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Superman is a playable character in the fighting video game, M.U.G.E.N Trilogy. He was confirmed along with the other DC Comics characters on March 14, 2019. Christopher Corey Smith reprises his role as Superman in this fighting game.


Ever since his inception, Superman has been depicted as a hero that originated the planet Krypton and named Kal-El. As a baby, he was sent to Earth in a small spaceship by his biological family, Jor-El and Lara, moments before Krypton was destroyed in a natural cataclysm. His ship landed in the American countryside; he was found and adopted by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent near the small town of Smallville, who named him Clark Kent. Clark displayed various superhuman abilities from the start as a young boy, such as incredible strength and impervious skin. His foster parents advised him to use his abilities for the benefit of humanity, and he decided to fight crime as a vigilante. To protect his privacy, he changes into a colorful costume and uses the alias "Superman" when fighting crime. Clark Kent resides in the fictional American city of Metropolis in his adult life, where he works as a journalist for the Daily Planet disguising himself among the people there. Commonly depicted supporting characters of Superman are depicted as residing in Metropolis such as prominent love interest of Superman, Lois Lane, good friend of Superman, Jimmy Olsen, and Daily Planet chief editor Perry White. He has many foes such as his classic enduring archenemy, the genius inventor Lex Luthor. He is a friend of many other superheroes in the DC Universe, such as Batman and Wonder Woman.

How to Unlock

Scan Superman's AR Icon from the M.U.G.E.N Trilogy website.