Superdog 2 (also known as Superdog: Dog of Steel) is a 2017 American Superhero-Action Film based off of DC Comic's canine superhero, Krypto/Superdog and the 2005 TV Show, Krypto the Superdog, premiering in theatres in theatres on June 8, 2017. This is the second of six installments, following the 2015 Film, Superdog, distributed Warner Bros, and starring Ryan Kelley, Dylan Sprayberry, Kira Kosarin, Tom Hiddleston, Amy Adams, Uriah Shelton, Mellisa Ponzio, Rene Lavan, and Allison Mack followed by a 2016 spin-off Film The Space Canine Patrol and then another sequel, Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound.


Two years after the previous film, Krypto continues to fight crime and save lives as Superdog, the world's first canine hero, living a double life, as a normal dog with his owner, a now 17 year old Kevin Whitney, who helps Krypto by working at the Daily Planet, but Krypto must face a new threat when an alien feline-like cyborg arrives to destroy Earth.


  • Ryan Kelley as the voice of Krypto/Superdog, a Kryptonian dog that uses his powers to protect Earth, established as the normal dog of a mild mannered photographer, while secretly as the worlds canine hero. Krypto once belonged to infant baby Kal-El on planet Krypton, but testing a rocket created by Jor-El, Krypto crashed on Earth after two decades in a dormant state. Upon landing he was taken in by a new kid in Metropolis and became Superdog, stopping Ignatius' evil plot to destroy Metropolis, but must now battle an alien feline cyborg from destroying Earth. Like all Kryptonians under the radiation of Earth's yellow sun, Krypto has super strength, speed, hearing, breath, heat vision, and flight, but also has a weakness of Kryptonite, radiated pieces of Krypton. Not only does Krypto have Superman's abilities, he also has his good morals and values, such as loyalty, bravery, compassion, and selflessness. Though no literal breed is said for Kryptonian canines, Krypto appears to be a white labrador retriever. When not saving Earth, Krypto wears a yellow collar with a circular dog tag, with a "K" on it, but as Superdog, Krypto wears a blue collar, trimmed in yellow, with a red and yellow House of El "S" shield for a dog tag, and a red cape with a yellow House of El "S" on the back.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kevin Whitney, a now 17 year old photographer for the Dailey Planet. working alongside his girlfriend, Andrea Suseman, and ace reporter Lois Lane, while ending his junior year. Kevin is a kind and good hearted friend, son, and boyfriend and only lies when it comes to Krypto's secret, which kills him inside everytime he lies to his parents or Andrea, but after two years of hiding Krypto's powers, Mechanicats arrival threatens to expose his secret. After touching the heart of Krypto's ship in the previous film, Kevin was downloaded with the ability to understand any animal.
  • Kira Kosarin as Andrea Suseman, Kevin's next door neighbor, girlfriend, and Daily Planet co-worker. Due to Kevin's lies and mysterious disappearances and behavior, she strainly maintains a relationship with him, but understands it all upon discovering Krypto's secret and uses the heart of the key to gain the ability to understand animals. Andrea owns a cat named Streaky, that befriends Krypto.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Transylian Detrovite "Mechanikat", an alien feline-like cyborg bent on destroying all kryptonians, after Jor-El put him in an interstellar prison. As the general of the Tetralexian army, Transylian was severly damaged in battle, and Jor-El saved his life, replacing his missing limbs with robotic parts, but due to his violent and dictative quality, he still attempted to take over Krypton, causing Jor-El to have to shut down his robotic limbs. After escaping captivity, enhancing his robotic parts, and arriving on Earth to destroy Kal-El, Transylian had to face off with Superdog, due to Superman's disappearance. Krypto and Kevin mock him by calling him "Mechanikat", but he actually appears to be somewhat of a green tiger and has multiple weapons, such as retractable blades out of his hands, or paws, laser cannons in his wrists, jet boots, a spiked extendable tail, and a Kryptonite powered heart.
  • Rene Lavan and Merissa Ponzio as Jack and Amy Whitney, Kevin's parents, who moved their family to Metropolis after Jack got transfered. While Jack works, Amy stays at home and takes care of her youngest child and Kevin's sister Melanie. They constantly get on to Kevin about his new mysterious behavior and how he's not focusing on school.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane, a reporter for the Daily Planet, who works with Kevin and Andrea, while trying to expose LuthorCorp's illegal experiment and secretly investigating the disappearance of her fiance, Clark Kent, who is secretly Superman.
  • Allison Mack as Alicia Bennete, Kevin and Andrea's health teacher, who they had to trust when Mechanikat injected Krypto with Kryptonite, due to her former occupation as a veterinarian.

Additionally, Lee Majors plays Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Dailey Planet and Uriah Shelton as Jimmy Olsen, a Daily Planet photographer, who usually works with Lois and Clark. Makayla Jade Bolkin plays Melanie Whitney, Kevin's four year old sister. Greg Cipes as the voice of Streaky, Andrea's cat. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Logan Moreau plays baby Kal-El and Henry Cavill plays Clark Kent, who is only mentioned as Clark and only seen on the news as Superman. Keri Lynn Pratt portrays Mercy Graves, Lex's assistant. Kali Rocha plays Andrea's mother.


