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Superman Lives is a 2008 American superhero movie and a sequel to the 2003 DC Comics reboot Superman Rises and it's sequel Superman Returns directed by Bryan Singer and starring Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.


On the eve of Clark Kent and Lois Lane's wedding, Lex Luthor unleashes Doomsday, a violent beast cloned from Superman's DNA, which goes on a rampage across Metropolis. Clark is forced to flee from the celebrations to become Superman and leap to the rescue. A brutal fight ensues between the two, with Superman becoming more and more desperate. Running out of options and concerned for the lives of his gathered family and friends, Superman flies with Doomsday high into Earth's atmosphere and then back down, killing Doomsday by slamming him into the sidewalk. Shortly thereafter, superman succumbs to his injuries and dies in Lois' arms.

The entire world collectively mourns the fallen hero and Metropolis creates a memorial. Luthor manages to cover up LexCorp's involvement, but Lois isn't convinced and sets out to uncover the truth, teaming up with Jimmy Olsen and later Perry White.

It turns out that Luthor also stole Superman's corpse and is keeping him preserved in a tube for his own amusement. Luthor is also working with John Corben, a military man, to create an army of cybernetically enhanced soldiers. 

Lois and co travel to the Fortress of Solitude and try to find a way to possibly ressurect Superman. A hologram of Jor-El attempts to direct them towards the red sun ray chamber, which could be reversed so as to power Superman up, but they find that Luthor had already stolen it. Desperate, Lois decides to break into LexCorp.

She discovers Superman's preserved corpse, but is then interrupted by Luthor. The sound of Lois' voice is enough to finally awaken Superman, who turns out to have been barely alive the whole time. Luthor battles the weakened Superman and manages to drag him into the chamber and zap him with the red sun radiation. Outside, however, Lois manages to reverse the rays, empowering Superman. Superman is enraged by Luthor's attempt on Lois' life, so he traps Luthor inside of the chamber and throws it off of the LexCorp building roof.

The incident panics the public, who think that Superman has returned with a vengeance. The military arrive, led by Corben. Once they realise, however, that Superman means no harm, they refuse to fire, enraging Corben. Corben steals the a robotic suit from LexCorp and battles Superman, which climaxes at the Superman memorial. The memorial collapses due to the fallout from the fight and crushes Corben. The crowd realise that Superman is back and cheer him on.

Afterwards, Superman meets Lois and kisses her. The film ends by showing that Luthor survived, but his crimes were finally publicly revealed via the Daily Planet. Luthor was subsequently placed on death row, where he is interviewed by Lois. Superman is last seen flying into space and happily watching over Earth.


Brandon Routh - Ka-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Kate Bosworth - Lois Lane

Frank Langella - Perry White

Sam Huntington - Jimmy Olsen

Mike Farrell - Johnathan Kent

Eve Marie Saint - Martha Kent

Tristan Lake LeBeau - Young Clark Kent

Kevin Spacey - Lex Luthor

James Marsters - John Corben

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