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Supreme Leader Cobra
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Adventures of Blu and Gelinho
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jeff Bennett
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Aggressive, brutal, ruthless, emotionless, cold, cruel, calm, contemplative, patient, impatient (occasionally), obsessive, determined, intelligent, antagonistic, conflicted, remorseful
Appearance TBA
Alignment Bad
Goal Take over the Land of the North Wind under his control in the upcoming ice age (succeeded)
To defeat and kill Blu and Gelinho (failed)
Home Land of the North Wind
Relatives Unnamed nephew
Allies Rargo
Minions TBA
Enemies TBA
Likes Power, chaos, destruction, abusing his henchmen, laughing
Dislikes Penguins, macaws, peace, singing (formerly)
Powers and abilities TBA
Weapons TBA
Fate TBA
Quote TBA

Supreme Leader Cobra (also known as Cobra) is the main antagonist of the animated comic book series, The Adventures of Blu and Gelinho.




Cobra is an extremely intelligent, powerful, abusive, ruthless, deceitful and, according to Blu, "wise" individual. He is also very sly and manipulative, as he exploited Force-sensitive individuals, such as Blu, only for their power, and managed to command over the entire remnants of the fallen Empire.

For mostly unknown reasons, Cobra hates penguins (including Gelinho). However, in the television series' adaptation, Cobra is shown to believe that the penguins' interference was the reason for the fall of the empire of the Land of the North Wind. He also passed on that belief to Kylo during the the latter's apprenticeship. Cobra also exhibited extreme psychopathic traits: a complete lack of conscience, a lack of empathy and remorse, extreme arrogance and narcissism, and a lack of fear. Cobra was also a highly cold-hearted individual, and he is completely willing to kill the penguins for desire. Cobra proves to be as evil as Rargo before him, if not worse. He was also incredibly manipulative, easily seducing Rargo to the dark side and turning him into "the Enemy". Before his death, he was pompous until the end, and even though he could sense the Enemy's every move, his arrogance was his downfall.



  • Her ultimate fate remains unknown.