Superdog 4: Phantom War Part 1 is an american 2020 film based off of DC Comic's canine superhero, Krypto/Superdog and the 2005 TV Show, Krypto the Superdog, premiering in theatres on May 15, 2020. This is the fifth of six installments, following Superdog, Superdog 2, and Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. and stars Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, James Marsters, Uriah Shelton, Rene Levan, and Melissa Ponzio. This film is followed by Part 2 of Superdog: Phantom War, the final of all the films.


As Krypto prepares to save Superman from the Phantom Zone, he gets trapped himself after a battle against the organic supercomputer, Brainiac. While the others attempt to bring them back, with the help of Krypto's new partener Supercat, Clark and Krypto must survive the Phantom Zone in order to return and defeat Brainiac, but also learn that multiple Zoners escaped with him


  • Ryan Kelley as the voice of Krypto/Superdog, a Kryptonian dog that uses his powers to protect Earth, established as the normal dog of a mild mannered photographer, while secretly as the worlds canine hero. Krypto once belonged to infant baby Kal-El on planet Krypton, but testing a rocket created by Jor-El, Krypto crashed on Earth after two decades in a dormant state. Upon landing he was taken in by a new kid in Metropolis and became Superdog, now having to escape the Phantom Zone and return to Earth to stop Brainiac. Like all Kryptonians under the radiation of Earth's yellow sun, Krypto has super strength, speed, hearing, breath, heat vision, and flight, but also has a weakness of Kryptonite, radiated pieces of Krypton.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kevin Whitney, a now 19 year old photographer for the Dailey Planet. working alongside his girlfriend, Andrea Suseman, and ace reporter Lois Lane, while attending college with Andrea. Kevin is a kind, good-hearted, and very brave friend, son, and boyfriend who will do anything to protect his friends, family, and Krypto, but now becomes trapped in the Phantom Zone with Krypto and Superman and must find a way to return to Earth
  • Kira Kosarin as Andrea Suseman, Kevin's next door neighbor, girlfriend, and Daily Planet co-worker, who knows the truth about Krypto's identity, as she also owns a cat named Streaky, who recently became Supercat, and attends college with her boyfriend. In the film, Brainiac infects her mind and puts her in a catatonic state, until Brainiac is defeated, freeing her from his control.
  • Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, the last survivor of Planet Krypton, who barely escaped his planet's destruction, crashing on Earth in Smallville, Kansas, where he was found by Jonathan and Martha, who raised him to be brave, loyal, and selfless, and taught him to use his powers, which he used to become Metropolis' protector, while working at the Daily Planet. Years ago, he was trapped in the Phantom Zone by Brainiac and must now escape with the help of the dog he once owned on Krypton.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane, an ace reporter at the Daily Planet, who occasionally works with Kevin and Andrea, and is partners with her fiance, Clark Kent, also known as Superman, who she and Kevin finally find in the Phantom Zone and must retrieve him in order to defeat Brainiac.
  • Greg Cipes as the voice of Streaky/Supercat, Andrea's pet cat, who is revealed to have the same powers as Krypto and Superman, which was caused during the battle between Superdog and Bathound, in which Kryptonite lined electricty electrocuted Krypto, who was simultaniously deflecting half of it towards Streaky, who now has to protect Emil as he finishes the Phantom Projector. Though he originally wears an orange collar with a plain blue cape, at the end of the film, Streaky wears a white collar, trimmed in blue, with a red and yellow House of El "S" Shield dog tag and a blue cape, with a red "S" shield on it, to become Supercat, the Dog of Steel's feline partener.
  • James Marsters as the Brain Interactive Construct "Brainiac", an organic Kryptonian Supercomputer, created by Jor-El to assist him, but Brainiac turned on him when he denied Jor-El's assumption that Brainiac was near it's destruction. He escaped to Earth, where he was defeated by Superman, but now he has returned, trapping both Superman and Superdog in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac not only has most of Superman's powers, but can also shapeshift, control any computer, and infect any human mind and control it.
  • Rene Lavan and Merissa Ponzio as Jack and Amy Whitney, Kevin's parents, who moved their family to Metropolis after Jack got transfered. While Jack works, Amy stays at home and takes care of her youngest child and Kevin's sister Melanie. They constantly get on to Kevin about his new mysterious behavior and how he's not focusing on school.

Additionally, Lee Majors plays Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Dailey Planet and Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Olsen, a Daily Planet photographer, who usually works with Lois and Clark. Makayla Jade Bolkin plays Melanie Whitney, Kevin's 7 year old little sister. Kali Rocha plays Andrea's mother. Henry Cavill has double roles in the film as he also portrays a deformed clone of Superman, shown in the post-credits scene.


