64px Mom im living By a Graveyard the ghost made my daughter fell of the swing and my baby started crying and my son started screaming demonic phases at me after I had my band I was pregnant with my daughter
~ talking to her Mother

Sydney Kelly
Known aliases: Mommy Sister Babe
Known relatives:
Dwight Kelly (Husband)
Stuart Kelly (son)
Joshua Kelly (infant son)
Scarlett Kelly (daughter)
Kelly Slater (Mother)
Trevor Slater (Father)
Joshua Slater (brother)
Crystal Kelly (Mother-In-Law)
Tyson Kelly (Father-In-Law)
Carlton Kelly (Brother-In-Law)
Martha Davis (aunt)
Martin Davis (uncle)
Jason Davis (cousin)
Year of birth: 1969
Year of death: Unknown
Age: 40
Movie: Graveyard Shift 2
Graveyard Shift 3
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Sarah Michelle Gellar


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