Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound (simply known as Superdog 3, or Superdog v Bathound) is a 2019 Film, based off of DC Comic's canine superheroes, Krypto/Superdog and Ace the Bathound ,the 2005 TV Show, Krypto the Superdog, and the 2016 Film, Batman v Superman, premiering in theatres in theatres on August 5, 2019. This is the fourth of seven installments, following Superdog, Superdog 2, The Space Canine Patrol, and, distributed Warner Bros, and starring Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Tom Hiddleston, Amy Adams, Uriah Shelton, Mellisa Ponzio, Rene Lavan, and Allison Mack followed by a two part sequel, Superdog 4: Phantom War Part 1 (2020) and Superdog: Phantom War Part 2 (2021).


Ace the Bathound, the canine partener of Gotham's own vigilante crusader, comes to Metropolis to take on the Dog of Steel, when Krypto is mysteriously put under the power of Red Kryptonite, after Kevin comes close to discover who put Superman in the Phantom Zone, causing the dog to lose his good morals and act on dark desire, leading to an all out brawl between Superdog and Bathound, unaware that an old threat has returned.


  • Ryan Kelley as the voice of Krypto/Superdog, a Kryptonian dog that uses his powers to protect Earth, established as the normal dog of a mild mannered photographer, while secretly as the worlds canine hero. Krypto once belonged to infant baby Kal-El on planet Krypton, but testing a rocket created by Jor-El, Krypto crashed on Earth after two decades in a dormant state. Upon landing he was taken in by a new kid in Metropolis and became Superdog. Like all Kryptonians under the radiation of Earth's yellow sun, Krypto has super strength, speed, hearing, breath, heat vision, and flight, but also has a weakness of Kryptonite, radiated pieces of Krypton. Not only does Krypto have Superman's abilities, he also has his good morals and values, such as loyalty, bravery, compassion, and selflessness, until Krypto is exposed to Red Kryptonite, which causing him to lose his good moral values and acts on dark desire, which leads into a giant battle against Batman's canine partner, Ace the Bathound. Though no literal breed is said for Kryptonian canines, Krypto appears to be a white labrador retriever. When not saving Earth, Krypto wears a yellow collar with a circular dog tag, with a "K" on it, but as Superdog, Krypto wears a blue collar, trimmed in yellow, with a red and yellow House of El "S" shield for a dog tag, and a red cape with a yellow House of El "S" on the back.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kevin Whitney, a now 18 year old photographer for the Dailey Planet. working alongside his girlfriend, Andrea Suseman, and ace reporter Lois Lane, graduating high school with Andrea. His planning for college and search for Superman are put on hold when Krypto is infected by Red Kryptonite, so now he has to work with Bathound to stop Krypto, who is getting more dangerous the longer he's exposed.
  • Christian Bale as the voice of Ace/Bathound, the canine partner of Gotham's Dark Knight. Ace is a Grey Great Dane/German Shepherd cross, specially trained as a canine detective, wearing a mask and cape identical to those of Batman's, and has been trained to use his utility collar, a collar version of Batman's utility belt, holding batarangs, bat hooks, and other various gadgets, that Batman lined with Kryptonite, to take on the Dog of Steel, as he had once done with Superman.
  • Kira Kosarin as Andrea Suseman, Kevin's next door neighbor, girlfriend, and Daily Planet co-worker, who also knows Krypto is Superdog. After graduating, she and Kevin started preparing for college together, but are interrupted when Krypto loses control.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane, an ace reporter at the Daily Planet, who occasionally works with Kevin and Andrea, and is partners with her fiance, Clark Kent, also known as Superman, who she and Kevin continue to search for, by going to Emil Hamilton for help.
  • Michael Rosenbaum as the voice of Ignatius, Lex Luthor's pet iguana, who after being injected with LuthorCorp's secret L61-Chemical, gained vast superhuman intelligence, being just as smart as any of LuthorCorp's scientist, with the ability to speak full english, and being just as devious and strategic as Lex. Once locked in a special S.T.A.R. Lab's cage after being stopped by Krypto in the first film, Ignatius was freed, after one of Mechanikat's drones crashed into STAR Labs, destroying the cage too. Now he is working along Lex and a mysterious alien, whose face has yet to been shown.

