Sydney Bristow
Full Name Sydney Anne Bristow
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Relatives Jack Bristow (father), Laura Derevko-Bristow (mother)
Nationality United States of America
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency, United States Army Reserve
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'9 ft.
Weight 120 lbs.
Occupation CIA Operations Officer
Call Signs Freelancer, Mountaineer
Alias Julia Thorne
Training/Special Skills Krav Maga, linguistics, cryptography, and electromagnetic lock picking

Sydney Anne Bristow was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is the only child of Jack and Laura Bristow. Her mother, a high school English teacher, died in a car accident when Sydney was seven years old. Her father was an airplane parts exporter for an aerospace engineering company. Because of his work, he was frequently on business trips and therefore left Sydney to be primarily raised by Emily Sloane, the wife of Jack's best friend, Arvin Sloane. In her later childhood, Sydney exhibited unusually high intelligence and problem solving abilities, which caught Arvin Sloane's attention.

Upon graduating from high school, she enlisted in the United States Army Reserve. Sydney decided to become a civil affairs specialist. After completing basic combat training and civil affairs advanced individual training at the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, she was assigned to serve her U.S. Army Reserve service in the 425th Civil Affairs Battalion. A little while later, Sydney enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles.

After she graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she went on to the UCLA Anderson School of Management. During her second year there, Sydney completed her six-year Army Reserve commitment. She graduated from the Anderson School of Management with a Master of Business Administration. The day of her graduation, a man approached Sydney and told her that the U.S. government might be interested in talking to her about a job. When she asked why her, all he told her was that she fit a profile. Extremely interested, Sydney met with a group of CIA representatives a few days later. They offered her a job with the Agency.

Unknown to Sydney, Arvin Sloane was actually a CIA officer and had recently been picked to head-up a newly-established and highly unconventional black ops division of the Agency named Special Directorate 6. He believed Sydney would be perfect for SD-6. The best spies have certain traits: proficiency with numbers, three dimensional thinking, creative problem solving. Sydney's military and academic exams and psychological evaluations showed that she fits the profile perfectly.

After signing numerous non-disclosure agreements, Sydney was initially only told that she would be tasked with handling covert missions either too sensitive or too risky for traditional CIA entities. However, she still enthusiastically accepted the position. She then went through a year-long operational training course to train her in so-called "operational intelligence" or "tradecraft" espionage skills. Sydney did not go through the standard CIA training program at the Special Training Center (also known as "The Farm"), outside Williamsburg, Virginia. Instead, she stayed in Los Angeles where she was given a position as a portfolio analyst at a corporate bank named Credit Dauphine while she simultaneously underwent training. Sydney assumed that the bank was somehow affiliated with the CIA.

After the training phase ended, Sloane revealed himself to Sydney as a CIA official and fully informed her about SD-6. He then took her to its headquarters, which is located on sublevel six of the Credit Dauphine building. Credit Dauphine is indeed the front company for SD-6. Sydney then began her career as a field operations officer for Special Directorate 6.

Concerned with the increased public scrutiny of the Agency and the resulting red tape, the CIA had been impeded in doing its job to the fullest. It set up SD-6 as a covert unit unhampered by the bureaucratic chain of command. Mandated to retrieve and study military and industrial intelligence critical to U.S. superiority and survival, SD-6 marks a return to classical methods of unilateral espionage operations. Instead of relying on foreign human intelligence assets or filtering the world through satellites and antennas, its operatives physically infiltrate dangerous and sensitive enemy locations to gather the required intelligence by whatever means necessary. In other words, they go back to the nitty-gritty world of undercover spies out there in the field, risking their lives for the sake of taking a photograph or recording a conversation or copying a computer hard drive. Funded by the CIA's black budget, SD-6's operations are not only highly classified, but also hidden from congressional oversight. That status allows its operatives to work outside the boundaries of international laws and treaties.

As a field operations officer, Sydney is sent on clandestine and covert espionage assignments. By assuming a false identity and utilizing the most advanced surveillance and combat technology for the aggressive collection of stored data in hostile territories, she goes undercover to infiltrate secure installations and seize critical intelligence without leaving a trace. SD-6's black ops status allows her to disregard many laws, agreements, or frameworks of ethical behavior in order to accomplish a mission. However, if Sydney were to ever be captured or killed, the CIA would completely disavow her and deny she was affiliated with the U.S. government at all.

Sydney Bristow's exemplary work has proven her to be one of the most extraordinary officers in the CIA's employ.

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