Superman: Man of Steel is a 2014 American animated superhero TV series based on the comic book superhero Superman. It takes place in the same universe as Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes.


The distant planet of Kryptonite is destroyed in a cataclysmic disaster, and the last surving Kryptonian, Kal-El, crash lands on Earth after his parents placed im in an escape pod in order to save him. Adopted and raised on a small farm, Kal-El becomes known as Clark Kent and gets a job at the Daily Planet newspaper, based in Metropolis. However, when many different villains surface to cause havoc, Clark must use his Kryptonian powers to become the superhero Superman and protect both his city and the Earth.


Season 1:

Clark Kent develops his superpowers and decides to use them to fight evil. His primary enemy is the wicked Lex Luthor, who sets out on a personal vendetta to destroy his archnemesis Superman once and for all. After he discovers Superman's one weakness, Kryptonite, he prepeares to use it to eviscerate Superman for good. However, Lois Lane goes to Luthor's hideout and destroys the Kryptonite, allowing Superman to capture Luthor.

Season 2:

The new villain Darkseid arrives on Earth, seeking to exterminate humanity. Superman sets out to stop him, while Lex Luthor meanwhile breaks out of prison. By combining Superman's DNA with nuclear arms, Luthor creates Nuclear Man, who is dispatched to destroy both Superman and Darkseid. The final battle escalates into space, where Nuclear Man is caught in the path of a passing comet while Darkseid plummets into the ocean on Earth.

Season 3:

A supercriminal from Krypton, known as General Zod, escapes from confinement and comes to Earth to eliminate the final Kryptonian; Superman. However, both Zod and Superman are shocked to learn that another kryptonian still exists; Kara Zor-El, who lives in hiding because she fears her powers. Zod sets out to find her, while Superman rushes to save her. In the final battle, Superman and the new Supergirl combine their strengths and seemingly vanquish Zod. She then moves in with Clark under the moniker Kara Kent, pretending to be his cousin.

Season 4:

With the collapse of Luthor's coporation, he is contacted by the mysterious Braniac, a super-computer who had survived the destruction of Krypton. He persuades Luthor to build a body for him, promising to destroy Superman together. However, once revived, Braniac betrays Luthor, revealing that he plans to align himself with Superman and conquer the galaxy. Luthor and Superman subsquently team up briefly to destroy Braniac, finally defeating him in the final battle.

Season 5:

After Luthor is arrested, Nuclear Man returns to Earth and assists Luthor's nephew in breaking him out. Meanwhile, Darkseid also resurfaces, planning to destroy Supergirl this time. After capturing her, he briefly brainwashes her and she turns on Superman, but over-exposure to kryptonite nearly destroys her and her mind is restored. Nuclear Man then reappears to them, and Darkseid and he get into a brutal fight. Ultimatley, Darkseid flies with Nuclear Man into the sun, destroying them both.

Season 6:

With most of Superman's enemies seemingly defeated, Supergirl leaves metropolis to fight crime elsewhere. However, a new criminal gang arises, led by Zod and consisting of Doomsday, Parasite, Luthor, Livewire and Metallo. However, Braniac then emerges again and overthrows Zod, and then leads several brutal assaults against Metropolis, offering Superman an ultimatum; reveal his civilian identity (which only Braniac knows) or watch as Metropolis is decimated. Superman then reluctantly reveals that he is Clark Kent; shocking many of his friends. One by one, Superman then destroys each member of the gang, starting with Parasite, before finally confronting Braniac. In an almost apocalyptic final battle across Metropolis, both Superman and Braniac are seemingly destroyed. The city mourns the loss of their hero as well as Clark Kent; however, the final scene shows Superman 'on vacation,' and he would later return in the Justice League of America.

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