The film begins in space as a war between two planets, Krypton and Tetralexia a planet of humanoid felines, nears it's end. The Krypton army causes a Tetralexian war ship to crash in Kandor. The soldiers are put in captivity, but due to his good morals and kind hearted nature, Jor-El saved the severly damaged general, Transylian Detrovite, by replacing his damaged and missing limbs with mechanical ones, but after months of working with Jor-El to attempt to make peace between their planets, Transylian betrays Jor-El  and attempts to destroy the Kryptonian council and fights Jor-El, eventually losing after Jor-El deactivates his mechanical limbs and is sent to an extraterrestrial prison.

In the present, Kevin, Lois, Andrea, and Jimmy have been tied up by intergang. Andrea and Jimmy start wandering why Kevin didn't bring Krypto. In a paniced manor, Kevin says he's at home, while Lois simultaniously says he's at the veterinarian, so they switch it and Kevin says Krypto's at the vet, while Lois simultaniously says he's at home, and they simultaniously say that he's at home with a vet. Meanwhile, Superdog is chasing a stolen truck of LuthorCorp equipment. The crooks shoot the dog, but the bullets bounce off. Krypto takes down the crooks in the trailer and uses his strength to stop the truck as the cops arrive, when suddenly he hears Kevin yelling. Back at the Intergang hideout, Bruno Manheim leaves a bomb to kill the four, but Krypto comes in and uses his heat vision to melt all the guns and uses his super speed to take out all the men. With no time to disarm or get rid of the bomb, Krypto eats it as it goes off, and burps up smoke.

Meanwhile, a female Tetralexian, Delilian is followed by cat-like robotic drones breaking into the intergalactic prison and free Transylian, who destroys the prison, killing everything on it. Transylian starts plotting to get revenge on Jor-El and destroy Krypton, but Delilian informs her master that Krypton has been destroyed and only the son of Jor-El remains, living on Earth as it's protector, so he decides to get revenge by killing the son of his deceased enemy.

Back on Earth, Kevin is the backyard, babysitting Melanie with Andea while his parents are out of town, while Krypto speaks with Andrea's cat, Streaky. Andrea says it's funny that his dog and her cat are getting along, which is really just do to Krypto's kind nature, being able to get along with any animal most dogs usually attack. Streaky points out the fact that he knows Krypto's secret, but is obviously trust worthy since he literally can't tell anyone. Suddenly, they hear a large noise as the sun is blocked from them. They look up and see Transylian's warship, looking for Kal-El of Krypton, now known to Earth as Superman, unaware that Superman is missing. Lois and Martha are both watching it on the news. Transylian sends out his droids to scan for Kryptonian life forms. While scanning, one of the droids detect Krypto and attack him. Ripping off his yellow collar to reveal his Superdog collar, Krypto tells Kevin to get to safety and fights the drones. Kevin takes Andrea and Melanie, while Streaky follows, down to the ship and tells Andrea that Krypto's Superdog, even though it was obvious upon Krypto surviving a robotic laser and then flying. Outside, Superdog defeats each drone, one by one, until he is confronted by Transylian, or "Mechanikat", as he teases him. He tries to battle Mechanikat, but quickly begins to lose, repeatedly being knocked down or blasted. Kevin watches as Transylian stabs Krypto. Kevin runs towards Krypto as watches the dog plummet to the ground. Mechanikat flies towards the crater in which Krypto landed, but appears to be empty, as Kevin is shown holding a severly beaten Krypto, hidden in an alley. Mechanikat commands his drones to find the Kryptonian mutt. Andrea drives up in Kevin's truck. Kevin puts Krypto in the back with Melanie. Andrea wanders why Krypto isn't healing as fast as he should be and Kevin suggest it's because Mechanikat's blade was lined with kryptonite and a small fragment was left behind after he pulled the blade out of Krypto. Kevin tells her there's someone at the school that can help Krypto and they can trust.

In Transylian's warship, Delilian reports to her master that Kal-El has gone missing from Earth. Transylian orders the destruction of Earth in 48 hours to find Krypto.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Andrea sneak into the school, where only one teacher is left grading papers, the health teacher, and former veterinarian, Alicia Bennete, who Kevin has grown fond of as a mentor. About to leave her classroom, Alicia sees Kevin holding a beaten Krypto and Andrea, holding Melanie. She agrees to help remove the kryptonite from Krypto's body. Lois arrives and tells them to go home and she'll stay with Krypto. They go back to Kevin's, where Kevin puts Melanie to sleep and speaks with Andrea down by the ship, about Krypto being Superdog and how he found Krypto and helped him become Superdog, and has her touch the heart of the ship, giving her the ability to talk to animals. Going inside, they begin kissing and the next morning, Kevin lays awake thinking, with Andrea asleep in his arms. She wakes up and goes to feed Melanie as Lois calls Kevin to tell them that Krypto is awake, so they go to Alicia's apartment. Walking into her apartment, Krypto is trying to stay up and walk, despite Alicia's warning of too much stress on his body. While Krypto rests, Lois remembers that she left Krypto's Superdog collar at the School, so Kevin goes to retrieve, and Andrea goes with him, leaving Melanie with Lois. While driving to the school, the two are attacked by Mechanikat's drones. Turning around and turning corners, they are block, until one drone causes the truck to flip over. Getting out of the car, Kevin pulls Andrea out of the way of Mechanikat's blast. Mechanikat uses his tail to grab Kevin and drops him on the Daily Planet roof, demanding him to surrender Krypto, but refuses. Mechanikat prepares to use his blade to kill him, but Krypto flies in and knocks Mechanikat through another building, then flies away, goes into the school gets his collar, before student's walk in, and returns to Kevin. Superdog begins another long battle with Mechanicat, as he continues to heal. Superdog rips off the mechanical arm and uses his heat vision to repeatedly shoot Mechanikat down, until he sees two drones holding Kevin and Andrea and surrenders.

