji (জূমাঞ্জী) is a large Jyotisi-ruled monarchical nation in northern Tarak. It borders Edwardia to the west, Mukti and Kandrakar to the southwest, Agnibana to the south, and the Zachtlui vassal of Gosha to the northeast. Off the southeast coast, it shares maritime borders with Chati Praserith.

Ruled by the dynasty of the same name, it was once the part of the former Empire of Jyotirajya (জ্যোতিরাজ্য), the dominant power of northern and central Tarak until said empire fell apart into several Jyotisi states. While much of the southern half or the empire remained in chaos for two centuries, Jumanji spread westward until it was the dominant power in the region, stretching from the east to west coast of the north. When the Albinese invaded and conquered much of the western continent, Jumanjii lost much of the western half of its empire. During the conflict, Agnibana was formed from several unifying Jyotisi states to the southwest and conquered part of Jumanji's southwest, which only further served to weaken Jumanji's power and influence.

During the Taraki Revolutionary Wars, Jumanji took a chance to try and reassert it dominance over the continent via reconquest in the midst of the chaos, but was unsuccessful and only managed to regain a minimal amount of land.

Today it is a shadow of it's former self, and only keeps its head high through being the suzerain of Gosha. Recently it has seen a return to glory through various reforms and new relations with foreign powers, many of which have proved favorable to Jumanji.

Federated Empire of Kandrakar

The Federated Empire of Kandrakar (कंद्राकर), sometimes known as the United States of Kandrakar, is a landlocked federal monarchical nation in central Tarak, bordering Mukti and Jumanji to the north, Agnibana to the east, Navasakta and Satak to the south, Azad and Edwardia to the west, and Kachari, a colony province of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire, to the southwest.

One of the four great powers of Tarak's mainland, Kandrakar was once the eastern territory of the Albinese possession, the Commonwealth of Edwardia. Lack of effective governing and impoverishment in these areas, issues that were mostly ignored by both Edwardia and Albion, led to revolts against Albinese rule, by Albinese Colonials and native Taraki alike, in many central states under Edwardian sovereignty. After the Taraki Revolutionary Wars, the majority of these states formed the Federated Empire of Kandrakar; the exceptions were Azad and the city-states Mukti and Satak, all three of which retained their independence. Kandrakar has been the dominant power in the region, and acted as a buffer state between the three other major Taraki powers, ever since.

While an elective monarchy, Kandrakar is primarily ruled by the Chalukya dynasty.

Empire of Majapahit

The Empire of Majapahit is an archipelagic nation in the Maritymir ocean far east of the Taraki mainland, occupying the Kejawen Archipelago. Majapahit shares maritime borders solely Chati Praserith to the northwest.

The whole of Majapahit

Majapahit was once known as the Empire of Srivijaya. After the said empire fell, the archipelago became divided between the kingdoms Kediri, Singhasari, Kahuripan, Sunda, Galuh, and Medang, all vying for land power, a time in Kejaweni history known as the Six Kingdoms Period. This period of back and forth territorial expansion and recession ended when all six kingdoms were reassimilated into a single empire through a treaty of union.

Mahima Empire

The Mahima Empire (ಮಹೀಮಾ ಚಕ್ರಾಜ್ಯ/Mahima Cakrajya) is a monarchical Santika nation in southern Tarak, bordering Navasakta to the east, Shakti to the north, and the Xotil colony provinces Kachari and Garhwal to the west and south respectively. Mahima is the successor rump state of the once-powerful Empire of Nem'madiya (ನೆಮ್ಮದಿಯ), which fell apart following combined invasions from external powers, both foreign and domestic.

Kingdom of Mariyatai

The kingdom of Mariyatai (மரியாதை) is an Alakana monarchical nation on the northern side of the Alakana homeland island of Tayakam. It borders the Navasakta territory of Sutali to the west, Rattinam to the south and Alaikal to the east.

Republic of Mukti

The Republic of Mukti (मुक्ति का गणराज्य/Mukti ka Ganarajy) is a small landlocked state in central Tarak, bordering Jumanji to the east, Edwardia to the west and Kandrakar to the south.

Mukti was one of the states that broke away from Edwardia during the Taraki Revolutionary Wars. But while most formed the Federated Empire of Kandrakar, Mukti was one of three states that chose to remain independent; the other two were Azad and Satak. Since the war ended, Mukti has flourished as a trading center between its three neighbors.

Empire of Navasakta

The Empire of Navasakta (नवशक्ता) is a Saktilok-ruled state that dominates southern Tarak, bordering Kandrakar and Agnibana to the north, Satak to the northwest, Mahima to the west, Garhwal, a colony province of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire, to the southwest, and Upara to the south. Off the eastern coast, Navasakta shares maritime borders with archipelagic Tarang to the east. Off the the southeast coast, on the Alakana homeland Island of Tayakam across the Strait of Bharat, Navasakta controls a small territory called Sutali (सुतळी) that borders Mariyatai to the east and Rattinam to the south; Navasakta conquered this territory to gain control of both the Strait, and a vital trade route.

