Superman posing for TIME magazine

Superman is a real life superhero that has been in operation around the world since 2018. He first appeared in New York City and is still primarily based there. He is known for his spectacular abilities that almost seem to defy the laws of physics. What he has revealed about himself is that despite his human appearance, he is actually an extraterrestrial from an extrasolar planet named Krypton. 


Superman has provided information about his home planet of Krypton in interviews. Krypton orbited the red dwarf star LHS 2520 (known as "Rao" to the people of Krypton) in the constellation Corvus 27.1 light-years from Earth. The planetary mass closest to Rao, Krypton was a modest-sized planet with the same mass and volume as Earth.

Superman has revealed to Earth's scientific community that a planet's geophysical conditions are a greater component of biological evolution on that planet than its environmental conditions. The combined synergistic effect of a planet's particular magnetic field and particular gravity field has a submolecular-level influence on organisms that induces specific mutations and genetic variations. Because of that, specific geophysical conditions unvaryingly direct evolution and speciation along and towards a specific pattern of physical development when added with a specific natural selection path caused by specific environmental influences such as a particular atmospheric composition and climate system.

As a consequence, physically identical life forms can evolve on different planets because those planets happen to have both very similar environmental conditions and the same precise gravitational and geomagnetic conditions. It is under those circumstances that on Krypton, a planet environmentally similar and geophysically identical to Earth, evolved a sentient mammalian bipedal species outwardly indistinguishable from anatomically modern humans right down to the exact same morphological traits and range of phenotypical variations. It is only at the cellular level that the real differences between the people of Earth and these "Kryptonian" humanoids could be determined.

Although the details remain unknown, at some point Krypton was destroyed and apparently Superman is its sole survivor.

Several sources have claimed that Superman first arrived on Earth during his childhood, possibly when he was an infant. However this remains unconfirmed. The fact that Superman speaks with a General American accent does however lead credence to this claim, however it is possible that his use of the accent is out of imitation.

Superman's first appearance

Superman first appeared in New York City in June of 2018. A reporter from the New York Post was assignment to interview the President of the United States. The reporter, Lois Lane, was aboard a helicopter on the roof of the News Corp. Building in midtown Manhattan. While aboard, a freak accident occurred that sent the helicopter in a tailspin, finally crashing on the edge of the News Corp. Building and about to fall. It is at this point that Superman first appeared, rescuing Lane and saving the helicopter from certain doom. Superman had a busy first night where he stopped crime all over the city and performed spectacular rescues, most notably preventing Air Force One from crashing after it was struck by lightning.


Within New York City, the effect of Superman's actions against the criminal element has caused a major down turn in crime. Threatened by Superman, the New York crime syndicates have formed a single cartel named Intergang. The New York City Police Department has responded to this by forming the Special Crimes Unit. 

Lois Lane, the closest person to Superman

Out of the many people who interviewed the man of steel, the one person who has gotten more information than any other is the Daily planet reporter lois lane. Lois and her friend clark kent, have gotten more information about him than anyother.

The response was originally with fear then as he helped humanity more and more it became curious before becoming adoration and love. One of the reasons is his humbleness turning down offers of honorary knighthood from the queen of england, to even declining becoming part of the united nations.

The amazing abilities

What is astonishing about Superman is his "superhuman" and even some claim paranormal abilities. Superman has demonstrated feats of superhuman strength, speed and sensory abilities. He has shown that he has the ability to project heat from his eyes, to freeze object with his breathe and most notably the ability to defy gravity and fly. He is also apparently invulnerable to physical harm.

Very recently Nobel prize winning biophysicist Dr. Emil Hamilton, who is a close associate of Superman has revealed extensive scientific details about Superman's powers.

According to Dr. Hamilton, the basic cellular anatomy of Kryptonians is similar to that of humans. However, having evolved under the radiation of a red dwarf star, Kryptonians developed a unique subcellular structure and composition that absorbed radiation from their sun to produce a cellular-level bio-electric forcefield composed of a unique type of energy that further nourished the Kryptonian body. Although they derived most of their nourishment from the consumption of animal and vegetable matter, the solar energy of the bio-electric field supplemented their diets. They were, in effect, organic solar batteries.

Being exposed to the powerful radiation of the yellow G2 dwarf star that is the Sun, Superman's solar radiation absorption functions are augmented enough to enhance the strength and properties of his bio-electric field to a degree that he is endowed with incredible physical abilities.