While Kevin and Andrea are held in a cell, Krypto is questioned by Mechanikat, who is being repaired, on the whereabouts of Ka-El, but throws him in with Kevin and Andrea, after the dog says he doesn't know, and activates kryptonite radiation from the cell. Kevin asks to see Mechanikat, saying he knows where Kal-El is. When the drone drags him out of the cell, Kevin jams a scalpel he forgot to put back after helping Alicia, in it's neck and turns off the Kryptonite. The drone tries to kill Kevin, but Krypto recovers and saves him. After all the drones are destroyed, Delilian faces Krypto, but is easily defeated. Mechanikat comes in and once again battles Superdog. As the battle goes on, Kevin and Andrea escape in a space pod and Delilah follows, so Superdog flies out of the ship and tears apart Delilians's pod and throws it back at the ship. Mechanikat tackles him through the Daily Planet and into the ground. After a long fight, Superdog and Mechanikat both grow weary, but Mechanikat gains the upperhand, by being willing to sacrifice his Kryptonite power source and nearly kills the Dog of Steel, but Kevin grabs a broken metal pole and stabs Mechanikat, going straight through his chest and into his arm. Kevin twist it, breaking off the mechanical arm and bringing Mechanikat to his knees. As soon as Kevin removes the Kryptonite and gets rid of it, Superdog uses his heat vision to blast Mechanikat into his nearly destroyed ship and then pushes it into to space and out of orbit. Back on Earth, Kevin watches as Krypto pushes the ship out of Earth's atmosphere, as Andrea walks up and kisses him.

A few days later as the Daily Planet, along with the rest of Metropolis, continues reconstruction, Kevin, Jimmy, and Andrea continue their investigation on Intergang. Kevin asks where Krypto is, so they can search their old hideout, but Andrea says he's at the vet, when Perry comes in and tells Kat Grant to cover the bank robbery downtown. Lois walks in tells Kevin that she thinks she knows what happened to Clark Kent.

In the mid-credits, the remains of Mechanikat are pulled in by a tractor beam into the head command ship of a whole army of Tetralexian warships.


Based off of the Space Canine Patrol Agency, The Space Canine Patrol was released on July 31, 2018, introducing a team of superpowered canines, who recruit Superdog to help them stop the return of Mechanikat.

On August 5, 2019, Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound was released, in which Christian Bale is introduced as the voice of Bathound, who comes to Metropolis to battle a red kryptonite infected Superdog.

The fourth movie, Superdog 4: Phantom War was split into two parts. Part 1 was released on May 15, 2020, introducing James Marsters as Brainiac, a Kryptonian supercomputer who traps Kevin and Krypto in the Phantom Zone, where they find an old friend. Part 2 was released on January 2, 2021, in which Superman and Superdog must face their evil duplicates.

A sequel to The Space Canine Patrol was planned for 2020, but was cancelled. The idea for a Bathound spin-off film series is still pending for production.


  • Many actors for Superdog have relations to the Superman and/or DC Universe. Dylan Sprayberry, the actor that plays Kevin, portrayed a 13 year old Clark Kent in Man of Steel. Allison Mack, the actress that portrays Mrs. Bennete in this, played Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent's best friend, in Smallville. Michael Rosenbaum, who voices Ignatius, portrayed Lex Luthor on Smallville. Gal Gadot who plays Lois Lane also plays Wonder Woman in Superman v. Batman.
  • Unlike in the show, in which Mechanikat acts in a goofy manor and never fights Krypto head on, hiding behind his minions and army, instead Mechanikat is more ruthless. as he nearly killed Krypto alone and has a darker and more serious tone, such as being born on the Planet Tetralexia under the name Transylian Detrovite, the General of the Tetralexian army, needing robotic limbs.
  • The scene in which Krypto eats the bomb to save Kevin, Lois, Andrea, and Jimmy, and then burping up smoke after it goes off, is similar to the end of the pilot of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in which Lex puts a bomb on a space shuttle and eats before it goes off.
  • A lot of facts, such as Kevin being older than nine and being a Daily Planet photographer, him and Andrea being in a relationship, the Whitney family originally being from Smallville, and Krypto hiding his hero collar under his plain yellow one, were taken from my Pre-Superdog TV Series, Dog of Smallville.
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