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Supernatural: Harvelle is an American television series. It is a spinoff of Supernatural.

Cast and Characters


Season 1

Episode Title Release Date
1 Pilot September 13, 2008
In 1996, a girl summons a crossroads demon and makes a deal to revive William Anthony Harvelle. The crossroads demon tells the girl that because of how long William been dead, the resurrection will take 8-12 years to complete. The girl is then attacked by a Hellhound.

In 2008, Jo Harvelle encounters a demon. She wrestles with the demon, who apparently doesn't even know she's a demon. She introduces herself as Amy. Amy escapes and Jo is called to investigate murders that have been going on for the past ten years.

The latest victim is Ross. Jo questions his girlfriend, Liz, and finds Ellen Harvelle also there. Liz tells them Ross' mother and older brother have also been killed. Jo and Ellen learn that Ross' father, Steve, had been with a girl called Sarah Black, who hanged herself and is apparently a Banshee. Steve confirms Sarah was his ex and she has been killing his family for the past decade in revenge for dumping her.

Jo and Ellen confront the Sarah who overpowers them before being killed with a golden blade by Amy. Amy admits she doesn't know why she saved Jo and Ellen and escapes when Ellen tries to kill her anyway.

2 From Dusk Till Dawn September 20, 2008
Ellen and Jo reach a bar which turns out to be owned by William Harvelle and Amy. William claims he was recently resurrected by a crossroads demon but came back as a zombie. Amy claims that she has only recently been a demon and has barely any memory of her life before. Regulars at the bar are Seth and Juliet.

William tells them that a series of murders have been taking place in the bar. The turns out to be Juliet, who is a Rakshasa. William gets a brass dagger to kill her but Juliet turns invisible and takes the dagger from him. She attacks Amy but Jo saves her by killing Juliet with her own brass dagger.

3 September 27, 2008
Ellen and Jo investigate the drowning of Christa Fields. They talk to police chief Duvall who tells them they found the remains of Christa.

The thing drowning people turns out to be a Water Wraith disguised as an old woman.

4 October 4, 2008
Ellen and Jo are called in to investigate a series of train crashes under mysterious circumstances. Jo concludes that a demon is possessing people and causing the trains to crash. They again encounter Amy who claims to also be investigating. Ellen suspects Amy is the demon causing the train crashes. They learn a traindriver, Robert Fuller, died in a train crash in 1972 and that parts of the train were placed into other trains. All the crashed trains have parts from that train. They catch the only train left that was made from the parts. Amy is attacked by Fuller. Ellen is able to vanquish Fuller.
5 October 11, 2008
Ellen and Jo investigate Helen, a girl killed by her reflection. In the morgue, they find Helen's eyes have been scratched out. They speak to Helen's ex-boyfriend Trevor and his girlfriend Stacey.

Researching the deaths of women who died in front of mirror, they learn of Mary Queen, a child murderer who was killed by a surviving victim, Stacey.

Ellen and Jo make contact with Amy who tells them that Mary is not a vengeful spirit like they assumed but a demon who used magic to create a mirror dimension.

Ellen, Jo and Amy summon Mary, who appears as Amy's reflection, who drags them into the mirror dimension.

Jo and Amy are separated from Ellen and find the girl from the beginning of the first episode summoning the crossroads demon. Amy remembers that the girl is her when she was human.

Mary attempts to trick Ellen with her Amy disguise but Ellen kills her, not trusting Amy.

6 Doppelganger October 18, 2008
Bill emails Ellen to tell her that Seth has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend and fellow hunter, Kate. Ellen suspects a shapeshifter at work. Ellen and Jo notice that "Seth" has been killing more people despite being in jail. Jo questions why a shapeshifter would continue to use Seth's appearance. They reach "Seth" and he reveals he's a Doppelganger. He explains that Kate and the other victims had betrayed and killed Seth in the future and he went back to stop it from happening. With his final victim dead, the Doppelganger Seth disappears.

Ellen and Jo think the case is over but they are attacked by a Doppelganger of Ellen. The Doppelganger Ellen takes them prisoner. She tells them that Bill is responsible for Ellen's future death and she intends to prevent it by killing him.

The doppelganger travels to the bar and attacks Bill. Ellen and Jo capture and try to save Bill but Ellen is attacked by Bill's own doppelganger, attempting to prevent Bill's future death by killing Ellen.

