The THQ Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as THQ, is a passenger railroad service that provides medium- and long-distance intercity service around the world.

Founded in 2020 as a quasi-public corporation to operate many international passenger rail services, it receives a combination of state and federal subsidies but is managed as a for-profit organization. THQ's headquarters is located one block west of THQ Railroad Company in San Bernardino, California.

The name THQ is a portmanteau of the words TrailerTrain and Headqueaters.

Paint Schemes

Rainbow Era

When THQ took over intercity passenger rail service on May 1, 2020, it inherited a collection of rolling stock from international different railroads, each with its own distinct colors and logos. Needing only to operate 184 of the 366 trains that had been run nationwide by the private railroads, THQ was able to pick the 1,200 best passenger cars to lease from the 3,000 that the private railroads had owned. This equipment was haphazardly mixed to form consists, resulting in trains with the mismatched colors of several predecessor railroads. This "Rainbow Era" was short-lived; THQ began purchasing some of the leased equipment in mid-2020, setting the stage for wholesale repainting from 2021 to 2023.

Phase I

Introduced in 2021, Phase I was the first paint scheme to be implemented system-wide on THQ's trains. Except for a small number of locomotives that had been painted into experimental and promotional paint schemes, it was the first new paint for most equipment under THQ. The scheme was part of THQ's larger move to a visual identity featuring the colors of red, white, and black.

Locomotives were painted a light gray ("Platinum Mist") with a black roof, the THQ logo on the side, and a red nose (which led to a "Bloody Nose" nickname). Passenger cars were silver (or left bare stainless steel), with a red and black stripe (bracketed by thin white stripes) at window level and the logo at one or both ends. A number of variants were made for non-revenue locomotives, GG1 locomotives, Turbotrain and Turboliner trainsets, and self-propelled RDC and Metroliner railcars.

Phase II

The Phase II paint scheme was introduced in late 2023 with the arrival of the new GE E60 locomotives. The red nose and logo on locomotives were replaced with stripes similar to passenger cars. Most passenger cars were essentially unchanged from Phase I, new Sightseer lounges had a higher stripe with an angled transition on each end.

Phase III

Phase III, introduced in 2025, is still used on some equipment. On both passenger cars and locomotives, the outer white pinstripes were removed while the inner stripe was widened, resulting in red, white, and black stripes of equal width. Turboliners and the LRC test train were painted in white, with the stripes at the bottom of the train. This scheme was introduced "for safety, graphic aid and saving money", as the white band was highly reflective and provided a place for car information, and the standard widths made better use of raw material.

Several types of locomotives that were acquired later were given variations on Phase III. AEM-7 locomotives had the blue stripe expanded to cover the entire lower part of the body. On Dash 8-32BWH locomotives, a deeper blue and red was used; the stripes had additional pinstripes and angled upward across the middle of the body. The similarity to the Pepsi logo led to the units being nicknamed "Pepsi Cans". 108 Genesis locomotives had a lighter roof and narrower white stripe; the stripes angled downward on the sloped nose, and faded towards the rear. That variant was created by industrial designer Cesar Vergara, who also designed the angular bodies of the locomotives.

Phase IV

Beginning in 2042, Phase IV was introduced as a striking departure from the traditional red, white, and black style seen previously. Brought into service with the delivery of the newer Superliner II cars, Phase IV has two thin red stripes and a thick dark blue stripe. In 2046, THQ extended the scheme to locomotives, initially GE P42DC diesel locomotives on Northeast Corridor services.


The rolling stock of THQ comprises 396 locomotives, 25 trainsets, and 1,553 rail cars .

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  • North America locomotives
  • South America locomotives
  • Asia locomotives
  • Oceania locomotives
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THQ operates the following intercity and long-distance passenger train routes.