Additionally, Lee Majors plays Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Dailey Planet and Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Olsen, a Daily Planet photographer, who usually works with Lois and Clark. Henry Cavill plays Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman, who after mysteriously disappearing four years ago, is found by Lois and Dr. Hamilton in the Phantom Zone. Greg Cipes voices Streaky, Andrea's cat, and a friend of Krypto's, but after a confrontation with the red k infected Superdog, Streaky, along with Krypto, hit with the fusion of red kryptonite, green kryptonite, and electricity, apparently copying Krypto's powers into Streaky. Makayla Jade Bolkin plays Melanie Whitney, Kevin's little sister.


The film begins with Lois and Ethan with Dr. Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs, working on Superman's damaged Phantom Projector in order to track down and retrieve Superman in the Phantom Zone, as Kevin awaits for Krypto to arrive, with Andrea and his family waiting for him at his graduation. Meanwhile, Superdog stops a stolen LuthorCorp vehichle. After stopping the robbers, Krypto speeds through the lab and grabs Kevin, arriving at graduation just in time to get his diploma.

After graduation, The Whitneys and Susemans have a graduation party for Kevin and Andrea, but Krypto becomes distracted by a high-pitched sound and speeds, leaving Kevin worried at his disappearance. While flying to LexCorp, Superdog is attacked by Intergang, using LuthorCorp's experimental battle suits and fights them off, getting weaker and weaker, realizing that they're using Kryptonite. After defeating the first two, Superdog is defeated by the third and crashes into LexCorp unconscious. Waking up, Superdog is surrounded by Kryptonite with Ignatius standing above him, holding a red crystal that he reveals to be Red Kryptonite. He opens up Krypto's "S" Shield and places the red kryptonite within it, in which Krypto's eyes flash red for a moment.

At the Daily Planet, Kevin and Lois talk about the Intergang attack from last night, as Krypto repeatedly barks. Andrea runs in and tells them about an attack downtown. Rushing out to cover the story, Kevin notices Krypto laying down, ignoring Kevin, who yells at Krypto to go stop the attack, so Krypto carelessly speeds out, purposely knocking down Kevin. Superdog arrives at the scene, destructively stopping the same attackers from the night before in LexCorp battle suits. Tearing apart the suit, Superdog nearly kills the criminal, until Lois yells to him not too.

Kevin confronts Krypto on what he did, and Krypto hits Kevin, causing him to fly into the wall. Krypto grabs him, until Andrea arrives with a piece of Kryptonite, so Krypto faintly flies off. They return to the Daily Planet to tell Lois what happened, so she tells them to locate Krypto while she calls a friend.

Meanwhile Superdog is attacking LexCorp, destroying all the battle suits Lex Luthor is supplying Intergang and prepares to kill Lex, until Kevin arrives and demands that he comes with him, but Krypto continues to rebel, so Kevin opens a container holding kryptonite. Before getting too weak, he uses his heat vision to destroy Kryptonite and prepares to blast Kevin, until a masked canine dives in and pulls Kevin out of the way, revealing himself to be Ace the Bathound. Bathound attacks Superdog, but Superdog knocks him through the window. Bathound uses a grappling hook to swing back up and shoots two Kryptonite lined batarangs at Superdog, who blasts the first one, but is hit by the second, causing him to fall ill.

They take Krypto to be analyzed by Emil, but Dr. Hamilton discovers that he's been doused by Red Kryptonite, unable to find the source. Krypto is strainly injured by pulling out the batarang with his teeth, but recovers and attacks the group and leaves. Bathound walks outside where a rocket kart similar to the Batmobile is arriving, he hops in and drives off, using a tracker to follow Krypto

Elsewhere, Andrea is taking a walk with Streaky, but is confronted by Superdog, who knocks her, along with Streaky into the Daily Planet and chases them to the basement. Andrea attempts to hide from him, but he finds her with his X-Ray and almost attacks her, until Bathound arrives and saves her. He attacks Superdog, but Superdog hits him into the wall. Streaky gripes at the Dog of Steel and attempts to claw him, but Superdog throws him into the generator. Bathound tries to save Streaky, by shooting batarangs at Superdog, but Krypto destroys all but one of them, which hits the generation, causing green, kryptonite lined electricity to electrocute them. Kevin arrives and gets Andrea and Streaky out, as Superdog again attacks the Bathound. After a short battle, Bathound barely escapes.

He returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Dr. Hamilton is bandaging Andrea's wounded leg, with Streaky laying, severely damaged by the electricution. Kevin points out that there's no way to beat Krypto, since he blast every piece of Kryptonite they try to use against him, but Dr. Hamilton tells Bathound that he took the liberty of calling the dog's "partener", when suddenly the Bat-Wing flies by and drops a large metal package, crashing into the lab. It opens up to reveal Batman's "Red Son Battle Suit", the battle suit Batman once used to take on Superman, wih a power source imitating Krypton's red son, Kryptonite lined weapons, and enhanced strength and agility, so Emil begins tampering with it to fit Bathound.

While rampaging through the city, Superdog sees the Bat-Signal in the sky, coming from the Daily Planet and flies towards it. As it begins storming, Superdog hovers in the sky above Bathound, wearing the Red Son Battle Suit. Superdog zooms towards Bathound, but Bathound dodges him and Superdog crashes into the ground. Bathound shoots a grappling hook to grab Superdog and zip kicks him. Superdog throws Bathound against the wall, and Bathound gets up and tackles Superdog off the building. Bathound grapples onto another building, as Superdog begins flying before hitting the ground and attempts to blast Bathound with heat vision, but Bathound jumps off and grapples into Superdog, causing them to crash into the Daily Planet, as Ignatius and Lex Luthor watch from LexCorp. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, the others moniter the battle, when Kevin suddenly remembers that Krypto's House of El dog tag can be opened to use as a container and tells Bathound to destroy it. After a long battle, Bathound appears to be losing as Superdog tears off the armor, before realizing a beeping batarang stuck in the "S" shield, destroying it, along with the Red Kryptonite. Superdog shortly comes to his senses and they return to S.T.AR Labs, where Emil asks Krypto the last thing he remembers before being infected.

Superdog and Bathound arrive at LexCorp to confront Ignatius, who is wearing the final model of the LexCorp's battle suits and begins the final battle. After a short fight, Ignatius begins blasting Superdog with a Kryptonite ray, but Bathound uses explosive batarangs to destroy the arm of te exo-suit. Recovering, Superdog grabs a metal pole and stabs the battle suit, severely damaging it and blasts it with his heat vision, as Bathound simultaniously shoots explosive batarangs at it, defeating Ignatius.

The film ends Bathound returns to Gotham City, Andrea at home with a still unconscious and damaged Streaky, watching a new report on the battle, headlined "Superdog v Bathound: Battle of the Canine Heroes", Emil working on the Phantom Projector, and Lois at the Daily Planet, watching as Superdog flies by.

In the mid-credits scene, LexCorp is experimenting on a spaceship found outside of Smallville, Kansas. A black liquid oozes from the ship forming a humanoid alien, Brainiac, in persuit of Kal-El. In the Phantom Zone, zoners attack a hooded warrior. After defeating them, the man removes his hood to reveal himself to be Clark Kent "Superman".

In the post-credits scene, while Andrea is shown asleep, Streaky finally awakens, but opens his eyes to find himseld floating in the air.


The fourth movie, Superdog 4: Phantom War was split into two parts. Part 1 was released on May 15, 2020, introducing James Marsters as Brainiac, a Kryptonian supercomputer who traps Kevin and Krypto in the Phantom Zone, where they find an old friend. Part 2 was released on January 2, 2021, in which Superman and Superdog must face their evil duplicates.

A sequel to The Space Canine Patrol was planned for 2020, but was cancelled. The idea for a Bathound spin-off film series is still pending for production.

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