TWF (stands for Toys of Wonder Foundation) is a internationally sold and owned toy/novelty company brought up by Ryan S. Bannon around November 2014.

The company consists of a large number of separate brands with their items technically falling under the jurisdiction of the TWF name. The company's main specialty is their large array of collectible action figures and re-introductions of discontinued items, most of which are made with parts of their original version blended in.

There are three divisions that the brand contains, as listed below:

  • The main brand, featuring mainstream movie and television toy ranges, roleplay items, and several top brands, most notably a television-style wardrobe of items part of the Costume and Animatronic Workshop
  • The secondary brand, featuring stuff from TOMY, Jazwares (now containing brand names like Palisades and Memory Lane), Bif Bang Pow!, and Playmates Toys, including collector's style action figures and such
  • The tertiary brand, which features infant and preschool items, the licensed ones being called TWF Friends by the company

Some notable brand names under TWF include:

  • TOMY (Japanese company, producing stuff from various video games, American/European kids' shows and various Disney brands, and various children's toys)
  • TONY (American counterpart of TOMY, producing more complicatedly-built figures and collectibles for notably older audiences)
  • Just Play (American company specializing in preschool-targeted licensed toys)
  • Spin Master (Canadian company producing Ragdoll Productions-themed toys for the North American market, as well as the immensely popular PAW Patrol series and various licensed and original toys)
  • Character (Options) (British company producing Doctor Who collectable figures and toys, Ragdoll Productions-themed toys for the European market, and various other toys)
  • Jazwares & Palisades Toys (American company specializing in nostalgic action figures, novelty, and collectibles)
  • Playmates Toys (American company producing toys, action figures, dolls, and collectibles for universal audiences)

It is the merchandising line for The Great Crossover Franchise.

List of brands

The company's portfolio of licensed brands include:

The Walt Disney Company

TWF is also one of the sponsors of the Walt Disney Universe Resort in Texas and Disneyland Resort Ontario.


20th Century Fox

United Features Syndicate




The Jim Henson Company

Sesame Workshop


Discovery Channel

Ragdoll Productions

PBS Kids

Time Warner

Random House

CEC Corporation

Scott Cawthon



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