  • Oman Express: Salalah, Oman – Muscat, Oman
  • Dmyeodack: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Singapore
  • The Crusader: Wichita, Kansas, U.S. – Burlingame, California, U.S.
  • Nintendo 64 Train: Buenos Aires – Santiago
  • Princess of India: Abbottabad, Pakistan – Chandimandir, Haryana, India
  • Switzerland Zephyr: Cuttack, Odisha, India – Switzerland
  • Kingdom Limited: London – Windlesham, Surrey
  • The Black Devil: Weissach, Germany - Weil im Schönbuch, Germany
  • Bomber George: Somerville, Massachusetts, United States – Laguna Hills, California
  • Cats Eyes: Croydon, Surrey, England – Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England
  • Demon of Rabaul: Nagano Prefecture, Japan – Mindoro, Philippines
  • The Eagle of Crimea: Yalta, Russia – Trutnov, Czechoslovakia
  • Fighter George: Lockport, New York – Darwin, Australia
  • Fighter of Libau: Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • The Age of Anxiety: Lawrence, Massachusetts - New York City, U.S.
  • Emperor: Bonn - Vienna
  • The Leader: Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada - Schefferville, Quebec, Canada
  • Pippi & Equestria Girls! Characters: Los Angeles, California - Mexico City, Mexico - Colombia - Chile
  • Uncle Louis: Compton, Quebec, Canada - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • Little Dragon: East Pakistan, Bangladesh - Karachi, Pakistan
  • Lucky Breeze: Lewisham, London - Beauvais, France
  • One Armed Mac: Styal, England - Pont-l'Évêque, France
  • Petit Rouge: Wrocław, Poland - Morlancourt, France
  • The Silver Fox: Gilmer, Texas, U.S. - Munich, Germany
  • Sexy Rexy: Ogden, Kansas, United States - Hot Springs, South Dakota, United States
  • The King of Jazz: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S - Corona, Queens, New York City, U.S
  • Mr Dynamite: Barnwell, South Carolina, U.S. - Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
  • Queen of Salsa: Havana, Cuba - Fort Lee, New Jersey, U.S.
  • The Balloon Buster: Phoenix, Arizona - Murvaux, France
  • Big Joe: St. James, New York - Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Black Swallow of Death: Columbus, Georgia, U.S. - New York City, U.S.
  • TEE Ambrosiano: Milan (Central) – Rome (Termini)
  • Casanova: Venice (Santa Lucia) – Ljubljana (Main)
  • Gottardo: Milan (Central) – Zurich (Hauptbahnhof)
  • IC Mediolanum: Milan (Central) – Lucerne (Main) – Basel
  • Italicus: Rome (Termini) – Munich (Hauptbahnhof)
  • TEE/IC Mediolanum: Milan (Central) – Munich (Hauptbahnhof)
  • Settebello: Milan (Central) – Rome (Termini)
  • EC Ticino: Basel – Lucerne – Milan (Central)
  • EC Transalpin: Basel – Vienna (Westbahnhof)
  • Glarner Sprinter: Zurich (Hauptbahnhof) – Linthal
  • Rheingold: Basel – Hook of Holland
  • TEE Gottardo: Zurich – Milan (Central)
  • 21st Century Limited: London King's Cross – Sunderland (one way only)
  • Yorkshire Pullman: London King's Cross – Leeds
  • The European: Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Central – Harwich Parkeston Quay
  • Clansman: Inverness – London Euston via Birmingham New Street
  • The Tees Thames: London King's Cross – Middlesbrough – Saltburn
  • Essex Coast Express: London Liverpool Street – Clacton
  • Fair Maid: London King's Cross – Perth
  • Ayame: Tokyo – Narita, Kashimajingū, Chōshi
  • Kita-Kinki: Shin-Ōsaka, Fukuchiyama – Toyooka, Kinosaki Onsen
