Superman Returns is a 2006 American superhero movie and a sequel to the 2003 DC Comics reboot Superman Rises directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.


Superman is now a famous icon and the hero of Metropolis. Lois Lane is growing increasingly suspicious that her co-worker Clark Kent is in fact Superman. While the two visit Niagra Falls, her theory is tipped over the edge when a young boy falls over the rail and Clark disappears, only to Superman to suddenly appear and save him. 

Later, in their hotel room, Clark drops his glasses and they fall into the fireplace. He retrieves them and Lois points out that his hand wasn't burned. Clark finally admits the truth and takes Lois to the Fortress of Solitude. He considers giving up his life as Superman so he can pursue a relationship with Lois. A hologram of his father, however, tries to get him to see that he shouldn't do so.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor has been plotting "the greatest real estate swindle in history." To do this, he buys large amounts of desert land and then plans to divert a nuclear test missile to the San Andreas Fault, which will cause most of California to sink into the ocean. A second missile is to be fired at Hackensack, New Jersey, to create a diversion.

Luthor, however, knows that Superman will pose a threat to his plans, so he also devises a plot to defeat him. The first step involves infiltrating the Fortress of Solitude and stealing technology from a crystal chamber which contains rays from Krypton's red sun, one of the only things which can weaken Superman. He then builds his own chamber and hides it in his lair.

Luthor next secretly contacts Superman and warns him of an impending gas attack on Metropolis. Superman arrives at Luthor's base, where he then zaps Superman with the red sun rays. Luthor taunts the weakened Superman about his plot, letting slip the plan to also destroy Hackensack. This horrifies Luthor's henchwoman Mercy Graves, who's mother lives in Hackensack. Behind Luthor's back, she rescues Superman so that he can save Hackensack. 

The hero then proceeds to fly around the globe, managing to catch both missiles and safely destroy them outside of Earth's atmosphere. Returning to Luthor's base, he learns that the villain has vanished.

After the affair is over, Clark meets Lois and proposes to her. At the end, however, Luthor is seen sitting in a dark lab, revealing that he stole some of Superman's DNA while he was weakened and is now cloning him.


Brandon Routh - Ka-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Kate Bosworth - Lois Lane

Frank Langella - Perry White

Sam Huntington - Jimmy Olsen

Mike Farrell - Johnathan Kent

Eve Marie Saint - Martha Kent

Tristan Lake LeBeau - Young Clark Kent

Kevin Spacey - Lex Luthor

Parker Posey - Mercy Graves


The film was followed by Superman Lives.

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