Tales from the Borderlands is a 2017 film based on the Telltale Games video game, starring



Rhys, a Hyperion employee up for a promotion, learns that he is demoted to janitor by his new boss and nemesis Vasquez. Overhearing Vasquez's deal for a Vault Key worth ten million dollars, Rhys and his co-workers, Vaughn and Yvette, plan to get the Vault Key first as revenge for their mistreatment. Rhys and Vaughn arrive on Pandora and manage to reach the location with protection from a Loader Bot. At the meeting place, Rhys retrieves an ID drive from the corpse of Professor Nakayama before meeting with the dealers, August and Sasha. Unbeknownst to the Hyperion duo, the Vault Key presented by Sasha is a fake created by Fiona and her group, Sasha and Felix. Just as Rhys, Vaughn and August discover the Vault Key is a fake, the meeting is crashed by a fight between Vault Hunter Zer0 and bandit leader Bossanova, who steals the briefcase of money. Rhys and Vaughn tenuously team up with Felix, Fiona, and Sasha to track down the money. At Bossanova's base, a former Atlas outpost, the team finds themselves entangled in a bandit death race with the briefcase as the grand prize. As the race proceeds, Zer0 disrupts the event while attacking Bossanova, causing the briefcase to be tossed around until it is caught by Felix who plans to take it for himself. However, he triggers a biometric security bomb upon opening the case that destroys the money. Felix survives and escapes. As the four regroup, they find a secret chamber in the Atlas base containing a device that displays a map to a new Vault. As they look, Rhys learns that this is part of the "Gortys Project" as he comes to face with a hologram of Handsome Jack.

While Rhys tries to make sense of Jack's appearance, the gang discover video log sent from a Gortys facility in the abandoned town of Old Haven, by former Atlas assassin Athena. Deducing that the facility may hold clues about the Gortys Project, they head to Old Haven in their caravan only to be attacked by moonshots fired from Hyperion's moon base and a Rakk Hive. Although they manage to evade the moonshots and kill the Rakk Hive, Rhys and Vaughn end up thrown out of the badly damaged caravan during the carnage. With the help of Jack and Loader Bot, Rhys and Vaughn escape a vengeful Vasquez's attempt to kill them and then head for Old Haven. At Hollow Point, Fiona and Sasha enlist the help of the mechanic Scooter to fix their caravan while they lay low at Felix's house. Inside, they discover a hidden crate containing supplies and an ECHO log detailing Felix's reasons for betraying the two - protecting them Vallory, the gang lord August works for (and unknown to them is his mother). He also leaves them each a present, consisting of a sleeve-gun upgrade for Fiona and a decorative watch engraved with the sentence "Time heals all wounds." for Sasha. After evading two of Vallory's thugs - Finch and Kroger - and the vault hunter Athena, Fiona and Sasha depart on their fixed caravan for Old Haven.

At Old Haven, the group is ambushed by Vasquez and August, who forces them into a secret underground Atlas complex that Rhys discovered. Using the two pieces of the Gortys core, Rhys and Fiona construct a sphere-shaped device; the Gortys Unit. However, Rhys accidentally triggers the base's security drones, forcing him to let Jack control the drones. Regardless, the group escapes the facility, but runs into Vallory, Finch, and Kroger. Infuriated by their treachery and the trouble it caused, Vallory kills Vasquez and tries to kill the group - only to be stopped by Athena, who was secretly hired by Felix to mentor and protect Fiona and Sasha. Afterwards, they activate the Gortys Unit, which is revealed to be a small robot. Gortys explains that she was created by the Atlas Corporation for finding the Vault of the Traveler, which can somehow teleport across the universe. However, as Athena killed most of Atlas' employees, she is not fully upgraded and asks for the group to take her towards the location containing next upgrade.

Following Gortys' directions, the gang arrives at an Atlas terraforming facility tended to by an old man, who advises them to disable the security defenses guarding Gortys' upgrade. Rhys and Sasha enter through the botanical gardens to disable the defenses and Fiona and Athena head out for the upgrade station, while Vaughn stays behind with the old man and the robots. While hacking into the Atlas systems, Rhys and Sasha discover that the mysterious man is Cassius LeClemaine, the last known Atlas employee on Pandora. After recovering the upgrade and learning about his true identity, Athena confronts and threatens to kill Cassius. The gang is subsequently ambushed by Vallory, who had hired two Vault Hunters, Brick and Mordecai, to apprehend Athena. Despite their efforts, the gang is defeated, with Brick and Mordecai taking Athena back to their headquarters at Sanctuary. Gortys is then forced by Vallory to reveal that her next upgrade is on Hyperion's space station, Helios.