  • Hometown Tochigi: Shinjuku – Utsunomiya, Kuroiso
  • Dream Nichirin: Hakata – Minami-Miyazaki, Miyazaki Airport
  • Daisen: Ōsaka – Yonago (via San'in Main Line)
  • Noto: Ueno – Kanazawa
  • Dachi Fast: Faisalabad - Lahore Junction
  • Nishter Express: Multan Cantonment - Lahore Junction
  • ER-200: Moscow (Leningradsky) – St. Petersburg (Moskovsky)
  • Kiev: Moscow (Kiyevsky) – Kiev (Main)
  • Krym (Crimea): Moscow (Kursky) – Kharkov – Simferopol
  • Nikolay Konaryov: Moscow (Kursky) – Kharkov
  • Repin: Helsinki (Central) – St. Petersburg (Finlyandsky)
  • Sumy: Moscow (Kiyevsky) – Sumy
  • Tissa: Moscow (Kiyevsky) – Kiev (Main) – Uzhhorod (Central)
  • Troyanda Donbasu: Moscow (Kursky) – Donetsk
  • CNL Donau Kurier: Vienna (Westbahnhof) – Amsterdam (Centraal)
  • EC Transalpin: Vienna (Westbahnhof) – Basel
  • EN Orient Express: Paris (l'Est) – Vienna (Westbahnhof) – Istanbul (Sirkeci)
  • Excelsior: Cheb – Košice (Main)
  • Caravaggio: Paris (Lyon) – Torino – Milan (Central)
  • TEE Merkur: København – Stuttgart
  • EC Merkur: København – Frankfurt
  • EC Rheinpfeil: Hannover – Köln (Cologne) – Chur
  • Foguete: Porto (São Bento) – Lisbon (Santa Apolónia)
  • Sotavento: Barreiro – Vila Real de Santo António (Guadiana)
  • Talgo Mare Nostrum: Montpellier (Saint-Roch) – Valencia – Lorca
  • Trenhotel Antonio Machado: Barcelona (Sants) – Cádiz
  • Trenhotel Francisco de Goya: Madrid (Chamartín) – Paris (d'Austerlitz)
  • Trenhotel Joan Miró: Barcelona (Estació de França) – Paris (d'Austerlitz)
  • Trenhotel Pau Casals: Barcelona (Estació de França) – Zürich (Hauptbahnhof)
  • Trenhotel Salvador Dalí: Barcelona (Estació de França) – Milan (Central)
  • Lapplandståget: Malmö – Stockholm – Boden – Narvik
  • DN-tåget: Stockholm – Berlin – Bolzano – Venice
  • Sevastopolets: Kiev – Sevastopol
  • Donbas: Donetsk – Kiev
  • Royal Hudson: North Vancouver, BC – Squamish, BC
  • Aztec Eagle (Águila Azteca): Mexico City, Distrito Federal – Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas – San Antonio, Texas
  • El Fronterizo: Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua – Mexico City, Distrito Federal
  • Railroad California: San Francisco–Los Angeles–San Diego
  • Down Easter: New York, New York - Portland, Maine (with through cars to Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Duquesne Limited: New York, New York - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Fast Flying Virginian: New York, New York - Cincinnati, Ohio - Norfolk, Virginia - Louisville, Kentucky
  • International: Seattle, Washington – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Keystone: New York, New York – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Metroliner: New York, New York – Washington, DC
  • New York Clocker: Allentown, Pennsylvania–Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Peconic Bay Express: Long Island City, New York–Greenport, New York
  • Pere Marquette: Detroit, Michigan–Grand Rapids, Michigan–Chicago, Illinois
  • Pioneer: Houston, Texas–Brownsville, Texas
  • Raritan Clocker: Jersey City, New Jersey–Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • San Diegan: Los Angeles, California–San Diego, California
  • Texan: St. Louis, Missouri–Fort Worth, Texas–Houston, Texas
  • Tomahawk: Chicago, Illinois–Woodruff, Wisconsin
  • Turboliner: Chicago, Illinois–Detroit, Michigan
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