Swag Dead Part 1 is a 2011 live-action American mythology superhero horror comedy action film. It stars Brandon Keffer-Robalik, Judette Rugg, and Marcus Amua-Sekyi. It is rated R.


The story you're about to read is in another universe so don't look the characters that don't have actors.


A group of demigods are sent on a quest to save the world from a very dangerous group of terrorists.


The film starts with 11-year-old Brandon Keffer-Robalik going to Bellevue East High School. He then makes a very entrance to go there easily. He then meets with the daughters of Aphrodite and they catch up but he almost gets run over by local jock and bully Wyatt Habberson, who just laughs at his deed. Despite being angered, they calm down when Abby Burgress arrives and Brandon promises to her that he will go to Camp Half-Blood, much to the girls' cheering because he is known to keep promises.

In Mr. Severin's class, the said teacher had to use the faculty bathroom because someone putting laxative and too much spice in his Jambalaya as a practical joke, much to the class' amusement. Brandon gets partnered up with his classmate Judette Rugg, who he develops a crush on. However, her abusive older brother Terrence slaps Brandon and tries to drag Judette home.

In the halls, Terrence starts abusing and insulting Judette until Brandon tries to save her but Terrence tries to break his arm and kicks Judette for trying to stop him until Brandon knocks him out with one punch. Grateful for this, Judette returns Brandon's feelings and they become a couple. Brandon's dad Ralph arrests Terrence and the Principal declares Terrence expelled.

Meanwhile in the other hallway, local sociopathic rich bully Dallas Poppinio and his gang are trying to plan on taking over the world. They spot Brandon and start picking on him. The female member and yandere stalker Julie starts to flirt with him but he ignores her. They plan to sacrifice him to get what they want and Julie finds him attractive because of his refusal.

After school, he's shown to be in a band called "X-Direction" and is the guitarist of the band. The other members contists of: his older half-brother Peter Wickwire the Talent, his younger brother Brett Robalik the Musician, one of his best-friends Randal Westlake-Melroy as the Drummer, and his other best-friend Levi Laviere the Keyboard Player. They are liked for good music and are one of the most popular bands of all time.

At home, he loves his mother Aimee so much and is friends with Brett but they have a bad relationship with their younger brother Bryce because he repeatedly refuses to turn down loud music but doesn't full on hate him because he's just a kid. However, he's a good mentor to his younger cousins Joseph and Jacob but has to make sure they stay out of trouble so they won't suffer the wraith of his Aunt Jen. He likes taking care of his grandma Edna, he reads Asgardian books with his other younger cousin Mikey, watches Beauty and the Beast with his other cousins Kirsten and Story, he hates smelling the cigars from his Uncle Sean and Uncle Chad, he likes to play Luke Skywalker to his older cousin Lexi's Princess Leia, and he is not used to smelling the smoking cigarettes from his Aunt Shannon. Also, he gets along with his babysitter Virginia Elliot and she is the reason that he hates smoking but only because he accidentally drank her empty soda can full of burnt cigarettes.

At Camp Half-Blood, he goes through a test and shocks everyone by being sorted into Zeus house because his biological father is Zeus (Christopher Lee), God of Lightning and King of Olympus. The other Demi-gods consists of: his girlfriend Judette Rugg daughter of Hera (Carrie Fisher), his best friend Marcus Amua-Sekyi son of Poseidon (Alan Rickman), Jacklyn Garden daughter of Demeter (Uma Thurman), his friendly rival Kopelean Nuzum son of Ares (Steven Blum), Destiny Ernst daughter of Athena (Famke Jannsen), Levi Laviere son of Apollo (Walton Goggins), Teriah Cooper daughter of Artemis (Alice Braga), Zachary Lopez son of Hephaestus (Rip Torn), Abby Burgress daughter of Aphrodite (Kendra James), Randal Westlake-Melroy son of Hermes (Patrick Warburton), Connor Underwood (not the sports player) son of Dionysus (Danny DeVito), his other best Howie Van Delp son of Hades (Clancy Brown), Kayley Fram daughter of Hestia (Kristen Dunst), Caitlyn Rugg daughter of Nemesis (Natalie Portman), Trey son of Emos (Luke Evans), and Jason Wendt son of the centaur Chiron (Liam Neeson). He meets Chiron and is welcomed to camp. He is then given a chance to meet other gods around the world.

At Emos' club, he is already annoyed by the perverts and just leaves but befriends cabin counselor Jacob.

At Nemesis' home, he is hesitant to meet Caitlyn because he used to date her but he saw her getting sexually abused by Douglas Eveleth and mistaken this as an affair, leading to their break-up. However, Nemesis informs him about what really happened and he was regretful for how he acted but Caitlyn forgave him and understood that he was heartbroken. They both pull revenge schemes on bad people. He has a good relationship with her.

At Hestia's home, he is welcomed and they start a campfire together. During it, he talks about his respect towards Hestia because she is peaceful and wants to bring family together. He has a good relationship with her and Jacklin but is scared of the cabin counselor Akane, who looks like she can kill any girl that is near him.

At Hades' domain, he gets in a scuffle with the employee Charon (Samuel L. Jackson) but gets passed him and meets Hades, who seems to frighten Brandon. However, he befriends Howie and two other kids named Marc Quiba the scary and stern cabin counselor and Gabby. He is neutral towards his uncle, he might find him scary but feels sympathy for him being seen as a bad guy.