In a flashback five years ago, Superman is atttacked by the Brain Interactive Construct otherwise known as "Brainiac" and after a short fight, Superman defeats Brainiac, but Brainiac transforms his arm into a blaster of some kind and shoots Superman causing him to disappear. In present day, inside the Phantom Zone, Superman is attacked by Zoners, but defeats them.

On Earth, Lois, Ethan, and Jimmy are covering a burning building, as Superdog arrives and nearly saves all the people in the building, but fails to save one girl and watches as burning rubble falls on her, but suddenly turns around to see Streaky flying carring the girl with his mouth. Afterwards they meet with Andrea at S.T.A.R. Labs, where Emil discovers that the Kryptonite laced electricity that Krypto deflected onto Streaky during his battle with Bathound, copied his powers onto Streaky, so now they attempt to teach Streaky to use his powers. After a while Andrea leaves, but on her way home, her car flipped over. Getting out of the car. she is grabbed by Brainiac, who injects her with a brain virus.

Arriving at the Daily Planet, Lois tells Kevin that Andrea is in the hospital, so he quickly has Krypto fly them to the hospital, where Andrea is laying in a catatonic state, with her eyes wide open and pale blue. Mrs. Suzeman walks in and tells him that the doctors haven't seen anything like it. Lois and Jimmy investigate the car crash and notice large foot prints. Lois meets Kevin and Krypto at S.T.A.R. Labs to show them the picture of foot prints, revealing that Andrea was attacked, making Kevin angry. Lois goes to the Daily Planet to finish her story, while Streaky sneaks out of S.T.A.R. Labs. Walking into the building Lois is confronted by a man, who shapeshifts to reveal himself to be Brainiac. Lois runs out and tries to get in her car, but he destroys it. As he attempts to infect her mind. Streaky flies by and knocks Brainiac through multiple cars and tries to get away with Lois, but Brainiac attacks him, as Lois yells for Krypto. Preparing to destroy Streaky Brainiac is blasted by Superdog and they begin a battle. Kevin arrives in his truck to get Lois, but Brainiac Destroys the truck, with Superdog saving him a moment before, when suddenly, Brainiac blasts them with his Phantom Projector and they disappear. While Brainiac is distracted Streaky grabs Lois and flies back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Krypto appear in the Phantom Zone, where they are attacked by Zoners, until being saved by Clark, who takes them back to his camp. Which is being savaged by Zoners.

Back on Earth, Emil becomes closer to finishing the Phantom Projector. Brainiac arrives and attempts to destroy them, but Streaky tackles him through the building and begins a battle with him, but quickly begins losing, as Brainiac blasts him back him back to S.T.A.R. Labs, inside the vault where they keep the Kryptonite to use against Krypto in case of another red kryptonite infection. Lois goes to get Streaky as Emil activates prototype security drones to protect him, but Brainiac takes control of the drones and has them attack Emil, but Streaky recovers and destroys them, as Emil finally finishes the Phantom Projector and attempts to locate their allies, while Streaky battles Brainiac.

Back in the Phantom Zone, they see the portal and rush towards it, but Clark is attacked by a masked man. After a short battle the man tackles and they are both buried in rubble. Clark resurfaces and crosses the portal with Krypto and Kevin. As soon as the return to Earth, Superman and Superdog begin the final battle against Brainiac. After a long brawl, nearly destroying S.T.A.R. Labs, Superman and Superdog combine their heat vision to face Brainiac's laser and seemingly destroy him.

The film ends as Lois and Clark finally reunite, Kevin visits Andrea in the hospital, after Brainiac's defeat ended the infection, Emil watches as S.T.A.R. Labs is under reconstruction, Streaky is at home, when he hears a yell for help and grabs his orange collar with blue cape and flies out, and Clark returns to the Daily Planet where he is greeted by Jimmy and Perry White.

In the mid-credits scene, when Emil leaves the new lab, Brainiac's symbol appears on the screen and then footage of Clark, Kevin, and Krypto return through the portal show that a few Zoners escaped the Phantom Zone with them.

In the post-credits scene, on the Daily Planet roof, Clark is with Lois discussing their engagement. While hugging Lois, "Clark's" eyes turn red and his face begins to deform to stone, as he faces the sun.


Superdog: Phantom War Part 2 was released on January 2, 2021, in which Krypto learns that Bizarro has been living Superman's life and must work with the real Superman to defeat their evil duplicates.

A sequel to The Space Canine Patrol was planned for 2020, but was cancelled. The idea for a Bathound spin-off film series is still pending for production.

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