Once a small nomadic tribe, it eventually rose up against the then dominant, now-defunct, Mughal Empire and eventually became the empire it is now. Though it is the military dominant nation of Tarak, it managed to avoid war with the newly-founded Commonwealth of Edwardia when Albion invaded the continent, while Jumanji wasn't so lucky. Regardless, a three-way war between Edwardia, Navasakta and Jumanji eventually broke out, resulting in the loss of some of its northeastern territory to the emergent Empire of Agnibana. It also managed to halt Xotil's invasion of their lands after being caught off guard, and has so far been the only nation able to halt the advance of the Xotilic Imperial Army.

Empire of Chati Praserith

The Empire of Chati Praserith (ชาติประเสริฐ) is a monarchical archipelagic island nation off the eastern coast of Tarak in the westernmost reaches of the Maritymiri Ocean, taking up most of the island of Thidinhiy (ที่ดินใหญ่) (called Aadhipparal (အဓိပ္ပါယ်) by the Tawrine), the homeland of the people from whom the nation is named for, and most of the outlying islands. It shares maritime borders with the mainland nation of Agnibana to the west and and Jumanji to the northwest, and shares maritime borders with the archipelagic state of Majapahit to the southeast. It also shares the main island with the kingdom of Tuangpine to the south

Kingdom of Rattinam

The Kingdom of Rattinam (ரத்தினம்) is an Alakana state occupying most of the western side of the Alakana homeland island of Tayakam. It borders the Navaskati territory of Sutali and Mariyatai to the north, and Alaikal to the west. On the west and southern coasts it borders the Zachtlui territories of Terku to the south, Natuttara to the west, and Vatakku to the north.

Principality of Satak

The Principality of Satak (ಶತಕ್) is a small landlocked Santika state in southern central Tarak centered around its namesake city, bordering Kandrakar to the north, Navasakta to the east, Mahima to the southeast, and Kachari to the west. One of three states that retained their independence in the wake of the Taraki Revolutionary Wars rather than join Kandrakar. Since independence, Satak has prospered as a center of trade in the region since the conclusion of conflict. Regardless, it had its sovereignty threatened by Xotilic expansion when the Xotilic Empire invaded the mainland.

Kingdom of Tapyakta

The Kingdom of Tapyakta (ताप्यक्त) is the eponymous kingdom of the Tapyakti people on the northern shores of Tarak. Solely bordering the Jumanji Raj to the south, Tapyakta consists of two exclave territories separated Jumanji territory and the Gulf of Bihana (बिहान). The western region, which hosts the capital, is highly mountainous with many valleys and home to the tallest mountains in Tarak, namely Mount Aita (ऐता), the tallest mountain on the continent. The eastern region is also mountainous but less so, having much more flat land.

Kingdom of Tarang

The Kingdom of Tarang (तरंग) is an archipelagic monarchical nation in the westernmost waters of the Maritymiri Ocean. It shares Maritime borders with Chattaan, its suzerainty, to the northeast, and Navasakta to the west. It once controlled the three islands Navasakta now controls, but ceded them to Navasakta as a provision of a peace treaty that ended the last war.

Kingdom of Tuangpine

The Kingdom of Tuangpine (တောင်ပိုင်း) is a monarchical nation occupying the southern portion of the island of Aadhipparal (အဓိပ္ပါယ်) (called Thidinhiy (ที่ดินใหญ่) by the Praserith) off the eastern shores of Tarak, and the homeland of the Tawrine people. It shares borders with Chati Praserith to the north and maritime borders with Agnibana to the west.

Constituent Territories

Commonwealth of Edwardia

The Commonwealth of Edwardia (एद्वरदीा/এদ্বার্দীা/ਏਦ੍ਵਰਡੀਾ), also called the Albinese Raj, is the collective colonial provinces of the United Kingdom of Albion in northwestern Tarak, bordering Jumanji, Mukti, and Kandrakar and Satak to the east, Azad to the southeast, and Kachari and Giragita to the south. It was established as a result of the Albinese Invasions of Tarak and subsequent colonization by Albinese.

Similarly to Angevin in Nekcroz, Edwardia is divided into several administrative regions. In this case, there are five viceroyalties, but there are seven kingdoms additionally. These kingdoms are ruled by local rulers/dynasties, and maintain some degree of autonomy outside the main political structure of Edwardia, but are legally territories of the Albinese realm.

Edwardia once controlled the central continent, but a War of Independence, discreetly aided by Jumanji and Navasakta, proved disastrous to Edwardia, and resulted in the creation of the modern Azad, Mukti, Satak, and the more prominent Federated Empire of Kandrakar, formed from most of the central states. At the same time, the Xotilic Empire used the chaos to invade and established the Kingdom of Kachari, and another rebellion from the chaos of that same war resulted in the brief independence of the Republic of Giragita, which Edwardia and Albion recognized instantly to avoid another costly conflict.