Jo reasons with Ellen's doppelganger while Amy does the same to Bill's. Both doppelgangers disappear.

7 The Haunting of Emily Hart October 25, 2008
19 year old Emily's boyfriend is killed by a ghost in front of Emily. The ghost then proceeds to whip Emily.

Ellen and Jo investigate. Emily tells them that the ghost has been torturing her for 4 years, usually by whipping her but has also raped Emily and burned the word "WHORE" on her, and killed nearly all of Emily's entire family. Only her sister and father are alive.

The ghost kills Emily's sister Molly by making Emily whip her to death. Ellen and Jo figure that the ghost is a poltergeist specifically tormenting Emily.

The ghost tortures and kills Emily's father.

Ellen and Jo confront the ghost who reveals it had no particular motive to harm Emily, he was only doing it for fun, has tormented others this way since the 19th century and will continue to do so after Emily dies. He begins to use his powers to whip Emily, intending to kill her and move onto another victim.

Unable to find any information about the poltergeist to identify a body for them to salt and burn, Ellen and Jo are forced to perform a purification ritual to destroy him before Emily is killed.

8 November 8, 2008
In 1996, Ellen is told that her daughter has disappeared.

In the present day, Amy has tracked down a Crossroads demon.

In the end, Ellen learns that Amy is her daughter who was killed by Hellhounds after making a deal to bring back William.

9 November 15, 2008
Craig, Beth and their children; Dana, Oliver and Annie have just moved into a new house in Passaic, New Jersey. Annie screams as the closet opens.

Ellen is distracted by the relevance of Amy being her daughter. She and Jo investigate the house and Annie's disappearance. They search the basement to find a passageway to a maze of underground tunnels where they are confronted by a ghost who guards the passageways. They discover the passageway leads directly to Hell. Jo almost destroys the ghost until she realises that it is keeping demons from escaping Hell. Ellen makes a deal with the ghost, allowing them to retrieve Annie if her family moves out.

10 The Amityville Horror November 22, 2008
In 112 Ocean Avenue, police officers rounds up some kids who broke in. One of the kids is sent home and inexplicably shoots his parents, brother and sister before turning the gun on himself.

Ellen and Jo investigate and note this is the house of the Amityville Horror. Inside they discover Chris who has been separated from his girlfriend Vivian. Chris insists on helping Ellen and Jo find Vivian.

Jo finds a terrified Vivian who says she found "Jodie", an imaginary friend Missy Lutz had in 1975. Jodie turns out to be a demon who takes possession of Vivian but Ellen and Jo perform an exorcism to free her. Unfortunately, the exorcism also frees Jodie who had been binded to the house. Before leaving, Jodie reveals to Jo that Amy is her sister.

11 January 10, 2009
Jo has left Ellen, after finding out she kept the fact Amy was also her daughter from her.

Ellen reluctantly takes Amy with her on a case involving human sacrifices. Ellen and Amy both speak to Rowan who lives her parents, Thomas and Irene Lord.

Meanwhile, Jo meets with a girl called Missy. They both compare stories of dealing with family expectations.

Ellen and Amy find three people being sacrificed by Thomas, Irene and Rowan. Irene attacks Ellen and Amy, showing incredible strength. Amy flees when she realises Irene is actually stronger than her. Eventually, Ellen kills Irene.

Ellen calls Jo, telling her that she believes the Lord family are sacrificing people to the Norse God Thor in exchange for being made stronger. Thomas and Rowan kidnap Ellen, deciding she will be sacrificed.

Amy calls Jo, begging for help against the Lord family. Amy admits she's too scared to face them herself. Jo goes to rescue Ellen.

Jo finds Ellen tied to a tree and frees her but they are attacked by Thomas and Rowan. Jo is able to kill Rowan while Ellen kills Thomas.

Missy slits a guy's throat and collects his blood in a goblet. She speaks to someone she calls "Mother" and explains to that she was trapped inside the 112 Ocean Avenue in 1924, revealing herself to be the demon Jodie. She is surprised to hear from Mother that Amy is her "sister".

12 January 17, 2009
A chain reaction causes Chad to be strangled in his bathtub. Ellen and Jo investigate. They dismiss the death as a suicide.

