Superman Doomsday is a 2018 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character Superman. It is a sequel to the 2012 film Superman Reborn and it's 2015 sequel Superman II: The Man of Steel and is also a part of the DC Movie Universe. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, scored by Danny Elfman and stars Armie Hammer, Cobie Smulders, Joel Courtney, Billy Zane and Charlize Theron reprising their roles from the previous films.


The film begins with Lex Luthor still bitter over what happened during the events of World's Finest. He watches a news report which tells of how Superman once again saved a group of people from a fire in a high rise building. Finally fed up with Superman's escapades, he orders Mercy Graves to contact a scientist named Achilles Milo about something he calls the Ultimate.

Luthor meets with Milo, where it is revealed that the Ultimate is a colossal mutant. DNA scans reveal that the creature originally came from Krytpon. Milo has been training the Ultimate with a single goal in mind; destroy Superman.

Wanting to finally get rid of Superman for good, Luthor decides to unleash the Ultimate upon Metropolis. The monster goes on a rampage and kills several innocent civilians. Meanwhile, Clark Kent, Superman's alter ego, is trying to ask his co-worker, Lois Lane, out on a date, but his repeat attempts always end in failure. He finally manages to get the words out, and Lois accepts. As they prepare to depart from the Daily Planet offices, they learn about the Ultimate's attack. Clark transforms into Superman and flies across Metropolis to confront the brute.

When Superman meets the Ultimate, the Ultimate greets him by telling him that he is here to kill him. A massive fight between the two ensues, culminating on the city bridge. Superman is badly beaten by the Ultimate, when the Ultimate suddenly stops and makes a move toward a small girl trapped in an abandoned car. Superman is given the encouragement he needs to get back up and continue fighting the Ultimate. Then, in order to save the lives of more innocent civilians, Superman uses the last of his strength to collapse the part of the bridge he and the Ultimate are standing on, plunging both of them into the water below.

In the aftermath, however, rescue efforts prove fruitless and the bodies of neither Superman or the Ultimate can be found. Both are therefore presumed dead, and both Metropolis and the world over fall into a state of mourning. A large public funeral is held by the citizens of Metropolis, which attended by people such as Inspector Dan Turpin, Daily Planet editor Perry White and teenage photographer Jimmy Olsen, as well as Superman's fellow Justice League members, such as Wonder Woman, Batman and J'onn J'onzz. Luthor himself attends the service and places flowers at the memorial, much to Lois' disgust.

It is then revealed that the Ultimate is actually still alive, having barely survived the battle, and is being kept by Luthor and Milo, trying to nurse him back to health. Luthor enlists Mercy and some other henchmen to kill any others connected to the incident outside of Luthor and Milo so as to eliminate any possible witnesses. Once the job is done, Mercy then kills her own men and returns to Luthor with the news. Luthor thanks her for this and then kills her to eliminate the final connection.

Superman, meanwhile, wakes up in the Fortress of Solitude, and is tended to by an Artificial Intelligence and sentient weapon called the Eradicator. He is then greeted by his father, Jor-El, and his mother, Lara, who explain to him some of what has happened. Years ago on Krypton, a scientist tried to create the ultimate lifeform, but found he was unable to control the bloodthristy result of the experiment. The Kryptonians came to know this beast as Doomsday, who then went on a rampage across Krytpon. Finally, after a fierce battle, a Kryptonian general managed to seal Doomsday inside of a capsule. He then flew his ship out into deep space in order to destroy Doomsday for good, but en route his ship was attacked by alien soldiers from a war torn planet (later revealed to be Apokolips) and he vanished. Jor-El and Lara conclude that he must have crashed on Earth, where Doomsday lay dormant until now. They also explain about the Eradicator; during the last days of Krytpon, Jor-El began to doubt whether he could trust the supercomputer Brainiac, so he created a back-up AI he hoped would replace Brainiac. However, the Eradicator was only in it's beta stage when Krypton was destroyed. Jor-El uploaded it to Superman's shuttle when he was launched into space, and during his time on Earth in the Fortress of Solitude, he completed it. The Eradicator then begins to nurse Superman to recovery and re-train him.

Back in Metropolis, things have fallen into chaos. Perry White becomes an alcoholic and Jimmy Olsen quits the Daily Planet. Lois visits Martha Kent, Clark's adoptive mother, in Smallville, and the two grow close. Lois then promises Martha that she will get to the bottom of what happened to her son and returns to Metropolis to investigate.

Lois convinces Jimmy to help her, and later Perry, in looking into Luthor's operations. She and Jimmy eventually break into LexCorp's labs and discover Doomsday still alive. However, they are then found and captured by Milo, who takes them to Luthor. Luthor explains to them his origin with Doomsday; a few years previously, Luthor and one of his drilling teams uncovered the crashed Kryptonian ship in Africa. At the time, Superman had just become known to the world, and an embittered Luthor decided to keep Doomsday a secret. Over the next few years, he and Milo reprogrammed the monster with the goal of killing Superman, and kept him held a secret until Luthor decided it was time to unleash him.

Luthor decides that as they now know too much, he will have to execute Lois and Jimmy. As he prepares to kill him, Superman suddenly crashes through the window and announces that he has returned. Luthor tries use a power suit against him, but it proves no good and Superman easily trashes him. Superman leaves with Lois and Jimmy, but Luthor contacts Milo and tells him to let Doomsday out.

Milo heads to Doomsday's cell and releases him, but Doomsday kills and then destroys the lab before going on a destructive rampage. Superman arrives and flies straight at Doomsday, who punches him into an adjacent building. Suddenly, Superman reappears sporting new armour, revealed the be the Eradicator. With the fight finally fair, Superman and Doomsday pick where they left off, leaving a trail of destruction across Metropolis. When Doomsday turns his attention to a nearby Lois, Superman is once again given the boost he needs and he flies into Doomsday, grabbing hold of him and flying him out into Earth's atmosphere. Superman then flies back down and slams Doomsday into the Superman memorial, killing him. However, Superman is also badly beaten and collapses. Lois rushes over and cradles him in her arms, but the Eradicator sacrifices it's life to save Superman's. He and Lois then finally share a passionate kiss as the crowds cheer.

Afterwards, Perry pulls himself back together with renewed hope and gives Jimmy his old job back; Lois writes a story about Superman's return and subsequently wins a Pulitzer Prize for it. She and Clark finally become a couple, while a battered Lex Luthor watches a news report on Superman's seeming ressurection from his hospital bed, and muses to himself there may still be a way to destroy Superman, and a slight smile appears on his face.

In a mid-credits scene, a young woman is seen arriving at LexCorp for a job interview to replace Mercy.


Armie Hammer - Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Cobie Smulders - Lois Lane

Jon Hamm - Jor-El

Jennifer Connelly - Lara Vor-An

Harrison Ford - Johnathan Kent

Meryl Streep - Martha Kent

Joel Courtney - Jimmy Olsen

Tommy Lee Jones - Perry White

Billy Zane - Lex Luthor

Charlize Theron - Mercy Graves

Ving Rhames - Doomsday

Gene Hackman - Eradicator (Voice)

Genesis Rodriguez - Eve Teschmacher

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