Zachtland Dependencies

The Eurodyne Kingdom of Zachtland has a powerful colonial empire in Tarak consisting of relatively small pockets of coastal territory around Tarak. While nowhere near as territorially vast as Edwardia, it is much more wealthy.

Desmukhi of Gosha

The Desmukhi of Gosha (গোষা) is a Jyotisi monarchical nation in the northeast corner of Tarak. It shares land borders solely with Jumanji to the southwest. To the east, it shares maritime borders with the high elf kingdom of New Hylar, a former Hylarene colony.

While ruled by the Desmukha (দেশ্মুখ) of the local Chakraborty dynasty, it is a suzerainty of the Eurodyne power of Zachtland. It was at first a vassal of Jumanji since the earliest days of the Jumanji Raj's dominance, but changed hands to Zachtland after the latter "bought" the kingdom.

Republic of Giragita

The Republic of Giragita (ਗਿਰਗਿਟ) is a republican Jagali state under the sovereignty of the Eurodyne kingdom of Zachtland. At first a colonial sovereignty territory of the Xotilic Empire in Tarak as a province of Kachari, it briefly won its independence from Xotil in the Giragita War for Independence, the only successful revolt against Xotilic rule. However, independence did not last as the interim government could agree on any policy going forward. Lack of governance led to corruption and revolt, allowing the Zachtlui Kingdom an opportunity to expand their reach by conquering the nation; and succeeded in doing so just before Albion initiated their own invasion of the republic. And so both Eurodyne powers ended up fighting a war over the territory, with Zachtland emerging the victor.

Kingdom of Sikka

The Kingdom of Sikka (સિક્કા) is a Layaka peninsular nation under the sovereignty of Zachtland. It solely borders Edwardia to the east.

Tayakam Colonies

The Zachtlui colonies on the island of Tayakam (தாயகம்), the homeland of the Alakana people.

Principality of Natuttara

The Principality of Natuttara (நடுத்தர) is Zachtland's central of it's three colonies on Tayakam, occupying a patch of coastal land bordering Rattinam to the east.

Principality of Terku

The Principality of Terku (தெற்கு) is Zachtland's southernmost of it's three colonies on Tayakam, occupying the island of the same name and controlling a patch of land on the island's mainland, bordering Rattinam to the north.

Principality of Vatakku

The Principality of Vatakku (வடக்கு) is Zachtland's northernmost of it's three colonies on Tayakam, bordering the Navasakti territory of Sutali to the north and Rattinam to the east.

Desmukhi of Upara

The Desmukhi of Upara (ದೇಶ್ಮುಖೀ ನ ಉಪರಾ) is a small monarchical Santika state in southern Tarak that is a vassal/colonial territory of Zachtland. Centered on it's namesake city, it solely borders Navasakta to the north.

Xotilic Dependencies

Aside from the many islands that form a "pathway" from Nekcroz to Tarak, the Xotilic Empire controls a few dependent territories on the continent.


The Province of Garhwal (ಗರ್ಹ್ವಲ್) is a Santika colonial province of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire, one of Xotil's two mainland colonies in Tarak, along with several islands off the coast.

It borders Navasakta to the east and Mahima to the northwest. It was first established when Xotil invaded Navasakta via Kumar, sparking the brief Xotilic-Navasakti War.


The Kingdom of Kachari (कचारी) is a colonial province of the lizardfolk Xotilic Empire and the only one ruled by a local dynasty.

It borders Giragita to the northwest, Edwardia and Azad to the north, Kandrakar and Satak to the east, and Mahima to the southeast. Xotil's largest territory in Tarak, it was established when Xotil took advantage of the Taraki Revolutionary Wars to invade and establish another territory of the empire. Kachari once held sovereignty over Giragita before the Giragita War for Independence resulted in Giragita's secession, the only successful revolt against Xotilic rule.

Local Names

Local names of the continent in various languages include:
Language Name
Laukiki Tarak तारक
Tapyakti Tāraka
Saktiloki Tāraka तारक
Jagali Tāraka ਤਾਰਕ
Jyotisi Tāraka তারক
Layaki Tāraka તારક
Santibhase Tārak ತಾರಕ್
Alakana Tārak தாரக்
Praserith P̣hākhphụ̄̂n ภาคพื้น
Tawrine Bharsar Hcakyawalar စကြဝဠာ

Notes & Trivia

  • The demonym for people from Tarak is "Taraki (तारकी)".
    • The word "Tarak" means "Star" in several Indian languages.
  • The reason Songhai and Majapahit are mostly cut off on the map is because part of both lands are is situated closer to Nekcroz and the middle of the Maritymir Ocean respectively.