Powers in detail

Because of the presence of the enhanced bio-electric field, Superman's body has more than simple adhesion and cohesion holding his tissues together. The field augments the integrity of the molecular and atomic binding processes of his body's entire cellular structure to a degree that he is invulnerable to large amounts of damage. His cellular bio-electric field has a set tolerance for how much stress occurs before it reacts energetically in opposition to the external force. The tolerance for how much stress occurs before Superman's tissues counteract it varies according to tissue type. His bones allow virtually no compressional or tensional strain and his fleshy tissues remain supple under soft pressure, but under stress react to restrict any further deformation in shape. Since the strength of Superman's cellular forcefields greatly exceeds the cohesive force of any substance, no ordinary object can puncture his skin.

Superman can withstand a 1-megaton nuclear explosion without ill effect, and has been able to tolerate the molten conditions in the Earth's core with only discomfort. A 40-Megaton nuclear explosion knocked him unconscious for over an hour. He could not, however, survive the conditions inside a star, but can safely approach to within several miles of Earth's Sun, probably due to a feedback loop of solar energy powering his bio-electric field. Superman can easily survive conditions in deep space, but Dr. Hamilton has said that he does need to breathe, eat, sleep, and excrete.

Superman's cells provoke one another into releasing their respective energy when one begins to threaten the integrity of the other. Because of a certain degree of constant pressure, there is a continuously emitted radiance of the bio-electric field reaching slightly beyond his body, a sort of aura that protects items near his skin (e.g. his costume).

As a consequence of Superman's cells being permeated by the enhanced bio-electric field and their binding forces being augmented, they are reinforced in such a way that they are not only protected from external harm, but internal forces as well and therefore operate at levels of efficiency that would destroy the cells of any 'normal' organism. That leads to an enhancing effect to all of Superman's bodily systems...muscular, metabolic, nervous, and so forth.

The enhanced structure of his sensory organs combined with the increased capacity of the nervous system provides for greatly enhanced senses. Superman's range of hearing extends from the subsonic through to the point where signal modulation in broadcast communications can be sensed and demodulated into "sounds" if he concentrates. He can distinctly hear soft sounds anywhere on Earth if he is listening for them. Superman has revealed to several people, that he has on occasion, sat and perceived every sound on Earth as a symphony of a living planet.

His visual reception range covers the entirety of the electromagnetic spectrum. The difference between Superman's vision and that of a human's is that Superman has the capability to see a much wider band of the electromagnetic spectrum, while humans only sense a very narrow band of the spectrum we call visible light. Superman can change the spectrum he perceives at any given time, by changing the chemical receptors in the rods and cones of his retinas. He can adjust his photovoltaic detection as an act of will to sense longer wavelengths down to the infrared, and higher energy light, up to X-ray and gamma radiation.

Superman's enhanced metabolic rate, muscular speed, and nervous system grant him incredible speed and rapid perceptions; allowing him to see individual bullets fired from high-speed automatic weaponry in flight and outrace them easily. Dr. Hamilton claims that Superman can read a complete encyclopedia set in seconds, wash a sink full of dishes in the blink of an eye, or run from New York City to Paris in a matter of minutes. He can move faster than the human eye can perceive if necessary, but this requires extra effort. Superman's reflexes are quick enough to allow him to dodge incoming automatic laser fire. Moving at extreme speeds for extended periods of time rapidly drains his solar reserves and consequently diminish the power of his bio-electric field. According to Dr. Hamilton, in a full drained state, Superman's reflexes are only sufficient enough to dodge semi-automatic projectile weapons and read the encyclopedia set in under 10 minutes.

Due to the highly charged nature of Superman's metabolism, his immune system deals with most normal poisons and diseases quickly and with no ill effect. With the exception of kryptonite emissions, radiation and similar harmful energies are similarly neutralized.

The enhanced bio-electric field has gravitational properties. Because of that, when Superman applies physical force on an object, through sheer exertion of his musculature he partially nullifies any outside gravitational influences on that object and exerts the force of his own personal gravitational field on the object in a manner that endows him with an affectation of superhuman strength. When Superman lifts or pushes an object of enormous weight, he is in actuality moving the object by physically manipulating a projected gravity field on or around it. He can lift 100,000 tons with serious effort. The conjectured upper limit of his physical strength has been determined to be approximately 250,000 tons with great effort, and causing strain damage to himself equivalent to an average adult human male lifting 500 pounds. Continual exertion will deplete his solar energy, and greatly exceeding his normal lift will drain him more rapidly. At the level of complete solar depletion, Superman can lift/exert no more than 100 tons of weight or force.

