Suspicion 2 is a 2014 action-suspense film starring Chris6d, with Arv and the debut of Vin. It is the sequel to Suspicion, taking place a few months after. The main antagonist is Alverto Coldblade.


  • Release Date: February 14, 2014
  • Amount of $ at Box Office: $1,903,582,409
  • Soundtrack:
    • "I'm an Agent" (Suspicion)
    • "I'll Find Out Who This Guy Is"
    • "No Innocence"
  • Product Placement:
    • The Lego Movie (seen on a poster in Alverto's Room)
    • Under Armour (X27 has it on throughout the movie)
    • The Game of Life (board game in Alverto's Room)
    • Apple (computer X27 uses to visit Gangstas' Website)


Agent X27

Agent X27 (played by Chris6d) is a recruit from the X.I.A. Agency. He has black hair and a nice personality. He gets the job done when necessary and not when not... necessary.

His back story is that long before the Agency took him in, he was young. Eventually the X.I.A. Headmaster adopted him to the X.I.A. and trained him. X27 called him the Great Master. The Great Master once told him to "master his senses", as X27 recalls when he is telling the Headmaster.

Alverto Coldblade

A low life thug with powerful firearms and a connection to the Gangstas. He killed the X.I.A. Headmaster which devastated X27 and the X.I.A. Agency. Because of him, after his defeat with X27, X27 was excommunicated from the X.I.A. His thugs have skulled-hoodies with masks, and one had a dark jacket with sunglasses. Alverto is a "cold" (no pun intended, it IS in his name) evil person who will kill anyone in his path, he even killed both his thugs. His thugs are the same, or similar to Dr. Mermallar's thugs.

The X.I.A. Headmaster

The X.I.A. Headmaster is a complicated man. The head of the X.I.A., he trained X27 and took him in, as seen in Suspicion 3 and mentioned througout the movies. He was the one who told him such advice such as "master your senses" which has stuck with X27 since. He was killed in the events of Suspicion 2 by Alverto Coldblade, and because of that, X27 was executed from the X.I.A. He is portrayed by Vin and had a strong relationship with X27. The Headmaster still believes X27 is young and always worthy of more knowledge.


Famous Quotes

  • (X27 and the Headmaster are in Alverto's room, and they just discovered who he is.)
    • X27: "It looks like the man's name is... Alverto Coldblade. You got records on that guy!"
    • The Headmaster: "I have files of that man."
    • X27: "I'd better go after him."
    • The Headmaster: "Nay, let the big boys handle this".
  • Alverto Coldblade has just shot two of his own thugs in front of a defeated X27.
    • Alverto Coldblade: "No innocence."


Three months after the events of Suspicion, it is unknown if X27 survived the explosion.

X27 did survive the explosion, but Shane died. He was now assigned to a new robber's house, Alverto Coldblade. Alverto (Arv) runs into the house with a gun and drops a piece of paper with information on it. X27 then hears the noise, comes down from upstairs and takes him out. Then X27 picks up the paper and examines it upstairs.

There was a link on the paper to a website, so X27 enters the link and it takes him to a website called the Gangstas, and on the website it tells about the Gangstas and Shane Bommer. X27 has never heard of this and does not know what the heck that robber has to do with this. X27 was suspicious so he called the X.I.A. Headmaster to come on over.

When the X.I.A. Headmaster comes over, he brings a machine which can detect who wrote the paper. When it's done, they find out the robber was Alverto Coldblade. The X.I.A. have records on him. But the Headmaster does not think X27 is ready to take him on. X27 gets insulted and recalls the time the Headmaster took him in and trained him. X27 then leaves, and X27 has a flashback of his battle with Shane Bommer. Meanwhile, Alverto and the Headmaster get into a fight and Alverto shoots the Headmaster, and he dies. Then, Coldblade heads downstairs with his thugs. X27 is in troublèy.

X27 heads downstairs and sees Alverto and his armed thug. X27 takes them by surprise, and they both fall onto the couch. X27 pulls them off and the thug dies. Alverto throws X27 down into the fallen thug and X27 falls. Alverto and X27 have an epic battle, then X27 throws Alverto into the closet, and he gets hurt. Then Alverto and X27 continue fighting and Alverto FLIPS X27 to the ground.

X27 is hurt now, and NOW another thug comes in. Now it is 2 against 1 but X27 can handle it. But the two are now beating X27 up and X27 is becoming weak. The thug and Alverto eventually defeat X27 and a weak X27 falls to the ground. He is there now, and Alverto tells his thug to "watch him". Alverto picks up his gun and betrays his thug by shooting him down in cold-blood. Alverto then shoots ANOTHER thug standing by and he dies also (aslo) (aslay) (alsay). X27 then tells Alverto he's not gonna win, and then Alverto revealed he worked with the Gangstas. Then X27 gets up and tells him the X.I.A. will rule over the Gangstas. Then X27 punches Alverto in the face, K.O.'ing him.

X27 says he's out of the game, but he feels bad about the Headmaster. Then he says it's time to leave this hizzy, throws a bomb on the floor, and it explaydes.

ENDÒ. And no, I'm not Èûrôpêäñ.

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