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Superman: The Man of Steel
Superman The Man of Steel2

Directed by

Kevin Hayes

Produced by

Alexander Thompson

Screenplay by

Tyler Stan

Story by

Daniel Jameson
Kevin Hayes

Based on

Characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics


Henry Cavill
Gerard Butler
Amy Adams

Music by

Hans Zimmer


Wally Pfister

Production Company

Legendary Pictures
Syncopy Films
DC Comics

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s)

May 20, 2016 (World Premiere)
May 23, 2016 (Worldwide)

Running time

157 minutes





Box Office


Justice is Harder than Steel
~ The Film Tagline

Superman: The Man of Steel is a 2016 DC Comics's superhero film and the second movie in DC Cinematic Universe. The film is directed by Kevin Hayes and produced by Alexander Thompson.

The story takes place a month after Batman: Gotham Knight and retell the audiences about Superman's origins in a new way.


  • Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman - A Kryptonian whose parents sent him to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his homeworld Krypton. He is raised in Smallville, Kansas, by farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent. Raised under the moral guidance of his adoptive parents and inspired by the holographic message from his late father, he becomes Earth's greatest protector.
  • Gerard Butler as General Zod - A Kryptonian general and megalomaniac with the same superpowers as Superman.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane - Reporter for Daily Planet who interested and a lover to Superman and Clark Kent's love interest.
  • Russell Crowe as Jor-El - The biological father of Superman and the one who helps him to become Superman.
  • Julia Roberts as Lara Lor-Van - The biological mother of Superman and loyal wife to Jor-El.
  • Bryan Cranston as Jonathan Kent - The adoptive father of Superman and one of two people who found Kal-El when his shuttle landed on Smallvile.
  • Connie Nielsen as Martha Kent - The adoptive mother of Superman and one of two people who found Kal-El when his shuttle landed on Smallvile.
  • Mel Gibson as Perry White - The editor-in-chief of Daily Planet and the boss of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.
  • Antje Traue as Faora - Zod's sub-commander and a commander of the Kryptonian military who is completely devoted and loyal to General Zod.
  • Nathan Kress as Jimmy Olsen - An anonymous internet blogger turns into a photographer of Daily Planet.
  • TBA as Pete Ross - A former bully in Clark's highschool and later becomes Clark's friend after he saved him when their school was on fire.
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor (Cameo) - The owner of LexCorp, the biggest company in Metropolis compares to Gotham City's Wayne Enterprise.
  • TBA as Mercy Graves (Cameo) - Lex Luthor's secretary.
  • Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Photograph Only) - A vigilante and a protector of Gotham City and Gotham City's multi-billionaire and business man.












The film started at Krypton's Core Stabilizer Facility entrance with two guards standing in front of it. And then a group of Krypton soldier are approaching the entrance and the leader of the group, Faora is commanding the guards to let them enter the facility but the guards are disagree to let them enter the facility. Faora told them General Zod sent her and her group and the guards said Zod has no authority in here and after hearing that Faora sarcastically told them that she and her group must bust themself in and then she suddenly smack one of the guards and break his neck and quickly killed the other and after she do that, they enter the facility. After a short firefight inside the facility, they reach the stabilizer room and then she contacted Zod and told him that she has found the core stabilizer and the core stabilizer is a Kryptonian Radioactive Crystal. The film shifted to the house of El, Lara Lor-Van, the wife of Krypton's top scientist, Jor El, has given a birth to their new born child and they decided to named him, Kal-El.

The film shifted into the next day, Jor-El told the council that Krypton's core is collapsing because the Core Stabilizer has been stolen and no one knows who stole the stabilizer and he said the planet will be destroyed in 24 hours and he said they must evacuate the planet but the council denied it and they sure the planet is fine because Krypton's scientists has found another way to stabilize the core. Jor-El said he already knew that and he really sure the new way wouldn't work. A second after, he's being interrupted by General Zod, who have staged a coup d'etat. Zod admitted that he ordered Faora to stole the stabilizer so he can destroy Krypton and built a new one because he think Krypton is already doomed and corrupted even before the stabilizer has been stolen. Zod ask Jor-El to join him but Jor-El turned down the offer and he said Zod should be shame to his self for what he did. Then Jor-El punches Zod in the face and the two got into a fist fight. After a short fight, Jor-El overpowered Zod and he took the Stabilizer from Zod and escape from the council that has been filled by Zod's followers.