Amanda is hit by a bus.

Miss. Cloke is then killed by a falling knife, following by her house burning down. Ellen and Jo work out that Chad, Amanda and Miss. Cloke were meant to be on a plane that exploded and think a Reaper is killing the survivors. The remaining survivors are Eric, Shaun, Devon and Ali.

They save Eric from being hit by a train when his car stops on the train tracks. They round up the other survivors. They summon the reaper Todd. Todd confirms that he is killing those who were supposed to die on the plane. Todd kills Shaun before being caught in a Reaper Trap by Jo. Todd tells them that he will get out as the trap isn't permanent.

Ellen and Jo tell Eric, Devon and Ali to flee.

13 January 31, 2009
Ellen and Jo investigate ship sinkings where a ghostly ship was sighted. They learn the ship is the Flying Dutchman captained by Bernard Hendrick.
14 February 7, 2009
A man, Ralph, is killed in his garage of what appears to be an animal.

Ellen and Jo talk to his wife Carrie and daughter Rachel.

Carrie's brother, Thomas, is killed. Carrie refuses to answer any more of Ellen and Jo's questions.

They visit the neighbour where they learn Ralph is actually Carrie's second husband. Her first husband, Stephen, killed himself in an asylum after apparently killing their infant son, John, by sleeping on him. Ellen and Jo work that Carrie's son has become an Angiak, a vengeful spirit that would kill its family one by one.

Believing that Rachel is the Angiak, Carrie beats her with her belt before trying to drown her but is attacked by the real Angiak, a neighbor Ellen and Jo questioned. The Angiak confirms he is Carrie's deceased son, John, who had been occupying his animated body ever since. He takes the belt off Carrie and begins beating her with it. Ellen and Jo try to stop the Angiak, who reveals Carrie was the one who killed him and framed his father. He reveals that he is Rachel's actual father having impregnated Carrie while feeding on her. The Angiak locks Ellen, Jo and Rachel in the basement before suffocating Carrie to death (the same way she killed him). When Ellen, Jo and Rachel get out the basement, the Angiak has moved on.

15 February 14, 2009
Ellen and Jo investigate disappearances. Jo is attacking in a parking lot by a woman in a gas mask. The assailant renders Jo unconscious with gas.

Ellen reports Jo's disappearance to the local sheriff, pretending to be a cop looking for her niece.

Jo wakes up to find herself trapped in a room with Jenny Atkins, one of the women who disappeared. The kidnapper enters and leaves food. Jo realises their captor is not a supernatural being.

Deputy David Fox begins helping Ellen, telling her he is looking his sister who was kidnapped when they were kids.

The kidnapper tells Jo and Jenny that they must fight to the death for their freedom. Against Jo's protests, Jenny attacks her. Jo is forced to kill Jenny. The kidnapper tells Jo that this was just the first of 12 kills Jo has to make before she's allowed to go.

Ellen and Fox arrive at a large bunker. Inside they find a young girl, Samara, who distracts them while the kidnapper gasses them.

They both wake up in the same cell as Jo. The kidnapper expects them to fight each other but they refuse, Fox asks the kidnapper what she did with his sister. The kidnapper removes her gas mask, revealing she is his sister, Dana Fox, who was abducted by the original kidnapper and trained as an heir. Dana is holding Samara for the same reasons. She agrees to let her brother go but insists that Ellen and Jo fight. Once freed, Fox overpowers Dana and knocks her out before letting Ellen and Jo go.

Fox tells the two that Dana will be sent to an asylum.

16 February 28, 2009
Ellen and Jo investigate recent violent deaths. They visit the apartment of the last victim who was ripped to pieces. Ellen notices the blood splatter on the carpet forms a symbol.

Jo meets Missy again.

William tells Ellen that the symbol is a sigil for an ahura, a special type of angel that appears as a bright light.

Jo finds Missy at an altar, communicating with someone through a goblet of blood. She, Ellen, William and Amy prepare to attack Missy but are attacked by ahuras commanded by an angel, Chris. Chris explains the ahuras were in fact killing demons and he intends to kill both Missy and Amy. Jo damages the ahura sigil, causing the ahura to attack Chris, killing him while Missy escapes.

17 March 30, 2009
Ellen, Jo and Amy investigate a girl who was eaten by a pony.

They run into the girl's friend Dana and her sister Tracy.