The gravitational properties of the enhanced bio-electric field also gives Superman the ability to levitate and fly as a result of having absolute control over his body's gravitational field to the point of being able to negate any outside gravitational influence over him and manipulate that personal gravity field to essentially fall forward in a direction and speed of his own choosing. Through sheer force of will, he is capable of Mach speeds in excess of Mach 10 in atmosphere. Superman can fly to the Moon in minutes, but faster than that outside of atmospheric interference. His control of his flight is perfect and he can perform aerobatic feats such as hovering, flying backwards and even lifting great weights while flying.

Superman can even generate a gravity lens on the surface of his eyes, allowing him to magnify an image a virtually countless number of times to the point of being able to see through a solid object by seeing through the atomic structure of the object and focus past it, as a camera focuses beyond the dust on a lens. Certain dense materials, notably lead, obstruct this ability.

Further, the combination of augmented metabolic functions and excess bio-electric solar energy streams that course along Superman's entire cellular structure enables him to voluntarily control certain aspects of his bio-electromagnetic processes. Specifically, he is able to project raw energy from his body. Most prominently, Superman can project focused beams of high-temperature electromagnetic energy from the surface of his eyes. He emits light along various frequencies in high energy bursts that flash-melts materials in seconds, weaken structural integrity over a smaller area, such as melting the barrel of a gun but leaving the handle untouched. Superman can control his heat vision and direct it wherever he wants to. He directs it with his eyes. Superman can emit the radiation visibly or invisibly at lower settings. This energy has a high visibility profile if emitted at higher levels.

Superman can also 'breathe' out from his lungs a type of energy that will slow down the molecular motion of an object and the moisture immediately around it at such an incredible rate to create ice blocks, as well as freeze objects and opponents.

Dr. Hamilton has revealed that Superman can hold his breath for a maximum of twelve hours, and requires only two hours of sleep a night to function at peak mental efficiency, as well needing to dream at least half an hour a night, or experience the psychological effects of sleep deprivation as would any other person who missed a night of sleep. When his solar energy is depleted, his resistance to physical punishment drops to approximately one-quarter the normal amount. Withstanding large amounts of damage continuously over time will rapidly deplete Superman's solar reserves.

The source of his powers

Dr. Hamilton's research has made great discoveries about the source of Superman's amazing powers. Superman requires solar energy to function at peak capacity, or his powers fade to greatly reduced levels, some disappearing entirely if his solar reserves are empty. He cannot absorb energy from the lower frequency orange O-class stars and cannot process the higher-frequency White K or blue F classes. Blue B and yellow G type stars are ideal.

Superman's body stores and processes solar energy at a rapid rate and for a variety of effects, which are explained in his other powers. His storage capacity is sufficient to let him function at full capacity for up to 14 days depending on his physical condition and state of rest. While under a star of the right class (G-type dwarfs in the blue-white through yellow spectrum are ideal) and within a planetary atmosphere, he replenishes energy at a constant rate.

His weaknesses

The radiation signature of the red sun of the LHS 2520 star system (and similar red dwarf stars) instantly causes Superman's intracellular structures to lose their stored energy, reducing him to normal Kryptonian levels.

Further, there exists a substance from Superman's home planet called kryptonite that has the capability to harm and even kill Superman with the unique radiation that it gives off. The science behind how kryptonite effects Superman has been released to the public by various anonymous sources.

In the most minute amounts, the radiation waveforms and high-energy particles emitted by kryptonite can react catastrophically with the very cellular functions that grant him his powers. The briefest contact can inhibit the effects of the bio-electric field, stripping Superman of his incredible powers, and further begin a fatal poisoning that totally shuts down cellular activity in the affected areas.

As kryptonite radiation makes its way through the bloodstream, Superman becomes instantly weak and ill in its unshielded presence, and prolonged exposure will render him unconscious (after 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the sample, and the current state of his solar reserves), and would eventually (after two to four hours) reach all parts of his body and bring death as his body's immune system would attempt to expel the deadly toxin. However, the rate of recovery once removed from the emissions is as rapid as the rate of damage, and Superman will be back to normal in under an hour after exposure in optimal conditions. Kryptonite emissions can be blocked by lead and other super-dense materials.

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