These are alternate endings to Total Drama Island Do Over

Snow Day? Snow Way!

(after Gwen harshly rejects Cody, he just sits outside depressed and Zoey finds him)

  • Zoey: (worried) "Hey Cody, what's wrong?"
  • Cody: (depressed) "I don't wanna talk about it."
  • Zoey: (still worried) "It's about Gwen, isn't it?"

(DJ appears and feels bad for him while Gwen appears annoyed at Cody)

  • DJ: (showing sympathy) "Zoey, here's what Gwen said to him."

(he shows Zoey the video)

  • Gwen: (in the video) "Zip it! I don't want to hear it! I'm tired of your perverted advances on me! I'm tired of you of being a lost puppy and basically clinging to my leg! CODY! STOP IT! I DON'T LIKE YOU!"

(then a confessional shows an angry Gwen)

  • Gwen: (angry) "Yeah I yelled at him, so what? No wonder every girl hates him. He's a pervert. I hope he dies and goes to h**l. He's never gonna get a girlfriend. I hope he gets voted off."

(this made DJ, Leshawna, Harold, Noah, Abigail, and Zoey glare at Gwen, Zoey's glare is the scariest)

  • Zoey: (disgusted) "That was really low even for you."
  • Gwen: (argues) "Hey, someone has to tell him."
  • Abigail: (crossing her arms) "We do not hate him."
  • Leshawna: (agreeing) "Yeah. We might not love him but we don't hate him."
  • Gwen: (still arguing) "Will I hate him. Maybe he'll never get a girlfriend."
  • Zoey: (getting angry) "You know what, you're so selfish. You care about no one but yourself. Not only did you harshly reject the poor guy but you go as far as to vote him off."
  • Gwen: (tries to explain) "But Zoey."
  • Zoey: (angrily interrupts) "Be quiet. You know what, if he liked me I'd give him a chance. (here eyes widened in surprise) I... I love him. He is the most important guy in my life and would never hurt him."

(Cody goes to use the confessional and comes back to give the video to Zoey)

  • Cody: (in confessional) "Gwen's a bit...well...short tempered. But...Zoey. She's like the coolest. She's not like Gwen, she's sweet and nice and... Maybe I should've seen her all along."

(this makes Zoey smile and hug him)

  • Zoey: (sweetly smiles) "Thanks Cody. I love you."
  • Cody: (also sweetly smiles) "I love you too."

(they see the mistletoe on top on them and kiss each other)

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