Later, they encounter the pony who turns into a human woman and attacks them. They find that the woman, calling herself Bubbles, is apparently immune to any method of killing supernatural beings.

They realise that Bubbles is a tulpa created by the girl who was killed and that she had been using Tracy to make herself more powerful.

They find to convince the townspeople that Bubbles isn't real but she repeatedly uploads her antics onto social media.

Ellen finds the tulpa sigil and destroys it, killing Bubbles.

18 April 6, 2009
Ellen, Jo and Amy go into a town where children are becoming ill. The creature feeding on them turns out to be a Shtriga.
19 Ghostfacers II April 13, 2009
Ellen and Jo investigate a dead judge. They happen upon the Ghostfacers, Harry Spengler, Ed Zeddmore, Spruce, Maggie Zeddmore and their new intern Dustin who are also investigating.

They encounter Jim Wexler who admits he killed the judge in revenge for having his brother Tim Wexler executed. When Wexler attacks, Jo kills him and the group assume the problem is solved. They also find a painting of Wilhelm the Cruel, a 16th century tyrant.

Ellen, Jo and the Ghostfacers examine samples of slime found on Wexler and notice it reacts to emotion and is generated by negativity. Touching a slime sample causes Dustin to fly into a murderous rage and attack the Ghostfacers, forcing Spruce to kill him. Unfortunately, the slime infects Spruce and he attacks the group, infecting Ellen and Jo while Harry, Ed and Maggie flee.

Harry, Ed and Maggie realise Wilhelm's painting contains his spirit which has been producing the slime. They theorise that when Wilhelm was overthrown, his rage at dying, making him a kind of Buruburu.

Harry, Ed and Maggie go back to Wexler's house where they are trapped by Ellen, Jo and Spruce, allowing Wilhelm to possess Harry. Realising traces of Wilhelm's blood were on the painting, Ed burns the painting, dispatching Wilhelm and freeing Ellen, Jo, Harry, Maggie and Spruce from his curse.

20 April 20, 2009
Ellen and Jo find William hunting vampires. William admits he has been resisting a hunger for human flesh and doesn't know how much longer he can last.
21 April 27, 2009
Missy is looking for William.

William tells Ellen and Jo that he has been seeing the signs of Special Children and believes a demon is trying to create another generation of them.

Missy contacts Ellen and Jo, wanting William, threatening to kill every ally they have. They agree to a meeting. Ellen, Jo and William arrive to find Missy has bought her brother, Jeff. William releases a valve of holy water on the demons but runs into from demons and is captured.

Ellen and Jo save a family from Mother who was looking to collect one of the children.

22 May 4, 2009
Ellen is desperate to contact her husband but as she makes another call, Missy answers William's phone.

Ellen and Jo lure Missy into a Devil's Trap. They interrogate Missy before performing an exorcism on her.

They reach the apartment where William is being held and rescue him.

At a secluded cabin, William reveals himself to be possessed by Mother. Mother injuries Ellen and Jo before leaving.

Season 2

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 28, 2009
Ellen and Jo go after Mother. Mother violently beats Ellen into unconscious before leaving and warning her and Jo not to go after her.

Ellen and Jo are taken to hospital where Ellen discovers she is now a ghost when she finds Jo in a room with Ellen's comatose body.

Ellen encounters Tessa.

Jo summons Mother and claims to want to make a deal with her for Ellen's life. In reality, Jo tricks Mother into walking into a Devil's Trap. Jo interrogates Mother who admits that she wants the new Special Children to help her defeat Lucifer, who she believes will turn on demons after the humans are all destroyed. Jo demands Mother leave William's body and revive Ellen. Mother refuses, pointing out that the Devil Trap will be wiped out as soon as someone notices the insignia on the ceiling. Jo offers her soul in exchange for Ellen's life and Mother agrees. Once freed from the Devil's Trap, Mother possesses Tessa and uses her to return Ellen to her body. Mother then reveals that she intends to take Jo's soul immediately but William takes control and forces Mother back into the Devil's Trap. Jo repaints round the trap, trapping Mother again. William then attempts to leave the Devil's Trap, forcing Mother out of his body.

