Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a 2016 live action film based on the video game sequel. This films stars




  • Thomas Dekker as Emil Castagnier
  • Emma Stone as Marta Lualdi
  • Mads Mukkelsen as Richter Abend
  • TBA as Magnar
  • TBA as Hawk
  • Eliza Bennett as Alice
  • TBA as Decus
  • TBA as Brute
  • TBA as Lloyd Irving
  • Britt Robertson as Colette Brunel
  • TBA as Genis Sage
  • Neve Campbell as Raine Sage
  • TBA as Zelos Wilder
  • TBA as Regal Bryant
  • Emma Roberts as Sheena Fujibayashi
  • TBA as Summon Spirits
  • TBA as Presea Combatir
  • TBA as Kratos Aurion
  • TBA as Seles Wilder
  • TBA as Yuan Ka-Fai




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