The alternate endings for the rewrite of Total Drama Revenge Of The Island.

The Thrill Of The Hunting

(after Dave is rejected, Mike shows sympathy)

  • Mike: (showing sympathy) "Wow, this is sad." (walks towards him but is worried) "Dave? You okay?"
  • Dave: (crying) "I'm not okay."

(Mike comforts him while Brick also shows sympathy)

  • Brick: (showing sympathy) "Calm down soldier. It's not the end of the world."
  • Dave: (still crying) "Yes it is."
  • Mike: (still comforting him) "It was just best if you found by your own."
  • Dave: (upset) "I'm sorry for being such a jerk."

(Dave stands up and walks away while Mike and Brick glare at Sky in disapproval)

  • Sky: "What?"

(they just walk away. Later, Sky encounters Mike, Cameron, and Dawn)

  • Sky: "Hey guys, I finally trying to get away from Dave."
  • Dawn: "Oh dear, he's being obsessed with you, isn't he?"
  • Sky: "I'm afraid so, could you guys maybe help me vote him out just to get him off my back?"
  • Mike: (gasping then glaring) "No thanks."

(the others gasp in shock)

  • Sky: (shocked) "Why?"

(then Dave appears confused)

  • Dave: (confused) "Why what?"
  • Mike: (explaining) "She plotted to vote you off."
  • Dave: (shocked) "What? Seriously. Why do you hate me so much? (a screen showing Chris appears) What do you want?"
  • Chris (on screen): (showing a tape) "To show you this."

(then Sky's audition tape appears)

  • Sky (on video): "Hi I'm Sky."
  • Dave: (curious) "Why are you showing me this?"
  • Chris (on screen): "Just to show why she hates you so much?"

(then he fast forwards the video)

  • Sky (on video): "If I do get on the show, I'll miss my boyfriend Keith."

(they gasp in shock while Dave is stunned by this)

  • Sky: (worried) "Oh no."
  • Chris (on screen): "Also, let's see Sky's confessionals."

(then Sky's confessionals play and bad comments about Dave are heard. When they stop, Dave is left stunned)

  • Sky: (worried) "Dave, I can explain."

(however, Dave just angrily punches a tree and tears it down. Other people come to the scene)

  • Dave: (heartbroken) "You're so selfish."
  • Zoey: (worried) "What happened?"
  • Mike: (explaining) "Sky broke his heart by revealing she had a boyfriend and some confessionals showed her talking trash about him."
  • Brick: (showing sympathy) "Dang, that's harsh soldier."
  • Mike: (still explaining) "Also, she's planning on voting him off."
  • Sky: (defending herself) "But he won't leave me alone. After all, Ella's the only person that cares about him but I'm not interested."
  • Mike: (very angry) "You're a selfish, greedy hypocrite, you know that. You claim you don't like mean people but you're mean and you don't even care. (Sky gasps) And let me guess, you originally wanted to use him just so you can win? (Sky nods) So it's true, not only you don't deserve to be his girlfriend but to also be his friend and teammate."
  • Sky: "But Mike-"
  • Mike: (still angry) "Shut up. Until you choose to apologize to Dave and stop acting a selfish witch, I don't want you anywhere near him. You got that?"

(Sky nods. Then suddenly, Brick and some others clap for Mike)

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