Superman: Brainiac is a 2014 superhero action film based on the DC Comics character Superman and a remake of the 2006 film Brainiac Attacks. It stars Michael Trucco, Jennifer Connelly, Joel Courtney, Billy Zane and Peter Weller.


A meteor crashes on Earth so Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen go to investigate. At the same time, Lex Luthor is testing a weaponized satellite. Realising it's potential, he hatches a plan to take down Superman once and for all. Luthor sends his men after the meteor, who then attack Lois and Jimmy before Superman arrives and saves them. However, Luthor's men get away with the meteor and it is found to contain Braniac. Luthor revives the damaged villain and makes him an offer; using Kryptonite on his satellite to destroy Superman, before Luthor pretends to defeat Brainiac. This will make it appear as if Luthor is a hero, while Braniac will be free to conquer the galaxy. Brainiac agrees.

Clark Kent begins to contemplate revealing his identity to Lois Lane. He is given the chance when he is ordered to cover a new restaraunt with Lois, as the Daily Planet has become understaffed. He almost does confess but Braniac appears and attacks the restaraunt. Clark becomes Superman and battles his foe; during the fight he is injured and Lois' blood is infected by Brainiac's metallic poison. 

Superman takes a sample of her blood and goes to the Fortress of Solitude to analyse it, eventually discovering that cure can be found in the Phantom Zone. However, Brainiac tracks Superman to the Fortress and attacks, attempting to download Kryptonian information from Superman's computer. Superman sacrifices his retreat before escaping into the Phantom Zone; Brainiac is unable to locate the hero and presumes he has been destroyed.

Brainiac returns to Metropolis with the intention of killing Luthor and taking over the world. However, Superman returns from the Phantom Zone with the cure and fights Braniac, seemingly defeating him. He then rushes to the hospital to save Lois, only for Brainiac to reappear and attack. Brainiac barely manages to destroy the cure before he himself is destroyed for good.

With Lois facing death, Superman begins to weep for her. However, as he had previously healed himself with the chemical, his tears also heal Lois. He then finds a piece of his fortress and decides to rebuild it. Luthor is arrested for his involvement in Braniac's attack. The film ends with Superman flying over Metropolis as it's protector.


Michael Trucco - Clark Kent/Superman

Jennifer Connelly - Lois Lane

Joel Courtney - Jimmy Olsen

Billy Zane - Lex Luthor

Peter Weller - Brainiac 

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