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Suspicion is a 2013 action suspense movie starring Chris6d and the debut of Johnny. It is the prequel to Suspicion 2 and Suspicion 3.


  • Chris6d as Agent X27
  • Johnny as Shane Bommer


  • Release Date: November 17, 2013
  • Amount of $ at Box Office: $1,499,872,328
  • Soundtrack: "Suspicion" Original Soundtrack"
    • "I'm An Agent" (played throughout movie)


Agent X27

Agent X27 (played by Chris6d) is a recruit from the X.I.A. Agency. He has black hair and a nice personality. He gets the job done when necessary and not when not... necessary.

His back story is that long before the Agency took him in, he was young. Eventually the X.I.A. Headmaster adopted him to the X.I.A. and trained him. X27 called him the Great Master. The Great Master once told him to "master his senses", as X27 recalls when battling Shane.

Shane Bommer

Shane is a thug, period. He was from a group of gangsters called the "Gangstas". Eventually the Gangstas rejected him, and one of the Gangstas shot him. He was injured for a long time, but recovered and went solo. He specialized in bombing-it is kind of in his name. He lives in a mansion that he rigged with bombs-and so Suspicion begins.



The movie begins with Agent X27 in Shane's room. The location is the mansion in New Jersey, and X27 is paranoid. The X.I.A sent him to this mansion to uncover what they think is a bomb in the house. X27 is denying this bomb's very existence, but must do it anyway because, well, you know, he's part of the Agency-He has to do what they say.

Anyway, X27 uses his Detective Vision in his glasses and scans the house. He sees no life forms and exits the room. He checks in the bathroom for the bombs or the guy but nothing. He then goes downstairs and hears people in the house, so he hides behind a chair. There, a man who X27 does not know sits down on the couch and gets a call. He picks it up and tells a mysterious man about a bomb. Now X27 knows this bomb is true.

The Man (Shane) takes out his gun and goes downstairs. The coast is clear and X27 can come out. X27 decides he must follow this man if he is to be successful. So X27 follows Shane downstairs.

There, X27 is watching Shane downstairs. X27 sneaks up behind Shane with a knife, but Shane turns around and it turns into a brawl. They both throw punches, fall, Shane is shooting his gun, but misses, and X27 gets him. X27 has Shane at knifepoint and forces him to tell him about the bomb. X27 tells him, "a Great Master once told me to master your senses. I'm from the X.I.A." Then some other stuff about the bomb, then, "yield". These are all what the HeadMaster told X27 when he was training him (See Suspicion 3). Shane says nothing, so X27 takes him out.

Later that night, Shane is playing pool and says one more time he sees this guy, and slams the stick to the ground. All of a sudden, X27 sneaks up behind him again, and they go into battle. X27 wins and forces Shane to him about the bomb. Shane lies and tells X27 it is in the kitchen, but then he says it's in the gym.

X27 checks both rooms, nothing in the kitchen, but when X27 goes for the gym, hexacopters outside the house are shooting at the house and trigger the bomb, blowing up the house and everyone in it.

But did X27 die?