At Dionysus' bar, he is disgusted by the god's drinking habits and calling him by his most hated nickname "Brand Don", a pronounced version of his name that Bryce used to irritate him with. Overall, he hates Dionysus but likes his kids Connor and another demi-god named Caleb, the cabin counselor.

At Hermes' post office, he helps deliver mail and helps pull pranks. He also befriends Randal and the cabin's counselor Chase Hensley, who is a speedster. He is on good terms with them.

At Aphrodite's club, he is flirted with by her and the other girls. He befriends Abby and the cabin counselor Jade, who takes a liking to Brandon. He then sleeps with them and gains their respect. His relationship with them is good but he doesn't approve of her cheating on her husband, which she understands.

At Hephaestus' workshop, he is a good help around the shop and befriends Zachary and the cabin counselor Jonah Barfield, who is actually half-giant. Him and Hephaestus like each other and he gives him sympathy for being cheated on, which the smith god is grateful for and is glad that Aphrodite will try to not do it again.

At Artemis' campsite, he saves the girls from monsters and shows respect towards them, due to being raised by mostly the females in his family. He even defends them from a group of sexist pigs. He is respected by Artemis, Teriah, Pete Jackson (Bobby Campo), and the cabin counselor Dinah, despite her pranking Brandon.

At Apollo's house, he parties with them and befriends him. He also befriends Levi and the cabin counselor David, who is also the youngest counselor at camp but doesn't usually like talking.

At Athena's library, he is annoyed by her arrogance and her disrespect towards the children of Poseidon. He befriends Destiny but is annoyed by the cabin counselor Arena, who also is arrogant. However, he accidentally destroys the library in a fit of annoyance and leaves before he gets hurt but Destiny found it funny because she too dislikes Athena for her arrogance. Because of that, him and Athena dislike each other.

At Ares' bar, he is disgusted by the biker's abusive behavior towards Kopelean and favoritism towards the cabin counselor Grune, who is also disliked for having Ares' abusive personality. After disowning Ares and having enough of the evil behavior, Brandon and Kopelean both get payback by cutting the motorcycles' fuel lines and then took a few motorcycles with them out of there. Ares notices and tries to chase them but notices the cut lines. In a state of shock, he accidentally drops his lit cigarette on the fuel trail and this causes him and Grune to get away as their bar explodes from the fire. Angered by this, they vow vengeance. Brandon and Kopelean notice the explosion and decide not to talk about it to avoid getting arrested. He is now on bad terms with Ares.

At Demeter's garden, he helps plant stuff and eats grain, earning the respect of Demeter and her children but is disliked by cabin counselor Pamela because she is a vegan and Brandon hates vegetables (except corn on a cob, orange cheesy mashed potatoes, ketchup, and pickles).

At Poseidon's beach and docks, Brandon and all the whole Greek family go swimming but Brandon is wearing a swim shirt, making the girls disappointed. However, he blushes at Judette's swimwear, making her blush and giggle. They start having fun but then a sea monster attacks. However, Brandon manages to calm it down but his shirt is off and the girls blush at his bare chest only to see a cross symbol on his chest/heart, leaving them shocked and horrified. Not wanting them to know what happened, he quickly puts his shirt back on and leaves the beach immediately to avoid any questions. He is neutral towards Poseidon but gets along with Marcus and the cabin counselor Garth.

At Hera's domain, he treats her like a mother and plays with the youngest daughter Chloe. He gets along with them and gets the attention of cabin counselor Envie.

At Mount Olympus, he overhears Zeus and Peter discussing about Brandon and fear that he suffered from abuse before. When they noticed him, he finally confessed that Vice Principal Skinner had always beaten him for being unpopular and gave him a branding mark for being Lutheran Christian. They are sympathetic towards him and they accept him as family.

At night, him and Virginia are at Brandon's favorite restaurant Spaghetti Works but his family didn't come because Bryce wanted to go to Taco Bell, Brandon's least favorite restaurant. Brandon tells her about his time at camp and she is glad that he is having a good time there. When they get home and he changes into his pajamas, he hears music coming from a mansion nearby. He tells Virginia that he'll be careful.

At the mansion, he notices a group called the Neo-Demons: 22-year-old Dallas Poppinio, 24-year-old Wyatt Habberson, 21-year-old Julie Togo, 26-year-old Douglas "DJ" Eveleth, 19-year-old Justin Freeze, 20-year-old Rahim Daniels, 32-year-old General Karter, and 29-year-old Aaron Anderson. However, Brandon recognizes them as criminals wanted by the C.I.A., F.B.I., and every agency out there. He overhears their plan to rule the world by committing a very large genocide of the city's population but they spot him and this starts being recorded life on television.

At Brandon's house, Virginia becomes worried and calls 911.

Back at the mansion, he encounters Aaron Anderson. Aaron calls himself the Vibrator, much to Brandon's amusement. Aaron and the audience are confused but hear Brandon asking him if he's keeping women better, making Aaron blush and causing the audience to laugh. In a fit of a rage, he tries to vibrate Brandon to death but our young innocent hero managed to dodge in time. However, it causes an exposed wire to land on the wet floor and electrocute the Vibrator to death. Horrified by his first kill, he vomits on the floor and the villains are not impressed because that fight ended fast but Togo cheerfully congrats Brandon on his first kill.

In a video, Dallas doesn't show any anger towards Aaron's death but still decides to watch this new hero and see how far he goes.

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