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Tallulah Michael is an immortal nephilim (half-human, half-angel), born over 8200 years before the present day. She, along with her cambion half-twin sister Xyliana Lucifer, created the abjaksan.



Tallulah is a woman with a fair complexion, blue hair and eyes and pure-white avian angel wings protruding from her back. Despite her ancient age, Tallulah looks like a 16-year-old girl.


Like her sister, Tallulah pretty much wears the bare minimum. She wears a silver metal bra and a long white breechcloth held in place by a silver chain belt held up by a string.

She also wears silver metal bracelets, anklets and barefoot sandals. Around her neck she wears a fine silver necklace with a teardrop sapphire.

Tallulah also carries a simple silver staff that's as tall as she is but is otherwise featureless.


Despite her age, Tallulah has the personality typical of a teenage girl, and is usually bright and cheerful. Being a being of immortal nature, she usually takes a neutral stance with most circumstances. Nevertheless, when the situation is dire, like when the Dark Church has struck, she does all she can to help.


Being half-angel, Tallulah has almost godlike powers, but due to normal stance of neutrality they are almost never seen. When she does use them, they are activated by a command said in Ancient Zedylric, a language rarely used across Qirsyllviar anymore.

Having wings, Tallulah is capable of flight and levitation. She also possesses a teleportation ability called orbing, disappearing and materializing from one place to another in a shower of white lights. Tallulah can also change her appearance though glamouring; but unlike her sister's shapeshifting, it's more of an illusion than a physical change.

Tallulah is also capable of healing others. By generating a golden light from her hands her healing ability lets victims survive near-fatal injuries, but she can't bring the dead back to life.


Tallulah is also an Empath, thus having the ability to ability to feel and understand other people's feelings, emotions, and desires. Tallulah's Empathy is very powerful, and she can either use it for great feats or great harm.

She can use her Empathy to augment her own powers or the powers of others, and she can also temporarily grant powers to others. She can also use her Empathy to heal people at the emotional level through guidance.

She can also channel and replicate the powers of others, especially if the powers are tied to the owner's emotions. She can also psychically manipulate certain beings emotions, making them feel feeling they normally wouldn't, or possibly killing them as a result; although she doesn't use this part of her Empathy if she can help it.




  • Hyacintho Michael: Hyacintho, a full angel, is Tallulah's father.
  • Saint Roslindis: Roslindis, a human, is Tallulah's mother, along with Xyliana's.
  • Xyliana Lucifer: Xyliana is Tallulah's half-twin sister.


  • "Tallulah" is a Native American name meaning "Running Water".
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