2 Mirrors October 5, 2009
A security guard, Carson, dies when his reflection slices its own throat.

Ellen and Jo investigate Carson's death. They find he has appeared to have slit his own throat just like his reflection.

After a woman in the store is killed by her reflection breaking her jaw, Jo tries to destroy the mirror but its indestructible. Ellen notices Jo's reflection is acting differently to Jo. They suspect a demon like Bloody Mary. Jo is pulled through water on the floor by her own reflection. Ellen tries to save Jo but is knocked out by Bloody Mary.

Ellen wakes up to find herself where she was knocked out. She notices everything is reversed, like a mirror.

Ellen is unable to communicate anyone as their speech is reversed. She finds Jo being held prisoner by her own reflection as well as Bloody Mary. Ellen how Mary is alive. Mary explains that the last time she and Jo entered the mirror dimension, they had actually arrived 7 years in the future and this Mary is a past version yet to be killed. Ellen tries to reason with Jo's reflection but due to mirror Jo's reversed speech, either are able to understand the other. Mary warns that killing a mirror counterpart also kills their real world self. Ellen realises that if the mirror is indestructible in the real world, it can be destroyed in the mirror world. Ellen and Jo get back to the store and destroy the mirror, sending themselves back to the real world where the mirror is also destroyed.

Bloody Mary is seen inside a shade of the destroyed mirror.

3 October 12, 2009
Ellen and Jo investigate murders and cattle multination to find a dead Chupacabra. They meet another hunter Sterling, who has been hunting Chupacabra.

After Sterling rescues Ellen from a Chupacabra attack, they bond over some drinks. Ellen admits she's putting on a brave face fo Jo but her husband's condition has affected her deeply.

Jo is captured by a Chupacabra, Maria. Maria tells Jo that she and her brother (the dead Chupacabra) didn't kill humans and only fed on animals. Released unharmed, Jo tries to convince Ellen that they should not pursue Maria.

Ellen and Jo track down the Chupacabra hideout where Sterling is torturing Maria.

4 October 19, 2009
Ellen and Jo end up fighting zombies.
5 Chloe October 26, 2009
A woman is made by a force to set herself on fire.

Ellen and Jo believe this is one of Mother's Special Children.

They track down Chloe and truth she used telekinesis to force her to set herself on fire.

6 November 2, 2009
7 November 9, 2009
8 November 16, 2009
9 December 7, 2009
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21 May 10, 2010
22 May 17, 2010

Season 3

Episode Title Release Date
1 October 4, 2010
2 October 11, 2010
3 October 18, 2010
4 October 25, 2010
5 November 1, 2010
6 November 8, 2010
7 November 15, 2010
8 December 13, 2010
9 January 31, 2011
10 February 7, 2011
11 February 14, 2011
12 February 21, 2011
13 April 24, 2011
14 May 1, 2011
15 May 8, 2011
16 May 15, 2011

Season 4

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 18, 2011
2 September 25, 2011
3 October 2, 2011
4 October 9, 2011
5 October 16, 2011
6 October 23, 2011
7 October 30, 2011
8 November 6, 2011
9 November 13, 2011
10 November 20, 2011
11 January 15, 2012
12 January 22, 2012
13 January 29, 2012
14 February 5, 2012
15 March 12, 2012
16 March 19, 2012
17 March 26, 2012
18 April 2, 2012
19 April 23, 2012
20 April 30, 2012
21 May 7, 2012
22 May 14, 2012

Season 5

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 10, 2012
2 September 17, 2012
3 September 24, 2012
4 October 1, 2012
5 October 8, 2012
6 October 15, 2012
7 October 29, 2012
8 November 5, 2012
9 November 12, 2012
10 November 19, 2012
11 January 21, 2013
12 January 28, 2013
13 February 4, 2013
14 February 11, 2013
15 March 25, 2013
16 April 1, 2013
17 April 8, 2013
18 April 15, 2013
19 April 22, 2013
20 April 29, 2013
21 May 6, 2013
22 May 13, 2013

Season 6

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 24, 2013
2 October 1, 2013
3 Navajo October 8, 2013
Ellen, Jo and Amy investigate a farmhouse in the Navajo region. At the farm are native Americans Shawn, his sons Lucas and Tercelin, and his mother Cheyenne. Shawn tells them Cheyenne hasn't spoken in years.