Jor-El made his way to his house and after he reach it, he and Lara put Kal-El on a shuttle to get him out from Krypton before it explodes. But they must find a planet that suitable for Kryptonian and Jor-El put a command key on the shuttle which can display a hologram of him so he can communicate with his son when he were older. Then Jor-El's helper drone told them that Zod and his followers has surrounded his house and then Jor-El put on his battle armor and take his rifle and protect the launch sequence. After a few minutes, Zod entered the room where Jor-El and Lara at and Jor-El and Zod continues their brawl. In the middle of the fight, Lara has found the suitable planet, Earth, a planet very far from Krypton and then Lara plant the Radioactive crystal inside Kal-El's body but Zod prevent her by saying the crystal is Krypton's future but Lara decided to stay loyal to his husband by planting the crystal inside Kal-El's body and launch the shuttle. Seeing the launch, Zod angrily screams "NO!!!!" and stabbed Jor-El and killing him instantly. Zod decided to spare Lara because he regrets his decision for killing his best friend, Jor-El without thinking it first but he decided to take Lara as a prisoner. After they exit the House of El, the Kryptonian Army has surrounded Zod and his followers and they are forced to surrender.

Later that day in the court, Zod and his followers are sentenced to the Phantom Zone for eternity for his unmercyable crimes. Shortly after Zod and his followers are sent to the Phantom Zone, Krypton explodes, killing all life forms in the planet. Meanwhile, Kal-El's shuttle landed on Smallvile and specifically in a farm belongs to Kent Family. Realizing the impact, Jonathan and Martha Kent are wake up from their sleep and get to the crash site and they found Kal-El inside it.

Then the screen turns into black and the "S" logo shows up on the screen, followed by the movie title "Superman: The Man of Steel" and after that the film shifted into 34 years later.

Main Story

After the title sequence, suddenly Superman is shown bounce away fastly and he has passed through 3 buildings when he was floating because he has been punched by General Zod in a middle of a fight in Metropolis. And after he landed, he's dying and Zod catch up with him and Zod is gonna shoot him with his laser vision and the film flashes back into 28 years earlier.

After Superman flashes back to his past, Young Clark Kent is seen at his class and he's attending his English class. Then he felt a weird taste in his eyes and he keep rubbing his eyes and attract his teacher's attention. Then Clark's eyes feels hurt and the teacher saw Clark's eyes turns into red and glowing and the teacher got shocked and Clark closed his eyes with his hands and run away into the forest behind his school and when he got there, he can't close his eyes anymore and his eyes are shooting lasers. The film switched into the front of the forest and the forest is on fire and it attract the pedestrians' attention and when they all attracted, Clark runs out from the forest and the pedestrian are rushing to get him out from the forest area.

The film shifted into 34 years earlier before the fight between Superman and General Zod. The adult Clark Kent is seen working as a miner in a mining owned by LexCorp. Then a small rock that fell because of a drilling hit a detonator and causing the explosives exploded and the cave is about to collapse. Most of the miners succeed to get out from the cave but 3 of them are trapped and Clark who has get out from the cave, returned to the cave to save them. He use his X-Ray vision to find them and after he found them, he lead them out of the cave. And on the middle of their way, a huge rock block their way and he punch the rock until it destroyed into pieces and confusing and scaring all the miners but they decided to get out from the cave for their life. And when they are get out from the cave, a huge rock almost crushed them but Clark catch the rock and lifted the rock and even more scaring and confusing the miners and he also stunned them because what he did and Clark told them to run and when the miners left the cave area an avalanche from above of the cave has occured and the landslide pushed Clark away from the cave entrance and below the cave is sea and Clark fell into the sea.


Ending (Post Credits Scene)







Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Soundtrack - A New Symbol Of Hope (Fan-Made)

Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice Soundtrack - A New Symbol Of Hope (Fan-Made)

I didn't own the video. A guy named Mattia Cupelli made this and it was supposed to be his fan made theme song for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice theme song. And this is awesome and visit his channel:Mattia Cupelli | Composer.




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