Now forced to work for Vallory, the gang - minus Vaughn, who escapes with Cassius - forms a plan to infiltrate Helios and retrieve Gortys' upgrade, which is located in Handsome Jack's old office. Having Scooter and his new partner - Athena's girlfriend, Janey Springs - convert the Caravan into a spaceship, the gang fly to Helios with Finch, Kroger, August, and Scooter joining on board. Midway through the journey, Scooter sacrifices himself to detach the malfunctioning booster rockets before they explode. Arriving onto Helios disguised as Vasquez, Rhys learns that Yvette was secretly working for Vasquez from the beginning. Fiona attempts to enter the office as a tour guide, but accidentally sets off the security lockdown. While Rhys manages to enter the office through the prison levels, Fiona and Gortys confront Yvette, who has captured Sasha. After Rhys acquires the upgrade piece, Jack then proposes handing over full control of Hyperion to Rhys. Rhys then decline the offer only to have Jack seize control of Helios

As Jack seizes control of the station, he announces his plan to graft an endoskeleton into Rhys' body to take control of him. Horrified, Rhys escapes Jack's office while Fiona, Sasha, and Gortys attempt to escape after subduing Yvette. With Helios in lockdown, Rhys heads to the power core and is forced to disable it. Although his actions end the lockdown, it causes Helios to fall out of orbit and onto a collision course with Pandora. In the hangar, Finch and Kroger betray the group to save themselves. August has a change of heart and tries to stop them only to be wounded as Finch escapes on the caravan with him, Gortys and Sasha. After helping Fiona escape, Loader Bot sacrifices itself so that Rhys can board the last escape pod. Back on Pandora, Jack tries to download himself back into Rhys' cybernetics and kill him. To end Jack for good, Rhys forcibly removes all of his cybernetics and destroys Jack. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers that Vallory used Gortys to open the Vault, enlarging her but also unleashing the vault's protector - a massive monster known as the Traveler. During the fight, the Traveler kills Vallory and most of her gang. At Gortys' request, Fiona and Sasha destroy Gortys, closing the Vault and banishing the monster. In the aftermath, Fiona and Sasha return to their daily lives while Rhys takes control of the Atlas Corporation with a document from Jack's office and rebuilds his cybernetics.

Several months later, during present day, the stranger reveals that he is trading Rhys and Fiona to for a captured bandit leader held by Kroger, who survived the crash of Helios. The stranger kills Kroger only to be captured by the Bandit Leader, who reveals himself to be Vaughn. Back at Helios' ruins, Vaughn explains that he is leading the survivors who in turn revere Rhys as their savior from Hyperion. After interrogating him, the stranger reveals himself to be Loader Bot, who had witnessed Gortys' destruction, rebuilt itself using Jack's robotic endoskeleton and donned a new guise to find out the truth about the group's motivations, fearing they would have lied to cover themselves if they knew who he was. Deciding that Gortys was programmed to open the vault and thus cannot be free unless she completes her mission, Loader Bot plans to rebuild her, open the Vault, and destroy the monster. Fiona then assembles a team of Vault Hunters, calling back Sasha and choosing Athena, August, and Claptrap.

Felix doesn't partake in the mission but rather makes video-contact with Fiona to explain his prior actions. Felix had known all along that the Hyperion suitcase was rigged and had actually planned for it - he hid 9 million dollars inside an armoire and used the bomb-blast to fake his death, hoping to divert Vallory and Hyperion to him and away from Fiona and Sasha. However, the unexpected fiasco of the Gortys Project caused Vallory and Hyperion to come into conflict with the group anyway, and Fiona and Sasha did not learn of the plan because Hyperion's moonshots blasted the armoire out of the caravan. Felix promises to keep in contact, telling Fiona that they deserve better lives and re-affirming his love for them.

With the team together, the group plans to have Fiona and Sasha infiltrate the Traveler's body to disable its teleportation ability, while the rest of the team lures it in front of Helios' moonshot cannon. With the manual control and motivation of Rhys and the other Vault Hunters, Gortys fights the Traveler to a standstill. Meanwhile, Fiona and Sasha enter the Traveler's body to plant explosives on the Traveler's "teleportation gland", however Sasha ultimately stays behind to ensure the charges detonate. Without its teleportation ability, the Traveler is quickly killed by the Gortys and the moonshot cannon. Fiona and Rhys find Sasha mortally wounded amidst the Traveler's body, but manage to heal her using Felix's present for her, the pocket watch, which is revealed to be a revival device. While the rest of the group gathers loot and Loader Bot leaves with a now-free Gortys, Rhys and Fiona race for the Vault entrance. After thanking each other, they open the Vault chest together, which teleports them away to an unknown location.


  • Jack O'Connell as Rhys
  • Emma Stone as Fiona
  • Evan Peters as Vaughn
  • Bonnie Wright as Sasha
  • Brendan Gleeson as Felix
  • TBA as Handsome Jack
  • Raison Varner as the voice of Loader Bot
  • Troian Bellisario as Yvette
  • TBA as Hugo Vasquez
  • TBA as August
  • TBA as the voice of Zer0
  • TBA as Vallory
  • TBA as Kroger
  • TBA as Finch
  • Ashley Johnson as the voice of Gortys
  • TBA as Athena
  • TBA as Dr. Cassius
  • Kate Mara as Janey Springs
  • TBA as Scooter
  • Roger L. Jackson as the voice of The Stranger
  • TBA as Tommy
  • TBA as Shade
  • TBA as Brick
  • TBA as Mordecai
  • TBA as Tector
  • TBA as General Pollux
  • TBA as the voice as Bossanova
  • TBA as Rudiger
  • TBA as the voice of Claptrap


  • Busy Earnin' by Jungle (Opening Intro)
  • Kiss the Sky by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra (Rhys and Vaughn are thrown out of the caravan)
  • Pieces of the People We Love by The Rapture (Road trip to the dome)
  • To The Top by Twin Shadows (Traveling to Helios)
  • Retrograde by James Blake (Escaping to Pandora)
  • My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit (End Credits)




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