They encounter a vengeful spirit, Wattan, who has been killing in the area. Shawn admits his ancestor Wattan seeks revenge against the descendants of Confederate soldiers. Unfortunately, Cheyenne ended up marrying one of the descendants, meaning Wattan now seeks to kill Shawn and his sons.

Wattan kills Shawn and Cheyenne.

Ellen, Jo and Amy salt and burn Wattan's remains.

4 October 15, 2013
5 October 22, 2013
6 October 29, 2013
7 November 5, 2013
8 November 12, 2013
9 November 19, 2013
10 December 3, 2013
11 December 10, 2013
12 February 4, 2014
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15 February 25, 2014
16 March 4, 2014
17 April 15, 2014
18 April 22, 2014
19 April 29, 2014
20 May 6, 2014
21 May 20, 2014
22 May 20, 2014

Season 7

Episode Title Release Date
1 September 23, 2014
2 September 30, 2014
3 October 7, 2014
4 October 14, 2014
5 October 21, 2014
6 October 28, 2014
7 November 4, 2014
8 November 11, 2014
9 November 18, 2014
Ellen Harvelle is killed off.
10 December 2, 2014
11 January 6, 2015
12 January 13, 2015
13 February 3, 2015
14 February 10, 2015
15 February 17, 2015
16 March 16, 2015
17 March 23, 2015
18 March 30, 2015
19 April 20, 2015
20 April 27, 2015
21 May 4, 2015
22 May 11, 2015
23 May 18, 2015

Season 8

Episode Title Release Date
1 Until Dawn October 3, 2015
Ward and Claire have sex in a cabin. Claire is violently killed by a mysterious creature.

Jo and Amy arrive. They assume the creature is a Wendigo and track it to an abandoned asylum. They encounter Ward, who believes they killed Claire. Amy knocks Ward out and they learn of an incident in 1952 in which miners round the area were trapped in a cave in. Experiments were done on the survivors. The two search the mines and see Sitra Achra symbols. They also find Emily who claims to be Ward's girlfriend. Ward catches up to them and Emily is surprised he's alive, having seen him get eaten by a Wendigo. They and Ward are attacked by Wendigos but manage to escape.

Together they reach a lodge where Chris, Mia, Elliot and another Claire. Jo and Amy realise Ward and is from alternate world. Ward explains that after his Claire was killed, he fled into the mines and found Sitra Achra symbols that transported him to this world. Elliot is discovered to be a Wendigo from the other world and attacks the group. They are rescued by an alternate world Ellen Harvelle and Amy (who is an angel). Jo, Amy, Ellen, other Amy, Ward, Emily, Chris, Mia and Claire hide in the basement, protecting the place with Anasazi symbols. Ellen claims that her world's Jo died instead of her. Wendigos manage to get inside. Jo burns the lodge down, killing the Wendigos. Ward and other Amy go back to their world while Ellen decides to stay.

2 October 10, 2015
3 October 17, 2015
4 October 24, 2015
5 Halloween October 31, 2015
6 November 7, 2015
7 November 14, 2015
8 November 28, 2015
9 December 5, 2015
10 January 16, 2016
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15 February 20, 2016
16 February 27, 2016
17 March 20, 2016
18 March 27, 2016
19 April 3, 2016
20 April 24, 2016
21 May 1, 2016
22 May 8, 2016
23 May 15, 2016

Season 9

Episode Title Release Date
1 October 8, 2016
2 October 15, 2016
3 October 22, 2016
4 October 29, 2016
5 November 5, 2016
6 November 12, 2016
7 November 19, 2016
8 November 26, 2016
9 December 3, 2016
10 January 14, 2017
11 January 21, 2017
12 January 28, 2017
13 February 4, 2017
14 February 25, 2017
15 March 4, 2017
16 March 18, 2017
17 March 25, 2017
18 April 15, 2017
19 April 22, 2017
20 April 29, 2017
21 May 6, 2017
22 May 13, 2017
23 May 20, 2017

Season 10

Episode Title Release Date
1 October 7, 2017
2 October 14, 2017
3 October 21, 2017
4 October 28, 2017
5 November 11, 2017
6 November 18, 2017
7 November 25, 2017
8 December 2, 2017
9 December 9, 2017
10 January 20, 2018
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12 February 3, 2018
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23 May 20, 2018